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Judy watches her grandmother, then is taught by her.

"I'm so close." The words tumbled out of her mouth as her orgasm approached. The Wolf released his cock and knelt at her feet, his shaggy face just inches from her pussy. "Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Here it comes!" Just as she crested the wave, he pulled her hand away and slid his tongue deeply into her spasming cunt. Red screamed in pleasure as he brought her to one orgasm after another. She had never cum like this, not even when she frigged herself. She had to push him away as exhaustion threatened to overtake her. "Now you."

The Wolf stood, presenting his cock to her and groaned loudly as she licked the wide head, looking up at him with a strand of cum attached to her soft lips. Just the sight of that made him nut. Ropes of thick cum jetted out of his wide slit, slamming into her throat and coating her face. She eagerly swallowed his jizz and moaned as he bent forward and licked her face, joining her in the cumfest.

Red put her dress and cape back on and gathered her basket. "I thank you for a welcome respite, Wolf. I hope that I will see you again."

The Wolf watched her walk away, the taste of her cream and his cum mingling on his tongue. "You can bet on it, Red."

* * * * *

Grandmother's House was a little cottage in a glade in the woods. Little Red Riding Hood stopped at the pond and cleaned her face and hands, then knocked lightly on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Little Red Riding Hood!"

"Come on in, honey!"

Red lifted the latch and stepped into the house. A fire roared in the small fireplace and a vase of flowers adorned the little kitchen table. She hefted the basket and went into the kitchen.

"Oh! Hello!"

The dark-haired young man turned from the sink, his large hands sudsy. "Hello."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Evan."

"Hello, Evan. I'm Little Red Riding Hood. Most people just call me Red." She set the basket on the table. "What are you doing in my Grandmother's house?"

"I'm just helping her out. She's been very kind to my father so when I heard that she was not feeling well, I came over to help."

"That's very kind of her. My mother sent these cakes and wine for her."

"Oh, good. I'm sure that she'll enjoy them. She has been feeling a lot better lately. Why don't you go on in and visit with her? I'll join you in a minute."


Evan turned back to the sink and Red just stood there for a moment, looking him over. He was well-built with broad shoulders and stocky legs and his large hands cradled her grandmother's dishes with care. That was sexy itself. Grandmother was tucked into the big bed, sleeping peacefully and seemed to awaken just as she entered.

"Hi, Grandmother." Red kissed her cheek. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine, dear. Just catching up on rest I missed."

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! Mom sent some cakes and wine for you."

"Ooo, good! Why don't you grab us a couple of glasses and let's break open that wine!"

Red laughed. "Grandmother, you are such a nut!" She gave her a big hug. "I'll be right back."

"And bring Evan with you!"

While she was getting the wine, Evan's father, Harl, a huntsman, came in, a covered pot in one hand and a sack in the other. After introductions had been made, Harl brought out two loaves of bread, a wheel of cheese and two more bottles of wine. Grandmother dressed and though she was still a little weak, she allowed Harl to help her to her favorite chair near the warm fire. Red smiled, wondering if there was something going on between the two.

They ate the beef stew and bread that Harl had brought and enjoyed the cheese with the wine, all sitting together in the small living room area. The hour grew late but Red didn't care. The wine had gone to her head and the smoldering glances that Evan was giving her were making her tingly. She would spend the night, she thought, and she would fuck Evan if she got the chance.

Harl helped Grandmother back to bed and departed, leaving Red and Evan alone in the living room area. Evan refilled her glass again, his eyes falling on her heaving bosom.

"You are a beautiful girl, Red

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