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Can Hannah and Donna be more than the product of their past?

Nevertheless he followed Z from the living room area into a room on the left. Z ushered him in and Sam had to squeeze through the gap. But once in, it was a very nice room albeit simple. The furniture was white, the sheets were red and there was an en-suite. Overall nothing fancy, the only thing of relative notice was a make-up stand with a mirror there, but Sam just assumed Z was looking for both female and male tenants so didn't think too much of it.

Letting Sandie view the apartment was the perfect guise for Z to check out the rest of Sandie's body. As Sandie brushed past Z, and walked past him, Z sized up the kids cute little booty. Dirty images flashed across Z mind, Sandie bent over being stretched to impossible limits. Sandie's ass like the rest of him was small, but it was perky, Z thought with a few more squats he could have had a very feminine figure. He might even make it as one of Z's girls - maybe a new niche to explore.

Z and Sam made some small talk for the next 15 minutes and took all the details down, before Sam said he'd have to talk to his parents, and promised Z he'd come back tomorrow if he wanted to finalise the deal.

For the rest of the day, Z was left feeling sorry for himself for not finding a way up inside Sandie.


10pm the following day Z got a phone call from Sam.

"Hey Z, I really like the apartment but there's no way I can afford it, my parents won't pay that much" Sam had said.

Z didn't think this sounded very genuine, and invited Sam back over so they could discuss the rent arrangements. Z just had to get inside this kid, his previous career had made him a powerful negotiator and nothing would stand in his way, even if Z had to use force.

The buzzer went off not long after and Z let Sandie in with a big smile. Sandie was reluctant to come over, he felt like it'd be difficult to come live with Z, but he didn't have the heart to just not come.

Sam walked in past Z, once again Z was treated to watching Sams tight little booty sway ever so slightly with each step. Z felt his dick growing at the thought, and tucked his thick dick to the left.

Like yesterday they sat opposite each other, Z again wore shorts and a vest after he'd finished his workout. Sam sat there in a low cut white t-shirt, and black ripped skinny jeans. Z thought that a nice pair of perky tits would go nicely with that t-shirt.

"I would really like to live here, this is a great place, but can't afford it" Sam broke out, but noticed something strange with Z shorts. He thought for a second he saw the head of a penis in Z's left shorts hole, but it couldn't have been. He couldn't see it now, relaxing a bit and dismissing the thought.

Little did he know that this was Z's master plan. Z intentionally sat down so his dick could be visible from his shorts. He would slowly opened up as Sandie spoke, trying to get the fag to catch a look at his big dick.

"How much can you pay Sandie?" Z asked, again manoeuvring his crotch so his prick was ever so slightly visible.

"I can get roughly 1k a month, and my parents will contribute half of whatever I pay", Blushed Sam, the embarrassment of being called Sandie, hitting him hard.

Yet again, Sam could have sworn more so than before he saw some snake in the big guys trousers, the fact he kept seeing it made Sam so much more uncomfortable and a deeper shade of red.

"1.5k will do, and you can make up the other __500, by doing all the household chores. This place at __2k is a gift, you won't find anywhere better Sandy", Z icily starred at Sandy, his dick hardening at the sight of Sam becoming even more flustered by the sight of his big manly dick.

This is how Z liked his bitches, reluctant. They always made the best types, and could be coerced to do anything within time.

"If you lean over the couch there's a contract for you to sign" said, Z as he watched Sandie mull it over.

Sam sat there very uncomfortably, he felt like he had no option to sign the contract after

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