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Tim and Tina reconnect, plus their cousin Courtney calls.


He nods reluctantly, "You're good at that."

"Awww! Thanks Daddy. I think so too."

"Dare I ask how far you've gone teasing?"

She bites her lower lip looking directly up into his eyes, "Here's where you can't get mad at me. Okay?"

He grits his teeth fearing her reply, "Just don't get pregnant. Okay?"

"I won't." She shyly blushes.

"Finish what you were going to say." He sighs opening the Mall door for her.

Entering she reclaims his arm hugging it, "Let's just say I like being seen naked."

"By whom?"

"By pretty much everybody."

"You're going to get arrested someday."

"I'll call you first. For bail." She giggles.

"Maybe we should turn around and go home. I might need the money for that bail here soon."

She tugs his retreat laughing, "Nooooooooooooo!"

He gives in quickly and yanks her into a hug rubbing her back, "Blood of my blood. I've always got your back Sweetheart."

"Thank you Daddy." She smiles as her eyes flare up, "Heeee's back."


"Junior." She chuckles.

"Awww hell." He changes the subject, "Pick a store. Let's get this over with."

She leads him deeper into the interior and locates a store that sold swimwear. Pilfering about racks she discovers a lime green micro style bikini. Illegal to wear. Not legal to sell.

"This would look good on me don't you think?"

She lifts it up for his approval, "Three eye patches held together by dental floss? Only $60.00."

"You can sniff it after I wear it." She teases.

He rolls his eyes, "Dear God! What have I done?"

She finds another bikini similar style only white, "How about this one?"

"See through when wet." He predicts.


"Yeah, yay!" He groans, "I'm still grasping these changes. Give me time to digest this."

She giggles and stands on tip toe to kiss him on the cheek. He bought both bikini's.

Leaving that store she discovers "Vicky's Secret". Within she bought multiple thongs and bras that were albeit sheer in material. She even found a burgundy colored teddy with corset strings up the front. All purchased.

Store after store she managed at least one article of clothing. Finally, her nerve grew strong enough to guide her Father into a changing room. He was embarrassed beyond measure but let her lead him inside a door. Luckily there was no attendant present.

Within she handed him her trial outfits and stripped her shirt off before his eyes. Her tits full and strikingly well poised for a 34DDD. Zero sag. His eyes couldn't stop staring at them.

She lifts them up and shakes them about with an evil grin. Then she dropped her skirt and stood only in her thin powder blue thong. With a confident sigh she chooses an outfit and tries it on. This was a tight red dress with strings up the sides revealing her flesh all the way up both hips and under her arms. The front cleavage cupped her breasts higher until they bulged as if lifted.

"How do I look Daddy?"

He shakes his head, "Christ almighty."

"Panties ruin the look don't they?" She lifts her dress and removes her panties, tugging the dress back into place. Eying him for approval she swings her thong around playfully.

"When do you plan on wearing something like that?"

"I'm not sure yet. Dancing maybe. Of course I'm not old enough to get into most bars. Besides I don't really drink."

"Just don't become a stripper. My heart couldn't take it if I took a client to a club nearby to find you lap dancing over some stranger." He grunts quietly.

"Might help you close a deal if I did." She giggles and strips out of the dress to now stand full frontally nude in front of him.

"Unbelievable!" He hisses eying her gently evident pubes.

After three more changes he nursed a raging hard on that couldn't be hidden anymore. She finally put her original clothes back on minus the thong which she tucked down the front of her shirt and took the outfits off his hands. Her eyes drifted down to Junior.

"Do you need to jerk off again before we leave?" Her brow raises inquisitively.

"Maybe. Not in here though."

"A few more stores?"

"Slow down. You've probably spent $400.00 since we walked in."


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