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Valerie wants some cum for old times' sake.

Finally, we returned full circle to our chair and sat back down.

John then stopped recording and said "If there are no objections, lets take a five minute break and then start round 2. John addressed me and David and said, "during the breaks you two will offer to serve drinks to everyone. You can start now." David and I stood and walked over to the first couple and asked them if they would like a new drink. They both answered "yes, a beer." The man was looking at my pussy and the woman was staring at David's cock, never looking into our eyes. David and I split up to make the rounds go quicker, he took one couple while I took another.

Ten minutes later John began his instructions for round 2, "The theme for round 2 is Exploring Your Neighbor's Body Through Their Own Self Pleasure. In this round, The men will ask Brianna questions and the ladies will ask David. I believe it's the women's turn to begin."

(woman) "David" David rose and addressed the woman. "Do you enjoy wearing Brianna's panties in front of us all?" David answered, "No". "Then why don't you remove them and give them to someone in the audience who would appreciate a pair of woman's panties." David reached for the waistband of my panties and slowly pushed them down and off his legs. He handed them to a lady sitting close by. He had a habit of keeping his balls shaved and he had just shaved this morning. As he straightened up everyone could see his bare balls. The crowd giggled and whispered and pointed at his balls as David turned bright red again. His cock was totally deflated and was only about 3 inches long. As he headed for his seat, now totally naked, John said, "Oh, I forgot to mention, in round 2 you and Brianna will remain standing between your turns." David stopped when he got to me and remained standing. I could see him fighting to try and cover up--but it was no use.

(man) "Brianna" I stood and went over to him. "My wife would really like your bra as a souvenir and I'd like David's briefs." I thought to myself "no, please" but on the outside I just smiled and pushed each strap off my shoulders and reached behind my back with both hands and unclasped my bra. I let it fall off my breasts and reluctantly handed it to the man's wife--I felt so humiliated. Trembling, I hooked my thumbs in the CK string bikini waistband and slowly pulled them down and off and handed them to the man. I too did a mini-shave once a week and kept the remaining patch of hair cut quite short. I stood there, naked, my partially shaved mound in plain site, in front of all those clothed people with all our clothes in their laps. I turned around and walked back to David and noticed again that John was capturing everything on video tape. I stood next to David, waiting for the next question.

After what seemed like an eternity waiting for the next question, a woman finally said, "David, come over here and lets talk about improving the size of that penis of yours." David walked over near the woman. "I'd like to see how you masturbate, except for right now I want to do everything you normally do when you masturbate without actually touching your cock, anything else is fine." David stood still thinking for a moment, too embarrassed to begin, but then slowly started stroking his balls with his right hand. His left hand moved to his chest and he began to rub and pull his nipples with his thumb and fingers. Every once in awhile his left hand rubbed his stomach and butt, but his right hand never left his nuts. Several of the women began giggling. The woman said, "Now go stand by your wife and continue working on yourself while your wife takes her turn." David waddled back to me, rubbing and stroking as he went. His cock was getting slightly larger.

(man) "Brianna, I want you to go to the kitchen and find your favorite piece of fruit or vegetable that looks like David's cock.

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