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They're held prisoner at a cabin in the woods.

" Vivek and I have always been close friends, and you have such a beautiful and sexy soft body. Could we try to make our friendship even more interesting?"

She was just quite. I start opening the button of her nightie. I opened her dress all the way the front. When I pulled her nightie wide, I sucked in a deep breath and said. "Arthi you are so pretty. You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen." She had a perfect body. Her tits were womanly beauties of 34C. Her waist is slim, she has long legs, and she had shaved her pussy she has a cute little ass. She has full sexy looking lips, the kind beg to have a cock sliding between them. I kissed her breasts through her bra. I let go her wrists and moved my hand to her breast. She moaned.

I leaned over and took her naked nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. She lifted her head and looked into Vivek's eyes I lowered my lips and place them on her lips. She parted her mouth and our tongue met each other.

She looked at her husband Vivek said "Arthi darling I want to see you with other man and this is my long time fantasy even you know this. Lets all enjoy" Vivek gave her the green light; he came near her and removed the nighty. She was in pink bra and matching panty, was looking sexy, her bra was just covering half of her boobs. That dusky skin, nice body she was looking the south Actress. Now Vivek came closer and removed her bra button, we both slowly removed her bra, she did not try to cover her boobs, instead she kept one hand on my head and the other on Vivek's. So we both squeezed her boobs, they were so soft, the nipples were so hard, we each took a nipple in our mouth, she was moaning.

She reached down and pulled down my shorts, She looked down and exclaimed, "Wow, I always thought Vivek was just talking when he said how big your dick's so much bigger than Vivek's"

We made her lie down on the bed on her back, I slowly removed her panty, and she helped me by raising her butt. Wow the pussy was so nice, trimmed hair, when I touched it she said "umm" I took my hand and now she was guiding my finger in, While Vivek was playing with her boobs, I lifted her thighs, and kissed them. I kissed her legs.... Slowly went up, she was moaning. All of sudden I passed my tongue on her pussy, like we eat ice cream, she stood up suddenly, in pleasure, I started giving her oral, she pussy was smelling great, I spread the hair sideways and gave her oral of her life. Same time Vivek brought his cock near her mouth, With his cock right in front of her, Arthi took it in her hand, stroked it once or twice, then opened her mouth and engulfed him and she was giving Vivek a blowjob. It was a great fun.

I wanted my cock in her mouth too. And I moved away from her pussy and brought my dick near her face. She took my dick and gently stroked all 9 inches of my cock, with an air of naughtiness in her eye. I knew what she was about to do next. She closed her sultry eyes and submerged my entire cock into her warm mouth. My cock felt so warm and moist in her mouth, a feeling I have never felt before. I never knew how good it would feel.

Her gently sucking motion made my knees almost buckled, her mouth felt so good as it slid up and down my rigid cock. I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair while enjoying the feeling of her cocksucking. Her mouth was warm and wet and her lips gripped me just right as they slid up and down my shaft. I could also feel her soft tongue moving around the underside with each pass of her lips. She paused to lick around the head, up the underside and around my balls while pumping my cock in her fist.

Her oral skills were amazing, as she alternated between her husband, and me but I wanted to fuck her.

"I want to fuck you," I said,

"Varun "She purred, her hands sliding up and down my cheeks. " I want you too."

She gave me a condom, and now I spread her legs

"My cock wants you," I replied.

"Yes Varun I want that big hard cock of yours in my choot! Come on Varun fuck me! Here let me take that monster in my cunt.

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