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Treachery, the environment and logging unite.

You gotta love those sexy Mexican ladies. They must have good genes, or something, 'cause they almost always have nice big asses, even when they are only 18 years old. Eventually, Marisol let her jeans fall to the floor, daintily stepping out of them.

She was now standing before me, wearing nothing but a pair of little black panties. But, they would have to go too.

"The panties too," I said.

Before Marisol even had a chance to say anything, I rudely cut her office.

"Come on," I said rushing her, "Hurry up! Andal__! Andal__!"

Yeah, that was probably crossing a line right there, but considering I was holding a girl who had broken into my house captive and was essentially forcing her into having sex with me, its not the worst thing I was doing that night. Besides, who says that a couple years of Spanish back in high school would never come in handy! Admittedly, my teacher would probably have a stroke if he ever found out, but still...

Marisol bent over, slowly slipping out of her panties and giving me a nice view of that big, round ass. I gestured for her to turn around, and she quickly obliged, not even putting up the pretense of a fight any more. On a whim, I pulled back my hand and slapped her sexy brown ass. There was a loud smacking sound and she whipped back around, looking at me with disbelief written all over her face. I honestly don't think she expected me to do that, which is pretty funny if you ask me. I mean, look how far we'd already gone at that point.

"So," she said trying to mask the fear in her voice, "What do you want to do with me?"

I've got to admit, having a naked Latina teen standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night was giving me a nice boner. Not having had sex since my ex-wife walked out on me, it was a golden opportunity, and my mind was working overtime to try and milk this for all it was worth. I started to rub my cock through my pajamas, but then thought about how she should be doing all the work. After all, the whole point was to convince me not to send her sexy little ass to jail...

"Why don't you take my cock out so we can get started," I told her, "I'm already kind of hard, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you."

My captive Latina teen looked at the rapidly expanding bulge in my pants. She walked over to me, knelt down and pulled my pajama bottoms down. I was wearing boxers underneath, and I looked down to see her hands snaking into my undergarments. Soon they were on the floor too. But once she got my pants and boxers off, Marisol went wide-eyed. The entire length of my cock was just standing there, now fully erect and ready to penetrate this sexy little teen vixen.

"Holy shit," she exclaimed as she stared at my cock in disbelief, "It's... fucking huge!"

There was a genuine sense of trepidation in her voice. She wasn't just trying to stroke my ego. Hell, at that point, I think she probably wanted to kill me. But it was painfully apparent to me that she'd never seen an adult cock before. I mean, I'm not really a well-endowed guy; just kind of average size. But I'm obviously bigger than anything she'd ever encountered, and that knowledge brought a warm feeling to my black little heart, because it was going to make raping my Hispanic teen that much more enjoyable... for me, probably not so much for her...

"There's no fucking way I'm going to fuck that," she said as she gestured at my cock.

"Your decision," I said, "You can either take my cock, or take your chances with the cops. Really, it's up to you..."

"No," she blurted out, now almost in tears, "I'll do it... just... just don't call the cops!"

I walked over to Marisol, put my hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her down to her knees on the floor. She didn't even bother to put up any resistance, though I thought I could hear a faint whimper when I touched her.

"Well then," I told her as I shoved my cock in her face, "Maybe you should get started and suck my cock."

The cute young Hispanic teen closed her eyes, as if somehow not seeing what she was doing would make the whole ordeal m

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