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A lonely businessman learns the joys of anal sex.

She couldn't hold back anymore, so she shot her load right into Lita's mouth as she took it down hard. Trish wrapped her sexy legs around Lita's upper body as Lita relaxes her arms down on the bed, as if she's normally on all fours.

With Lita moaning like heck, "Aaaahhhhh! Aaaahhhh fuck! Holy shit! Aaaahhh!" Trish begins to talk dirty, "Fuck her Evan! Take it Lita! Holy shit you guys can fuck!"

Lita kneeled up, and grabbed a hold of both of Trish's ankles. She let one of them go and held my head. She relaxed the back of her head on my left shoulder. I wrapped my right arm around her breasts. She then held that arm with her left arm. My left arm is wrapped around her abdomen. She then grabbed my other arm and forced me to sit my ass down on my heels. She continues to bounce up and down.

With Trish now looking up at around my crotch, watching my cock fuck Lita's pussy, I suggested to Lita, "Let's get Trish a better view." Lita knew exactly what I meant as we both kneeled up with our crotches and the intercourse up in front of Trish's face.

Lita slightly bent over and used her left arm to keep her in balance and the other arm on my ass, forcing me to slam into her, even though Trish is already on that. I've got my left arm on Lita's abdomen still and my right arm on her lower back. I then felt the feeling bursting in my testicles.

I shouted, "Here it comes Lita!" She responded, "Ah fuck! Just give it to me! Cum in my pussy! Shit! Cum in me!"

I grabbed Lita and snapped her backward to my upper body. Lita grabbed my head and one of my ass cheeks as she came onto my cock. I hugged her tightly as my cum came shooting out of my dick and into her vagina. Trish was amazed. She litterally saw a lump in my dick when I climaxed. Unfortunately, Trish thought that I'm done.

She got up and asked me with a concerned look on her pretty face, "What about me baby? Are you done?" As Lita pulled herself off of me, I answered, "Trish. Baby. I'm still hard as a rock, I'm good for another ride."

Trish smiled and laid down on her back. Lita got overtop of Trish's pretty face and had her lick her pussy. I got below Trish and drove my cock into her sexy pussy. I'm slightly bent forward, so with Lita and I face-to-face, sort of, we began to share each other's tongues. Trish wrapped her arms around Lita's waist as a couple of times, Lita opened her mouth very wide. Meaning, she's enjoying her pussy being licked by Trish. Everytime Lita did that, I slivered my tongue back into her mouth. At one point, I lowered myself and began licking Lita's breasts as I continue to fuck Trish. Lita then rested her hands on the back of my neck and her head on my head.

A couple of minutes later, "Aaahh! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" shouted Lita as she came into Trish's mouth.

Lita got off completely and positioned herself so that she's not in the way and has the view of the intercourse. Trish and I grabbed each other's arms as I continue to pump into her. I then rolled both of us over so that Trish is riding on my cock. I caressed her breasts as Lita then gets below my crotch and having the best view of my cock entering and exiting out of Trish. I sat up and held Trish lightly.

Trish then stopped and demanded, "Fuck me from behind baby." I immediately answered, "You got it babe."

Trish got off and on all fours. Lita rubbed Trish's pussy for a little bit, until I positioned myself right behind her. Lita pushed me forward and drove my cock in visciously into Trish. I wildly pumped her with all of my strength. Lita hugged me tightly from behind as I was still able to keep up my pace.

Lita told me right by my ear, "Fuck her Evan. You fuck her as hard as you can!" Trish continues to moan, "Aaaahhh! Oh fuck Evan! Fuck me hard baby!" As I wrapped my arms around Trish's waist, I shouted, "Oh fuck you girls have two hot pieces of ass! And boobs!"

Lita then stretch her arms out by my sides to hold onto Trish's hips and slam into me.

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