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A few surprises.

After bugging his parents about his whereabouts, I got his phone number. He told me that he had found another woman. He said he was sorry but we should both have realized that things change and life goes on.

I was devastated. It hurt me inside that he wasn't man enough to sit down and talk to me but that I had to find out through a phone call. Randy told me that he was sorry but really didn't want all the crying and arguments that happen when people break up. He wished me the best in life and we ended our conversation.

I put myself into my studies and my work. I got a job at the environmental center, finished my senior year and worked hard. I knew I was set as far as a profession went but I was lonely.

I found myself attending the museum and that's where I ran into Harry May. He worked there and I often talked to him. He was an older man and I felt comfortable with him. He was so different from Randy and that was what I needed.

Harry had never married. He said he never found the right woman until he met me. We began dating and within a year, we got married. We had a great marriage. Our son Terrence was born a year later. Even though Harry was older, we had a lot in common. I do believe that he loved me and just went along with whatever I wanted.

His cancer diagnosis was hard on all three of us. Terry spent as much time as he could with his father. They had a special bond. After Harry's death, Terry had plans on entering the service.

I wasn't sure what to do with my life after Harry's death. I put more and more of myself into my work. My first love left me and my second died much too early in his life.

My cousin invited me to her wedding. My family told me I needed to get out more often. I went to the wedding and met Zack. He was a state representative from Ohio, quite the suave man. He had looks, personality and treated me like a lady. I knew that under the right circumstances, I could really get to like this man.

He asked me if I would stay with him at the wedding. He sure had a way with words. Before leaving the wedding, he kissed me, not once, but twice. He was a gentleman and never mentioned about going any further that night, which made me respect him.

He asked for my phone number and I had no problem giving it to him. He sent me flowers at work the following Monday. I couldn't have been happier. We began dating a couple of weeks later.

After a few months, he asked me to marry him. I wasn't sure what to say. I liked him, I really did but we'd only been together a few months. His lovemaking was wonderful, and he always made sure I reached an orgasm. I liked being with him but I couldn't actually say I loved him yet.

We talked and both admitted that the early marriage proposal was partly because he was running for the state senate. I'd read the papers, where they always identified him as a playboy. I wasn't stupid and knew his chance of winning the senate was much greater if he were married.

When I mentioned this to him, Zack told me the truth. He said that was part of the reason, but he did care for me. I remember he told me he would never marry me just for the arm candy, even though he thought I was a knockout.

Zack was in his late forties and felt he'd waited long enough. We could have a wonderful life together, he added, and he could even help me with my environmental causes. Then he asked me to please say yes so we could grow old together.

I asked for a little time to think about it and Zack had no problem with that. I wanted to talk with my family and inform my son.

Terry was behind me whatever I chose to do.

"Mom, you need a good life. Dad is gone and I know you're alone and I hate that. If you want to marry this man, you have my blessing."

I cried after talking to Terry. I decided to go ahead and take a chance. I contacted Zack by going to his office the following week and gave him my answer. I'd decided to say yes.

We were married a couple of months later by a local judge.

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