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Someone gets some happy birthday gifts.

I smiled to myself, thinking how I can make this car ride more fun.

We continued talking, enjoying each others company, and nakedness. I think Steve was purposely hitting any kind of pothole he could, making my boobs jolt up and down. They were round and firm, with large areolas, and my nipples were hard ever since I took off my bra. Being a single lane, not very busy road, made it a little comforting that no one would pass us, however one car did drive past coming from the other direction. I couldn't tell if they saw or noticed my breasts on full display, but it was exciting to think they might have. I was starting to get comfortable being naked, so decided to have some fun and tease Steve. I started by occasionally grabbing my boobs while we were talking, sometimes just grabbing and pinching my nipple. I did it just for a second, to see if he'd take notice. The twitch in his cock told me he did, even though the rest of him was trying to pretend it didn't.

I decided to step it up by re-positioning myself on my seat, opening up my legs and keeping them spread apart. It ever so slightly pulled apart my pussy lips to reveal my vagina. He definitely noticed, and I saw him stare directly at my pussy. His cock started to slowly rise now, turning on not only himself but me as well. I could feel the juices forming in my vagina now. He became fully erect, maybe to the length of my hand, but it was quite thick. I immediately thought about having it in my mouth. He tried to apologize for his stiffness, saying he was embarrassed and that this normally never happens when he's nude. I told him that I didn't mind, and that I thought he had a great looking cock. I figured now that it's up I might as well put it to use. I asked him "have you ever masturbated while you drive naked?"

A little embarrassed, he replied "I have before yes. I usually try and separate nudity and sex but sometimes I can't help myself."

"If this is one of those times I don't mind," I replied with a grin.

Steve hesitated for a moment, before grabbing his cock, stroking it slowly, up and down as he drove. I thought it was pretty hot to watch. I grabbed my boobs again, this time playing with them longer, kneading them in my hands, and pinching my erect nipples. Steve increased his speed, jerking off faster now, his balls bouncing off his car seat with every stroke.

It was turning me on, so I rubbed my finger up the length of my slit, circling my clit, before sliding that finger inside of me. I was so wet, it easily glided in, so I added another, adding to the fullness inside my vagina. Steve had stopped masturbating now, as he gawked at my pussy, then back at the road. He was liking my show I was putting on. I didn't hesitate, and reached over, grabbing his rock hard little cock, and started stroking him at the same pace I fingered myself. His cock loved it, my pussy loved it, it was a win win. I could feel my wetness building, hear it every time I jammed my finger inside of myself. I was getting really turned on now. I looked over at Steve, and he had the biggest smile across his face. I had to step it up more, really please him for helping me out.

I stopped playing with the both of us, leaned over the seat, and put his cock in my mouth. I took all of it, slobbered on it, then sucked it back up to the tip. I thought he just about drove the car off the road. But he stayed focused, as I focused on his cock, teasing the tip with my tongue, before swallowing it into my mouth. Up and down, I sucked his smooth cock. I licked his cock and balls all over, further slobbering all over his cock. I looked up at him, his eyes in bewilderment. I stopped sucking and said,

"Steve, I want your cock inside me. Please fuck me."

He immediately hit the brakes and pulled the car over.

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