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Wherein Fogg takes an excursion into Anal Delights.

Mr. Tatem cleared his throat and excused himself to the washroom. What happened next was a total surprise.

"Wonder why it's so hot in here, Ms. Wheaks?"

"I'm not sure Mr. James. We must be tired after such a long day."

"Funny, I don't feel tired at all." Jerri laughed nervously. He was so close now; she could smell his deodorant. "You know something Ms. Wheaks?"

"No, what Mr. James?"

"This is every little boys fantasy. Alone, here with a beautiful teacher."

"You flatter me sir. But were not alone."

He placed his had on her leg and rubbed it firmly up her stocking covered thigh. He moved closer to her and rubbed his lips across hers. If she had been in her right mine she would have pushed him away. But she hadn't. He pulled her down to the edge of the desk, and moved his body between her legs. She could feel his hard Dick pulsating between her legs. He grinds slowly up against her, and unbuttoned her blouse. The next thing she knew her shirt and bra were off and he was using his teeth to remove her stockings. She looked at the door and saw Mr. Tatem standing in the doorway, grabbing the front of his jeans. She froze in place. Mr. Tatem must have felt the stillness; he looked toward the door. "You care to join us."

He didn't say a word, he walked over to the desk and kissed Jerri on the mouth and then on the forehead. He pulled Jerri back on the desk and bent down to her ear. "I'm going to rub my Dick all over your face, and you're going to love it." He whispered in a harsh yet, appealing manner. He stood directly over her head and unzipped. "Now don't move. I mean it." He pulled his dick out of his tight jeans and it fell over her eyes and noise, touching her top lip. Mr. Tatem grabbed his stiff penis and stroked it rhythmically over her face. She felt torrents of pleasure flowing up her back and in her stomach. She could feel Mr. James's wet mouth, licking and nibbling on her swollen clitoris. She lifted her hips to give him greater access to her hungry lips, but he teased her, licking the same shallow area, instead of thrusting his hot tongue into her willing pussy.

She couldn't stand the waiting; she needed something, firm and extensive inside of her. She grabbed the quivering shaft of Mr. Tatem and tried desperately to get him into her mouth. It was no use; she had to roll over. Her legs were shaky from the passion, but Mr. James lifted her up so that he could touch her drippy pussy with his Dick. He rubbed himself in the thick froth and moaned as it covered his tightly erect head. But still he made no attempt to get inside her. She pushed back up against him trying to force it in, but he kept moving back. Mr. Tatem was beating his Dick wildly against her face. She wrapped her mouth around the tip of his penis.

He began jerking motions. He almost screamed out. She could taste the warm soapy-ness of his pre-cum. She locked her jaw in place around his Dick. She began going down on it faster and faster. She was licking the underside of his Dick while he was inside and her mouth became filled with wet sticky saliva. It was running out the sides of her mouth, dripping off her chin onto the desk. She slurped and sucked trying to keep the wet juices from spilling out. Mr. Tatem grabbed her head and moaned in tune to the sound of the slurping. Mr. James had had enough of his teasing and pushed deep inside her. She gave no resistance, and could feel the cool tip of his Dick entering her overly ripe pussy.

She pumped her ass straining against the desperation she felt deep inside. Mr. James rose to the effort. He grabbed her hips and drew in and out hard and fast. A swelling of pleasure grabbed her at each cycle, at first causing her to gasp for air as she gripped tighter around Mr. Tatem.


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