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Tammi's slavery deepens and her training goes on.

It feels great after a brisk swim." Without waiting for Jackson's response, Donald got out of the pool and pulled the top off the hot tub and started up the jets. Jackson watched as his host busied himself around the pool deck preparing the hot tub. He found himself staring at Donald's ass wondering...."

Donald turned to look at Jackson and said, "Come on; you're going to love this."

Jackson stole a quick glance at Donald's crotch. Was Donald sporting an erection? He tried to focus but Donald had quickly turned and climbed into the hot tub. Jackson's own dick had started to swell. He was glad for the baggy swimsuit as he climbed out of the pool and into the hot tub.

Thousands of bubbles streamed toward his body as Jackson eased into the hot tub. It did feel great. His body was tired from the swim and the scotch and the thought he could easily go to sleep in this thing. Donald smiled as Jackson began to relax in the hot tub, then he said, "Jackson, sit over there next to that jet. It's the best spot in the tub. Jackson moved over to the indicated spot and sat down. Much to his surprise, as soon as he sat down he felt a powerful jet shooting bubbles right at his dick!

He looked up in surprise at his host, who smiled and said, "Feels great, doesn't' it?"

It did feel great. That was the problem. His erection returned with a vengeance. After a few moments he knew it he didn't move soon, he was going to cum in his friend's hot tub. Donald just smiled and started talking about the hot tub.

"The wife and I had this installed a couple of years ago. We enjoy coming out here naked when the kids are in bed. It's been the prelude of some pretty incredible sex."

Jackson couldn't believe his ears. Did Donald just talk about having sex with his wife in this hot tub?

Donald continued, "You enjoying my favorite spot in the tub, Jackson?"

He was enjoying it, too much. "Yeah, but I think I better move before I have an accident." Jackson moved away from the jet but his dick was incredibly hard.

"Come on," Donald said, "Let's go back into the house."

As Donald got out of the hot tub, Jackson could clearly see Donald's erect dick pressing against the fabric of the speedo. He shut off the jets and motioned Jackson to follow. Reluctantly Jackson followed. As he got out the material of the suit clung to his body revealing that he, too, had a raging hard on. Donald looked at Jackson and smiled. He tossed Jackson and towel and took one himself and dried off before going inside. In side the kitchen, Donald pealed off his speedo and set it on the counter. "Leave your suit here, Jackson. I don't want to get water in the rest of the house."

Jackson looked at Donald, standing there in the buff, with this dick standing tall. It had to be a good 8 inches long. Donald saw Jackson staring at him and offered, "It looks good enough to eat, doesn't it. " With that, he reached down and gave his cock a few strokes.

Jackson had to admit to himself that it did look good enough to eat. Dropping all pretenses, Jackson took his suit off revealing his own 7" inches standing proudly. He took a few steps toward Donald and dropped to his knees and began licking Donald's dick like it was a Popsicle. He could taste and smell the chlorine on Donald's skin, which made the whole scene somehow more erotic.

Donald moaned softly and he placed his hands on Jackson's head. After a few moments Donald pushed Jackson's head away and said, "Let's take this to the bedroom." Jackson silently stood and followed Donald to the master bedroom.

"Let's get the chlorine off first." Donald suggested as he led Jackson into a large bathroom. The shower was enormous, with multiple shower heads all around. Donald got in and started turning on facets and soon several streams of water were beating down. Jackson marveled at the shower as he entered the shower.

Donald grabbed a bottle of body wash and squirted a large amount onto his hand.

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