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A morning of (great) frustration finally ends!

'So I have caught you debasing my daughter you whore! Should have known that sucking my cock would not be enough for you. So lets put on a show everyone will love!" Paula said as she pulled her maids panties down exposing her back door.

Sliding her cock up and down the maid's ass, she teased her hole till the head caught on her slowly opening hole. The maid could feel the head playing with her hole, pushing in and out, working its way in.

"Oh Mommy!" moaned her daughter. "Fuck her Mommy, she does this to me every morning before school."

The cam count keep rising as people watched the maid getting her ass spread as she did that poor girls clit. That cock was so long and hard and she was getting it over and over, driving her head up and down on the hard girl clit.

Ken could not believe how many times he got fucked that afternoon on the cam. All he knew was, they all had a turn in his mouth and ass!

So being away for a whole week had allowed him to relax and recover from being used, but already he was looking forward to visiting his sister-in-law. He had returned from the day's office calls and had a couple of drinks at the bar. Near the bar was a dartboard were a couple of people were playing darts. There was a group of 3 guys, all about middle 40's. They were noisy but having a good time. They had played a couple of times against a young couple. She was about 5'2, 100 pounds and a tease. She had on a short skirt and a low cut top that exposed her very full 36C breasts. She enjoyed throwing the other 3 guys off of their game.

After finishing his drink, Ken headed back to his room. When he had entered his room earlier, he had noticed just how close the other rooms were outside his window. There was a small courtyard below so that the rooms on the other side of it were only 30 feet away. He had noticed on his way back the room numbers of the rooms across from his. He could see from his bed into three of the rooms, which at the moment were dark. Stripping, he laid back on the bed and slowly worked his hand up and down his cock

Suddenly, he saw one of the rooms lights come on. It was one of the guys who had been playing darts before. Ken watched as he went into the bathroom and emerged wearing just his shorts, which by the way they moved, had a nice cock inside them. Ken continued to work on his cock wondering if he was going to see more. He watched as the guy turned and walked to his door and slightly opened it and spoke with someone. Then the door opened. In walked the young couple! Ken could see them talking and also could see the guys cock getting harder. The girl reached over and ran her hand over it shaking her head yes.

At that, the guy walked to the dresser and came back and handed her some money. Ken watched her nod yes, and he walked back, returning with something that he handed her. She had him get on the bed and using the handcuffs he gave her, she cuffed him to the bed.

Ken was now at the window, stroking his hard cock as he watched her climb on top of him, burying her face in his lap with her ass toward his head. She pulled his shorts off and grabbing his cock with both hands started sucking it as she pumped it. By the looks of his cock, it was a good 8 inches of cock going in and out of her mouth. Her boy friend walked over, raised her skirt and worked her panties deep into her gash, so the guy on the bed had a good view of her.

Ken watched as the guy rolled his head from side to side as she sucked and eat his cock. Her boyfriend had his cock out and was at the foot of the bed watching his slut girlfriend be the cock hound that she was.

Slowly she backed up till her pussy was in the guys face and then slowly leaned back so she could work her pussy up and down her face. By the look on her face, she was moaning and loving it. The guy's cock was bobbing up and down and looked rock hard.

Slowly her boyfriend leaned over the bed until his mouth was over the guys cock.

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