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Dire circumstances provoke a confession.

ack to me saying that Judy had it wrong and that there actually were four rooms and that they would love to have me with them!

"I was shocked speechless, as you can imagine, but I saw a major problem and said, 'That sounds wonderful and very thoughtful, but I would be very uncomfortable. Three couples and me simply...well, as I said, I would be uncomfortable alone and Mack just can't get away. I said that I really appreciated the offer, but I just couldn't do it! They seemed to understand my reluctance and, honestly, I think that they were relieved because an odd extra woman would be a nuisance. I was really let down, of course, but I knew that I was right.

"Then, when I came back from my class, I was surprised to find the three of them still there. I put my stuff down on my desk and they gathered around me and shocked me by asking, 'What about Frank coming with you?' I stood there with my mouth hanging open, wondering what on earth were they thinking. I couldn't help but wonder if we had given ourselves away. I stuttered as I finally managed to ask, 'What on earth do you mean? I'm a happily married woman - how could I go with Frank?'

"Ruth said I had told them that I had shared a room with fellows when I was on my Junior Year Abroad in Spain and it would be no different because Frank wasn't interested in women anyway. I started with the first point, saying, 'I was single and 20 years old and three or four girls and, usually, five or six fellows stayed together in hostels and paradores! We slept in jeans, not nightgowns! I've never slept alone in a room with a man other than Mack. And what makes them think that Frank isn't interested in women? Every time Mack and I go out to a movie or to have a snack, it seems that we see Frank with a girl?'

"Judy replied that Frank took girls out, but that was all. No passes, not even kisses. Apparently, Sarah practically propositioned him, but he just ignored her. So, they assume that he is either gay or, for whatever reason, is not interested in sex. She even speculated that he was still traumatized by the woman in Maine! Here we were standing at the desk on which Frank had turned me into a fixture by fucking me on it and where I had sucked his cock six or seven times - and she was speculating as to why Frank wasn't interested in sex.

"I responded by saying that none of that mattered. I was a married woman and I could just imagine that repercussions if there was gossip that I had slept with Frank - for that's what the gossip would say whether I did or not - over spring break, or any other time for that matter. 'Look,' I said, 'I'm honestly not concerned about Frank. He's a very close friend, but I couldn't risk the exposure. I would really love to go with you, but it wouldn't be safe!'

"Judy, with the other two agreeing, said that I was being silly. The six of them were my close friends and they certainly weren't going to say anything. In addition, we would be going to Virginia where no one knows us. They really were insistent. Finally, as what seemed to be my final cause for hesitation, I said, 'I don't know if Frank would be interested. He might have other plans.'

"Of course, as expected, I eventually backed down and said that I would talk it over with you and see what you thought, and the girls said that they would talk to Frank tomorrow. So, there we are. What do you think?"

"Well, that certainly is quite a story and quite a situation. I assume that the idea of spending a week with Frank on the beach in the daytime and in bed at night appeals to you?"

"Actually, it's sort of scary - that's a long time - but, if you are ok with it and we can work over a few problems, the answer is yes. However, first and foremost, I want to be absolutely sure that you have no hesitation about it. I mean absolutely, no hesitation. This is a big step, far more than either of us ever would have expected, so I want you to think it through. In fact, we both need to think it through."

"Ok, I agree.

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