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A woman seeks fulfillment wherever she can.

I 've got to let it out, or I'm going to spring a leak. Have a heart, you guys; my bladder is stretched to the limit! I don't relish a man watching me use the bathroom, but I've got to have some relief! You don't realize how much it hurts to keep holding it!"

The two policemen again checked messages for any sign of a female officer, with negative results. Then they tried again to call their policewoman's phone number, but got no reply.

Finally Officer Golitari had a brainstorm. "Al, maybe there's one way you can give her a little relief," he began. Russell was interested. He waited for more,

The policeman went on, "you could ask her for a urine sample, and get her to give one here. We're entitled to ask for one, and there's no rule saying that she has to do it privately. She could do it without taking her clothes off, and if you keep the sample, then she hasn't had the chance to get rid of anything. How about it?"

"George, that won't help her much. The little jars only hold a little bit, and she's got a bigger problem than that. Besides, I don't really expect her to do it here in front of us, do you?"

Sandra broke in, "Look, you guys, I'll do it in front of you if that's what you need. But, please, I've got to get some relief. Just don't make me keep holding it!"

George had another suggestion, "You know, we've got bottles that are a little bigger. There's a one that'll hold about a half pint. We could let her fill that one!"

"OK, OK, please just let me!" Sandra really sounded desperate.

The two men looked at each other. Sandra continued to beg, "Please, please, don't just talk about it. Let me, please, please, now!"

"OK" the sergeant responded. "Al, see if you can work it out. But you can't uncuff her. She's got to do it with the cuff on, and without taking her clothes off. If you can figure a way for her to do it, you can let her lose a half pint. Maybe then she'll feel a little better."

George took the half pint jar, and went over to Sandra. He sized up the situation. "Sorry, Mam, but you heard the sergeant. I can't uncuff you. I'll move the chair, so you can squat there. Can you pull down your underpants with your free hand?" She nodded, and tried. It was an awkward posture. Her left arm was extended upward., cuffed to the railing, as she tried to squat. With her right hand, she reached under her long skirt, and tried to work down her panties.

Finding her long skirt a problem, she looked to George, "Would it break the rules if you held up my skirt for me? Please? Please?" George looked to Sgt. Russell, who just shrugged. George picked up the hem of her skirt, and held it high enough to expose her thighs and lower body. She shifted so she was facing him, her panties now down to her knees.

He gave her the small jar. She tried to position it under her, then suddenly realized it was out of her sight. "You'll have to tell me when it's full, so I can stop!" she told him. He nodded, dropping his head to look at the jar, realizing he was looking directly at her genitals covered by dark pubic hair. Suddenly, a stream of urine shot out into the jar. In what seemed only a few seconds, the jar filled. "Stop!" her ordered her. She clenched her muscles, grimacing in pain and with the effort. The flow stopped.

George withdrew the jar, and held it up for inspection. It was full to the brim of very light colored urine. "Well, she doesn't produce very strong stuff. She must have drunk a lot, because it's so diluted. No wonder she's been fussing to let it out. Bet she's got lots more in her!"

Sandra, still terribly uncomfortable, rearranged her clothes and resumed her seat. "Really, that didn't help very much, and I can't hold it much longer; please, please, find a way for me to relieve myself before I do it all over the floor here - if I have to wait another hour I won't care how I do it!"

The two men watched her squirming and showing facial expressions of great discomfort.

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