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You come home late to an empty house.

She slipped a hand to her burning crotch as she watched them make love.

"O fuck yes Tim, fuck me harder o yes harder"

Tim was slamming his cock hard into Sarah's willing, hot cunt as their bodies writhed together. Suddenly Sarah's mouth closed on his shoulder as she tried to stifle a scream of pleasure as she orgasmed. He felt her body shake beneath him as her pussy gripped his pounding cock in a vice like hold.

As Sarah orgasmed she looked over her brother's shoulder, her eyes widened in shock as she saw her parent's watching them. The sight of her mom and dad standing there masturbating seemed to increase the power of her orgasm and she threw her head back and screamed in pleasure. Moments later she felt Tim's hot cum flood into her womb, sending her into another orgasm.

Jake watched as his son rolled of Sarah, when he saw his parent's standing in the doorway he froze, looking guilty. Sarah lay still her legs apart as Tim's cum ran from her pussy, some of it was stained pink from the blood of her broken hymen. Kneeling down Jake lapped at his daughter's dripping pussy, tasting the mixture of cum and blood, a moan from Tim made him look round. His wife knelt in front of their son; her mouth closing over his flagging cock had caused the moan. As she licked Tim's cock she continued to frig her hot, wet pussy.

Jake returned to his daughter's dripping pussy, closing his mouth over it he sucked at the juices drawing them from her cuntal opening as he plunged his tongue in to scoop them out. Sarah couldn't believe how good her dad's tongue felt as it lapped at her pussy, she groaned in disappointment as the mouth left her.

Jake moved up his daughter's body until he was crouched above her and then reaching down he pushed his cock head between her swollen, cum coated labia. He moaned in desire as he pushed deep into her teenage body.

Sarah moaned in pleasure as she felt her dad's cock push into her, lifting her legs she wrapped them around his back, drawing there bodies together as her arms entwined around his neck and her mouth found his. The hairs of his chest rubbed against her sensitive nipples increasing her arousal and pleasure.

Jake savoured the tight feel of his daughter's pussy as their bodies moved together in mutual pleasure. He turned his head in time to see his wife guiding Tim's once more hard cock to her pussy, before looking back at his daughter. Her eyes were closed and her face and body flushed with sexual pleasure as her hips lifted to meet his plunging cock. Her head shook with pleasure, a continual low moan of sexual need escaping from her lips as they made love, her body rocking to orgasm after orgasm, each building towards a higher peak. Jake felt his balls tighten and as his cum rose up his cock shaft he plunged his cock deep into Sarah's womb, feeling the head push against her cervix as sperm flooded into her orgasming body.

Sarah moaned as her father's cock pushed into her deepest reaches before pumping his incestuous cum into her body. The sensations pushed her into a wild orgasm that seemed to explode through her body; the sensations were increased by the thought that the sperm flooding into her body could easily start a new life in her teenage womb.

Slowly Jake climbed off his daughter and gazed down at her as she lay beneath him, bending forward he kissed her, before slowly licking his way over her body. Tasting the sweat of spent passion, before licking at the juices that flowed freely from her gaping pussy. He caught the odour of her anus and couldn't resist from gently tonguing the puckered opening.

At the sound of movement beside him he sat up in time to see Tim climb of his wife's spread body. They smiled at each other in post-orgasmic pleasure as all four of them relaxed.

"Time for that swim," said Debbie as she looked at her husband and kids.

Later as they sat on the beach Debbie looked at her family, she couldn't believe what had happened, part of her mind was disgusted by what she had allowed to happen, but another part was still revelling

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