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slave is used as Master pleases.

I knew she was going to accept, he is irresistible, and she did. Then I looked at the guys and asked which one of them wanted to dance with me. Ted was right next to me and instantly took my hand and led me to the dance floor. As we danced he commented on my necklace and I told him it was an accurate description of me and I was proud of it. Then I pressed my pussy into his now hardening cock and told him it felt like that excited him. He looked at me and told me he got excited the minute I came up to the bar. The rest of our dance was some hot dirty dancing and he told me how much he liked looking at my tits. Then I whispered in his ear that I'd love it if he felt them. He very discretely did and it felt wonderful. When the song ended we went back to the bar. Bill joined us and brought Joyce with him and introduced her to me and the guys. Her outfit was very sexy but didn't reveal as much as mine.

She complimented me on my attire and said she wished she had the nerve to do the same. I told her I knew exactly what she meant because I used to be the same way. Then I told her that Bill encouraged me to dress like this and his support gave me the confidence I needed. Then she asked about my necklace and if that was Bill's idea. I told her it was my choice and I loved wearing it and letting people know that I was a slut. She seemed to understand and told me she was a closet slut, in that she didn't put it out there for everyone to know. Then she got serious for a moment and asked if I had any boundaries for my husband. I gave her a hug and told her she was welcome to play with him as much as she wanted. Then I told her it would be an experience she would truly enjoy. Bill was sitting next to us so I took her hand and guided it to his semi hard cock and told her that he really knew how to use it. She let her hand linger and looked at me and told me she had never met a woman like me before. I looked at her and said I hoped that was a compliment and she shook her head indicating it was.

For about the next 2 hours I took turns dancing with my new found friends and even made a couple more. On the dance floor we dirty danced and I let them play with my tits and I fondled their cocks. Between dances I had my pussy played with at the bar and I even played with a couple naked cocks. This evening was going great. Bill seemed to be having a good time with Joyce and another woman I had not yet met. I felt it was time to touch base with Bill so I went over and asked the girls to excuse me while I danced with this beautiful man. As we danced Bill told me that both of the girls were hot and he knew they were willing to play but not sure if they were into the group scene. I told him the guys were eager to play and that I would handle the girls. Then we continued our dance and kissed each other very passionately before returning to the bar.

I went over and talked to Joyce and introduced myself to Tina.

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