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Only one thing to do when the air conditioner breaks.

Talon smiled as he watched his brother approach. "Hey Rick. Did you have trouble finding the place? You're a little bit late."

Of course the wolf didn't answer right away. Tina watched as Rick the wolf turned into Rick the man. It was amazing to watch the change, if she lived to be a thousand years old she knew she would still find watching them shift from one form to another to be amazing.

When Rick finished shifting she was shocked to find that he was an exact copy of Talon. Her feelings must have been written all over her face because Rick looked at her and flashed her a teasing grin that showed his even white teeth.

"Let me guess. Talon here," He pointed toward his brother, "didn't tell you he had a twin." He made it a statement of fact not a question.

"No he didn't. He also didn't tell me you were coming." Tina said this as she turned slightly and shot Talon an angry look. She didn't like being left out of the information loop and she was going to let him know it. Just not right now.

Talon blushed slightly, causing only his ears to turn bright red, then he sheepishly shrugged his shoulders. Tina almost laughed, it was the first time she had seen him blush. She wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't been facing him. It was so cute.

"Sorry." he said then he introduced them. "Rick, this is my mate Tina. Tina, this is my twin Rick."

Rick move toward her and surprised Tina by suddenly pulling her into a tight hug. She stood stiffly as he held her to his chest he whispered into her ear. "Welcome into the family little sister."

"Thanks, Rick." Tina said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, gently hugging him back. Then she finally remembered that he was butt naked. Even though he held her close and he looked just like Talon, Rick didn't cause the same fire of passion to rush through her veins. The embrace they shared was like the ones she use to share with Amanda.

When Rick let her go she stepped back and took the opportunity to take a good look at him.

Now that she was paying close attention to their differences she could see that Rick was the same height as Talon but didn't have the same muscle mass. As her gaze traveled downward, she could tell his chest was slightly smaller but not by much. His arms were corded with muscles and his fingers were long with well manicured nails. His hips were narrow and met evenly with muscular thighs and calves that were lightly dusted with black hair. Her gaze moved up again and landed on his cock and balls. His flaccid cock and egg sized balls was even the same size as his brothers. That fact really didn't surprise her, they were brothers after all. And twins at that.

But unlike Talon, Rick's whole groin area was shaved smooth.

Tina suddenly noticed how silent it was and looked first at Talon then at Rick. She felt her cheeks grow hot as realized both of them had been watching her checking Rick out.

Tina met Rick's amused gaze and forgot her embarrassment. She smiled as she noticed the one thing that she could truly tell them apart by. Where Talon had blue eyes, Rick's were a bright shade of green. In fact his eyes were so green they seemed to slightly glow.

Talon focused on his brother as he moved toward Rick. He reached out and clasped forearms like warriors from long past. As Talon moved to let go but Rick pulled him into a tight hug before finally releasing him.

"I'm glad your here.", Talon said while he smiled happily at his brother and stepped back. Rick returned his smile.

Talon was happy to have his brother there with him. Since he had been tracking the rouge he hadn't had the time to call his family except when he had called his father the day before. Talon knew they understood why he hadn't but he still missed them.

Rick gave a humor filled snort and jokingly said, "Yeah you need help offing the rogue." He paused when Talon gave him a narrowed eyed look. He just shook his head slightly and smiled then feelingly said, "I missed you to."

Talon smiled again and went over to Tina.

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