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Someone gets some happy birthday gifts.

It would have to do. I threw on a pair of holdups and my highest heels and checked my appearance in the mirror. Satisfied, I pulled on my black mac over my underwear and fastened the belt with a tight knot so it wouldn't come undone.

I knocked on the door to room 43 and waited nervously. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I kept telling myself that I didn't have a choice and we needed the number. I wasn't a virgin but I had only been with a couple of men and here I was being paid a lot of money with the warning I had to keep the client very happy.

I kept looking about in case anyone was coming. It wouldn't take a genius to guess what a young girl in 4 inch heels was doing outside a hotel room.

The door eventually swung open.

"Shit," I thought recognising my Dad's best friend, Jim Arthur. My hand went up to cover my face and I quickly turned around muttering, "wrong room".

A firm hand gripped my arm and pulled me back into the room.

"Jessica," he queried closing the door.

"Little Jessica has grown up to be a whore," he smirked as I dropped my hand and looked up at him. He must have been in his early fifties. He was bald and overweight which was probably from years of drinking with my dad.

"We are desperate for the money," I explained. "Look this was a mistake".

"What would your dad say?" he asked.

"Oh God! You can't tell him. He would kill me," I pleaded.

"Well that all depends," he replied.

"I promise I won't do this again Jim," I pleased.

"No, you stupid bitch," he laughed. "It depends on whether you give me exactly what I want and it is Mr Arthur to you."

With that he grabbed the belt on my mac and pulled the knot open. He grabbed the top of my coat and pulled it over the back of my shoulders.

"My my... you are a big girl," he laughed as he started at my 32E chest which was overflowing in the tight basque.

"I can't sleep with you Mr Arthur," I argued. "You're like family."

"Look you fucking bitch!" he snapped grabbing me by the waist and pulling me towards him. "You can leave any time you want but If you don't do what I tell you your dad finds out, if you don't please me your dad finds out."

I could feel the bulge in his trousers press against my belly as his hand moved under my knickers and groped my bottom. I couldn't let my dad find out so I let my coat fall to the floor and let his hand roam my body.

"Entertainment time," he laughed as he grabbed my shoulder and pushed down me onto my knees.

I looked up sadly at him with my big green eyes. He looked back sternly as I slowly unzipped his trousers.

I reached inside his trousers and pulled out his warm semi-erect cock.

I parted my red lips as he let out a low groan as I took him into my warm mouth. As I sucked on his cock I felt it grow in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock sucking him hard, thinking the quicker he came the quicker this would be over.

"That's my good little cock sucking whore," he laughed.

I gasped as I removed my mouth from his cock. I licked all 7 inches of his cock from the base to the tip.

His hand grabbed a handful of my long red hair and he pushed my mouth back onto his cock. He continued to push his way until he was at the back of my throat as he let out a loud groan. He pulled back before pushing his cock back down my throat. Struggling for breath, I looking up at him pleadingly, but he continued to fuck my throat.

He suddenly pulled out. I leant forward gasping for breath but he pulled my hair backwards so my face was pointing up to him.

His erect cock shook and then a large shot of cum fired out. I felt a stinging pain in my right eye. The second stream caught me on my nose and the third just under my mouth.

"Suck me clean," he demanded pushing his cock towards my mouth.

I was shocked that I could feel dampness between my thighs as I leant forward to take him back into my mouth.

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