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A brief synopsis of the wedgie fetish.

As his mother was showering, Eric took out his phone, connected to the Wi-Fi and checked his email. Responded to a few and switched over to a game that would occupy his time till it was his turn. This would be a lengthy wait, at the minimum it would take her a half hour, but tonight is special so he figured an hour. After he exhausted all the games on his phone he turned to the tv, he wasn't optimistic about it, and a quick scan of the channels proved his point. They were all in French, but as luck would have it though The Simpson's were on.

Eric had dozed off for a few minutes and was woken by the bathroom door opening. Out stepped Sara, looking stunning, although she was just wearing a towel. She had curled her hair in large rivulets and let them hang. She applied a light amount of makeup that complemented her skin tone.

"Your turn." She said referring to the bathroom.

As Eric walked passed her he reached under her towel and pinched her butt. She let out a yelp and swatted at him. His shower and preparation process was understandably shorter than his mother's. In the middle of getting ready Sara arranged for a taxi to take them to the restaurant.

Out walked Eric, towel over his shoulder, his eyes went wide when he saw how amazing Sara looked. She sat on the end of the bed adjusting the ankle strap to the high heel, the slit in the dress rode up the right side of her leg. Which was the the leg she had crossed over the left to adjust the strap, this meant that nearly her entire leg was exposed. To Eric's pleasure she had on a sheer pair of black pantyhose that shimmered in the light. His dick instantly began to stiffen.

Sara stood and walked towards Eric, purposefully, one foot directly in front of the other. "Get ready son, or we'll be late for our date." Her words dripping with taboo. She walked behind him and put her chin on his shoulder. "Oh, and by the way, I'm not wearing any panties." She whispered the last few words and noticed that he was standing at full attention. She smiled at the effect she had on him, took his towel and returned it to the bathroom.

Eric tried to stuff his erection into a pair of boxers, it went in, but tented like crazy. The entire time he was getting dressed he had to fight it, of course with his mother laughing while observing. It didn't help that she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, of course she knew what she was doing. When she walked around the room the side of the dress that had the slit in it allowed a full view of her leg.

Just as he was doing his tie the room phone rang, it was the front desk to say that their cab had arrived. Eric offered Sara his arm as they exited the room, down in the elevator and into the waiting cab, which he opened the door to allow her in first. Sara told the driver the name of the restaurant and they were off. When they pulled up to the place they both commented on how different it looked at night. Eric paid and escorted his mother into the building where they were sat at a table.

The table was perfect, the lighting was perfect, the noise level was perfect. The waiter brought over the menus and took their drink order. When he returned with their drinks he recited the few specials they had available.

"The menu is sparse." Eric mentioned while sipping his beer.

Sara nodded her head in agreement. "At least you know whatever you order is gonna be great."

While Eric was trying to concentrate on what he wanted he felt his mother's foot caressing his leg. "You just love doing that don't you?" He said over his menu.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She played stupid.

Once again, Eric had to ask many questions about what was in the dish. He settled on a lamb dish, his mother chose steak. They also choose a salad each, Eric remarked on how there were a lot of non salad things in the salads. While waiting for the salads to arrive he stretched his arm across the table and Sara laid her arm on his.

He looked in her eyes and smiled. "You look amazing."

"Thank you sweetie." She blushed and couldn't contain her smile.

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