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Reynolds trains Tori to be the perfect plaything.

It wasn't far to Monica's flat but too far to carry all that stuff.

When I knocked on the door Monica looked better than she had done on Friday night or Saturday.

"Oh. It's you John. I thought it might be Simon, but it couldn't be. He's visiting his wife."

"I've brought you some things, mainly food items," I said pointing at the car, "and my vacuum cleaner. Could you take the twins for a walk while I do some cleaning?"

"Cleaning, John? Didn't you do enough of that on Saturday?"

"I only did the kitchen. I can't turn this grot-hole into a palace, but I could make it slightly safer for crawling twins..."

"They're asleep. Not for long. Could you unload quietly?"

"Of course."

It didn't take long to unload the car. Monica looked at the pile of food as if Christmas had come early.

"That lot is from me, spare food from my flat, Monica." I stopped, embarrassed about how to give her the money. "I'm not sure how... It's difficult..."

Monica kissed me on the cheek.

"Come on, John. We're friends, aren't we? That's what we decided yesterday. You are Angela's. What are you worried about?"

"Friends. Your other friends. They have..."

"My other friends?"

"Monica!" I blurted. "You don't know how many friends you have. I didn't know. I don't think you can have kissed ALL of them behind the bike sheds..."

Monica giggled. That was the first time I had seen the Monica I remembered.

"There were a few. Not a lot, but most of your card school kissed me."

"You must have made a real impression. They gave me this, to give to you, with their love."

I held out an envelope. Despite my care, the coins chinked.

"Money? I can't take money from you, John."

"It's not from me. It's from the other friends. David brought this for me to give to you..."

"David? He's sweet... But I can't..."

"Please, Monica? They want you to have it. They want you to stop worrying about money. You have enough on your plate without that. Please?"

I was really pleading with her. I couldn't take that money back.

"Sit down, John. Do you know you're shaking?"

"They want you to have it."

I sat down on a kitchen stool. Monica sat on another.

"OK. I'll take it. I don't want to, but I have to think of the twins. How much...?"

"Open it. Please?"

Monica opened the envelope. She poured out the coins. At first she didn't realise that there were banknotes as well. As the first one came out her face blanched. I had to jump up to stop her slumping off the stool in a faint as the full amount became visible.

"I have that many friends?"

"Yes, Monica. And more than that many. If you need more money, there will be more next week, and the week after, and after..."

Monica cried on my shoulder. This time she was shaking. Finally she picked up the money, took the two pounds eight shillings and fourpence and put thirty pounds back in the envelope. She looked at me, still worried.

"John," she said, "please look after this for me. I daren't leave it around in the flat. The landlord has a key and I know he's been in when I've taken the twins out. I don't want to walk around with that much money on me. I wouldn't feel safe."

She sealed the envelope and pushed it into my hand.

"Me? You trust me with it?"

"Of course I do. Even if you weren't my friend, John, you're an accountant, aren't you?"

"Technically not yet. An accountant I mean. You know I'm your friend, one of many. But although I have taken my finals, and the results have been announced, I haven't got my certificate yet."

"Exactly like an accountant, John," Monica smiled. "So precise. You've passed your exams. With merit. Yet you won't admit that you're an accountant -- yet!"

"How did you know that much?"

"David told me."

"David? When? I didn't think he spoke to you yesterday."

"He didn't. Not while you were here. He came back later that day bearing a food parcel, including coffee. Would you like a cup?"

"If you can spare it."

"Silly John! What do David's parents do?"

"Of course. They run a chain of coffee shops."

"And David brought a c

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