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Sara's visit to her brothers becomes a nightmare.

In three hours, I was a wreck. I had looked at the same data for the fourth time and realized that I would be unable to go any further without some sort of release. I knew that if I somehow brought myself to orgasm in spite of the limitations, I would just earn more punishment. Anything would be better than this. Bracing myself, I slapped my hands against my breasts and cunt. Pain unimaginable shot through me. I think I collapsed to the floor in agony. For a few blessed seconds I was free of the constantly building arousal in my body, though the price was immense. Finally unable to stand it any more, I pulled away and made a glorious discovery. I wasn't aroused anymore! Apparently the intense pain levels had shut down the sexual excitement and left me sore from the cramps (a result of being in intense pain for almost a minute).

As I stood up, the first tinges of arousal started again when skin contacted skin. Looking at the clock, I saw that I had been at it for just over three hours. At this rate, I would have to indulge in self inflicted agony four more times, maybe five more, to keep able to work for the rest of the day. It was doable, but I never wanted to be put through something like this again. I had already learned my lesson. I would never go around Master's back again, for anything.

It took another five hours work (and two more blasts of agony to end two more pleasure overloads) to find the source of the fraud. Being unable to give a verbal report, I prepared a data crystal containing the basic information. A data entry operator for a shipping warehouse had been falsifying the time stamps. This allowed the sale or purchase price for certain lots of commodities to be posted at the best price over a one to two hour period, while being reported at the price at the beginning of the discrepancy period. While each such incident garnered only a moderate amount of illicit profit for someone, the sheer number of occurrences spoke of immense profits.

The most curious part was that the price differences were not going to the account of the person changing the time stamps. It was going somewhere else, outside of the system, beyond the ability of this data to identify. All I had was an Orion bank account number. It would take more than I had at my disposal to determine who owned that particular Numbered Orion account. The most worrisome thing was the sheer volume of money involved. There were lesser planetary governments with budgets smaller than this. What was someone doing with all this money? Master was not going to like this at all.

Come to think of it, I had no idea what Master intended to do in this system, or why the fraud was so important to find. Some planets had laws that held slaves of criminals to the same punishment as their masters. I did not want to be sent to the penal colonies on Harvent to mine heavy trans-uranics for the rest of what would be my very short life. Yet, as a slave, I had no right to even ask about his intentions, let alone stop him from committing any crimes. I was in a pickle and someone out there liked sliced pickles on their sandwiches.

I returned to our cabin, where Master was studying something on his data pad. I handed him the data crystal report and waited for further instructions. He put the crystal in the data port, but looked at me and smiled. "You are one smart slave, and savvy as well. Many would not have considered self-inflicted pain to cancel the arousal, let alone have been brave enough to actually do it. I applaud your ingenuity and resourcefulness. I am making one change in your programming. If you decide to continue with this strategy, you will not be able to stop the pain for three full minutes. This is supposed to be a severe punishment. I don't care if its from extreme arousal or prolonged pain, but it will be severe. Now stand still until I say otherwise."

No problem.

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