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A., so she can help us in a pinch if she's not doing SWAT duties. Tanya, you can handle it mentally and you're going to have to get up to speed on the techniques, but we'll also have Torres and Joanne Cummings get training on this. Do you all agree that women are best for this?"

"Generally, yes." said Cindy Ross. "But what about Martin Nash?"

"This stays in this room," I said, "but Martin Nash got no sleep last night worrying about this girl. He sometimes gets too emotionally into cases like these. He wants to go do something about it, even when there's nothing we can do. It's a lesson the Chief has had to drill into me time and again, so I'm sympathetic. Martin is a good Detective, he can handle dead bodies at murder scenes. But I dunno if he can handle raped women very well."

"I agree." said Cindy. "He volunteered to stay all night last night. I tried to nix it, but he didn't go home even when Parker came in to relieve him."

"Exactly." I said. "Also, watch Joanne Cummings carefully; she's a bit young and might not be battle-hardened yet." That was the best way I could think of for saying Joanne Cummings was still young, inexperienced, and perhaps a bit naive.

"She's learning quickly." said Cindy. "Those cases of the swingers opened her eyes to the real world, and the election stuff her cousin went through had the side effect of making her jaded. Just what I like in my Detectives: cynicism and distrust of what things appear to be." I knew Cindy wasn't really kidding about that.

"So," I said, moving the meeting along, "I understand it was a black van that dumped Luisa Gomez onto the street, not a white one like the one that was the getaway van after the bank robbery,?"

"Yes sir." said Lt. Perlman. "We got a partial plate number, and we put out an APB for it. About an hour later the Nextdoor County Police called and said they'd found a black van abandoned just north of Hillside. I sent a Crime Lab team over to help them, but the van was wiped clean: no prints, no smudges, no spittle, nothing but Clorox. I might add that the tires were wiped down, too.

"Oh, now that's curious." I said. "You understand what that means, don't you?" Tanya nodded, but I was chagrined to get two uncomprehending stares at me. So I asked Tanya to explain.

"Overabundance of caution, I'd say." offered Tanya Perlman. "They knew they were driving through an area with soil specific to that area, and they don't want the location of their hideout known."

"Yes, true." I said. "But it's more than that: different farms around here grow different things, and they use different chemicals. So they didn't want us to find any dirt tracked by the tires that would have those specific chemicals. Ergo, that suggests they've done some driving on dirt roads, suggesting farms, and they are indeed being overcautious in us not finding which farm they might be on."

"Geez, that'd take some time for us to figure out, even with you in the Command Chair there." Cindy said. How had she figured out my secret name for my comfortable chair? I wondered silently.

"Au contraire, mon ami." I said, knowing my French was the wrong gender but not caring. "Myron can get records of what these farmers buy and use within minutes, and our Crime Lab is damn good about finding what chemicals would be in the dirt."

"Cool." Cindy said.

"And that suggests..." I said. This time I wasn't waiting for an answer... I had slipped into a reverie. When I recovered, I felt three pairs of eyes boring into me.

"It suggests?" Cindy said.

"That whoever these perps are, they really thought about things to the last detail." I said. "Either they are just that smart, or..."

"Or?" Cindy asked as I continued halfway in the reverie.

"Or they are well aware of how good we are." I said. "And that suggests familiarity with this County and its Police Force. I wonder if we have another mole...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I looked at it, and I also had one of my experts look at it, while keeping it under chain of custody.

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