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Saffron goes wild celebrating Frank's promotion.

Aureal twisted her hammer in the air and slammed the head down on the ground. A small explosion of light erupted from the center of the hammer, literally forming cracks in the air. Aureal dragged the hammer around her in a concentric circle until a completely filled circle of light formed below Aureal's feet. The circle spun towards Sasilith, leaving a bright trail of light behind.

Sasilith at first tried to stop the circle with her strength, though it was clear that blocking such a magic wasn't as simple as putting her crescent forward. And unfortunately for Sasilith, she did not use large-scale dark magic, which could easily negate the circle of light.

(Hm, no choice but to go under or above.) Sasilith beat her wings and flew above the circle of light only to find, once again, Nerissa aiming a sharp thrust. The white demoness, with the help of Old Age, stabbed multiple points of Sasilith's body.

The armor was once again pierced twice, but Sasilith learned, and blocked the rest of the thrusts with her crescent.

"Ah, so you think so too? Which one are you again, number one hundred and sixty-four? Really? You're a famous one! Alright then, I'll try that with Aureal." Nerissa spouted out words to no one in particular.

"Hm, to whom are you talking to?" Wondered Sasilith out loud.

"Oh? Considering you are a Daughter of Lust, I thought you would know about this sword's secret. Nerissa formed a prideful smile.

"The sword's secret... Old Age, I presume? No, I do not wield swords nor have any of its previous users ever told me of it. Only its users probably know of what you're talking about." Sasilith answered honestly while exchanging blows with her crescent and Nerissa's sword. "It is an Aspect of Death weapon, Old Age. It should obviously have some sort of power, though what?"

"That's confidential! Hey Aureal, I need your help!" Nerissa flew back to Aureal with Old Age in hand.

Right now, in order to keep Sasilith back, Aureal engaged in a magical war of attrition. Various bolts of light and dark of varying size entered the scene, either flying past both parties or being negated by another bolt. Sometimes, larger bolts enveloped the smaller bolts and became smaller until they were negated or dissipated. Neither side could spend too much time creating a large bolt, lest the miniature war turn against their favor.

"Uhn... What, Nerissa, I can't keep this up forever." Aureal said through grunts and mutters when she cast her spells.

"I got a little strategy..." Nerissa then engaged into a whisper where only she and her friend could hear. "She seems somewhat weak now, but she's a black demon, so she obviously has a trump card hidden up her sleeve. If we want to end this without too much trouble then listen and follow this." Nerissa took a deep breath and explained her strategy. "Set visual mines of light in key points, make them as dense as possible. Before that, infuse my friend here, Old Age, with as much light as possible. Don't worry, only the blade will hold the light, I won't be harmed. Death does not adhere to dark or light. Then pressure her, keep her busy until I can release this energy."

"You... Do not seem sure about this, mistress."

"Yea, to be honest, I don't even know how to hold in light magic with Old Age yet. Don't worry! I'm the fianc__e of The Lord of Lust and a Daughter of Pride, there's nothing I can't do!" Nerissa puffed out her chest proudly and an oddly confident smile appeared on her face accompanied with beaming eyes.

"Very well, mistress. Although, I can't help but be a little skeptical." Aureal then focused her undivided attention on Sasilith. As she stared at her enemy, Aureal hovered a hand over Old Age, channeling light into the sword like Nerissa asked. Almost instinctively, Aureal knew when to stop.

Aureal followed Nerissa's earlier suggestion, by placing aerial land mines of light magic in the sky.

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