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Her Master allows another role play.

"Sam," I said, barely keeping a stammer out of my voice. His fingers closed about mine and he raised my hand to his lips.

"You are too exotic for a mere 'Sam'," he said, his breath dancing across my knuckles and sending little shudders through me. "Even 'Samantha' does not do you justice."

"Iptisam," I said softly. I almost never gave away my first name.

"Iptisam," he repeated, his voice husky, filled with the smoke of a hundred rooms and I felt a shaft of pure desire sink through me. "Might I ask a favor?"

"Yes," I replied instantly.

He smiled; he had still not released my hand. "I understand that they serve an excellent supper here," he said, velvet voice stroking over me. "Might I take you as my companion?"

Believe it or not, I was hungry; I had been at the table for several hours, and I do not drink alcohol nor eat anything whilst at play. "Of course."

He was as pleasant a dinner companion as he was a poker partner; I found myself often laughing at his quiet jokes and his sense of humor paralleled mine. Curiously, however, he showed no sign of despising the sheep which both of us fleeced to live. On the contrary, he showed signs of concern that one might have plunged a bit too deeply (I placed his concern after a second: the fat man to my right) and wondered aloud how to ensure that the night's losses did not overly injure him. Neither of us could come up with a plan that seemed feasible, however; having quit the tables, it would look odd, and probably suspicious to the sharp-eyed casino staff, if the two of us re-engaged the same poor player and commenced to losing where we had so recently won.

Dinner was followed with an excellent brandy and the talk turned personal. I found in short order that he was not married, his wife having passed away years before. He had no children, no relatives closer than a cousin and, in short, no one to care about or miss. I in turn told him of my father, inveterate card sharp himself, who had taught me to spot the sharps, but had never intended that I make my way in the world in his footsteps. But a sudden heart attack at age fifty-one had left the family (including my four siblings) little money; I had turned to cards as the one talent I knew and had supported my family thus for six years. My mother still lived on the annuity I had purchased for her with my winnings.

As the floor show changed to a new singer and band, I made my decision. "John? Would you like to come to my room for a nightcap?"

"Iptisam," his voice caressed my name as his fingers had caressed the Queen of Hearts, "I would enjoy that very much."

My room was on the seventeenth floor, two above his, but like his, paid for by the casino. Comping rooms was common; we hadn't paid for the meals either. Once inside, I turned from securing the deadbolt on the door and faced him again.

The nearness of his body flicked heat across me; I could almost see the shimmer as though a fire burned before me. Slowly, so slowly that I could have dodged him or stopped him at any time, he framed my face with his hands and touched his lips softly to mine.

Time slowed, spun on its axis and toppled off the perch. I could feel the warmth of his mouth as he explored the curve of my lips, taste the heady sweetness of the brandy as he traced my teeth and smell the golden scent of him as our tongues slid across each other. I moaned softly, sliding my hands into the thickness of his hair, holding his mouth on mine.

He broke the kiss, but not the contact, sliding his lips along my jaw line to my ear, which he nuzzled. Silvery lights popped behind my closed eyelids as his tongue traced the delicate curve of my ear, and then his mouth traveled down the side of my neck. I pressed closer, arching back and neck to expose more of myself to his touch and feeling my breasts, already tender and aching for touch, crush against the musculature of his chest. My breathing quickened, turned ragged. His fingers glissaded over me as though I were made of spun glass...or plastic-sheathed cardboard.

By the time he finally lifted hi

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