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So why even worry about this hulking devil with the dazzling black eyes?

"Hello?" She asked into the phone.

"Hey, it's Mick. I was starting to wonder if you were gonna show up. Is everything OK?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry. I got a little tied up at home, lost track of time."

"I won't even ask." He teased.

"Ha. Very funny." She said. "I'm on my way now."

"Walking, I presume?"

She heard the mocking tone.

"You guessed it."

"Well, I guess we'll save you a few bites of manna then, cause it will be gone by the time you get here."

"Hey, you better save me some!"

"Alright." She could hear him chuckling at her. "See you when you get here then."

"See ya."

She walked along the golden street, trying to imagine the fun she'd have with her friends all evening.

Still, her thoughts about the demon would not just shut off. She used her phone to pull up Demons Dot Com. Her hands were trembling.

She walked slowly, every now and then glancing down at the demon on the screen. She shouldn't be curious for more information about this incredible looking, incredibly evil man. But she couldn't stop herself from devouring all the intel she could find on the site about him.

He was known to have many lovers, both human and demon. He was brutal as a commander, and did not tolerate any insubordination. He was crafty as hell, able to take on many disguises with ease.

There weren't that many details in all, she realized. Probably because this was just a second level confidential site. The really good stuff would be harder for Mick to crack into, if he was able to at all.

She glanced up and narrowly avoided being trampled by an angel with solid gold wings.

"Watch where you're walking, slow-poke!" He growled rudely. He did slow enough to frown his obvious disgust at her skimpy attire. Then he sped on down the street, shaking his head.

"Watch yourself, you son-of-a-devil!" She called after him, using one of the worst insults known to angels. But she doubted he heard her, so great was his speed. He was probably on his way to Worship, she thought, rolling her eyes. She turned back to her cell.

Scrolling down the page, she found multiple warnings about having any contact with the demon. Those unfortunate angels who had come into contact with him had never been seen or heard from again. Another involuntary quake went down her body. She peered closer and saw that the warnings on this demon came down from the highest echelons of power, from the desk of Michael herself.

The last thing she saw on the page was a list of all the known names of the demon. There were lots of titles and names of power, such as Warrior God, Leader of the Fallen Ones, Master of Sin, Dark Lord of the Underworld, and many, many more.

But there was one in particular that made her body of light go rigid: The Seducer. She shook her head, rebuking herself again for having such lustful thoughts for an evil, debauched demon.

The final name on the long list was the demon's Real Name. It was obviously listed on this website to offer some measure of protection from him, since to know a demon's Real Name - his name when he was newly created - was a powerful tool. Though her education was deficient, she knew that much, at least.

She read the Real Name aloud, trying it on her tongue:


The name dripped like sex from her lips, and she found herself reaching down to touch the handsomely dark face on the screen.


She switched the phone off in disgust. How could she function tonight at Mick's party while thinking such depraved thoughts?

Mick was right, she'd been watching entirely too much Earth TV.

And I've been watching Mandi every chance I get at work too, she thought. The human girl is rubbing off on me.

She clutched at her raven hair in distress and pocketed the phone.

Mick's home was visible now, but still far down the street. She stood under a tree for a moment to calm herself. There was no way she could go into a crowd of friends right now without them knowing something was wrong.

What IS wrong with me? Virta shook her head.

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