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The irritation and allure of click, click, click.

and approach!"

Reluctantly, Maximus gets to his feet, He walks forward until the chain draws tight, then leans forward slightly arms back to either side pulling the chain tight, His muscled chest well defined in firelight and shadow. Helen approaches him and takes a small, stoppered bottle and drizzles scented oil upon his chest. Her cool porcelain skin hesitates just a second before she starts to rub the oil into his chest. "Some Matrons pay exorbitant amounts to be serviced by the most powerful gladiators, I however do not. I get no thrill from making the powerful submit. My orders are followed everyday. " she quietly states. Working her way down she starts to rub his leg muscles as well. The oils cause a sheen upon his skin that greatly enhances his bronze coloring.

The faint scent of cloves and lilacs caress his senses, it is so very different from the smell of stale sweat and death of his profession. He closes his eyes to the tender stroking of this powerful woman and wonders at her motives. If she doesn't want him for service then what possibly could she want? His thoughts are broken as her hand kneads higher upon his thigh. He opens his eyes and looks down. She kneels there diminutively, hand slowly encircling his growing hardness. Her eyes look up at him pleading as she pulls aside his loin cloth, takes him into her mouth, and begins to work the length slowly in and out. He lays his head back and wonders again at his fortune. One of the most powerful Matrons is performing the taboo act of fellatio on him like some cheap street whore, a woman that could order his life forfeit, is ruining her fine silks on the dusty floor for his pleasure.

His muscles bulge as he strains at the chains trying desperately to gain just a few more inches into her safe zone beyond the limits of his iron shackles. Suddenly it occurs to him what to do, he slowly pulls his hips back. The matron leans forward following, he moves a half step back and she follows continuing her perverse task. He gets her closer then reverses and works his cock into her throat, the situation changes and she knows it, gone is her safety in the limit of his bounds. A subtle shift, as he becomes the one in control, working more of his shaft through her tender lips. She may be powerful in stature and wealth, but now she is in range of his strength. That thought is accentuated as his hands lay upon her head controlling speed and depth. Sure he would be killed if he harmed her but what is death to a Gladiator who measures his days one at a time, where each could be his last. He begins to thrust in earnest, saliva leaks from the corner of her mouth to dribble upon her bosom, the silk dark with the evidence of their debauchery. Her chin and his cock glisten in the warm firelight, slick and moist. He pulls back and out, his solid shaft slips from her tender lips, taking it in hand be rubs the saliva across her cheeks using her dainty soft skin to clean his member.

She looks up at this powerful specimen of a man, chest bulging, arms thick and solid, Eyes hard enough to have watched the death of countless men, and yet she sees wisdom, sincerity, even amusement. He points, she rises and walks over to the x shaped rack, he walks up behind and bends down closing her tender ankles in the cuffs at the base.He clasps the second one after spreading her legs, once it is in place; he grabs her fine dress and rips it from the base straight up her back. He likewise disposes of the undergarments until she stands barebacked, dress held to her front to keep it from falling. He grabs her hips spreads her ass and runs his tongue from the bottom up, she shudders, no man has ever treated her like this.

He stands pressed against her back, looking up, he realizes there are no shackles, just two pins on which to grasp.

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