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Two colleagues find themselves alone and aroused.

I try to move but I can't. My arms and legs are tied up with rope. The more I struggle to get free the more the rope hurts. Man, my head is killing me! My buddy sees that I'm awake and I plead with him with my eyes to let me go! I try to talk but there is some kind of rubber ball in my mouth.

I'm really starting to break a sweat now; I don't know what they're going to do with me! All I can think is Oh God, I'm sorry, please don't kill me! My buddy moves closer to me with a big shit-eating grin on his face. He's not my buddy anymore. He starts brushing my hair off my face, but there's something in his eyes that scares me... He licks his lips and I feel the van pull off the highway and park. Now all three of them are in the back of the van and I'm about to shit I'm so scared! I just keep looking up at him and the two other guys.

My buddy, this asshole that betrayed me starts feeling my dick through my jeans! I start to squirm to try to get away and that's when the other two move in. One guy is sitting on my chest pinning me down; my buddy has my pants undone and is helping the other guy pull them down! I try to scream but I know that no one will hear me. I just hear their frenzied laughter in return. Now the guy on my chest gets off me. He sits in the back of the van as they all turn me over.

Oh god! What are they going to do to me!? My head is now right in this guy's lap and his pants are down! He puts a knife to my throat and I can feel someone touching my asshole, pushing on it softly, like they were testing it! The guy with the knife tells me that if I scream he will cut me so I stay quiet as he removes the gag. Then he tells me that if I bite him he will cut me and pushes my face down onto his cock! I opened my mouth to protest but I didn't want to get cut!

His cock slipped right inside my mouth! I want to gag! It tastes salty like sweat and I could feel him getting harder inside my mouth! The other two guys are still playing with my ass fighting over which one gets to go first when one of them pushed one of their fingers right up my tight virgin hole! I give a muffled cry of despair and feel the blade push against my neck! This guy is pulling my head up and pushing me down on his cock! Forcing me to fuck him with my mouth! I feel something wet on my ass, oh no.. Fucking me with their fingers!

I start to kick but one of them holds me down and I hear the other guy say, "Fuck it! I'm going for it! I'm going to split this little punks ass open!" They all force me up on my knees and I feel one of them get behind me! The one guy drives his knife against my throat and says, "Just relax..." and I go numb inside. I feel one of them put their hard cock against my ass. I close my eyes and try to relax as he told me. Slowly he pushes into me... Hoarsely I cry out, tears streaming down my face as he starts to pump inside of me! What did I do to deserve this? Pumping faster I can feel his sweat drip down on my back and soak into my shirt and then I feel him pull out and spill his cum all over me!

They change position now so the next guy can take a turn with me. This guys doesn't push into me slowly, he just slams his cock into my ass and fucks me as hard as he can. He is almost done with me. I can feel it. He tells them to hold me and he pulls out and moves around to my face. I smell him in my face. I hear someone tell me to open my mouth and I do without thinking about it as the guy finishes by jerking off into my mouth. I can feel his cum squirting into my mouth and some hitting me in the face. The third guy pushes into me now...

I look back and see it was my buddy.

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