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Two lovers decide to take a vacation.

"These were smuggled into London last night. Prime reading!" Charrington winked. Joe looked inside the briefcase and inside were two dozen copies of a blue booklet: Spanking Stories. Joe could only read the title as the rest of the magazine was covered in the plastic. "How much?" Joe asked.

Charrington whistled and said, "Two Ten Bob Notes."

Joe knew he was getting ripped off but he felt desperate. He paid Charrington and tucked the booklet into his jacket pocket. Joe strode down a sidewalk terrified of being stopped by a police patrol and being searched. As he hustled through he passed several posters of Big Brother, which were typically enlarged photos of a man's head who's eyes were large and round and seemed to be looking at you from whatever angle you looked at the poster. Fortunately, no patrols stopped him and he soon walked into his parent's house, which, by good fortune, was empty. Joe ran down the hallway, into his bedroom, and removed the booklet from his jacket. He locked his bedroom door, unbuttoned his pants and sat on his bed. He tore open the stubborn plastic wrapping and looked at the cover. Under the title Spanking Stories, was a cheap black and white photo cover of a large 30-year-old-blonde woman dressed in a house dress holding a wooden hairbrush handle in her right palm while glaring at a slim sexy 20-year-old-blonde woman in a short skirt who held the palms of her hands on the seat of her apple-shaped butt. Joe guessed that the picture implied that the 30 year old had just spanked the 20 year old and he felt aroused thinking of this scenario.

Joe opened the booklet and fanned through the stiff pages to see if there were any more photographs or drawings. There were none and he felt a tingle of disappointment by the booklet's cheap binding. Inside the front cover of the booklet was a brief enigmatic sentence: "Published by Emmanuel Goldstein Productions. Copyright 1983." Joe shut the booklet and reopened it to a page at random and chanced on a story entitled: I Spanked My Son's Bottom by Anonymous. Joe stroked his cock in his underwear while he read the story below:

I Spanked My Son's Bottom

I stood in the kitchen and smelled smoke from downstairs. I hustled down the stairs and traced the fumes to my son's bedroom and opened the door. He sat on his bed smoking a Victory cigarette.

"Young man, what are you doing?" I shouted.

Fred stammered, "Aw, Emma, I'm just smoking. I'm 18 now and I can do what I want."

I was furious. My late husband died young from lung cancer after smoking for 20 years. "It's dangerous to smoke, and don't call me Emma! I adopted you so call me Mom!"

Fred said, "Yes, Mom. But I've been 18 for a month. You can't make me stop. I'm old enough to smoke now."

"Not under my roof!" I said crossing my arms. "Put it out right this instant or I will spank you!"

Fred laughed and took the cigarette out of his mouth and waved it at me with ashes falling on the cement floor, "I'm too old to be spanked!"

I had enough of his insolence. "You can go out and live on the street if you are not going to live by my rules." At this his face fell. I continued, "I adopted you from the Proletarian Youth League two years ago because I wanted to take in a child in my empty house. But I'm not going to let you fall victim to cancer like my husband did." I'm a large hipped blonde with a narrow waist and shoulder length curly blonde hair. I am 35 and married my husband when I was 16. I'm an attractive woman with an average bust and an apple-shaped butt. I have an ample lap and would bend Fred over it if he did not put the cigarette out. Fred is a thin man with a pale complexion and blond hair. "Put that cigarette out right now or I will spank you, young man!"

Fred smiled and put the cigarette back in his mouth and inhaled deeply.

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