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An adventurous, horny divorcee expands her horizons.

Ordinary men and women with normal lives. Doctors, lawyers, security guards, college students, waiters, artists, musicians, techies, construction workers, and other regular folk. All races, all religions and all walks of life. Man, to be honest I was simply blown away. The more I watched stuff on Fetlife, the more fascinated I became. Soon it became my obsession. I'm more into Fetlife than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sites I used to find addictive before. How about that?

I joined several groups on Fetlife, such as the Afro-Centric group and one for Dominant Black Women Into Black Men. I considered myself a strong Black woman, but it didn't take me long to realize that my sexual desires were at odds with my public persona. As a senior manager in the Acquisitions branch of North Well Networks Incorporated, I have a lot of people working under me. White guys and White chicks raised in the suburbs of Canada's richest cities and educated at the fanciest colleges and universities, and they have to do as I tell them...because I'm the boss. I'm a strong Black woman, and I have some actual power. So why do I get sexually aroused when I see black women getting tied up and sexually dominated on the profile pictures of friends of mine on Fetlife?

I became addicted to these sort of videos, and began browsing the online sex world for them. I wasn't into porn before, but since I really got into BDSM, I began watching it more and more. One type of video appealed to me more than any other. The ones featuring sexy black women getting not only fucked up but totally dominated. I'm talking about bondage, choking, spanking, whipping, the whole nine yards. Still, one thing didn't sit right with me as I watched those videos. Most of the time, when you see a black female submissive, she's with a dominant white man. I don't like seeing that shit. The only man I could ever submit to is a black man. Now, I've dated men across the racial spectrum. While a freshman at Carleton University, I dated a handsome young Lebanese Christian guy named Joseph Abdullah. I also dated a Japanese-Canadian civil engineering graduate student named Michael Yamamoto when I enrolled at the University of Toronto. Yet, down deep in my heart, I've always felt that the black man is the only one for me. Yet most of the black men I saw on Fetlife groups seemed to be into white women. Bummer, eh?

One day, totally at random, I ran into one of my "Fetlife" friends. Suleiman Harrington, a six-foot-three, dark and athletic, ruggedly and handsome brother originally from the City of Buffalo, New York. I added him as a friend online a few months back and we've had some steamy chats. We even exchanged numbers. Imagine my surprise when I ran into him one day in Toronto's Eaton damn. Suleiman is an outspoken brother with a Law degree from Fordham University in New York, and also a member of the Nation of Islam. He gets a bit worked up when we talk about racial politics, but I found him charming most of the time. I totally wasn't expecting to run into him in Toronto.

Anyhow, after a series of events too messy/funny to get into, Suleiman Harrington and I dined together, walked around the mall a bit, talked some more, and then ended up in his hotel room. Once there, the sexy brother from Buffalo totally took control. And he definitely showed me what he was working with. First, Suleiman had me undress and I stood naked before him, in all of my womanly glory. Nothing like a sexy black woman, Suleiman said, his eyes roving over my sexy naked body ( and apparently liking what he saw ) and I smiled at him gratefully.

Come to your king, Suleiman whispered, and I went to him.

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