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How my loving wife conceived with a total stranger.

We can at least dress you up. Can you wear perfume or is that a huge no-no?"

"No. I will do my best not to stink at Chemistry. I would make you proud of taking time to tutor me."

"What about your hair? Can I curl it?"

"No. I will get it straight. As long at it takes."

"Ponytail it is. Or French braid. My God your long hair in a braid would be incredible. Like a giant whip."

"Crack the whip if I get out of line."

"We can apply makeup in small doses and wash it off well before you leave."

"I will face this challenge head on." Grace spouts confidently.

Brit giggles, "Head on? I will have to find someone for you to give head to again. Just for you though. Without my help."

"Thank you for being so kind to me. I won't let you down. Unless Father does not let me."

"Okay, well try hard. I can see us being best friends. I really don't have any female friends. Mostly guys. Which isn't all bad."

"I would like that."

"Me too. I better let you go bake bread before your Mom takes your cell away from you."

"True. I am abusing technology. Bless the Lord my parents aren't nearly as strict as other Mennonite families."

"Right. Aim for next Saturday if your Dad agrees. I'll have everything ready. You look about my size as far as clothing goes."

"I will. Bye for now."

As Grace ends the call Brit sits in deep thought for the next five minutes. She recalled every thing that she had done this week. It made her smile.

Finally, she stands up and stretches vividly before making her way to the kitchen. There she decides to open a yogurt . Spoon in mouth she hears the back door open up. Lance stepped in with an evil grin.

"Is Dad still gone?"

"Yep. Why?"

"Chloe Johnson" is laying out in her bikini."

Brit flares her eyes dramatically feigning excitement.

"The blond bombshell with heavenly hooters?"

"Her new haircut makes her look like "Gemma Atkinson". Anyway, her boyfriends in Nebraska over the road. I overheard him leaving earlier and talking on his cell. Every time he leaves town in the Semi she lays out. I think she wants me."

Brit wags her spoon at him laughing, "Yeah right. She's like 25 and too super model for your punk ass."

"Seriously! She always waves at me when I cross through the yards out back."

"Get a life Romeo." Brit rolls her eyes as she polishes off her yogurt, swirling the cr__me on her tongue.

Go put a bikini on. I need you to lay out and talk to Chloe." He then nudges her along with an encouraging, "Hurry!"

"Come on Lance. She's too old for you."

"Dad's too old for you too. Besides what you're doing is incest. Unlike me and Chloe. Whenever that might be. Hopefully soon. Now hurry up before she goes back into her house."

"OH MY GOD!" Brit tosses her spoon and container into the kitchen sink then trudges to her room.

Eight minutes later Brit emerges wearing a lavender and black string bikini that hid very little. Armed with necessity items of blanket, lotion, shades, bottled water, cellphone, and her music Ipod she moved from the house out toward the middle of her back yard. She glanced over at Chloe who was laying on her belly tanning her backside. Her top was untied and laying at her sides.

"Hey Chloe!" She flutters her fingers as the blond beauty tilts her head to see her.

"Hi you. It's been awhile." Chloe greets her with a brilliant perfect teeth smile then leans up on her elbows and forearms. Her breasts bulged under her weights compression.

"Reading my mind about baking our buns I see." Brit giggles and looks around her for the prime spot to spread out her blanket. She remains patient as Chloe adds, "How's school?"

"Boring! I'm doing good though. Is your man "Chuck" on the road again?"

"Yep. I'm glad he is." Chloe frowns, "He's been a royal pain in my bottom. Chuck wants me to go out on the road with him. Do I look like a trucker? Hell no! I'm too glamorous to be compared to a "Lot Lizard."

Brit chuckles as Chloe rolls her eyes grinning, "So, you traded his time away to be a "Lawn Lizard" instead?"

Chloe drops her jaw, wagging an index finger toward Brit

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