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Was it incest for art's sake or art for the sake of incest?

There was no way from stopping it, but apparently, she hadn't meant for me to.

"And what did you think about while you were touching yourself?" She asked again, her tone of voice suddenly a bit softer, a bit husky perhaps as her level of arousal climbed.

"About you," I offered, though again receiving another 'look' from her. And as I did, seeing both of her hands stopping, moving away as she actually sat up.

"I figured that much," she said with totally different tone of voice. "Maybe I need to be a little clearer here," she told me. "If you want to see more of what you saw yesterday, then you need to be as candid with me vocally, as I'm being with you visually. So when I ask you what you were thinking about, I'm talking specifics here. I want you to tell me what you were imagining while you were jacking off. There...that a little clearer for you?"

I don't know if I merely nodded my head, or actually said yes, but she lay back in the bed once again, this time bending her legs at the knee, spreading herself even more obscenely than I'd seen the day before.

"I was thinking about your tits, and what I'd like to be doing to them," I began.

"Go on," she moaned. "Tell me more...specifically."

"How I wish I could suck them, and pull on them with my fingers the way you were doing."

"You mean like this?" She asked, now using both hands to pull on her nipples with simultaneously. "So you liked that huh? You like watching the way I play with my nipples then."

"Yes...yes I do," I confirmed, once again swallowing, feeling the almost painful press of my erection inside my pants.

"And what about my pussy? Did you think about that?"

I knew a one word answer wasn't what she was looking for. And I think I scored a few points with her when I answered.

"I thought about what it might feel like to put my own fingers there. What it might feel like, sensing your juices, hearing the sounds I would make as I fingered you."

"Just fingered? Or finger-fucked me?" She asked, her raspy tone of voice once more alerting me that she was really getting off on this.

Sure, I'd used the word Fuck around my friends a few times before, but never in front of an actual adult person. So saying it now, felt weirdly odd, yet exciting at the same time.

"Finger fucking you."

"My cunt?"

"Yes, your cunt." And to be honest here, that is a word I think I had thought, but had never actually said out loud before, until now anyway. And once again, it seemed wonderfully nasty and wicked...and dirty all at once. It was a delicious feeling.

"And what else would you like to do to my cunt?" She asked. "What else did you think about doing to it?"

"Licking it. That's what I thought about," I told her honestly. "Yesterday, watching you in the chair, I thought about...imagined actually dropping down onto my knees, and then licking you."

That one surprised her. I could see it by the look of her eyes. "So you didn't actually think about fucking me?"

"Last night? No. I didn't. I thought about sucking your tits, even rubbing the head of my cock against your nipples, but then after that...licking you."
"So did you cum?" Though she didn't wait for an answer, assuming that was redundant anyway. "And what then were you imaging when you finally did cum?" She finished, though her fingers were all but flying now in and out of her pussy as she asked me that. I could already hear the wet-slick sounds of her cunt as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. Once again, one hand back towards her breast, holding and squeezing it, not yet venturing towards the nipple. I knew she was saving that as the final trigger perhaps when she came.

"I was imaging your hand on my cock, jacking me off...making me cum," I told her, which is exactly what I had been thinking when I did.

I watched her hand move over, capturing her nipple, pulling on it hard.

Damn she was loud when she came. I guess she was more so because we were inside perhaps as opposed to the day before. But even then, it sort of startled me just the same.

But it was fun hearing it t

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