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Adam tries to cope with the recent heartbreaking separation.

as the others were?"

"I don't know." said Quint.

"Did you ever find out something, some secret?" I asked. "Did you witness something you weren't supposed to?"

"Not that I know of." said Quint, his eyes avoiding mine as I peered at him. He then said "I just have one question: if you can get Peter Gordon acquitted, do you think you can get me a new trial?"

"I'll do what I can." I replied.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was very introspective as we drove from Jacksonville to Midtown. Finally, I spoke.

"Norm," I said, "what do we know about Quint Danielson?" I knew he'd been looking up Quint's information on his iPad as we were driving. The Black Beauty was a personal hotspot, by the way.

"Nothing out of the ordinary." said Chow. "He was a coach and a motivational speaker. Pro teams paid him a good bit to work with their players, especially baseball pitchers and batters that were in slumps. He had no convictions of anything more than a couple of speeding tickets here and there. He had a good reputation until the rape conviction."

"It does not make sense." I said under my breath.

"What's that, sir?" asked Chow.

"I understand why the others were targeted by Luskin." I said. "I don't understand why Quint was targeted. We need to dig harder into him and his past."

"Yes sir." said Chow. "By the way, I have the Police report of the case, including Luskin's original complaint, and the transcript from the trial, as you asked."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"This is awesome!" said Mike G. Todd as Eddy and I presented our evidence to him. "If this can't get Peter acquitted, then there is no System of Justice in this country."

"Or this world." I said. "Take special note, too: Luskin's first report to the Police in the Quint Danielson case, and her testimony in the trial is verbatim what she reported to the TCPD at the Hospital and in her statement the next day at the Station."

"Wow." said Mike. Then he frowned. "Where are these witnesses now?" he asked.

"In a very safe place." I said. "Under my protection." I did not mention, nor did I need to, that 'The Vision' compound in Coltrane County was most very secure.

Part 19 - Patience Exhausted

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!" shouted the redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Tuesday, August 22d. "The Police Captain's Union has filed a formal complaint with the Court that the Board of Inquiry is dragging its feet in investigating Commander Donald Troy's shooting of a protester last week!"

Bettina: "The Captain's Union is complaining that the Board of Inquiry has not even formally convened nor taken any testimony in the case. Inspector General Horace S. Wellman filed a brief that his Office has not been contacted at all by the Board of Inquiry, and that the delay is extremely unusual."

Bettina: "Furthermore, the Police Union, which represents Police Officers below the rank of Captain, has stated that Police Officers are inquiring about going on strike if Commander Troy's case is not resolved more quickly. Fox Two News has learned that the morale of the TCPD is very depleted, and the vast majority of Police Officers are firmly behind Commander Troy and his actions, and are demanding his immediate return to duty."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was wearing my semi-formal jacket with ribbons as part of my uniform for the Board of Inquiry hearing. It had not been scheduled for today, but the pressure put on the Board (and the Sheriff) by the Unions had had the desired effect: a fire had been lit under the asses of the County Government.

The Lead Commissioner of the Board of Inquiry was an older black man, who often led these such Boards. One of the other Commissioners was Mr. Fitzgerald, who was normally friendly to the Police. But the last Commissioner was a man named Finneran, who looked like a sloppier version of Dick Ferrell with his droopy brown mustache. He was a friend of Thomas P. Cook, and therefore a virulent enemy of Your Iron Crowbar.

Before I took the stand, there were several other witnesses.

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