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Sandy's night with her kids.

"Your cock... oh, wow!"

"Glad you enjoyed it... hopefully I can do that again," he replied, lifting his body back up to admire her breasts as they undulated back-and-forth in rhythm with their love making. Licking his lips, his gaze traveled up to her sweet, innocent face, her eyes now closed and her mouth agape with pleasure as gasping moans escaped her lips with nearly every thrust.

"Good..." she breathlessly exclaimed. "Because I don't know that I'm ever going to let you stop fucking me."

Then, her eyes opened and a sheepish look crossed her face. "Do you mind if I talk dirty, or does that bother you?" she asked, nervously biting her lip.

Slowing down, Eric leaned in and placed his mouth to her ear. "Kasey," he whispered as she squirmed from the pleasant sensation of his warm breath in her ear, "right now, it's fucking hot to hear those naughty words come out of your sweet little mouth."

"Mmmm... You just keep fucking me with that incredible cock of yours, then, and I'll say whatever you want me to."

Eric kissed her deeply, slowly stroking in and grinding his pelvic bone against her clit each time before pulling back. "You voice is sexy as hell, you know that?"

Kasey giggled softly then moaned again, pulling her legs up to give him deeper access. "You like my tight little pussy I take it?"

"Definitely," he replied, kissing and gently nibbling on her neck.

"Then why'd you slow down? Give me that cock... I want you to fuck me hard."

"It's been a while..." he reluctantly admitted. "I'm getting close, and... I don't want this to be over just yet."

Opening her eyes and smiling, she released a leg and gently pulled his head to her. Her mouth at his ear this time, she nibbled on it and whispered, "I don't mind... in fact, for my birthday present, I want to see how many times we can get each other off tonight. So..." Her voice took on a breath, husky tone, "give me that cock, give it to me hard, and fuck me like you mean it!"

"Yes, ma'am!" he replied as she released his head and took hold of her leg again, licking her lips with desire in her eyes.

Eric slammed in to her as hard as he could, and faster with each round. Kasey craned her neck back, slamming her mouth shut to keep from howling with pleasure. She thrashed her head back and forth as a furious, strained humming sound emanated from her throat right before a smaller orgasm washed over her.

Grunting, Eric continued to bottom out hard against her, nearly enough to start pushing her across the bed. It wasn't long before he gasped one final time as his body clenched and his own climax came. A torrent of hot cum spewed in to her pussy, load after load for what seemed like several minutes as Eric furiously pounded away for all he was worth.

Finally, he slowed and then stopped as his happily fatigued member slowly pulled back from and out of Kasey. Breathing hard and his legs & arms trembling, he rolled over and flopped on to the bed next to her.

Kasey, far closer to recovery than him, gave a content sigh. "Wow..." she exclaimed, breathlessly as she felt their combined juices oozing from her slit and coating her already-slick nether region, "I've fantasized about you before, but that was way better than anything I imagined... nobody's ever made me get that loud in bed before!"

Eric just nodded, his eyes closed as he tried to catch his breath.

Lifting her head slightly, Kasey reached a finger between her legs and scooped up a dollop of the cum that was slowly escaping from her pussy. "Wow!" she said, gazing at the glob on her finger in admiration for a second, then she giggled as she sat up a bit. "I think you over-filled me!"

Eric looked over to reply, just in time to watch her slip the finger in to her mouth and close her eyes, savoring his taste. "Mmmm..." she said, reaching back down and swiping the rest from where it had leaked on to the inside of her thigh. "Delicious!"

Lost in the moment,

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