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Decision time.

I match your rhythm, wanting, needing to feel you as deep as possible. You move faster with each thrust. I can feel the heat rolling off your body and it is the most delicious feeling. I want to be wrapped in your warmth always. As I relic in you, I feel you wrap your fingers in my hair, pulling me back and up.

"Are you my little cum slut?" you ask, maybe demand.

"Yes," I say, in a breathy voice, barely audible.

"Say it."

"I'm your cum slut. I wanna be your cum slut. I want to taste you. I want your cum."

You push me down to my side, and start entering me from a different angle. This one not as deep, but equally as satisfying. I can see you out of the corner of my eye, the way you are watching me as you pump in and out of me. I smile ever so slightly to myself.

"What do you want?" you ask in a raspy voice, almost panting.

"I want you to cum for me," I say. I want nothing more than to taste your cum. I have been dreaming about it for months and I am elated that the opportunity may finally be here.

"I want to make you cum again," you return. I think through that for just a second, certain I have nothing left to give you in terms of an orgasm. You have thoroughly serviced me, better than anyone ever has. I don't think I could possibly orgasm again, even with your delicious dick pounding into me.

I turn my head to try to get a glimpse of you, but as I do, you flip me around, my back to the bed and your body against mine. You lean your weight against me, pinning me to the bed. I look at you, your face, your eyes. I am in awe of your ability to make me feel like you do. In awe of your command, your control, your power. In awe of you. You separate my legs slightly and are instantly pushing deep inside of me again. I feel my back arch slightly, pushing into you. Your chest is wet with sweat, and now mine is too. You look down at me, use a hand to push my hair out of my face, kissing my forehead and then my lips. Your balance of tenderness as you kiss me with your assault between my legs is astounding.

"Wrap your legs around me," you command. And I do, my eyes locked on yours. The slight change in position has you hitting my spot again. And despite feeling like I have nothing left, I feel my body climbing. Again. I let out a breathy, nearly pained, moan. I close my eyes, unsure if my body can handle another orgasm. I turn my head and bite my thumb in an attempt to release some of the tension that is building. Watching me, you offer me your thumb, replacing my own, in my mouth. I bite down on your thumb, savoring your taste. You taste like a delicious mix of me and you, my favorite flavor.

"Suck on it like it's my dick." And I do just that. I focus on taking your finger deep into my mouth, a welcomed distraction from my growing need for release. I run my tongue around your thumb, feeling your fingernail graze the roof of my mouth. But the distraction doesn't last long. I pull my legs down off of your back and squeeze your sides. I turn my head to the other side and hold my eyes closed tight, waiting for the whiteness to overtake my vision. But then I feel your hand against my chin, you turn my face towards you.

"Keep your eyes open. Look at me when you cum." I merely nod in agreement. Our eyes stay locked. This may be the most intense moment I have ever experienced with you. You continue thrusting into me, knowing I am on the edge. I start to feel the pull in my stomach. And then my entire body reacts. I coil upward, towards you, our eyes still locked. Wave after wave roll through me while my eyes can't leave yours. As my body calms, I basically collapse on the bed, a puddle leftover orgasm, a puddle of your wrath. I wrap my arms around yours, memorizing the curves of the muscles in your arms. I want to kiss them, to lick them, to taste them. I want to taste every part of you. I slide my hands up your arms and wrap them around your back. You are covered in sweat. You've given me so much, you need a break. I need a break.

You lay down, re

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