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David has fun with his 3 sisters, Sam, Sarah and Isabelle.

his part of the world---doesn't everyone?"

"Come on." She said bounding from the bed and heading toward the door. She turned, and with mock disapproval spoke. "What's your problem?"
"Just do that again."

"Do what?"

"Bound out of bed and walk across the room. I've seen you in a bathing suit; I had to beat off the second I got home, but I've never had the opportunity to watch you without a stitch. You're not the least bit self conscious at this moment and you have the most astoundingly sexy body. The way you move, and then of course I've always, 'hated to see you leave but loved to watch you go.'" She did as he asked, but not before kissing him and fondling his completely recovered cock.

"Do you think I should get a boob job?" She said cupping her small breasts.

"Don't you dare! I'll divorce you in a heartbeat! I love your tits exactly the way they are! My God this is the first time I've ever seen them! You've always been self deprecating about them. Let me examine them more closely." He said alternating mouthing each of her nipples. She responded immediately.

"They may be tiny but...ohhhh...they are incredibly sensitive...particularly when you do that...soft...barely touching them....ohhhhhh!" She climbed on top of him and kissed him, softly rubbing her tightly trimmed bush against his cock...not too much of that...don't want "it" to get irritated...just enough.

"Did you just cum?"

"Just a little one; I may have gotten fucked over in the size department but my nipples are ridiculously sensitive. Yours are too---aren't they?" The evil grin accompanied by a quick slather of the tongue across each protuberance. "Come on!" She intoned.

"You go first."

She walked toward the bedroom door adding a little extra sway to her well formed hips. At the door she bent over and looked at him from between her legs while lewdly running her fingers over her slippery little slit. "See something you like?"

"Anything I should bring with us?"

"Of course! An ass fuck is always a possibility when I get in the open air. You know that."

"That I do."

"It was a beautiful afternoon; the sun was blocked by the two story house and the tall oaks. The back deck was deliciously cool. They kissed, they probed and they explored. She spoke first.

"Ever fuck any women in that pool?"

"I was saving it for you."

"I don't know about that; the Chlorine can be very irritating."

"It's chemical free; I don't have kids pissing in it and I've never shared it. Thanks to high tech filtration and ozone gas it's also germ free. It's also softer water than the normal hard water pool; the ozone isn't dependent on hardness to be effective."

She scampered away from him and jumped into the deep end of the pool. It was a scamper, like a little girl discovering a swimming pool for the first time. She had already completed a lap by the time he joined her.

"This water is amazing...warm...soft..."

He caught her leg as she attempted to swim away from him and pulled her into his arms; her body against his made him delightfully dizzy. She escaped again and moved to the steps. She picked up the lube bottle and appeared to be reading the label. "Get over here." She commanded. When he arrived she motioned him to the second step and squirted the lube on his cock. As she was about to lubricate herself she had second thoughts and handed him the bottle. Kneeling on the top step she pushed her delectable back side back toward him.

"Waterproof lube! Imagine that. Grease me up, big guy! Both holes but I want you to..."

"Fuck your pussy for a while before..."

"Uh huh." He completed the highly enjoyable assignment in short order. She turned, grasped his cock and appeared to be measuring the height of the steps, ultimately choosing the one at which her delicious little cunt was just under the warm water. The altitude was perfect; he was inside her in a second covering her body with his own...kissing her neck as his hips moved in a steady rhythm as if having a mind of their own.

"I've never done it in the water before.

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