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Desperate need to sniff panties get the better of him.

She sat on her cot with her knees up and her chin resting in her hands, wondering who had been at the waterfall, it was not the first time she had felt someone watching her, the thought had excited her, someone watching her caress her own body, hmmm I wonder she repeated as she lay herself down, on her back she lay looking up at the lid of her hut, it could not be called anything else, it looked like it had just been dropped on slightly off centre, she slowly closed her eyes as sleep over took her hot, sweaty body, hmmm I wonder was the thought going through her head as sleep over took her body.

It was around midnight when she was woken by a sound, she could hear footsteps in the room, she sat up and looked around but could see no one,

"Hmmm, this imagination of mine will be the end of me one day," she laughed to herself,

As she lay her body back down a figure appeared beside her cot, it was the figure of a tall handsome man, totally naked, she could see his dark tanned muscular body, beads of sweat from the heat of the night glistening on his torso, she felt something stir inside her, he was the man from the waterfall she just knew it.

He slowly pulled open the netting that had cocooned her all evening and sat on the edge of her cot, the moonlight shone into the room casting shadows on the walls, as the moonlight reflected off his face she could see his eyes looking deeply into hers, no threat just longing, wanting and desire. Slowly he lay down his body next to hers, the netting falling back down around them once again cocooning her, closing her off from the outside world.

His touch was so hot, electric in fact her whole body shuddered as he placed his hand on her stomach, running it up and down, his other hand cupping the back of her head and bringing it up to be met by a tender kiss, his kiss was one of both tenderness and passion, she could taste the salt from the sweat that was running down his face, their tongues met and started to explore each others mouths, twisting and licking, sucking at each other, the kiss was turning into lust and his hands were starting to wander.

With her hands on his back and his body on hers the kissing carried on, firstly on the mouth then down the body nibbling has he went, finally reaching her breast, he took his tongue and teased them one at a time, circling around the nipple area then taking it into his mouth, sucking and gently biting at it, not a word was spoken just the odd groan and hmmm left her lips as he teased and tantalised her body, his tongue licking further down now her back arching and her legs parting in anticipation of what was to come, her hands were on his head with her fingers running through his hair, she could feel the sweat running through his hair and every now and again beads of it was dripping onto her body, and her body was burning with every single droplet and every single touch of his hands.

Hmmm his fingers slid down to her mound, her hot wet mound and he started played, inserting his fingers deep within her, then with his tongue licking at her trying to find her clit, Oh he found it and her body reacted, she gripped his hair tightly making him jerk his head back, then down again into the sweet juices of her feminine beauty, sucking and licking, her body shaking as she came for the first time, his fingers deep inside her pussy, he could feel her juices seeping out, he lapped at them like a dog lapping from his water bowl, taking pleasure in lapping up every last drop.

His fingers now slipping out and running up her body, she could not contain herself as she tried to run her hands down his body, but he would not allow it, he smiled at her and took her hands placing them behind her head and with one hand held both firmly there, this excited her more hmmm, he then kissed her fully on the mouth parting her lips with his tongue, allowing her to taste her own juices, she could feel his hot sweaty body on top of hers, sliding about as he kissed away at her neck, his hard swollen cock pressing hard against her mound, her legs parted and sligh

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