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Because of my interest, I went further than ever looking for a way to make my fantasy a reality.

My quest started with google and E-bay searches for devices, pills or techniques to "brainwash" or "control" women. Nothing seemed to be working, and by nothing I mean NOTHING. I spent over $12,000 on devices, pills and mind control classes. Let's just say the trials and results of those expenditures were, less than good. My whole life I haven't been spoiled, per-say, but I had enough so that if I worked hard enough I could almost do anything. So having spent so much time, money and effort on this it made me want it even more.

After all my searching, spending and failing I finally found something worthwhile. A pill that has been proven in multiple lab tests to give the subject, "Mind control capabilities." I immediately looked into it, and got my first bottle of pills from a company called, Mind Control INC. The bottle read, "Take 2 pills twice a day for 3 days, then call the number to get activated."

Activated? What did that mean? What would these pills do to me? I have to say, I was very curious.

So I did as the bottle instructed for the three days, and everything seemed to be going fine! I called the activation number on the bottle and a man with a deep voice answered the phone.

"Hello. Thank you for calling the activation number at Mind Control INC. Please read your activation code to me and we can begin the process" He growled.

"Hi, my code is 137A45F" I recited carefully.

"Very good sir. Please drive to, 10945 serpent's way in one hour to finalize the activation process," he said and ended the call.

At this point I was getting excited. All my work seemed to be coming to a nice close! My deepest sexual desires were soon about to be realized! Or so I thought.

I looked up the address on my phone and found the address was about 15 minutes away from my house. I left so I could get there about 10 minutes early. I got in my car and started on my way! On the way there I had my windows down and music blasting, as happy as can be. Once I turned onto the highway the speed limit jumped from 45 to 75. Looking back, I should have seen this coming from a mile away. Then again, I'm kind of glad I didn't! I looked down to my phone for one second to change the song, and then I heard a loud BOOM in front of me. An 18 wheel oil truck exploded no more the 3 car lengths ahead and the shrapnel was headed right for me! I swerved to the right to avoid the driver side door but ended up driving directly into the rear two tires that shattered the windshield and hit me head on, knocking me immediately unconscious.

I awoke the next day in the hospital to the sound of the nurse's voice.

"His vital signs all look normal. He sure is lucky to not have any permanent injuries from such a horrible crash!" she exclaimed.

"Where am I" I moan.

"O! You're awake! You have been in a car accident but you're OK now honey. You broke a rib, and your left arm" she said.

I immediately noticed how attractive this nurse was. She looked to be 5'9, skinny blonde with at least a DD bust and a beautiful face. Seeing her made me remember my escapade with the mind control pills, and this made me curious to test if they worked! The instructions in the bottle said that to use the mind control you must be looking at the person you wish to control, and think the command you want them to follow. The person being controlled will go into a sort of "obey" mode, and won't remember anything that happens until you stop controlling them. So it's time to test it out!

*Unbutton your shirt and take it off*

She immediately froze in place and started unbuttoning her shirt.

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