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Stranger in the bar starts one of the regulars thinking.

You pull your lips over to his and kiss him deeply, with him responding passionately. You stop him by digging your claws slightly into his jaw and then purr in his ear. You run your hand down and undo the buttons on his shirt all the way down and pull the shirt apart. You like what you see, not too muscled but tanned and very well toned. You run a claw down and to a nipple and tease it for a while, then continue down and make a small circle around his belly button.

You turn your attention to the front of his trousers. You can see all this has got him very aroused, a long oblong shape falling to the left away from you, obviously thick from the way the material falls off both side. You now swallow, you really want to see it but you continue to tease. You feel very wet between your legs, ready for him.

Moving your fingers down to the material you use two of them to stroke him slowly gently up and down the length, trying to estimate the size. It jerks upwards almost uncontrollably as you do this; his stomach muscles tense and relax and then tense again you notice, he is desperate for you. You cannot stand it any more either, you slide off his lap and tell him to stand up and take his jacket and shirt off. He does so quickly and then stands there before you, the bulge at your eye level. You put your lips up to the end of the bulge and put them to the material, pretending to bite him through it. You can just smell his sexual excitement and it turns you on more.

You pull away and undo his belt buckle, then the button on his trousers. You stop just before pulling down the zip and look up at him and purr causing him to almost force you to do it as he cannot stand it any longer. You finally pull down the zip and let his trousers fall to the floor. For the first time you see his cock and you catch your breath with not only the size but the slightly tanned colour making it look healthy and strong. Running your eyes up and down it it must be nine or nine and half inches and very thick, the head on the end being circumcised and the bell shape very large indeed. You're eyes widen thinking about this serpent piercing your body, not sure, but that is what the handsome millionaire has paid you to do. Moving your gaze away from the end and shaft you look at his balls, he is completely shaven down there and his balls are tanned too and look heavy but tight. You hold them in your fingers and squeeze gently causing him to moan and his cock to spasm upwards. You like that reaction so you do it again with the same result. Then you run your fingers along the bottom of his cock and circle the head of it.

You examine the head again, it is so large you are tempted to cover it in your saliva so it would actually slide into you, but you realise again how wet you are down there and so don't bother. You drop his cock and turn around and crawl back over to the bowl of milk and start licking, making sure your ass, with it's smooth tight covering, is pointing provocatively at him. You look to your left, along the wall is a large mirror so you can see where he is and what he is doing. He kicks away his trousers. and walks over to you and kneels behind you, his large cock sticking out to almost brush your bottom.

Your outfit has 4 poppers at the crotch, you watch as he opens them allowing your very hot and wet pussy feel the cool air on it, you feel very open and accessible, wanting him now to take you.

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