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Doree makes her final gambit in the Duc's game of power.

"Ok speak." She invited and moved further up the counter in a gesture of getting comfortable.

"Only leave if you don't love me." He stated simply and she breathed in deep. He wasn't done.

"I talked to Tanya and explained that I wasn't interested. I also talked to your puppy and apologized for my rude behavior."

"You honestly think that's the problem? Tanya and James?" she snorted at him and shook her head.

"Is there something else I am unaware of?" he asked as he stood up and walked towards her.

Her alarm bells went off and she squirmed in her position on the high counter. He seemed amused with her discomfort. Before she could answer him, he had picked up her up and swung her over his shoulder.

"What the fuck Andrew!" she yelled at his back.

She could tell they were headed towards the bedroom. Struggling for a few seconds, Teddi stilled as he came to an abrupt stop and cleared the bed in one sweep of his arm. Placing her on the bed gently, he knelt between her legs and stared at her for an eternity.

"Are we going to have a stare off?" she asked with large eyes at him.

"No. Something dirty." He said and proceeded to lie on top of her. He wasn't gentle and succeeded in knocking a little breath out of her lungs. While he kissed a reluctant Teddi, he was feeling around the head board for something. She couldn't really tell what he was up to. Eventually, after his non stop onslaught of her lips, she melted into the kiss and even started to kiss him back.

It was a shock to her when her kiss filled mind came back to earth to find her hands handcuffed to the head of the bed. Not fluffy playful handcuffs but steel handcuffs. Glistening in the evening light, they made her shiver as she looked at Andrew questioningly.

"I would never hurt you, you know that. Now shut up and enjoy." He commanded in a voice she hadn't heard from him in sometime.

Getting off her, he went about gagging her with a silk scarf she had forgotten to pack. Or maybe he had hidden it. Andrew was as cheeky as he was a strategist. Next he undressed her oh-so-slowly before he tied her legs to the knobs at the foot of the bed using long scarves. He tied her ankles after prying her legs apart and she was felt very exposed. He blindfolded her and went straight for her breasts.

He licked and sucked them.

She felt an electric shock ran through her as his palm grazed her nipple after his mouth had left it hot. He pressed in a circular motion, rolled the nipple between his fingers and pulled lightly. Teddi's body was being slowly set on fire. Her other neglected nipple hardened almost painfully in its call for attention.

Her back arched involuntarily and Andrew laughed. He moved to the other nipple causing ripples to go down her spine. She was unable to prevent the moan that came from her throat as she threw her head back.

"Mmmmm.....I think you like that." He murmured against her nipple before taking it once more into his hot mouth. "Or would you prefer this....?" He whispered hotly against her ear as he licked her neck tentatively at first, gauging her reaction.

Teddi tried to remain still but after a few more seconds of the biting and sucking on her neck she was powerless to stop her breath from becoming faster. She couldn't see him, or anything for that matter. Slight terror ran through her before his sharp bite brought her back to him, and the present.

He moved down her stomach. Placing wet kisses as he traveled south, he left a wet trail that was cooled beautifully by the evening chill in the room. Then he got to the apex of her thighs, breathed in deeply and growled. Teddi would have killed to know if he was staring at her. She had never felt so exposed and safe at the same time.

She tried to remember what had landed her in this situation in the first place. Andrew was however moving onto to better things it seemed. He leaned in further and started to lick, bite and suck her increasingly pussy. She wriggled under his erotic attack and pushed her pelvis further into his mouth.

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