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Sex-crazed man finishes tormenting his third slave couple.

He stroked me twice while he looked up at me, then smiled and sucked the end of me into his mouth. First he worked his tongue around my swollen head while his lips were closed around the end of my shaft, then he began sucking, stroking motions, his head slowly bobbing. I put my hands on his head and stroked his hair while he made love to me with his mouth. Occasionally he would stop sucking to look up at me and smile and then lick up and down my shaft, fondling and licking my balls. It felt great, but I wanted to have him back in my mouth, so I gradually persuaded him to stop.

I got on my knees in front of him, my face in his lap and lifted his cock to my mouth. It had softened slightly, but that was okay, because I remembered how thrilling it was to feel it grow in my hand and mouth. Knowing I could give him this much pleasure just made me want him more. I took my time sucking his hot cock, and he moaned as he lay back on the bed. I took one, then both testicles into my mouth and gently rolled them around while I stroked him with my hand. The flavour of his balls turned me on even more, and I licked every inch of his groin, under his balls, the insides of his legs, and worked my way back to his shaft. Licking it up and down, and then moving back to his cockhead, I sucked it back into my mouth, sucking more feverishly now, and I could tell by the way he was breathing that he was really enjoying this. So was I!

I was surprised when he sat up and slid closer to the edge of the bed, closer to me, but I didn't mind. "Dan, this is so wonderful," he said between breaths, "I'm going to cum soon, so maybe you want to just let me finish it...?"

"No, this is mine," I replied between sucks on his cock, "I want to see you cum, I want to TASTE you." I was stroking his shaft now, while I sucked and worked my tongue around his beautiful cockhead. I had his balls cupped in my other hand and I could feel them tightening up, telling me what was soon to come. I wanted to see him cum too, so as his moans increased, I stroked faster with my hand while pointing his cocks opening at my mouth from a slight distance, and sticking my tongue out to catch his load.

"Cum for me Paul," I said, "I want to taste you!" It didn't take much longer.

He let out a groan as his first shot hit my upper lip a fell onto my tongue, and I felt its warmth, and tasted the sight saltiness. The next shot was more of a stream that hit my cheek and chin, and ran a streak across my chest. I was moving forward now (this all happened so fast) to close my mouth around his cockhead, and just as I did, he let out another warm burst of his cum into my mouth, and then two smaller bursts as his orgasm subsided. I was in paradise with the taste of his cock and semen in my mouth, and as I swallowed, I noticed I could smell his cum on my face and body. I licked and sucked his cock clean as he watched me (this was also a turn-on), and looked up at him as lusciously as I could while I licked his orgasm off my lips. He was slightly sitting up now, so I stood before him, erect as I was, and with two fingers worked the cum he shot on my chest into my nipples, and then offered my fingers to him to suck on, which he did. Then, pushing back against his shoulders, I made him lie back and I climbed on top of him and kissed him feverishly, our tongues wrestling as he held me tight.

He pulled me up as we were kissing, working his way to my neck and then chest. He began sucking my nipples, moist with his orgasm juice. I was turned on by this too, and pleased when I felt his penis becoming erect again where it rested against my leg. I wanted to do more with him, and I was happy he was so pleased with what was going on. We had pushed ourselves completely on to the bed now.

"I want you in my mouth,' Paul said.

Not to disappoint, but having a desire to have him again, I turned 180 degrees, so that I was over him with my hard cock above his face, and my face above his half-stiff member.

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