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Walt then brought the box spring down and stored in under the tarp next to the mattress. Ann began to empty the dresser drawers into boxes as Walt took the bed apart and put it in the basement. Once the bed was removed Walt helped Ann carry the clothing boxes to the basement.

Ann opened the windows to air out the room and then she got the vacuum. Walt stood by as she vacuumed the carpet and watched her move around the room. When she passed by the window the light shown through the fabric of her dress and Walt could make out the shape of her legs all the way to her panties. He was once again aroused by the sight and he felt the erection form in his pants. Stepping out of the bedroom for a few seconds he positioned his stiff shaft so that it was not as obvious.

Ann finished vacuuming and the room was ready to bring in the sewing machine and supplies. Walt carried in the boxes and Ann stored the items in the dresser. She told Walt that there was a folding table in the basement that she could use as a sewing table and he brought it up to the room. The portable sewing machine was placed on the table and they were done with the heavy work.

"I'll eventually change out the wall decorations but that's enough for today. Are you ready for lunch?"

"Definitely," Walt agreed.

"Good, I bought some fresh cold cuts and French bread," Ann told him.

It was 1:00 PM and Walt was definitely ready for lunch. Ann offered him a beer and he accepted. He sat at the kitchen table and sipped the beer as she made the sandwiches. "Ham and Swiss okay?" she asked.

"Perfect," he replied.

Walt and Ann ate lunch quietly at the kitchen table as they both seemed lost for words. Unbeknown to each other they were both thinking about the same thing. How could one seduce the other without offending them or embarrassing them? After lunch Walt excused himself to use the bathroom and Ann tidied up. When Walt came out of the bathroom, Ann was standing by the sliding glass door looking out into the backyard. Walt looked at her silhouette against the door with the light shining through the fabric. He could clearly see the outline of her shapely legs all the way up to her bottom. He stared at her briefly before he made his way over to her.

Ann seemed to be deep in thought as she stared into the backyard. "Is everything okay?" Walt asked as he moved dangerously close to her. Ann tensed when she felt his closeness.

Ann looked over her shoulder and forced a smile. "I was just thinking about Les and Linda. Les may never move back home and in less then two years Linda will probably move out. I haven't been alone since my first marriage. It's a little scary thinking about it."

Walt moved even closer and the two of them could feel the tension in the room. He put his arms around her waist and held her gently. "You will always have family. They will always be close to you even when they are not living here," he said trying to console her.

"I know," Ann sighed as she relaxed in his arms. It was the first time in over a year that anyone had held her.

Walt held her more firmly and she melted into his strong arms. Walt leaned in and nuzzled her neck and she cooed in response. He kissed her neck lightly and gently nibbled her ear. Ann trembled in his arms and she felt tingling throughout her entire body. Walt felt the shake and pulled her to him. His strong arms wrapped around her waist and Ann felt her loins stir. She could feel the moistness develop between her legs and she was ready to be seduced.

Walt continued to nuzzle and kiss her neck. He let his hands move from her waist to cover her breasts through the light fabric of her dress. Ann offered no resistance as she loved being held. Her hip pressed into Walt and she felt the unmistakable hardness of his arousal. She did not move away but instead increased the pressure against it. Ann was thrill that this young handsome man could be aroused by her. Her body was on fire but she was still afraid to make the first move.

As if it was the most normal thing to do, Ann turned h

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