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Completing the outfit were a pair of glace kid evening gloves, concealed underneath the sleeves of the jacket, a close supervision dressage whip and, to be fitted before entering the small arena, her custom made silver dressage spurs.

The Lafayette Pony Show had become the annual event for a select group of ladies in Madison County. Inaugurated fourteen years ago it was a get together for those women of a certain age who enjoyed both horsewomanship and exercising a certain kind of sexual control. All of these women were single, or divorced or widowed and all were comfortably off and able to indulge their tastes in private. The Pony Show was always held on one of their estates and kept well away from prying eyes.

The most prestigious prize at the Pony Show was the Dressage Cup and this year 52 year old Marsha Durant was determined to win it. The Cup was awarded for the best ten minute display of obedience under pressure. It wasn't so much what rider and ponyboy did in their ten minutes but the grace and elegance with which they did it. Appearance was important, which partly explained Marsha's confidence. Mark was, by common consent, the most handsome pony in the show. However, it remained to be seen whether he could perform.

Having fitted Mark with his harness Patti went into her Aunt's room to fit her dressage spurs. They were made of silver, with tiny sharp rowels and shaped to Marsha's boots. The silver spurs matched Marsha's coiffed hair beneath her top hat, making the only splash of colour the bright red shiny lipstick that coated her mouth.

Finally the moment.

Marsha led Mark, now on all fours, into the arena, the small area inside what was once a ballroom, now carpeted with rubber to protect the knees of the ponies. Polite applause from the twelve or so ladies present.

Marsha swung a leg over her pony and without looking down her pointed boots slipped into the stirrups. As always her thighs clenched around the pony's flanks and her hand firmly but decisively pulled back on the reins, instantly snapping his head upwards and tightening his mouth into a strained rictus grin. Mark's neatly circumcised penis continued to be rock hard, a fact remarked on by many of the ladies in the audience. The penis head gleamed pink with the gel Patti had applied just before his appearance and the veined shaft sustained its tension superbly.

Then the routine. After many hours of practice at home this had become almost second nature to both rider and pony.

With a smile to the audience Marsha sharply applied her spurs to her pony's inner thigh. There was a gasp from the ladies present as the ponyboy did nothing, not even a flinch. The only sign that anything had happened were the thin streams of blood that began to flow from the pony's groin down his inner thighs. This first touch of the spurs was simply to show Marsha's control of her pony.

Then ...

Whip!! Marsha's dressage whip on the pony's buttock, followed by a slow motion lifting of his right foreleg.

Whip!! Left hind leg

Whip!! Left foreleg

Whip!! Right hind leg

And so on for a minute, every second set followed by a touch of right or left spur to indicate a quarter turn. Mark's bottom received every stroke of Marsha's whip on the same area, so that he now sported a bright, shiny red weal about a centimetre wide across his right buttock. Despite the obvious pain caused by Marsha's whip Mark was too well trained to display any kind of response and, as important, his penis remained strongly erect, which Marsha moved on to display in their next exercise.

Bringing Mark to rest, Marsha used her spurs and bridle to pull him upright, forelegs to the front, penis pointing almost horizontal.

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