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An undercover sting goes wrong.

It was the look of a sexually satisfied woman. Her little girl was now grown and apparently not a virgin anymore. When did that happen? The way that Vicky looked at Robert made it clear that they were lovers. They had that special form of non-verbal communication unique to a couple.

"Mom, I love Robert and he loves me back. I want to move in with him and become his business partner in the pub. I hate leaving you behind, but I need him. Robert and I are lovers," Vicky finally stated, hoping to get it over and done with.

"I can see that. I thought that you were gay, Robert," Zoe blurted, though she had realized the truth a little before this point.

"A misunderstanding, I'm fine. I am actually bisexual. You should know that I'm not a one-woman man. I've told Vicky that upfront and she has accepted it. After all, she's figured it out already, anyway. I have multiple lovers and will continue to do so. On the other hand, I will be good to Vicky and make sure that she is safe and happy. She'll have a steady job at the pub, though she won't be able to serve drinks until she turns 19, of course.

"I love her dearly, as should be evinced by the fact I want to live with her. I've never let just anyone live with me. That distinction should prove that she's not just another notch on the bedpost, so to speak. She could never just be that," Robert explained, his smile showing an adoration of Vicky as well as a clear lust directed at both women.

"Can I move in with you, too?" Zoe asked before she caught herself. She then blushed as she realized what she just said.

"Sure," Robert answered, not blinking for even a second. He didn't even hesitate.

Both girls nearly fainted at Robert's response. He didn't look even slightly worried at the idea that his girlfriend's mother would be around. If anything, there was an anticipatory grin that left no doubt what was on his mind. Vicky and Zoe looked at each other and realized that they both desired the same man. Vicky had the advantages, but Zoe didn't mind. She was willing to play second fiddle for her daughter's sake. They exchanged glances and made a silent pact with each other. They would share him. It would be strange and awkward, but it was obvious where this arrangement would end: with both of them in Robert's bed.

"Really? Just like that?" Zoe continued, still a bit shocked.

"Yes, but I think that you know what will happen. I saw the way that you ladies just looked at each other. You've already accepted what is next. I will sleep with both of you. Hell, let's just be blunt here. We're all grown-ups. I will fuck both of you regularly. Vicky is my main squeeze, as you know, but I won't neglect either of you. It's a nice, cozy set-up, I think. There's enough room on my bed for three people. You both have needs, as do I.

"However, I owe your daughter a good fucking. After that, I will screw you as well. I have to keep my word, right?" Robert finished the job of charming the pants off his girlfriend's mother.

"Robert, baby, let's include Mom. Make it a threesome. She needs it bad, I think. Don't you, Mom?" Vicky encouraged her lover, as she unzipped his pants. Zoe helped her undress their man.

In a remarkably short time, mother and daughter were both engaged in sucking Robert's cock. When he was fully erect, which didn't take long with two women servicing him, the girls lovingly undressed each other. Vicky and Zoe snickered as they realized that this was the first time that the former had removed the latter's clothes, instead of vice versa.

"Well, honey, why don't you fuck Mom? She'll be hooked before you know it. Mom, just relax, please. You're wet, so just let him take you right now," Vicky urged them.

Robert didn't waste time.

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