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"Please," Alicia's voice was barely a whisper amongst her sobs, "don't ever leave me."

His arms and legs tightened against her, reassuring her of his presence. "Never. So long as I have strength left in my body to fight, I will stay by your side." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The signs were there. The Sidhe knew it and so did Alicia. She did not believe in the Bible's interpretation of the Apocalypse. There was simply too much finality to it. While many ancient cultures and prophecies spoke of the end of the world, there was usually and implied association. To quote a song from the modern rock and roll; 'the end of the world as we know it' rather than simply the destruction of human life on Earth. Perhaps a minor distinction but important in Alicia's mind. If the world was not completely destroyed, she would find a way to survive, so long as she had him with her.

Never before had she understood the Sidhe's fascination with their soul. Any other race would have created a new word for such a meaningful title, and the Sidhe did have a word in their language, but they somehow managed to convey the same meaning regardless of what tongue they spoke. Something of their inflection always came through when speaking of the person who completed them. It was such a profound thing to them that even the humans had picked up on it; and the two races rarely intersected in the old days.

Now she understood. Alicia could not comprehend life without Laslie by her side. He was a caring and attentive lover, but even without that added relationship she felt she needed him, his guidance, his confidence, and his humor. Ironic that I find my soul-mate among the very race that was trying to destroy my kind when I was given the Gift. Or perhaps it was simply fitting.

Alicia snuggled closer to his warm body. She knew she should get up and clean herself. She could feel their combined orgasms drying on her inner thighs. She lavished in the afterglow. Her entire body felt at peace, as if nothing could ever be wrong again.

With Laslie lying comfortably naked next to her, the feeling was nearly insurmountable. His arm curled blithely around her back, the other tucked under his head. Her leg draped over his, and his other leg bent at the knee and lay off to one side. The overall effect was to display his glorious body to her in all its splendor. He did not have the chiseled form of statues or modern supermodels, but she knew of the strength hidden so subtly beneath his firm skin. What many would take for a thin sheen of body fat, concealing a decent musculature, were actually his muscles themselves.

Most prominently displayed, at the moment, was his manhood. Alicia shuddered and pulled herself tighter against him. It hung limp and relatively tiny against his vast form, but she knew the full scope of that wonder. As the humans would say, he was definitely a 'grower.' When fully roused it felt as if he filled her entire body. Occasionally he was a tad too long for certain positions, but otherwise it was as if he complimented her even there.

Alicia sensed the disturbance instantly and was in motion. Off the bed and with her back to a corner. With her incredible speed, Laslie had only just begun to raise his head, to cast about for her, when the nature of the disturbance made itself known.

In the center of the room appeared a Sidhe.

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