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A chance encounter makes Randy's fantasy a reality.

He wanted to say so many things, but nothing came out.

"I'll go get Rebecca," David said.

Rebecca was brushing her hair when David walked in. "Who was it?" She asked.

"It's your parents."

Rebecca nearly dropped her brush. "My parents? You mean both of them?"


"Oh God, I hope they are not here to start trouble."

"Let's go see what they want ok?"

Rebecca nodded and walked out with David. They both held hands. Ron saw his beautiful daughter. His heart hurt from not having talked to her for so many weeks. He missed her terribly and knew Sonia missed her too.

Ron's eyes met with Rebecca's. There was a long silence in the room before Ron got up and rushed to put his arms around his daughter. Rebecca gasped at her father's strong hold. He sobbed as he held her.

"Becca, oh Becca I've missed you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Ron apologized.

Rebecca cried. "I love you daddy. I'm so happy you are here!"

Sonia and David watched happily as father and daughter reunited. Sonia stood up and went to hug both of them. "Becca, we both have missed you so much."

"I missed you too mom. I love you both with all my heart!"

Ron gathered himself together and held on to his daughter's hand. "I came to a conclusion last night. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life filled with hate because you found love. David is a good man and I love him to death. I'm sorry I judged your relationship with him. I just wanted to let you know that your mother and I will stand by you forever."
Rebecca couldn't stop crying. She smiled between her tears and looked at David. "Did you hear that?"

David nodded. He hugged his uncle and aunt. "Thank you both. We needed your support."

"David, just be sure to handle my daughter well, she isn't easy to handle," Sonia teased.

David laughed. "I will. I will take good care of her. I love her."

Just then, the doorbell rang. All four turned towards the door. "I'll get it," David said.

He walked towards the door and when he opened it, there was another surprise. "Mom? Dad?" He asked confused.

Alex and Eva stood still for a moment. Alex was the first to hug his son. "David, we've missed you."

David felt his eyes tear up. "I've missed you all. I'm so happy to see you both."

He broke from his father's hold and looked at his mother. Eva already had tears in her eyes. She moved closer and put her arms around her son. No words were needed.

* * *

"Listen, I know I was a real asshole to you. I was just pissed. I hope you can forgive me," Ron apologized to Alex.

Alex hugged his brother. "It's ok. You had every right to be pissed. I mean if Becca was my daughter and David was your son, I think I would have reacted the same way."

Ron smiled. "I love Becca. I know David will make her happy. After all he is a Lambert and we Lamberts are always good to our women."

Alex laughed. "Yes indeed."

Sonia and Eva talked amongst themselves while David and Rebecca made coffee for their parents. Rebecca couldn't stop smiling and neither could David. They headed out to the living room and poured the coffee for their parents.

"So, have you decided when the wedding will take place," Eva asked curiously.

David nodded. "Yeah the first Saturday of next month. Why?"

Ron gasped. "So soon? You don't waste any time do you?"

"Well daddy, we are in love. You know what that's like huh?" Rebecca answered.

Ron blushed. He knew Rebecca was talking about how he and Sonia married. They had married after only knowing each other for three months. "But don't you want a nice wedding?" Ron asked.

"Really Becca, you deserve a big wedding," Sonia added.

"I don't want a big wedding. I just want a simple ceremony. We've decided on that," Rebecca replied.

"Well, I don't see why you still can't have a nice ceremony," Eva said.

"I've got an idea," Sonia stated. "We still have a little over four weeks for this. That will give us enough time to make this ceremony the best that we can. It'll be small, only close friends, but we'll have the best food and Rebecca will wear the loveliest wedding dress."

Rebecca giggled.

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