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Two couples get together and relive the past.

It was smelly and dirty and the seats were uncomfortable, he made a note to have Aria burn his suit after they returned home, he wouldn't want to wear it ever again after it had been so soiled by the filth of commoners.

The trip took only a few minutes, Alfie watched as the expanse of thick white clouds and bright blue sky slowly faded into darker shades of color as they entered the upper atmosphere and then finally entered space itself, the blue sky being replaced by an expanse of twinkling darkness. There were streams of ships and shuttles pouring back and forth between orbiting facilities and the planet below, from a distance it looked like a an illuminated ant colony, with all the activity and small, lit up specks scurrying back and forth.

They arrived at the company docks, Aria now led the way, shepherding her Master towards the docking bay as the plans and layout of the facility were in her databank. The facility was brightly lit with miles of white pristine corridors that clashed with the exposed metal and framework of the actual facility. As much as they tried to make it look as fancy as their other corporate offices, the fact of the matter was, it was still a cargo platform and space dock - it served a far more utilitarian purpose than simply looking pretty for the rich corporate types.

Small coaches such as the one Alfie arrived in streamed in and out of the station, taxiing their occupants to their destination, moving alongside massive ships that had been serviced in dry dock and headed back out to be filled with ore. The great ships were so huge that they made the coaches and shuttles look like tiny illuminated specs by comparison.

"Urgh how much longer?!" Alfie growled impatiently as he trailed behind Aria.

"Almost there, Master Alfie." Was Aria's patient reply.

They found the polished, practically glowing white doors with a big gunmetal gray '92' stamped across it and approached, as they drew nearer, the doors swiped open automatically with a slight hiss, admitting them into the massive docking bay. Metal deck plating stretched out far in front of them, and to the sides, the ceiling sitting several stories overhead and dotted with hundreds of light strips which illuminated the massive, open space. At the far end of the dock was a rectangular opening covered by a bright yellow energy screen, the only thing separating the docking bay from the vacuum of space beyond.

Alfie spotted a small gathering of people around a long, rectangular transport ship and seen his father who waved him over. His father was chatting with company representatives as crew of the company transport moved cargo onto the vessel with hover jacks. Alfie looked around quite irritated, but remained silent, he knew better than to interrupt his father, especially when business matters were at hand.

"Ahh son, I didn't see you come in." Grant said, waving his son over.

What else is new? Alfie thought, though he didn't say it out loud.

"Hello Father." Alfie said simply, Aria resuming her servant's place just behind Alfie as she watched the proceedings in silence.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed one or two of the executives eying him with an amused smirk. He made a note of it, one day when the company was finally his, he would do his utmost to not only have them removed, but to destroy as much of their assets as possible for their insolence.

"Alfie, I'm being called away to the rim world operations to settle a dispute." Grant began.

Alfie perked a brow, confused. "What, why? Why do you have to leave, why not send an arbitrator or something?"

"Well, the board feels that it would be a good gesture to send one of the ranking executives out there to oversee things and get the operation running again."

"That's dumb." Alfie groaned.

"Anyways I will be gone for several weeks, I am afraid I am going to miss your birthday so I wa

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