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But she also said you weren't strong enough to carry me. She worried that I'd hurt you the way August's death did. I thought if you found out, no, I thought if you knew what I really was it would hurt you that way, so I was going to leave."

"What do you imagine you really are?"

David emitted a harsh breath, the words came quickly, "A worthless, dirty, cocksucking whore, who dragged a lifetimes worth of filth in your life."

Nicolao's grasp tightened as he buried his face in David's neck. The pain in his chest was spreading and all he could do was hold onto the one who was most precious to him.

"I'm sorry Dee, God I'm sorry you've been afraid and I could have helped. I should've asked, but I wanted you to tell me on your own. None of what you said is true. Not a word of it. My sister is a greedy, selfish woman and I will deal with her. But know that even if she tells everyone in my family, and any or all of them take her view, it doesn't matter. You are my David, my choice above all else."

David did not know if it was the declaration, or the fact that Nic was crushing the air from him, but he felt lightheaded.

"I love you so much it scares me more than anything."

The pain in his chest forgotten Nic slowly eased his hold and pulled back to look at David's face, his throat was suddenly dry.

"Why scared, love?"

David grappled with himself for a moment. He hadn't meant to say it out loud, thrown in with all of the bad, but he had, to hell with timing.

"Scared because no matter what you say, if I lose you now there will be nothing left of me, I couldn't survive it." David held Nic's eyes.

Their truths were displayed, unadorned and naked in each other's eyes. They were more than what they had been moments before, they were new, born of the shared sorrows of their yesterdays, now unshackled and unbound from fear.

"No worries, you will not lose me, I love you David Bradley Collins."

"And I love you Nicolao Felix Evangelista."

David brought his lips to Nicolao's. Nic opened his mouth and let him explore, he responded tentatively to him at first. The kiss was languid and sweet, a kiss full of the rare gift they freely bestowed on each other.

"Who told you my middle name was Felix?" Nic inquired as they sat forehead to forehead, sharing breath.

"Vess, she wanted to know if I could get away with calling you that."

"Damn Vess and you could."

"I know, but I won't. You are my Nic. Perfect to me, perfect for me, my boyfriend Nicolao." David recited the words of his answered prayer.

Nicolao greeted the declaration with a smile. He was unable to deny the perfection David spoke of, since he was holding perfection in his arms.

They put away the food and put their dirty clothes from the trip in the laundry room. David was quiet and appreciative of Nicolao's allowing him the break from talking, though Nic would touch him every few minutes. He had hurt him by trying to leave, and he vowed he would not do it again.

The duo was bone weary by the time they made it to the bed. They stripped and welcomed the feel of skin upon skin beneath the covers of their bed. They were asleep within minutes of their heads falling on the pillows. When David awoke thrashing Nic patiently waited for him to quiet himself, and held him as he told him about the nightmare. He fell asleep safe in Nicolao's arms; he was awakened hours later by his cell phone, alone.

Nicolao was startled to see Dee enter his workout room. He was adorable with his hair tousled and eyes still sleep glazed. Nic put the weight down; he had been working off steam for over forty minutes. He was instantly aware he could have soothed his frazzled nerves by going back to bed and holding his David.

"Good morning, love. I didn't think you'd be up yet." He walked over and placed a morning kiss on his lips.

David had on pajamas and Nic's robe, "I didn't wake up; I got a call from ma."

Nicolao's jaw clenched. "That bitch ran to ma and pop, unbelievable," he declared.

"Don't call her that, she's your sister."

"I regret my ch

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