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Christi and I meet at a remote ski cabin

He took my hand and brought me over to Mr. Montgomery, putting my hand in his."

"Jesus Christ," Olivia said. It was a little too much. She looked at her husband. "Could you do something like that?"

"What happened next?" James ignored his wife's question.

"Well..." Emily paused. "I have to explain that Mr. Montgomery is a very dominant man. Throughout the evening, he seemed to delight in humiliating Rich a little. Once I was completely naked, the first thing he wanted to do a cock-comparison picture."

"A what?" Olivia asked.

"He undressed and told Richard to take off his clothes as well. Once they were both naked, he had me stroke both of their cocks before taking a picture of me with a cock in each hand."

"Here," Emily said and handed James her phone. Trying to steady his hands, James took the phone. Olivia looked faintly repulsed but leaned over and they both huddled over the small screen.

The picture showed Emily completely naked, although, because it was taken from above, only her breasts were visible. They were c-cups, looking firm and perky; definitely not as large as Olivia's, James thought, but fantastic nonetheless. He had never seen his wife's friend naked. He imagined cupping them.

There were indeed two cocks in the picture, both held by Emily. The contrast between them was as stark as could be. The first was as thick as can, whereas the second resembled nothing as much as a carrot; the first was long and meaty, whereas the second seemed to be only half as large. Emily seemed to be almost enthralled by the first one.

"Holy shit," Olivia exclaimed. "That's a huge cock."

"Isn't it?" Emily smiled. "Yes, Mr. Montgomery turned out to be very well-endowed." She leaned over and looked at the picture. "I was happy to see that Rich was fully erect too. At least he was enjoying the proceedings in his own way. Still, even at full-mast he was no match for Mr. Montgomery."

"I've never seen one this big," Olivia said, seemingly mesmerized by the image.

Emily smiled again and cast an appraising look at the bulge on James' pants.

"Yes, it was quite enormous," she said, taking the phone back.

"What happened after you took the picture?" James was eager to change the subject.

"Mr. Montgomery laid me down on the bed and pulled my legs apart. He motioned to my husband behind him. Rich's job -- poor thing -- was to hold my legs in the air as I was being fucked. Mr. Montgomery wanted him to have some part in the proceedings."

"My God," Olivia said.

"And then he started sliding it into me..."

"How did you even take it?"

"It hurt at first," Emily admitted. "The first thing I felt was pure pain. I've never had anything that big in me. But after a little while I got used to it. Honestly it felt amazing. Its just...I don't even know how to say it...I've just never been filled like that before."

"Did you come?" Olivia gave her friend a tell-me-the-truth look.

Emily blushed. "Yes," she said a little sheepishly.

"Wow," Olivia said.

James noticed his wife's voice lost the harsh tone of condemnation she seemed to have earlier. He even thought he could discern a note of envy; then again perhaps he was imagining it.

"I came so many times," Emily went on. "When Mr. Montgomery started pounding me, I became livid. I never screamed so much before. In between the 'ooh' and 'aah's, I kept yelling for him not to stop. When he called me a whore, I told him I was his dirty slut and that he could fuck me whenever he wanted. I would have said anything to keep his dick in me.

"I came after only a minute of having him inside of me. It was very embarrassing because I ended up squirting my juices all over him. I never squirted before. When my orgasm subsided, my first impulse was to apologize to Rich. I looked my husband in the face -- he was blushing very hard and looked a little devastated even as he kept on dutifully holding my legs apart -- and said I was sorry, very sorry. I'm not sure if that made it better or worse."

Emily looked away.

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