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The end?

"You said the problem was I was wearing it."

"Ah!" I suddenly remembered that comment, that moment, her comment about my growing erection, the hug on the sofa.

"We fix that problem now?" she hinted, tugging gently on my hands and leading back into the hotel room.

We did at least close the sliding glass door, but the heavy red curtains remained open to give us a little light in which to see.

Looking up at me in the deep darkness, Keiko gently caressed my chest, directly over my heart, before kissing her way down my body until she ultimately knelt before me. So many times she had knelt just like that so that she could focus her attention on my pleasure, and my arousal began to grow in anticipation of similar attention from my young wife. She spent a long time simply caressing me through my swim trunks, her touches helping my arousal to intensify more quickly, and several times she even kissed me through the meager covering. Throughout her adoration of my manhood, I kept caressing her head, brushing her hair back to keep it out of her way, and whenever she looked up at me, she smiled with her lips, her eyes, and her entire being, making sure that I saw how much she loved me, how much she enjoyed pleasuring me, how much she wanted to truly thank me for the vacation in this manner.

When at last she tugged down my basic black swim trunks and freed my thick, dripping erection, she inhaled softly, yet it was a sound which seemed loud to my ears. It was a moment she had always enjoyed: the unveiling, the unwrapping of a much-desired gift. Her reaction in such a moment always reminded me of a little girl who had just received a gift which she had been coveting for a long, long time. I had not known Keiko as a little girl, for she did not come to the States until she was in college with me, but I could easily imagine her as a little girl, pleasantly surprised as she unwrapped a gift.

...a gift which would have been very much forbidden to her as a little girl, but a gift which she could appreciate and cherish as a woman and as a wife.

"Look out window," she whispered up to me as her small hands closed around my dripping length. Our eyes locked for a moment as my hands again drew her long black hair away from her sweet exotic face, and then I complied, looking out across the sea, noting the tiny lights of a distant ship passing the festive resort city.

That was when I felt the warmth of her breath, followed closely by the wetness of her mouth. Despite myself, my fingertips curled into her scalp and I pulled her face ever closer, forcing her to remove a gently-squeezing hand to take more of me between her wonderful lips. I groaned softly, then groaned a little louder as her tongue began to dance, her free hand cupping my testicles to add yet more pleasure to the moment.

A long time passed as the distant vessel traversed the sea and my Asian wife used her mouth and her hands to bring me closer and closer to the brink of carnal bliss. Her knees had to be hurting her despite the carpeted floor and her jaw had to be aching from being held open for so long, yet she never complained and she never relented. When at last I stepped slightly back from her, I was panting, and I was desperate to taste her.

Slowly, carefully, Keiko rose from her knees with a noticeable wince and a slight grimace upon her sweet face, but rather quickly, she was in my arms, holding me tightly, pressing herself against my naked body. I rocked gently against her, feeling my desire seeping onto the front of the swimsuit which had attracted so much attention to her during the day. And then I gently nudged her backward, just enough so that I could reach for the thin straps of her swimsuit and begin to finally reveal her feminine anatomy to my appreciative eyes.

Even in the deep darkness of the hotel room, I very much approved of the vision she presented.

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