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A chance mistake in the salon opened Suzanne's eyes.


"Of course." I told her as I led the group of waiters downstairs. I let them in with the key and realized how long it had been since the last time I had been there. I walked around the cellar, thinking back on the days before this place opened. Brad's old office was here before he moved it behind the kitchen. I opened the office door and was surprised to see everything as it was. The black couch where Brad used to nap whenever he needed a break. The desk that had pictures of Cindy and the kids. There were even a few of us while we were in college.

On the walls, there was something different. There were framed posters from Eye Candy, The Flash, Supergirl and Mad Dogg. All of the shows that Mark and I had worked on over the past few years. I guess that Brad still hung out here sometime. I couldn't help but feel touched at the fact that he would put these up. It meant that he was proud of us.

"Hey, I thought I saw you coming here." I looked up to see Candice standing by the door. I took in her body once more. She looked amazing in that black dress.

"Yeah. Just got nostalgic." I told her as she sat in one of the chairs.

"I can see why." She said holding one of the pictures of the four of us. "I'm sorry again. About your job."

"Oh, it's okay. Not the first time i've been fired." I told her looking up at the poster of Eye Candy.

"True, but this was different. When you came to Vancouver you told me how good it felt for you to start this show from the ground up."

"It was a great experience. I'm happy that I at least got to finish writing the second season. It'll be weird not being on set when they get back to shooting."

"You do love being on set!" She said laughing. "I remember you always used to just sit and watch as much as you could."

"Well to be fair, I was just checking you out." I told her.

"I'm sure you were." She answered flirtatiously. "But that wasn't it. You loved the entire process."

"I do. It's funny. Marty and Mark were always the movie and tv guys."

"What changed for you?"

"Just being here. Working in the town, meeting the people. Seeing just how much it took to get a single scene perfect. I kind of fell in love with everything. It's hard not to."

"I know what you mean." She said standing up and walking towards me. "You talk to Greg? I'm sure he'd love to have you back on The Flash."

"No, I haven't. Working in Vancouver would be nice. The city is beautiful."

"Really? The city?" She asked me now only mere inches from me.

"It barely holds a candle to you." She smiled before she placed those perfect lips of hers on mine. I closed my eyes and held her tightly against me. I had missed Candice's lips against mine. They were so full and soft, there were no words to describe just how good they felt. She wrapped her arms around my neck and led me gracefully towards the wall. Once my back was against it, the sexy actress began to grind her body against mine, rubbing my cock in delicious ways. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tighter against me. I was completely taken away by the feel of her lips and the sweet scent of her perfume.

I ran my hands down and grabbed each perky butt cheeks in both of my hands. "mhmm!" She moaned into my mouth as I kneaded the soft flesh through the tight black dress. Candice's tongue snuck it's way into my mouth and I was only too happy to oblige her with mine. Her hands moved away from my neck. The next time I felt them they were busy unbuttoning the pants of my tuxedo. I couldn't help but be taken back to our first date together. That night in Vancouver at the museum. She had done the same thing. As our lips separated, both of us catching our breaths while looking at each other, the smile on her face told me that she was taken back to that night as well.
She placed soft kisses on my neck before she dropped to her knees and was now face to face with my cock.

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