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Student blackmails his teacher.

"You look so happy this morning!"

"I am, Beatrice!"

"Mr. Munroe wants to see you in his office first thing," she said.

"Okay, thanks, B." I walked back to my desk and set my things down, then made my way over to Munroe's corner office. It was the only office in the place, actually, set back in the North West corner. When we first moved into these offices it was lined with windows, but Munroe being a private man, he had the place remodeled, taking out the windows and putting up walls. I understood why he did it, but it made him isolated from his employees, which fostered resentment. But I guess it was his prerogative.

"Sarah, come in, sit down," Munroe said as I closed the door behind me. I took a seat at the chair directly across from his desk. I could tell by the look on his face that something was bothering him. I waited for him to speak first.

He sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Then he finally spoke.

"You know, I had this big long speech prepared, but now...Sarah, let me show you something. I want you to watch this and tell me what you think about it." He clicked something with his mouse, then turned his monitor around so I could see it.

It was...what was it? A video of the office, but it was wait there was something moving at the top of the screen. And suddenly the video was over my cubicle. Oh shit, that's me, reaching into the bottom drawer, taking out the petty cash box. What is going...oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit.

"Mr. Munroe, I can explain-" I started.

"Just watch."

The me on the screen opened the petty cash box, proceeded to count out eight-thousand dollars, folded it neatly and stuffed it in my purse. My vision blurred, eyes teary.

"Please, Mr. Munroe. My wedding is-" my voice cracked. I saw my self in jail. Dean leaving me. No one wants a convict. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"Did you think you could get away with this?" Munroe asked.

"Our wedding is coming up soon...and, and we just...oh my God!" I buried my face in my hands.

"Did you think you wouldn't get caught? Embezzling is a serious offense, Sarah."

"Oh my God!" I looked up at him. "Please, Mr. Munroe. Please! Don't have me arrested. I'll do anything! Please! My wedding is only six weeks-please Mr. Munroe! I'll do anything! Just don't have me arrested."

He stared at me as I quietly sobbed. He had a curious look on his face. We sat there in silence, my sobs the only noise.

Then he slid a box of tissues across his desk to me.

"Clean your self up and go back to your desk. I have to decide what I'm going to do. I'll call you back in when I'm ready."



Anything. Anything. She said she'd do anything.

I had forgotten that she was getting married. I quickly called up her personnel file on my computer. What was her fiance's name again...John I think. No, Dean.

I sat there for a moment.

I hadn't had an opportunity like that in a long time. I hatched a plan in my head. It was going to be difficult, but I had an advantage going in. I was pretty sure I could pull it off.



I leaned around the corner of the shelf, looking to make sure no one was watching. It was clear, everyone was on their lunch break. I turned my back to the security camera and casually slipped three packs of birth control into my pocket.

It was one of the benefits of working at a pharmacy, free drugs. That is if you knew what you were doing. Corporate had a certain amount of theft built into the monthly budget anyway, so I just fudged a few prescriptions, turned my back to the security cameras, and voila! Sarah got free birth control.

It wasn't like I was just being greedy. Sarah's job was good and all, but the health insurance sucked. The only birth control they covered on her plan gave her all sorts of terrible side effects. We weren't ready for kids, and we really couldn't pay out of pocket for the prescriptions, so four times a year I would pocket three packs for her.

Suddenly my phone rang.


"Dean?" It was Sarah. She was crying.

"Sarah? What's wrong?" I heard

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