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We followed, and watched as he turned into a building then disappeared behind the locked door.

"Now what?" my friend asked.

I waited to see if a light appeared in of the windows. "There he is." I pointed to the second floor.

September's cool night air blew past us. We could see him open the window slightly and begin to take off his clothes, exposing his long, lean body as he stripped down for bed. Leaving nothing on, he walked out of our sight and the light went out.

I contemplated how my life would change as a result of passing the Bar. The responsibility of becoming a lawyer seemed a bit overwhelming and maybe because of that, a ridiculous idea crossed my mind. I dared my friend to help me break into our mystery man's apartment. To my surprise she was game, and we sneaked into the alley to survey the possibilities. A fire escape posed the best solution, and with the help of a garbage can we pulled ourselves onto the ladder.

The moon was bright enough to see that he was alone in his bed and his stillness confirmed that he was already asleep. We pushed the cracked window slowly open enough to allow us entry. Once inside, I had to hold my hand over my mouth to keep from giggling about the absurdity of it all. It was my friend who took the lead now. Signaling for me, she crept over to his bed side and crouched down next to him. We both took a moment to admire how beautiful he was. His face was so kind and rough at the same time. I decided to go around the other side and slip under the covers. She ran her hand slowly under the sheet, looking to see if he noticed her touch. I could see her arm moving up and down in a rhythmic motion and knew where she had decided to begin. He sighed heavily in his sleep and I began to kiss his neck. Suddenly startled, he grabbed her wrist with his large hand. I leaned in closer over his ear. "Don't be afraid," I whispered. "We're not here to hurt you."

I pulled his jaw around to face me and ran my tongue inside his mouth. My friend pulled the covers off of him and began to kiss his chest and returned her hand to his lower region. The shocked expression began to wear off of his face as he decided to surrender himself. Relaxing back into his pillow, he ran his fingers through my friend's hair and wrapped his other hand around the back of my neck, pulling my kiss deeper inside of his mouth.

She lifted her head to meet ours, and I allowed her a taste of his soft tongue. He kissed her intensely and then retracted. He looked at both of us. Struggling to focus in the dark, he ran his eyes over our faces. Then he gently pushed our mouths together.

This was a strange yet exciting turn of events. I had never kissed another girl before and certainly had not thought of my friend in that way. But somehow the thought of performing this unfamiliar act for the pleasure of our mystery man compelled me to honor his request. Her kiss was soft and sweet. Her tongue caressed mine in a peaceful and patient way. I floated in the moment, stretching the time in the slow and fluid motion of our entangled embrace.

She busied herself with my shirt buttons and then my bra, never parting lips with mine. Our mystery man began to undress her from behind. Soon, we were all three nude in the moonlight, eager to partake in each other's flesh. He lowered himself onto his knees and gently bent her forward. She grabbed hold of the bed as he dragged his mouth over her glistening entry. I sucked on her tongue as her excitement built with mine. She steadied herself and leant a hand between my legs, stroking up and down, expertly as if it were my own. Gasping at her touch, I leaned my hips forward to give her better access.

Soon he was next to me.

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