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Lacy's first outdoor sexual encounter with her lover.

They started with high-heeled knee-high boots and ended at a little lace thong. He tried to run his free hand up the back of one thigh.

Quickly Betzaida took his hand and twisted it away. "You are still a bad boy. I told you not to touch. Now I'm going to have to tie this one up too." She laid him back against the headboard and reached the other side of the bed for the other rope. "Okay now it's my turn, Dare."

"Well since I seem to be needing to do a little catch up on the clothing department and my hands are tied up, I dare you to take my clothes off."

"With pleasure," she said as she leaned over and kissed him deeply. Betzaida slid her tongue between his lips and tasted him. This of course was just a distraction as she slid her fingers in one of her boots and drew out a silver dagger and raised it up to his stomach.

"Whoa what do you plan to do with that," he exclaimed after being caught off guard.

"Well the ropes are in the way, but they have to stay. And you told me to take off your clothes. What? You don't trust me?"

He seemed apprehensive, but he conceded. She started from the bottom and started popping one button at a time, then cut a slit on the back before tearing the shirt in two. Then she licked and nibbled at his neck while undoing his pants before they finally could be slid off. And last but not least were his boxer briefs; well at least they weren't the tighty-whities of years ago. Betzaida cut those off too!

"I believe it is your turn now," she told him as she cradled his testicles in her hand. "Truth or Dare?"

He drew in a heavy breath, "Truth."

"Did you enjoy tormenting your sister and I all those many years ago? Did you enjoy watching us do all that stuff and me following your every order?"

"Yes," Edgardo admitted. "It was hot seeing you two kissing and fucking you from behind while you ate her out."

"You are a bad boy wanting to see your sister get ate up, and not even hiding like a decent Peeping Tom." She reached over to the nightstand drawer and pulled out a cat-o'-nine-tails.

"What kind of game do you think you are going to play with that," Edgardo said almost panicking.

"Like I said earlier, I've learned much since we last saw each other. I suppose I could choose Truth since it is my turn and tell you about it. If you wish." He nodded his assent and Betzaida continued on. "After we last saw each other that last winter break all those many years ago, my parents moved us to Nevada. I finished out the rest of my year in high school and moved in with a friend to Vegas. She went to work at casinos and went to wild parties at night. I kept to myself and school, I told her I was not interested in her sex parties. I couldn't tell her the truth that because of my past I just lost any interest in it. I finally let her talk me into going to one of her parties just so she would stop harassing me about it and she promised she knew someone that would take good care of me. That was when I met Mistress Organa. She saw great potential in me, and she taught me everything there was to know about domination and the art of giving pleasure with pain." Betzaida began to trail the whip up from his ankle and up his leg, "If you trust me, I can show you. You did say you could take anything I could come up with you big, strong, man you. Tell me the Truth, you want me to."

She licked the line of his jaw and trailed an arc along the shell of his ear. He drew a sharp ragged breath, a definite indication that she was turning him on; not to mention his penis standing almost completely erect. She bent over and took him into her mouth; she licked, nibbled, and sucked until his groans were almost nonstop. She stopped, stood up at the foot of the bed, and told him to turn around.

"Uhm, did you forget? I'm kinda tied up at the moment," he said raising his arms up and showing off the ropes on his hands.

"You're a smart man and I'm sure you can figure it out.

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