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"That's a great idea, even if it does prove what a chicken you are."

We'd been tweaking the plan all night and we were not going to take any chances with anything. Debbie handed me a summer dress and took a very similar one for herself - there were not going to be any delays in getting to my house and they would provide some much-needed cover if any of the guys had turned up early.

We slipped into them and I laughed, "Feels odd wearing something!"

"Looks it, as well," Debbie nodded, "I don't think I've ever felt over-dressed before wearing just one thing!"

"I rather like it. Given that I know just what's so close to being revealed."

"Don't start," she said with a broad grin, "Thank you anyway, but those are the sort of comments that seem to delay us in whatever we're doing!"

I had to think long and hard before acknowledging her comment. Any delays now could prove problematic for our plans, no matter how appealing they were. "I suppose you're right. Shall we get going?"

"Good call." She paused, "Do you realise something? You're going to be hidden away in your room and I'm going to be all the way out in the woods. That will be the furthest we've been apart for days!"

"Don't remind me. Let's just hope it all goes to plan. I promise I'll be waiting over the lane at the front of the house - dress in hand for you - just as soon as they set off after you and I've locked the place up."

"Having set the cameras running?"

"Yes!" I giggled, my laughter not subsiding much until we were on the lane outside my parents' place.

Debbie was carefully peeking at the property. "Seems all quiet still."

"Good. Let's get in there and then get into position." I swallowed hard, the reality of what we were going to be attempting starting to make its presence felt.

Debbie led the way up to the front door and fished the spare key out from beneath its flower pot hiding place. We fell totally silent as she delicately turned the lock and eased the door open, our ears almost swivelling around as we listened for even the faintest of noises. Finally we were pretty convinced that we were still alone and took a few tentative steps inside, me gently closing the door behind us. A couple minutes more of listening followed before we dared believe that all was going to plan.

"Come on then, Dallas, let's get ready."

"Are you still sure-"

"Dallas!" she hissed, stifling one of her trademark giggles.

I shrugged, my own grin flitting nervously around my suddenly very dry lips, "Well, I feel guilty about the risk you're taking for me."

"It's for us, remember, and anyway, better me than you anytime."

"I guess, but let's get this ready before I totally lose my nerve."

Debbie rolled her eyes, still smiling, and pressed the front door key into my hand. "Don't lose that and let's get the backdoor one to go with it. Then you get my dress and get hidden upstairs, right?"

I gave a nervous nod, "Just make it quick with the dress. If you stand there naked in front of me for too long we might have to abandon the plan and go have some fun instead."

She snorted a laugh, "You are incorrigible. But I love you!"

I followed her into the kitchen and we first double-checked that the note was placed obviously alongside the bikini before I opened the back door wide and placed the key into my pocket alongside its front door companion. "I guess we're set."

"Almost," Debbie said, pointing at the back lawn, "But look at that."

It was a standard expanse of grass as far as I could see. "It's the lawn."

"The footprint-free lawn. If you were out in the woods and I'd followed you, might you not expect to see a few footprints at least?"

I was impressed, "Good thinking, Sherlock, although I doubt whether the guys would notice really.

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