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A father gets a very special birthday present.

see you're getting ready for the party tonight! You still going to go naked?"

"Oh, yeah, I am. Hey, it was your boyfriend who made the challenge!"

"I wouldn't actually call him my boyfriend, Dana. He invited me to the party, and he's been a bit attentive, but he's not really my boyfriend, and I don't even know if he's boyfriend material. But I do know that he'd be awfully relieved if you didn't show up naked, 'cause he's really nervous about having to keep his end of the bargain. And remember what Larry said: if he didn't keep up his end of the deal, the frat brothers would make him. Hell, they'd strip him right there."

"That might be more fun to see than him stripping on his own."

I was done, and headed back to our room to get dressed for the day. I pulled on a red cotton thong, and then looked at the jeans I laundered last night. Yup, the slit on the right side of the butt had frayed just enough to not look like it was deliberately cut, and I put them on, checking my tush out in the mirror. The slit wasn't really wide at all, and you had to look to see the white of my butt through it, but it was still hot and sexy, and they were definitely my jeans for today. Annette saw what I was doing, and I think I caught a grin, but she didn't say anything.

"I'm headed over to the DFAC to get some breakfast; want to come?"

"Yeah, I'm ravenous this morning. I was planning on a lay in this morning, but my stomach started growling."

So, we headed into the living room of our dorm suite, and Janie wanted breakfast too, so we headed on over; I noticed Annette walking a bit behind me, to check out the slight slit in the butt of my jeans, but she still didn't say anything. "You going to carry out your part of the dare?" Jamie asked. "I know that Jim is looking forward to it!"

"Yeah, I am." I didn't say anything about planning a full-Dani and walking nude all the way from the dorm. "You gonna go naked with me?" I grinned.

"Oh no, Hell no! Jim's been flirting with me" -- he had been "chatting her up" yesterday morning in the living room -- "and he hinted that he'd like to see me do it, too, but no, no way."

"Hey, you could dare him, and say that you will if he will. We could make it a full Naked Dani party!"

"Don't even go there! I think Jim'd do it, as long as he wasn't the first guy who had to strip, but I sure don't want to go naked."

We got to the dining hall, and I was hungry, hungry, hungry! I'd only had a sandwich for dinner last night, and I usually eat like a horse. If it weren't for running every day, and PT with the ROTC cadets, I'd probably be as big as a horse, too! Two eggs sunny-side up, bacon, rye toast and hash browns made a nice, filling breakfast for me, which is about twice what Jamie and Annette both ate, put together. "So, we know what I'm wearing to the party, but what are you guys going to wear?"

"Oh, jeans for me," said Jamie. "Who knows how rowdy the party is going to get, and any girl who wears a skirt is asking for a major wardrobe malfunction if she gets too drunk, and you know all of those guys will have their smart phones ready to snap pictures of that." Annette nodded her head on that.

Damn! I hadn't thought about that. Showing up at a party naked was one sure way to get my picture plastered all over the internet; that was what happened to Danielle Keaton. She was obviously fine with it, but I wasn't sure that I would be. It's one thing to get caught having fun, and on the nude beach at Sandy Hook there were so many naked women that each individual kind of gets lost in the crowd. Besides, the unspoken etiquette at a nude beach is that you only take pictures of your friends. But I had accepted the challenge, and I was going to go through with it.

"Well, what about you? I know that you get to wear a coat or some kind of cover-up until you get to the door, but what else? You're so tall that you'd be just plain awesome in heels!"

"You know," I said, "I actually thought about it, but I'm already so much taller than Larry that I think I'll pass on that.

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