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Bride discovers a secret family tradition.

As she turned back to the coffee maker I was granted a delectable view of her pussy. She had shaved the lips smoothly and their puffiness was evident through the thin fabric of the harem pants. Just above her lips, above her hidden clitoris, was a little patch of carefully trimmed hair. The elastic waistband of the harem pants was just above that.

Bill still hadn't turned around. I said to Kara, "You know, Bill was recommended to me by James Ramsey, one of the guys you work with." I was hoping that Kara would realize that her mode of dress might get back to Winston Grayson and cause her to lose out on the partnership.

Kara said, "I know what you're trying to tell me, but I'm not worried. I think Bill here has better sense than to say anything."

Bill continued working on his sketches. He still didn't look up when he said, "I don't know what it is I'm not supposed to talk about but you don't have to worry. In my business I learn a lot about people's private lives and I've learned not to talk. My men understand that if they want to keep their jobs, and I do pay them well, they don't say anything either."

The coffee had finished brewing and Kara asked, "Who wants coffee?"

Bill replied, "I'll take a cup, black, please."

I still would have preferred that Bill didn't see Kara dressed like that. I didn't want her to take a chance with her career but I also thought she was dressed too immodestly for a stranger, even if she was at home. I didn't mind another man seeing her like that but I was concerned that he might be offended. However, it was too late for concern; Kara was coming to the table. I said, "Sure, bring me a cup too."

Kara came to the table carrying two cups of coffee. From behind Bill she put a cup down at his side. He looked up from his sketching to thank her, but when he saw how she was dressed he lost his voice. He stared without saying anything. His eyes followed her as she walked around to my side of the table. I could tell he wanted to be polite but the elevator movement of his eyes was unmistakable.

As she put my coffee down I attempted to introduce them. I said, "Bill, this is Kara Radcliffe. Kara this is Bill Jenson." Kara extended her hand toward Bill but things still weren't registering clearly with him.

Finally he regained his senses, took her hand and stammered, "Uhhh, pleased to meet you."

Kara said, "Would it be alright if I get my coffee and join you two?"

Bill's head was going up and down like an oil pump as he blurted out, "Of course, by all means." I nodded and Kara went back to the coffeepot to pour herself a cup. While she was gone, Bill said, "Her last name is not the same as yours. Are you two married?"

"Not yet, but I'm thinking very seriously about it, if she'll have me that is."

"Beautiful girl, you could certainly do a lot worse."

"Oh, I know," I said, "and she's smart too."

About that time Kara returned with her coffee and sat down at one end of the table. She looked at me, then at Bill and said, "You two weren't talking about me while I was gone were you?"

"Oh no," responded Bill, "I just mentioned to Dirk how beautiful I thought you were." Bill was staring at her chest.

Kara blushed a little. I looked too and I could see her nipples growing. Kara got very aroused when anyone paid attention to her, especially if she wasn't wearing much. Kara said, "It doesn't bother you for me to be dressed like this does it? I mean, you have seen tits before haven't you?"

Bill stuttered a little, "Uhhh, uhhh, of course, but probably not as nice as yours. Of course I'm bothered, but not in a bad way. Actually I'm kinda liking the view. You certainly don't need to change on my count."

Kara turned to me. I was studying her nipples. They were definitely getting harder. She said, "I think he likes my tits. You are going to have him do the addition aren't you?"

Kara's language didn't offend me but it did surprise me.

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