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Just touching her made him feel right, and he was deeply in love. His memories of their time together would have to sustain him over the days and weeks on tour to come.

Realizing Sienna was arched and open for him, nipples shinning in the moonlight, while she waited for him to come inside snapped him out of his reverie. Gently placing her arms above her head, he slid in between her legs with his entire body. Working as one, her legs spread open to the sky needing his touch. Henry placed his thumb at the top of her small opening, and ran it through her to the bottom in circular motion to loosen her inner muscles clenching- for their mutual pleasure. In response, Sienna gave a sigh and briefly squeezed the digit inside of her with ecstasy. He continued to tenderly touch her inside. She made have been its originator, but over the time that they had been together he had become its owner. Previously unknown to her, his wife was multi-orgasmic- a fact he often used against her (for her own good) whenever he could get in this position. As tempting as it was to him, to make her a slave to his mouth, fingers, and tongue over and over again, he knew their time together would not be sufficient. The softness of her curves and pouty lips almost made him release on her, but he took a breath at the moment of distress and paused. Sienna silently smiled in her victory. Mr. Self-control was not immune to her charms.

Henry could feel their time together coming to a close, it was time to cross the last barrier between them. Making sure to look Sienna in her eyes while he did it, he pointed his weeping manhood towards his wife's pussy and began to filler her up. As a security professional, and longtime martial artist, he had been trained to remain calm under stressful conditions. But his experiences had never prepared him for the intense feelings of love, possession, and lust that he felt when he looked at her. In his heart this was his home, and he would be missing it every day until he was back in it. With one strong push, he sank himself down deep to his hilt. Then he settled in it, and held himself still to revel in the occasion. In response, Sienna gave a guttural moan in his ear and opened her legs wider- like he knew his good girl would.

Sienna was in bliss. Henry had made sure she was leaking wet before he entered her, and her pussy had hungrily pulled him in when he had signaled it was time to enter. As a reward, she had felt a small orgasm run along the bottom of her love canal. In the back of her mind she knew that his was also the fertile time of her cycle, so the lining of her womb was softer and stickier than normal. But she gladly surrendered all of her concerns about any child they might make. Henry always pulled out. Peaking between her curvy thighs, turned out to be a bad idea. She could feel the most incredible feelings happening below, but when she realized her husband had begun to stir her pussy while playing with her clit she immediately came again.

Too desperate to keep loving her, Henry did not pause while Sienna melted in his arms.

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