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An early incident in the development of submissive Chantelle.

He's never felt so safe in his life.

Another face comes into view, he didn't think Vincent could be any whiter but he is, and his eyes are very yellow and very gripping.

'Victor, wake up, we're afraid you won't wake up if you fall asleep now.'

That is nonsense, he isn't that badly hurt. Is he?

He checks his body by analysing how each part feels. His legs are fine, his stomach hurts, his back and shoulders hurt. No breaks as far as he can tell. His arms hurt a lot, they must be covered in bruises and cuts.

His head, yes, that feels really bad.

'It's the head, ' he whispers, 'head is worst. Back, front, sides, all hurts. Can we go home?'

'Yes my love, we can,' Mina tells him.

Her face is covered in blood below her well-shaped nose. Her eyes are as loving as ever. He wants her to kiss him, but moving towards her is too much for him. She sees his attempt, and warns him, 'I'd love to kiss you too, but I've at least five different types of blood in my face, and I used that vile stuff to get the taste out of my mouth. It might make you sick.'

He wants to chance it, it will wake him up properly, he agrees now that he should not give in to his sleepiness until Adison has seen him. She understands at a glance, and gives him a long, ardent kiss. She does indeed taste of the vile liquor, but he tastes no blood on her tongue. Afterwards, he feels better.

'Can I have some more of that vile stuff? It helps,' he says.

Someone holds a narrow vial of liquid before him, and Mina helps him to drink some of it. It is still gross, but it wakes him up further.

Now he manages to look around him a little, though it is extremely painful, and he sees the director and Bruce loading the bodies, a lot of bodies, on a hand drawn cart with the help of the stage-rats. They pull a canvas over it, and a Chinese man wheels it away. He'll probably find some of them on his cutting table in a few days. Somehow, that thought pleases him.

Then Mina lifts him and carries him all the way home. She is very strong, and lightning fast. That is quite interesting. Soon they are at their door, and Adison opens it. He cannot help observing, 'Adison, you should be in bed!'

She smiles at him indulgently, but her face looks worried, and she retorts mildly, 'As soon as I have examined you, I will join you in bed, dear Victor.'

Mina takes him to the four-poster, and he hears himself protesting faintly, 'But I want to be with you, Mina!'

She lays him down gently, and calms him.

'I will be with you love, but I want Adison close too. With her injuries we cannot expect her to come and check on you in my room, so you'll have to be in her room. Don't worry, we'll cover the window.'

Taking his hand, and caressing it absently, she addresses Adison.

'Can you examine him now, and tell me how to deal with the wounds?'

Vincent's voice breaks in here.

'I've seen her do it so often, I can show you on his wounds, then you can practise on mine. It's not difficult, just tedious work. Victor, are you hungry?'

Despite the pain, he is, and he says so. This seems to cheer everyone up quite a bit.

Adison has Mina undress him, then looks him over carefully. He has some pretty bad cuts, some of which need stitches, but the most dangerous damage is to his head, like her own. He has similar bruising in his face, and he can feel he has also been hit on the back of the head.

Like in Adison's case, the bruises start to darken, and his headache worsens. He is not nauseous, but he does feel fuzzy in his head and he was out for a few minutes. After the examination, Adison lies back on the bed, leaving getting boiled water from the kitchen and medical supplies from their study to Vincent and Mina.

The suturing will be tiring, but she cannot leave that to either of the others, so she takes a little rest before she has to focus again.

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