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Man makes a bet with exhibitionist lover.

John's mind thought about Cathy. She was five-foot-nine, with a slender physique. He weighed her at 116 pounds, the perfect weight for a supermodel. Her breasts were a size B cup, but they were uncommonly firm. She had those dark areolas and labia that redheads often do. She also had green eyes and freckles, looking almost like a leprechaun when she was kneeling and begging. He had never taken the lash to Cathy, but he knew from whelps and bruising that Jan must have from time to time. Cathy was never allowed to discuss her discipline or the reason behind it. John wondered what a girl could do that would warrant punishment. After all, wasn't she always bound?

"Jan," John suggested, "Maybe we could visit Don and Cindi. I hear that they have an android caged somewhere out in the badlands of New Mexico. We could leave Cathy caged a while and do some sightseeing. Just slipping out to an occasional movie under the cover of darkness is bumming me out."

Jan realized that she was spending an inordinate amount of time with Cathy and on line. She was now masturbating frequently and having sex with John less and less. It was almost as if she had become addicted to cybersex at the expense of the real McCoy. Cathy was certainly having multiple orgasms, her privates were always sopping at the end of an on-line session.

The next morning John used an electric shaver to remove all of Cathy's mane and eyebrows. The shaver would leave a stubble if not carefully used and John wasn't terribly particular. After all, it was Jan who insisted on the immaculate, hairless, glossy legs, arms, and torso. Jan loved the glistening, pristine, blemish-free gloss of the androids' artificial flesh. Cathy was left with rough stubble even after shaving. The requirement was that her body suit meshes make perfect electrical contact with her skin. The cosmetics weren't important since she was virtually represented by a high-definition avatar of super-human attraction and glamour.

It took more time that John was used to. After he finished, the girl begged to be allowed to relieve herself. John had to wait while the collared bald beauty voided her bladder and emptied her bowels. He had to clean her afterwards. Slightly miffed at Jan's additional tasking, he couldn't resist being rough with the girl. She accepted the scrubbing stoically. John used a rough, damp cloth over her, everywhere except her underarms. He started with her face and concluded with her anus. It was those last strokes across her pudenda and over her rosette that brought a solitary tear to the girl's eye.

"Here she is in all her naked, hairless splendor," John announced to Jan.

Jan locked the chain to Cathy's collar and removed the belt. Cathy rubbed her wrists that had been too tightly secured this morning.

"Arms over your head, girl," Jan ordered. "I want to sample your scent."

"Yes, Mistress," Cathy replied. John was amazed at the grace she displayed as she elegantly flexed her body and flexuously raised her slender arms. She brought her palms together then separated them, placed the back of one hand to the back of the other to allow maximum exposure of her armpits and raise her teats for inspection and display. It had been weeks since Cathy's armpits had been washed. The fragrance wasn't overpowering, but it was distinct and genuine. Cathy blushed at her hirsute display. Jan pressed her nose to Cathy to the amazement of both John and Cathy. Cathy blushed and giggled when Jan's pink, pointed tongue licked the moist hair growth.

"Me next!" John exclaimed.

"No way," Jan responded. The scent of Cathy had filled the room. "Isn't it nice to have the pheromones of the girl throughout the room? It adds a distinct sexuality to the apartment. The smell of cunt, don't you think?"

"It definitely is the smell of pussy," John replied.

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