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The Huntsman demands a reward for the saving Little Red.

Fortunately, the Judge just laughed.

"You attacking me. Or trying to seduce me," he said. "It wouldn't work."

Sam bowed her head. "I wouldn't want too," she lied.

A bright red light flashed behind the Judge. He looked at it, then at her, his brow furrowing. "You're lying?"

Sam flushed, bright red. "N-No!"

The right flashed again.

"You did it again!" The Judge pointed at her with a single bronze finger. "Explain this."

Sam bit her lip, hard, her tail twitching from side to side. She wasn't chained up, but she was too scared to move her hands - lest she do anything wicked with them. So, instead, she squirmed on the floor, coughed, and stammered: "W-Well, okay. I wouldn' taking me to bed. Throwing me down with that sleek, strong body, letting me see if you're sensitive anywhere or if I need to be creative to bring your metal form pleasure. I want to see if you...have...a cock...and if it's as perfectly carved as the rest of your body. I wonder if bronze tastes as good as a man's cock - if you have pre-cum. If you...can...cum in my throat..." Her eyes grew hooded and she hissed softly. "And then if you would throw me down into the bed, tie me up, and just...fuck me. Fuck my chaotic little pussy until I'm properly broken in and made to respect the law..."

She shivered.


Sam opened her eyes.

"What was that?" she asked.

"...nothing," the Judge said, his cheeks flushed a bright silver. He shifted in his seat slightly - and another soft tink sounded out. Sam cocked her head. Then she grinned. The Judge went from blushing silver to blushing gold. He coughed, loudly. "Explain how you got here!"

Sam bobbed her head forward, her cheeks as flushed as the Judge's. She tried to ignore the ever so faint drip drip drip that came between her legs, her tail lifting and coiling behind her back as she presented herself. She tried to ignore the fact that there were two Trifecta standing behind her - and hoped that the utterly triangular beings were completely sexless. Though, considering her day, she wouldn't be shocked if she could have seduced them as well. Fortunately, like when she had handled Vela's infant baby, the Trifecta had awakened nothing carnal within her.
It was nice to know even half-succubi had standards.

"My home plane is in the Prime Material," she said. "I am the child of an illicit and unlawful union between man and succubus. Or, uh, woman and succubus. Not sure which." She coughed. "Still, I was training to be a paladin under a mentor, unaware of my original, um, nature. We were on a quest to recover our plane's Apocalypse Stone."

The Judge sat back in his seat. "An Apocalypse Stone?"

"Yes, it's a chip of the Elemental Plane of Earth that-"

The Judge waved one hand. "I know what an Apocalypse Stone is!" he said. "I'm more surprised that your plane let it get stolen - most are guarded" he snapped his fingers, turning his head to the side. A gold plated, floating skull hovered out to bob before his shoulder. It chattered, clicked, then opened its jaw.


"Recount standard defenders of Apocalypse Stones," the Judge said.

The gold plated skull slowly spun along its axis, as if it was thinking. Then its mouth opened and its mechanical voice gargled out: "AT LEAST FIVE DRAGONS OF WYRM SIZE OR GREATER, A DEMI-GORGON, THREE DIRE LICHES-"

Sam hunched her shoulders forward, ducking her head forward and hiding her face behind her bangs. She mumbled, quietly: "Well, okay, so, not every plane is, um, that, uh, monster rich, okay?"


"Yes, yes, but you see why I must doubt your claims?" the Judge said, waving the skull away as it started to recount a dizzying amount of treasure that the monsters would, for reasons that baffled Sam, have been just hoarding in their homes.

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