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Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble.

Two lovers meeting again knowing where and how to touch. Bodies rising and falling as fingers and lips begin to connect in deeper passions.

I won't say I was first to bring my mouth to her pussy, but it was within a few heartbeats from the feel of her tongue traveling along my own vulva. There is nothing quite as sexy as the sound of a skilled tongue and mouth in the moist folds between a woman's legs. Whether done by a man or a woman, the lick, suck, slurp, grunt and hum is like no other. Two women have the advantage of a stereo effect One set of noises and sensation close and another from the reciprocating engine between her own legs. If you've ever tried cunnilingus in a true sixty-nine, you know it is almost impossible to concentrate on a release while your concentration is focused on creating the pleasure needed to reach the same goal as your partner. Instead, the feelings build and fall in waves. I wanted to succeed in getting Dannie to her peak first. I persisted in my attack.

I tried with my tongue, my lips, fingers inserted into her wet recesses while she tried to accomplish the same on me. I was the one who finally lost the battle. I tensed and groaned as my orgasm erupted inside me. At almost the same time my involuntary spasms sent three fingers deep into Dannie and they curled up against her G-spot. I really didn't know what I had done at that moment, but her reaction was immediate. Dannie's head jerked back as if in a seizure and I heard her scream out. No real words were formed, but she and I collapsed together; my arms around her legs; her hands holding my ass. It had been so intense, I began to sob in relief.

Slowly Danielle raised her head to look at me and said, "Wow! That was one of the most incredible feelings of my life! Why are you crying?"

Between sobs I said, "I've missed you so much and this was incredible for me, too. You make me so glad I'm a womwn" I slowly crawled up the bed to her staring in her eyes. "I really do love you!"

The return of her gaze was languid and deep as she said, "What are we going to do when dad comes in; attack him or play it cool??"

I giggled, then laughed, "I don't know about you, but I'm going to rest up a bit, and then fuck him stupid."

She began laughing and said, "You really are horney, aren't you?"

I replied, "You get him every day. I haven't had his good hard cock in ages. Lets see if we can get all sexed up for him when he walks in the door." We slowly got off the bed and went back to the closet. She gave me a ruffled red nightgown that was almost see-through while she picked out a short, form-fitting black dress. I put it on with a garterbelt and stockings topped off with underware consistingof a patch of red fabric with strings that tied at the hips. I really felt slutty and hot.

Danielle offered, "I'll put your car in the garage and close the door. Then, when he comes in, I'll meet him at the door. You hide upstairs in the bedroom and I'll work him up before he sees you. That outfit will knock his socks and pants off."

I told Danielle I wanted to shower first and she said she'd join me in a second. The two of us went to shower and enjoyed a closeness as well as some touches and feeling of each other's bodies. We almost were carried away again. We wanted to save some of the passion for later so we hurried and dried ourselves and "dressed-up" for daddy. We set some mood music, sipped wine and talked some more while we waited.

It wasn't too much longer when we saw the taxi drop off a passenger and suitcase at the walkway out front. I went upstairs to follow the plan, but hesitated at the top of the stairs to watch the action below. True to her word Dannie opened the door and stood waiting for dad. The black dress was perfectly molded to her figure.

He walked into the house and closed the door.

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