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What happens when slaves think.


"In where Mom?" Billy playfully asked, trying to make her say the word that she had a love/hate relationship with. "Tell me where."

"In my cunt honey," Eileen said as the utterance of the word made her shiver. "I love your big cock in my cunt."

"Thanks - you know I love it when you say that," Billy reminded his Mom as he leaned closer. "And what's my favorite part about your pussy?"

"You like it because I'm really hairy down there," Eileen said just as Billy slid even deeper into her, and then mentioned, "Funny, Henri likes his women with a lot of hair down there too."

He loved it when his very straight-laced Mom would talk dirty and Eileen knew Billy loved it when she referred to his penis as being big. It wasn't really big in the strictest sense, because although it was fairly long it was also very slender, much like the body it was attached too and that was how her son was able to slide right into her with a minimum of foreplay.

Billy was so young and virile that he could stay erect just like that for the longest time, as hard as blue steel and throbbing in Eileen's previously long neglected pussy. She had gone without a man for so long but recently she had the luxury of two.

"That's so nice honey," Eileen sighed, although as Billy's hand came up to knead her small breasts which had lost so much of their firmness in recent years she hoped he wouldn't coax the top of her nightie down because that would make her even more self-conscious than his squeezing her pliant cones.

"You're so hot," Billy groaned as he kissed the back of his mother's neck before twisting her around a little bit and moving his hand from her breast and using it to pull her arm back toward the headboard.

"I'm not a contortionist honey," Eileen complained good-naturedly, knowing what her son was up to even before Billy leaned forward and kissed the spray of light brown hairs that had grown since her boyfriend told her to stop shaving her armpits a few weeks ago.

"I didn't like this at first but I'm changing my mind I think," Billy said after lavishing affection under his Mom's softly scented arm. "You're getting pretty hairy though. You've got more hair under your arms than I do I think."

Her French boyfriend had asked her to stop shaving completely but Eileen had managed to convince him to let her shave her legs for work, and while she felt self-conscious about he pit hair she didn't wear anything sleeveless out of the house so nobody but the three of them knew.

"I think Henri's a little disappointed I'm not hairier - like him I guess," Eileen grunted as Billy started sliding his dick in a little harder. "Oh that's good. So deep."

"What were you going to tell me about Henri?" Billy reminded his Mom as he continued to guide his prong into her, the days of him instantly cumming now just a distant memory as his experience had grown.

"Don't get mad honey," Eileen gasped as the bed groaned. "Last night - early this morning - Henri - he came in here - forgot his wallet."

"He saw me in here with you?" Billy said, slowing his thrusts when he heard that.

"Yes - don't stop honey."

"What did he see?" Billy insisted.

"The sheet was down and my nightie was up like it is now," came the sentence in between grunts.

"Was I..."

"Your pajamas were down around your ankles."

"Henri saw my dick?" Billy mumbled.

"Yes," Eileen replied. "He wasn't upset though. He said he understood."

"He did?"

"Yes, and do you know what he said about your penis?" Eileen asked as she thrust back into her son who had slowed just as she was so close to cumming, and she knew what she would say would excite her insecure boy. "He said he was surprised by how big your dick is."

"I was hard?" Billy asked, knowing that if his was limp there was no way his grower would get that reaction from anybody, and when his near frantic Mom conformed that fact Billy asked, "I'm not as big as Henri is though, am I?"

Billy was guessing at that because he had never seen his Mom's boyfriend cock hard, but he had seen Henri naked once as he left the bedroom and his limp co

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