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Father Damian and Emily drown in sin.

I let out an exclamation into Ara__a's mouth while her tongue greedily probes within my mouth. Every sensation is a mix of pleasure and prickling pain left over from that awful pain toxin. Her hips rock against mine in a ceaseless rhythm, her tight inner walls squeezing me, stimulating every nerve ending in my shaft. I groan into her mouth and she reciprocates the gesture, clearly loving my agonized pleasure.

With the stimulation of her hot mouth covering mine, her ample breasts pressing against my chest, and her tight inner depths rubbing vigorously at my shaft, my first orgasm comes quickly. She holds my gaze as I climax in her. I see lust, hunger, and excitement in her fiery red eyes. She isn't even close to done yet. I am in for a long and exhausting night...

Once she has finished with me, after so long I've since lost track of time, Ara__a slides off me. My hips ache from the constant pressure of her rhythmic gyrations. My mouth tastes only of her saliva, which is strangely sweet, presumably from residual venom of some sort. My body feels thoroughly defiled and broken. Ara__a easily lifts me up from my current position in the web and carries me higher up, winding me in several strands of silk until I am cocooned from head to toe, suspended well above the ground. Only my manhood and testicles are exempt from the cocooning.

"A late-night snack." I hear Ara__a say, before I feel her hot breath against my testicles.

Her fangs scrape my most sensitive regions and I feebly scream from within my web cocoon. Her mouth surrounds my testicles, her tongue lapping at them, her fangs just lightly poking at them, always threatening to bite down. I whimper pathetically, totally immobile in my bindings. In time, Ara__a tires of this amusement and leaves me to fall asleep in my suspended prison.

* * *

When I wake, much of my pain is gone. I'm certainly still sore, and my mouth still tastes like Ara__a (not that I object much to that), but I'm surprisingly not stricken with agony after my torturous night. I lay in my usual bed, wrapped in a soft sheet. Nina sits by my side, and squeals with glee when she sees I'm awake.

"Ara__a was so careful not to do too much," she exclaims, "but I still worry."

"I'd hate to see her idea of too much." I chuckle while Nina wraps her arms around me and nuzzles my neck exuberantly. "Is uh... is Ara__a mad at me now?"

"Why would I be mad?"

I turn to the sound of the voice to see Ara__a in full human form, clad in her black leather and seated by my other side on the bed. She, like Nina, lays down beside me and moves close to me, affectionately.

"A long night of torture and rape can often cause a victim to assume the aggressor is angry." I quip, a hint of bitterness in my voice.

"You agreed to it." she reminds me.

Damn. Looks like I can't make her feel bad for that miserable night. The sex was good, though prolonged to the point of brutality, but other than that it was a complete Hell. I'm about to say something sarcastically back when Ara__a cups my face in her hands and kisses me tenderly. Not forcefully and invasive like usual, but just a simple, loving gesture.

"I wanted you so much," she admits, "I was never going to let you win that sparring match. It was unfair of me to fight so hard, and to do all of that to you. I just... I needed that so much, Marcus. I humbly apologize, please forgive me. You fought so amazingly well."

I am, for a time, speechless at her outpouring of kindness. Ara__a is such a confusing being, I don't know what to make of her.

"It's okay," I say at last, "I'd have slept with you if you had just asked, but if all of that was what you needed, then it's okay. You're a friend, I'm happy to help however I can."

"You realize he's the best, right?" Ara__a says to Nina.

"He sure is." Nina agrees.

The two women cuddle close to me and I feel genuinely content, as if I'd not endured a night of torment.

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