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"No, Please!" I murmured. "I can't...." His lips crushed down on mine as his arms tightened around me, holding me against him. I struggle briefly, then yielded to the erotic feelings that he was stirring up in me. I just kind of went limp in his arms and opened my lips to his searching tongue.

For long moments we kissed passionately, my arms going around his waist, pulling him to me. I felt his hands pulling at my blouse, and then the coolness of his hands against my warm flesh as his fingers fumbled at the clasp of my bra. The sudden release seemed to excite me more and I arched my breasts out to his searching hands. Jake squeezed and molded my breasts, his fingers pinching and pulling at the erect nipples, all the while his tongue danced against mine.

Breathlessly, we broke from the deep kisses and Jake took a step back, his fingers working on the buttons of my blouse. Seconds later, the blouse and bra was dropped to the floor and Jake gazed down at my full breasts and erect nipples. "Beautiful!!" he whispered and bent his head down to lavish kisses on each of them in turn. As he sucked vigorously on my sensitive nipples, I felt his hand running up the inside of my thighs, reaching the warm wetness of my panties. With all resistance gone, I allowed him to guide my hand to the swollen bulge in his pants.

"Take it out!" he hissed, "You know you want it!" His fingers rubbed steadily against my swollen pussy lips as my own fingers searched and found the zipper to his pants. It made a hissing noise that seemed so loud in the quiet space we occupied. Slowly, my fingers wrapped around the swollen cock, feeling it throbbing as I pulled it into the open. Jake groaned huskily and stepped back, allowing me to get my first look at his raging cock.

Even in the dim light, I could see that it was somewhat larger than Monty's prick. Jakes hands now came up to rest on my shoulders and I felt him pushing me downward. Still holding his cock, I bent over at the waist, the rigid flesh pointing up at me. Slowly, I stuck out my tongue and licked at the bulbous head, tasting the thin, pre-cum juice that was oozing from the tip.

As my lips closed over the swollen head, Jake leaned forward over me, his hand coming under to grasp and squeeze my hanging tits. Slowly, he worked his hips back and forth, driving his cock into my mouth. I could feel him throb against my tongue as he struggled to resist the urge to cum.

All at once, Jake pulled out of my mouth, His cock throbbing violently just beneath my nose. Quickly, he spun me around, bending me over the metal rail of the alcove. He pulled my skirt up around my waist and my panties down around my ankles. He stepped close and his huge cock bumped against my ass-hole. I pulled away slightly and raised my ass upwards and backed up. Jake quickly gasped his cock and slammed it deep into my pussy.

I groaned loudly as I felt it surge into my slick sheath, sliding deeper than anything had ever been before. I felt my cunt lips stretching around the swollen shaft and his balls bouncing against my clit. Jake bent over me and grasped my tit with one hand and manipulated my clit with the other as he drove his cock rapidly in and out of my cunt. I was so close to cumming. The pure lust of the moment caused my insides to tingle and I felt the orgasmic spasm ripple through my belly as my cunt spasms around his throbbing cock. I pushed back against his bucking hips, knowing that his cum was filling my womb.

We stood there for several long moments, enjoying the sensations as each of us breathed heavily from our exertions and thrilled to the lingering sensations of orgasm.

A momentary pang of guilt flashed through me, as I felt Jake slowly withdraw his softening cock.

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