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Sequel to "My Boner Stops Time".

We turned to watch the screen. It focused in on one of the guy's dicks going in and out of the man's arse.

"That guy is very beautiful." James said. "You ready to do it?" He got up and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly from a drawer. As he walked back over to me, I looked at his long penis sticking out at full mast. "Get on all fours and face the telly."

I got into the position he said; my penis was hard again. He got back on the bed and positioned himself behind me. Then he squeezed a large amount of KY onto his fingers, and worked it up my bottom, then on his penis. As I watched six guys fucking on the telly, I felt the tip of James' penis press against my hole. I tried to relax as much as possible, but as the head of his penis went inside me, I cried out in pain. James asked if he should stop, but I told him to go on.

He pressed another two inches in, and asked if I was okay.

"Yeah, it hurts, but now in a weird way. It's quite nice. Keep going." I said.

I felt filled up as he pressed what felt like another five inches in. Then I felt his body touching my buttocks.

"I'm all the way in." he announced.

"Then fuck me babe, fuck me!" I shouted.

He pumped in and out of me, god I was in heaven! It felt so good, I didn't want it to end. My penis was buzzing. I tried to turn my head to see James' expression. He was smiling.

"How's it feel Paul?"

"OH! UNBELIEVABLE!!!" I screamed!

"Ah honey, for me too!!!"

He bucked and rode me hard. Then he pulled out and turned me over. I put my legs on his shoulders and he pushed back into me. Once he was fully inside, he leaned over and we kissed. Then he kept on pumping, faster and faster.

"Oh baby. Yeah Paul, baby. OH I LOVE YOU!!!" He came inside me. I could feel his warmth splattering my insides! He collapsed on top of me. I stroked his hair and back as I could feel his penis shrink. "How was it Paul?" He kissed my neck and ears.

"It was great!" I replied.

"Sorry about the love you thing, heat of the moment, you know?"

"Hey, don't worry about it babe. We're lying here together, you've just taken my virgin ass, so I don't think it matters."

"Cool. My turn!" Said James.

I turned him over to face the telly and KYed his hole, rubbed some on my dick, and started to press against his hole. On the TV, two guys were making love side by side on a bed, it was such a turn on. I pressed harder against James' hole and went in. James shrieked in pain, but I ignored it, I knew what would come next. I continued to push, inch after inch, till I was completely in. Then I started to pump in and out of him.

"Oh, god, that's so good." He said.

I continued to fuck him, at the same time, I wanked his penis. I couldn't believe it, he came all over my hand really quickly. Where was he storing all this cum???

I licked most of the cum off my fingers, and fed some to James. Then I felt my orgasm come. I felt like I had burst something, because a massive amount of come filled James' insides, all the time I could feel his own cum run out of my arse.

"Baby, that felt amazing!!!" James said, as he pulled off my penis and jumped on top of me. He hugged me and kissed me all over. "Let's keep doing it, just you and I. You can move in to this room and we can sleep together. Nobody needs to know."

I held him tight and kissed his forehead. "Sure James. I'd love to be your boyfriend."

We kissed and made love all night, this time with no hesitation or nervousness.

We woke up in each other's arms the next morning. It was a Saturday, so no work, and more time for loving! We spent the first hour of the morning having oral sex, and generally cuddling. Then we had a bath together.

While I was eating breakfast, James got a large box down from the cupboard.

"This is all Susan's stuff. I spoke to her recently, saying I was going to throw it away. She said do it, so officially it's our to do with as we please. She took as much as she could with her to the States."

We opened the box.

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