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Neighbors swap home videos and then more.

It was crazy, and a huge rush for both of us.

I got a lot more work in Chrissy and Ally's neighborhood that summer from people who saw my truck around. They were all very wealthy homeowners, so my prices went up and I felt like I was rolling in the dough for a change. I'm not one to save my money so I bought a super cool old Airstream trailer, one of the smaller ones that's easy to tow around. I did a little work to fix it up, and Ally and I decided to break it in at a smallish weekend long music festival a little ways north of here. It's the kind of festival that's mostly early twenties hippie kids and older Dead Head types - lots of tie dye and dreadlocks and drugs. I had been a couple times before, but this would be my first time camping there.

We set-up on a Friday afternoon, strung up some battery powered twinkle lights under the trailer's awning, and mixed up a pitcher of margaritas. The music kicked off soon after, and there was lots of sexy dancing going on so we fit right in. After the first band finished we were already horny as hell, so we walked hand-in-hand back to the trailer for a quick fuck. A cute young girl was following us, and when we got to the trailer she caught up to us.

"I was watching you guys dance. I hope I'm as sexy as you when I get older," she said.

"Oh, you're sweet, but have you looked in the mirror lately? I don't think you'll have any problem in that department," Ally said. "What do you think Steve?"

"Yup," I said, looking the girl over and zeroing in on her jiggly bra-less tits. "About as sexy as it gets."

We offered her a margarita, she had a joint in the pocket of her long hippie dress, and before long we were all high and naked on the bed. Her name was Peep, at least that's what she said her friends called her, and she was 19. I wouldn't call her over-weight, but she had more soft squishy flesh on her than Ally, and she had the most amazing cone-shaped nipples I've ever seen. Her skin was deeply tan, with a milky white ass and big milky white tits. Her shape made a wonderful contrast to Ally's little gymnast-like body, and I was in hippie heaven. Seeing how eagerly Ally took to a threesome made me wonder why Ally and Chrissy and I had never gotten together. Peep and Ally and I spent the whole festival weekend together, dancing like sex fiends in front of the stage, and fucking our brains out in the trailer. It was a wild weekend and Ally loved it.

After a month or so passed Ally found out about Nicki losing her virginity with Chrissy and me at the lodge. Nicki told her all about it, and just as Nicki suspected, Ally was pretty cool with it. Ally told me at first it shocked her, but after she had a long talk with Chrissy about why it happened and how it happened, she realized it was a safe and loving place for Nicki, and she actually seemed grateful.

Soon after that I ran into my friend Penny at a local blues bar, and we went outside for a chat.

"I got an email from Johnny," she said.

"Oh, how's he doin'?" I asked. "He's probably somewhere warm already."

"Actually he's playing in Albany next Friday, and he asked if any of us could get together this weekend," Penny said. "He's got a few days free and he's willing to drive anywhere. I'd really love to have another party at the camp before winter settles in. Makes me horny just thinkin' about it."

"Count me in," I said.

She said her friend Mary couldn't make it, which disappointed me. Mary's powerfully sexual voluptuousness gives Chrissy a run for her money, and I've always had a thing for redheads. Mary pushes all my buttons for sure.

"I'd love to have one or two more people join us. God, I could get an orgasm just thinkin' about it," she said, and her body trembled a bit.

I discretely told her a little about Ally, and she loved the idea.

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