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For the next week, I explored my gift. I learned various things, for example, that my gift of command didn't work on men, I had to be within line of sight when I made a suggestion, and that I had to mentally command the woman by name for my suggestions to work. I did all of this testing off course, because I needed to know what would happen when I pushed the limits. After a week of testing, I was feeling more confident with my gift and I knew who I wanted to try to push the limits with first!

I had seeded Carrie with a few suggestions through the week. Her husband travelled frequently so I had suggested that she tell me the next time he was away for the weekend. I had also suggested that she wear her sexiest outfit that would still be suitable at work on the day he left.

One thing I wasn't sure off was how long my suggestions would remain implanted so I wasn't really sure if it was going to work until the Friday two weeks later. Carrie came into my office and my jaw nearly hit the floor! She was wearing her tightest jeans which accented her curvy hips. She was also wearing a bright red top that hugged her breasts tight. Her breasts were also obviously supported by a very good push-up bra that presented ample amounts of cleavage. "My husband is going out of town this weekend," she blurted immediately, then paused as if confused by why she had told me that.

"That's too bad," I responded. Carrie, you should invite me for drinks after work, I thought.

Immediately, she responded, "Do you want to go out for a couple of drinks after work?" she asked.

"Sure!" I said smiling warmly. We made some plans as to where and she suggested some other co-workers she would invite, as if she had realized how it would look for a married woman to be asking a single man to drinks while her husband was away.

The rest of the work day passed so slowly I thought I would explode. I had planned how the evening would go, and if it went according to plan I would finally be able to satisfy the desire burning in my groin.

Every time I ran into Carrie during the day I suggested something new to her. One time I suggested that she found me extremely attractive, the next time that she couldn't resist me if I wanted her to do something. The last time I saw her I insured my plan would work without causing any suspicion. Carrie, when we go for drinks, after a while, you will tell everyone that you are not feeling well. You will subtly insist that I drive you home and need to leave right away.

We finally arrived at the bar after work. I was having a hard time not staring at Carrie's gorgeous ass, as were some of my other male co-workers. I had to be careful to spread my attention around. I noticed that Carrie would sneak an admiring look at me every once in a while. I also noticed that she was on her third drink within twenty minutes! I guessed that I should have been more specific in what "a while" meant. At this rate Carrie might be too drunk for what I had in mind!

Another twenty minutes later and now on her fifth drink, Carrie walked over, clearly feeling the effects of the drinks. She touched my arm ever so lightly and leaned into me, "I'm not feeling so well," she almost whispered, "would you mind giving me a ride home, I don't think I should be driving."

This was going perfectly! We said our goodbye's, some of my co-workers even thanking me for taking Carrie home. If they only knew my intentions!

We walked back to my car.

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