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A passionate and intense street corner seduction.

So what is it?"

Placing a hand on his sister's spine Bobby leaned down close to her breasts with his nose in her cleavage as he sniffed in deeply he smirked, "Babs, I smell the sweet aroma of cunt cum on your boobs."

She wanted to yank down the straps of her swimsuit right there and push his face hard into her tits but thought better of that idea. She thought she had gotten all of Bambi's juices off of her giant orbs so there was no way Bobby could be smelling what he said he was. So feigning anger she snapped, "What the fuck are you talking about my boobs don't smell like pussy juice."

"The fuck they don't; they smell like Bambi's cunt. I heard her earlier tell you to fuck her clit with your tit. Then, I heard moaning so I can only assume that you did as she asked. So, it is my turn to fuck these titties of yours!" Bobby buried his face deep and hard in between her big globes and grabbed one of them with each hand. Babbette was embarrassed that Bobby had heard her with their sister but even more excited as this opened a whole new world.

"Oh my God, yes Bobby you can fuck them but only if you fuck me in the pussy, too." Babbette yanked the straps of her swimsuit off of her shoulders and helped her brother peel the material from her tits. Her sibling hungrily dug into her boobs as she put her hands on the back of his head as if guiding him from spot to spot. Suddenly, she pulled away and ran the few steps to the bed giggling as she left him with his mouth open and telling him to strip as her suit fell to the floor.

"Oh yes, I'll fuck you wherever you want with my cock babsy; fuck, you are unbelievably sexy!" It took less than thirty seconds for Bobby to join his sister on his bed. Straddling her hips he leaned down and they kissed passionately as a single drop of his pre-cum dripped on to his sister's belly. He was too turned on to be slow and sweet so sitting straight up he positioned his erection in the valley between Babbette's titties.

"Oh Bobby, that feels fantastic in there; oh fuck cum on my boobies for me." All four of their hands worked playing with her boobs while, at the same time, pushing the orbs tightly together creating heavenly friction for Bobby's cock. Bobby had never fucked a girl's tits before and was finding it to be very erotic. His sister's melons were red from all of their squeezing and pushing. In and Out his cock went between those soft firm orbs.

On virtually every upward stroke his prick hit Babbette's chin. It was after a couple of minutes of this Babbette got an idea. On the next stroke she leaned her mouth forward and licked the head of that sexy cock. She got bolder and bolder swirling her tongue all around it longer and longer each time that it returned.

Both of them were moaning now as Babbette had dug her fingers into her brother's ass as her tits seemed to be standing up on their own now. Not only did the cock between her breasts feel real good but she was tingling in her twat as well. His movements became harder and faster as he yelped, "Shit, Sis, I am gonna fucking cum!"

"Oh yes, cum on my boobies, cum all over them, Oh God Bobby do it cum all over me!" The dirty talk was just enough to drive the young man over the edge. His first shot hit his sister right in the chin. Pulling back a little and just a couple of inches away his next load hit her right nipple. His cock spasmed again and the third load covered her entire left boob as it was the biggest load yet. Babbette immediately started to paint his cum all over her chest.
While she was occupied playing with his cum he jumped off of her abdomen and climbed between her legs. His tongue was on her clit before she even realized that he had taken his cock away from her boobs. He absolutely loved eating pussy and besides he thought this would allow his dick a couple of minutes to recover before being used again.

Bobby ran his fingers through his sister's blonde thatch of pubic hair while using his tongue to scoop out the large quantity of honey from her hot gash.

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