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Crater Lake love affair.

"Totally, couldn't stop thinking about you today."

"You are the sweetest. I'm sorry if I got a little naughty today."

"No don't be sorry. It was the hottest thing a girl has ever done for me."

"He he, I got a little carried away. I don't usually do this but for some reason I feel super comfortable with you."

"I know what you mean," I replied feeling the familiar warmth. "You are so easy to talk to."

"So easy, so easy to flirt with too :p I just feel safe with you, almost safe enough to show you my face." I thought for a moment of how to reply. I still hadn't gone back on my lies yet.

"Not just yet," I said. "Let's keep the mystery alive a bit longer."

"Maybe I could show you something else then :p"

"What do you mean?" I asked and got no reply.

I waited for a minute before messaging again. "Hello, you still there." Suddenly my email sound dinged, I'd received another message from her with an attachment. Underneath the attachment it read. "Is this better?" I slowly opened the attachment to see a picture of her from her neck to her pelvis. She held up her top, a little yellow tee that scrunched up at her shoulders. Her skin was bare I saw two little pink breast, roughly b cups in the centre of the screen. Her puffy nipples poking out creating a cone curve to her boobs. Her body was covered in more freckles the same as on her legs. My penis twitched with desire and my mouth began to salivate. I typed back to her in the chat room.

"Scarlet you are scrumptious, your body is amazing. You make me hot under the collar my dear."

"He he, scrumptious. No one has ever said that before. I want to see how hot it makes you :p" I'd be asked by the lady and I was feeling brazen. I angled my web cam down towards my crotch and turned it on. She could see my short bursting with my gratitude.

"Ooooh, I like that. You are very hot for me :p Maybe you could show me more?"

I pulled open my button slowly and then slid down the zip. I hooked my fingers in the belt loops and scooted them down to my knees. My erection pushed my jocks up almost peeking out the top. A few moments later her web cam turned on also. It was aimed down at her soft legs which were wide open. She wore the same pink panties from today but other than that she was naked. I could see from her belly to below her knees. Her fingers rubbed across the front of the pink fabric.

"Wanna finish what we started today?" she posted in our private channel before slipping her hands into her panties.

"Oh god yes," I posted slipping my hand under my jocks. I slowly pumped my hand up and down my cock as she rubbed her fingers under her panties. We continued our movements for a minute before she posted again.

"I wanna see it," she said and I obliged, pushing down my underwear with my other hand. My dick popped out and she could see it in all its glory as I pleased myself. "I wish I could be playing with it right now."

"I wish I could taste yours right now," I said even more brazen. She then slipped off her panties and showed me her prize. Her pussy lips were so pink and puffy, framed by fiery red pubes. She was covered in liquid from her excitement which only turned me on more. She pulled back her lips to show me the tasty flesh that lay beyond. She furiously toyed with her clit as she squirmed in her chair.

I was getting close. I typed what I could.

"Im abouuut t cunm," I clumsily typed as my cock began to convulse.

"Mmme too," she typed as she shook. Her hand must have clenched down on the keyboard as all her next message said was, "aeyrhz."

We both orgasmed within seconds of one another, my cum spraying all over my hand and her clenching down on hers. We both lay there without moving for a few minutes.

"Wow," I typed once I'd gained the strength to move. "That was amazing, best in my life in fact."

"To think I haven't even touched you yet, wait til I do :p" She said filling me with hopes that we would meet soon. But I thought I must come clean.

"There's something I have to tell you before we meet."

"Let me guess, you lied about what you l

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