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Disabled man encourages wife to sleep around.

It had felt soft and warm and smelled almost good. He tried to brush the thought away when he felt Perry get in the bed with him. Tyler tried to turn around and push Perry away only to have Perry knock him back to the bed and start massaging his cock through his shorts.

"See your already hard, you know you want to suck my dick, either we do this the easy way or we do it the hard way," Perry's voice was sweet but had undertones of menace. He wanted a blow job and he was going to get one right now.

He moved his cock again only inches from Tyler's face and continued to rub Tyler's cock through his shorts. Tyler considered it for a moment and realized that he actually wanted to do this. Perry was making him feel so good that he was honestly interested in sucking another man's dick. Perry inched closer so that his cock was practically resting on Tyler's lips. Out of instinct, a massive amount of beer, and a serious need for sex Tyler opened his mouth and took the tip of Perry's cock into his mouth. The taste was nice, he could feel the heat on his tongue and the slight amount of what he thought was probably pre-cum.

He took a bit more of Perry's cock into his mouth and began to move his tongue around the head in a back and forth motion. Perry began moaning deeply as Tyler sucked his cock. Tyler suddenly pulled his mouth off, and motioned for Perry to lie down on his back. He awkwardly pulled Perry's shorts and boxers off and then stood up and grabbed a candle to put on the dresser by his bed. He then snuggled in between Perry's legs and took his first good glimpse of Perry's manhood. It was big and well veined, with a purple head that seemed to dominate Tyler's vision. The cock before him was mesmerizing and he wanted nothing more then to stick it back into his mouth.

"Ty drop the clothes man," Perry was staring Tyler right in his face and he smiled that slanted grin again. Tyler removed his clothes quickly not wanting to waste anymore time. He was drunk and horny and really enjoying the slutty feeling he was getting from pleasing Perry. He dropped back in between Perry's legs and moved his mouth just over the tip of Perry's cock. He could smell the strange alluring aroma of Perry and he couldn't take it anymore. He dropped his mouth down onto Perry's dick and tried to go down as far as he could on it. It quickly hit the back of his throat making him gag hard. He pulled back off realizing he could barely get half of it down his throat. He began working the tip bobbing up and down like he had seen on countless porn movies.

Perry moaned quietly as Tyler slurped noisily on his rod. It felt great and he was a little surprised when Tyler began to massage his balls as he gave him head. Tyler again dropped his head, more slowly this time taking as much of Perry as he could. He hit the back of his throat and kept going almost taking Perry down to the balls. Perry moaned again in surprise as Tyler nearly deep throated him. This guy was giving him great head and by the look of it he was really enjoying it. Perry rested his hand on Tyler's head enjoying the rhythm at which Tyler was sucking.

"Man Ty your a real good cock sucker, you like being a little slut don't you."

Tyler raised his eyes as he again attempted to deep throat Perry. They made eye contact and Perry nearly blew his load when he saw the look on Tyler's face. He was loving it, he was loving every minute of it.

Perry fumbled around in his shorts pocket while Tyler increased his pace sucking Perry's dick faster then before.

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