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A married couple surrenders to a charming Swedish group.

Sally returned the favor and buried her face between Sam's legs. This time it was slower, more loving. They teased, licked, and pulled at each other's labia with their lips. Once in a while, a tongue would make its way back to the ass and lick out the juices that had trickled from their wet pussies.

Sam's mind wandered off a bit as she nibbled and licked Sally's pussy. Despite her conservative background, she was getting to enjoy the naughty, earthy words and expressions she was starting to use more and more frequently with her lover. She also knew that she just loved the taste of her lover. From her nipples and the skin of her tummy, down to the wonderfully wet pussy, and even her rosebud, she loved Sally's body as much as she loved the girl's smile, enthusiasm and friendly personality. Sam knew that whatever love she had for Sally when they agreed to this trip had doubled or tripled. She was totally in love with the young girl and knew that this was incredibly problematic.

After a little while, Sam refocused on bringing Sally off. She lubricated a finger with fuck juice and saliva and started teasing Sally's anus with it. She worked it in a little distance and then pulled out, and then she would wet her finger again and tease some more.

Sally was thrusting her hips back and forth trying to get the finger deeper into her ass, and then she would reverse and try to get more of Sam's mouth on her pussy. Sam was enjoying playing her lover like that. Finally, Sam stopped teasing and moved her finger in Sally's ass to the second knuckle and attacked the clit at the same time, flicking her tongue at it rapidly for a minute.

"Oh yes, sweetie, fuck my ass and suck my clit," screamed Sally. Her legs clamped around her lover's head as her body began to spasm. Sally moaned as she exploded, almost crushing Sam's head with her muscular thighs.

Sam first thought she was going to be smothered, but then thought she was going to drown as Sally's pussy released a torrent of juice. Sam worked hard to drink it all down, only allowing a little to escape and run down her chin. When the throbbing in Sally's pussy slowed Sam relaxed and fell onto her back.

"Don't you dare make yourself cum," she ordered Sam who hadn't had her release yet. "Let me get my breath back, and I'm going to try one of the positions from our book."

Sam grinned and knew that as horny as she might be, the wait would be worth it.

After a couple of minutes, Sally rolled over her lover and kissed her lightly. She then continued down and kissed Sam's nipples and started to suck and lick them. Finally, she moved down until she was kneeling between Sam's spread thighs. She put her hand under Sam's knees and pushed up so that Sam was almost bent in two at the waist, with her pussy and ass in the air. Sally then bent down slightly and passed her tongue from Sam's asshole to her clit and then started licking the little brown flower, teasing it gently. "You're not the only one that knows how to lick an asshole," said Sally with a giggle.

At the same time, her fingers were pumping in and out of Sam's cunt and she would use her tongue to occasionally flick her clit. It didn't take long to bring Sam to her peak. The anticipation, the strange exposed position, the ass play, all conspired to take Sam over the top.

"Oh, Jesus, Sally," screamed Sam. Suddenly Sam thought she was going to pee. But it wasn't pee that squirted out of her pussy. Sam pussy spasmed and shot a stream of girl juice into the air, wetting herself and Sally.

Sally was surprised at first, but her surprise quickly turned to fascination as she watched her friend and lover squirt juice from her pussy. Sally quickly dropped her mouth to Sam's pussy, lapping up as much of her juice as she could get. A strange thing happened; as soon as she tasted the sweet juices squirting from her pussy, she began to climax herself. It wasn't a full-blown climax, but it was very pleasurable nonetheless. She vowed to see if she could do it again sometime.

Sally let her friend's ass down and collapsed besid

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