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After a quiet dinner she came back with me up to the bedroom saying she would sleep on the couch as she still could not sleep in the same bedroom where her beloved Salvatore had used. I was shaking with excitement as she started undoing the buttons on her blouse. Would I see a hirsute woman of my dreams like the ones I had seen in sleeveless blouses in Venice and Florence. My mind wandered at the exotic maid Juanita who had the thickest blackest and longest armpit hair I had ever seen. Would her armpits match those of Juanita.

I realized as I stood there watching her, that I was holding my breath. A small part of me, was hoping that like most Italian women she would have hair in her armpits. However she seemed very modern and I doubted very much if she had shaved her pits. I stood there gazing upon my beautiful Isabella as she slowly removed her blouse in front of me.

She turned away from me and I was disappointed and she bent down to pick up her nightie. I was startled to see huge masses of black hair spilling out of her bent arms. A groan escaped my lips and she suddenly turned to see what happened to me. Since her hands were slightly askew hanging down from her unshaven armpits were thick dense growth of hair. I turned away and she lowered her hands from her breasts, and reaching behind herself, unzipped her skirt. With only the slightest hesitation, she slowly slid the skirt down her legs until she was able to step out of it and place it on the bed with her blouse. Her left arm quickly shot back up covering her breasts while her right hand moved to lower her panties.

Her panties were very thin and I could see a forest of black fur between her legs. The panties hid nothing and she the looked at me as a huge tent formed in my jeans. I put my hand on my lap as she moved towards me. I was breathing heavily hoping this was a dream as this beautiful hairy woman reached for my erection.

Her soft hand s unzipped my jeans and enveloped my engorged phallus. My balls too had swollen as very gently, she stroked my testicles and then my growing cock. Then she moved down by my tool and sitting next to me and brought her beautiful face down until she felt the stiff pubic hair surrounding my balls touch her pretty nose. She flicked her tongue out and teased my fleshy sac. She opened her mouth and took my cock between her lips. She was now on her knees between my legs, her round buttocks resting on her heels as she sucked my cock. I even spotted her hairy arsehole as I put my fingers into the long bushy hair in her unshaven armpits. It was coarse as I pulled at the glistening hair. Her large breasts hung heavily from her chest and rested gently on my thighs. Isabella bathed my thick, long cock with her saliva until it was drenched. Her head bobbed slowly up and down on my erect penis as she opened her throat to be able to deep throat my large dong.

She kept her eyes closed, and every now and then a little moan would escape from her throat. She kept her mouth moving as she sucked. I started thrusting my hips a little more, forcing the head back a little further than she was prepared for. I pressed my cock to her lips and she sucked it all the way into her mouth. I let her suck on my cock for several minutes and then slipping my cock from between her soft lips, I reached down to her full breasts as and she looked up at me. The beautiful woman pressed her back against the bed and pushing up with her legs, slid her body up to a standing position. My fingers eased from her huge tits and then I pinched her taut nipples between my fingers and lifted her arms and started licking the long thick hair in her unshaven armpits.

It was heavenly as the pungent aroma of her hairy armpits hit my nose.

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