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A lonely woman becomes very popular all of a sudden.


"Oh, er, I am not sure about that, " she said, but it didn't sound convincing.

I turned a little to head back in to the house when I turned back to Vi and said, "I will be around in 15 minutes, OK?"

"Yes, OK, " she replied, there was still a little uncertainty in her voice.

"Oh, by the way, do you wear a nightdress for bed?" I asked.

"Yes, I do, why?"

"Put it on, " I said, "if, when you answer the door, you are wearing it, I will know you want this and I will come in, if you are wearing your street clothes, I will know you have had second thoughts, and I will turn away and come home, " I then turned to come into the house to put on something a little decent for walking the streets.

I put on a T shirt, boxers, a pair of shorts and some slip on sandals for my little walk to Vi's place, after 10 minutes I headed off, it would take me about 5 minutes to walk around the block to her front door, as soon as I got there I knocked, I heard some shuffling but the door didn't open straight away, I started to think she wouldn't even open the door, let alone give me a signal by wearing her street clothes, I was about to turn away when the door opened, there stood Vi in a soft pink nightdress that was cut low enough I cold see the start of the swell of her breasts, which I noticed were rather a full size, something I didn't really notice before, the nightdress finished about an inch above her knees, She pushed the door open for me as I smiled and walked in past her, I turned as she closed the door and the light shining though showed me she had a pretty good figure for a mature woman I also noticed she had panties on but no bra. I waited for her as she showed me the way into the lounge and offered me a seat on the lounge chair and turned to sit in another chair, I presumed was her favorite as there was some knitting there, also it faced the TV. When she turned to sit down she asked me if there was a problem as I was still standing, I saw the nightdress had crept up a few inches up her thighs, as she sat, I must say for a woman in her 60's her legs weren't that bad, a slight dimpling due to the age but surprisingly still inviting, I said no, smiled, and started to pull the T shirt off over my head, I then slipped the sandals off, and looking at her face I undid my shorts and watched her eyes as I slid them down, and kicking them off. I stood still for a couple of seconds watching her reaction, as she could see my hardening cock start to tent the front of my boxers, when she next looked up at me to presumedly ask why I had stopped, I stepped towards her and held out my hands as an invitation for her to take them.

She looked at me , then slowly put her hands in mine, she watched me look down her body , taking in the swell of her breasts, and I could see she was breathing a little harder. I then guided her hands to the elastic of my boxers, and took my hands away leaving hers in their place, she knew what was the next step.

Vi slowly started to pull my boxers down, she hesitated when the elastic reached my now hard cock, she sucked in her breath, then lifted the elastic over my cock and pushed my boxers down to my ankles, the closeness of her head to my cock when she leant forward to reach my ankles caused her face to brush my cock, I was stunned when she actually slowed down her actions to allow my hard cock to stay in contact with her face. When she sat up looking at me I could now see just the start of her white knickers that had become exposed due to her shifting forward to push my underwear all the way down.

I stepped out of my boxers bent down to retrieve them and carried them over to the rest of my clothes, giving Vi a view of my rear end. Once I had dropped my underwear onto my other clothes I slowly turned back to Vi and just let her look at me, slowly I bought my left hand to my cock and very slowly started to rub up and down my shaft.

Vi's eyes were glued to my hand stroking my cock.

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