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Heat in summer but not the temperature.

She was now face down over my shoulder. Her fat ass was against my cheek. She must have weighed a ton! I staggered down the hall the short distance to my door.

Once in my apartment, I carried her into the bedroom and tossed her onto the bed. I heard her skirt rip as she hit the bed. I went to pee. When I came out of the bathroom, aunty was standing with her ripped skirt in her hand. All she had on was thigh highs, no panties, heels, and the suit jacket still buttoned. Somehow this was strangely erotic. I watched as she staggered slowly to the dresser. Her ass jiggled slightly as she moved away from me. I had thought her legs were her best feature. But that big heart shaped ass was begging for cock. When she bent to open the dresser drawer, her clam shell pussy peeked out from between her ass cheeks.

Despite myself, I was getting hard watching this weirdly erotic scene.

"What are you looking for?"

"I need a needle and thread to fix my skirt!"

She swayed slowly from side to side. She was uncaring about the image she presented. I began to slowly stroke as she rambled through the drawers. I knew there was no needle and thread there but I didn't want her to stand. I walked up behind her. With one hand, I pushed her head down. With the other, I slid my dick into her pussy.

"What......Wait...What the fuck are you doing?" she screamed. . I stroked in hard one time. She was trying to raise her head but I wouldn't let her. I thrust in hard one more time.

"OH no....this is just......just....wrong!" she mumbled.

She was trying to move away from my dick. She dropped to her knees and I slid out of her pussy. My dick was hard and throbbing. It gleamed wetly. It visibly twitched as I stood over her. I dropped to my knees. I grabbed her full hips. I positioned my dick against her pussy and rammed home. She screamed and tried to pull away. I gripped her hips tightly and thrust hard against her full ass.

I smacked her ass with my open hand.


"Move your ass, you old freak!"

Slowly she began to thrust back against my dick. I heard the guttural sounds again. This time it was both of us. No words, just moans, snarls and the squishy sound of hard dick in wet pussy. To that add the occasional pussy fart as we fucked like wild animals. I felt a sudden wetness against my thighs as she came, squirting like a fire hose. That put me over the top. Two or three short hard strokes and I released deep in her old pussy. I collapsed on top of her, my weight pushing her to floor. We lay there breathing heavily.

I was losing my fucking mind! My anger at this old drunk was turning me into an abuser myself. I went out and lay down on the couch on my back. A few moments later aunty came into the living room. She wore a robe. She had taken off the jacket and heels but still had on the thigh highs.

Without a word, she went into my tiny kitchen and began fixing coffee. My dick was slowly softening but still throbbed slightly. While the coffee was percolating, aunty came and sat on the couch at my feet. I was naked from the waist down. She went to say something. Her hands flopped uselessly in the air. She lay down with her head in my lap, my throbbing dick lying just in front of her face.

She licked the head of my dick slowly, tentatively. It was covered in drying pussy juices and my cum. Aunty licked the length of my shaft. She licked my pubic hair, getting the cum from there. She raised my balls and licked under my balls. She spent extra time licking my sweaty asshole.

She rose to her knees and pumped up and down hard, sucking my hard cock. Then she turned. With some difficulty and with no lube, she took me in her ass. At first slowly, then with a growing urgency she rode up and down. With each thrust, the down stroke was harder. She plunged me deeper in her ass.

Roughly I pushed her off me. She rolled to the floor. I retrieved my army belt from the closet.

"Slut, I want you on your knees hugging that couch!"

I could see both apprehension and lust in her eyes as she did as she was told.

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