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Time to come clean.

l this class, and that following her instructions might be the only way to pass, but was I really ready to go through with this?

As I sat there and thought about what to do I noticed a familiar stirring in my dick. I started to get hard, and the more I thought about locking myself up the harder I got. Was I getting excited by this idea? I couldn't believe it but I realized that this was a huge turn on.

I dropped my pants to my ankles and tried to slide the plastic tube over my raging hard on. I realized that there was no way that this thing would fit over me while I was still hard so the only way that I would be able to fit this on is if I got myself soft first.

I held the plastic device in my left hand and began stroking myself with my right. I thought about the way that Professor Cooper looked in her office that day, about how the next section of her course was on female domination, and I thought about locking myself up and turning control over to her and before I knew it I blew a load onto the carpet in front of me.

It was probably the fastest and hardest that I had ever come.

After a few deep breaths I cleaned myself up and put the plastic ring around the base of my balls and now flaccid cock. I slid the plastic tube over my shaft and hooked it into the ring. I paused for a minute before clicking the lock shut, but already I could feel my cock starting to stiffen again and I knew that if I didn't do it now it might not be able to fit. I closed the lock and it shut with a satisfying click.

I woke up three times during the night with my penis struggling in vain to break out of its plastic prison. Each time my cock felt like it would become so hard that it would break the walls of the cage but each time the cage prevented my dick from achieving a full erection. It was a fitful night sleep to say the least so I had no trouble waking up on time to get to Professor Cooper's house at 9 as she had requested.

I arrived at her house promptly at 9 as she had instructed me and I rang the doorbell of her front door.

"Good to see you here, Steve," She said when she opened the door. "You've made the right choice. Come in."

She was wearing a casual outfit of jeans and a tee shirt, but even with those modest clothes on I had a hard time taking my eyes off of her ass as she walked in front of me. My cock began to stir but it was stopped abruptly by the device that it was locked up in.

We got to her living room she sat down on a chair while I sat down on the couch across the coffee table from her.

"Now as you know Steve you are in danger of failing my class," She began, "If we just let things proceed as normal you would not be able to get your grade up enough to get a passing grade during the last section of the course. However, if you are willing to work with me after hours I can teach you the same material in a live setting, rather than an academic one, and I will be able to give you the grade that you need in order to pass. Since you've come here today I assume that you want to go for the extra credit, is that correct?"

"Yes." I told her nervously.

"Well that's good. As I told you yesterday, the final section of my class in on female domination in sexual relationships. If you want to pass you will learn this material by serving as my male submissive slave, and I will be your dominatrix."

"Wait, what?" I said. "That's a little much."

"Is it?" She asked me as she stood up from her seat. "Are you telling me that doesn't interest you? You weren't excited by the package that I gave you yesterday?"

I thought back to how hard I came and realized that she was right.

"I guess it does excite me." I told her.

"That's what I thought. From now on we will meet here every weekend until the end of the semester. If during that time you serve me adequately as a slave I will allow you to pass my class. While you are here you will follow my every instruction and you will refer to me as Mistress. Is that understood?"

"Yes, it is."

She slapped me hard across the face.

"How did I tell you to refer to me, slave?"

"Mistress, I'm

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