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Two high school acquaintances are reunited.

So let's try this, I thought to myself.

"But if I ask you to," As I tried to find the right words Eva dropped her hands to the desk again and snapped at me, cutting me off once more.

"Yes damn it! I think that was their plan." She sounded really annoyed. We just stared at each other for a few seconds while I was gathering my courage.

"Why don't you get out of that chair and come over here then?" I finally said, and motioned to the floor in front of her desk. Eva let out another deep sigh but slowly pushed herself off the chair and walked over to the spot. She then folded her arms and stared at me.

"Now I want you to apologize for being such a bitch this week." I figured this would be a good start to test how far she'd go. She continued to just stare at me, but finally broke the silence.

"I," she hesitated. "am sorry." Judging by her look and voice it was obvious she didn't mean it.

"You can do better than that," I said, "I think I'm entitled to a proper apology and some compensation." She didn't say a word and stood motionless as I approached her. I took my hands and placed them on her hips. I expected her to slap me or at least pull back, but she stood firm and let me run my hands around her until I had them all over her firm ass. I squeezed her gently a few times and just loved the feeling of the soft fabric of her skirt.

"I think I deserve a kiss too." I said, looking straight at her. She still looked pissed off but leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on my lips and then pulled back again.

"I mean a proper kiss." I said, and ran a hand up her back. I stopped as I reached her neck and pushed her head forward. She let out a sigh but tilted her head a bit as our lips met again. This time her lips parted and our tongues met, swirling around in a wet kiss. She tasted like coffee but her tongue felt very warm and soft. Both my hands trailed between her hips and her ass as we made out. After a while I broke the kiss and smiled at her.

"That's more like it." I then stepped closer again, leaning my head over her shoulder to watch as I continued to squeeze her ass. Her arms were still folded, but I could feel her chest press against mine, and she also had a very nice perfume adding to my arousal. I started to slowly pull her skirt up with my hands until her ass was bare and I then ran my hands over her naked cheeks making her stir a little.

"Your hands are cold." She said, as I grabbed her naked ass. Her skin was even softer than her skirt and as I let one of my hands run down between her cheeks I could feel she was wearing a thong.

"Hold your skirt up!" I said, giving her ass a light slap. She jumped and gave me another one of her patented pissed off looks, but after awhile she slowly unfolded her arms and grabbed a hold of the hem of her skirt. I stepped back from her to get a better look but her skirt was still just above her knees.

"Higher!" I said, and she slowly pulled it up her legs giving me the show of my life. Her stockings came to an end abit above the middle of her thighs and then I could see the tanned skin of her bare legs. She was absolutely stunning. She pulled the skirt up all the way to her waist and my jaw droped as I saw her black thong, barely covering the mound around her pussy. Through it I could see a dark patch of pubic hair. I watched her body with hungry eyes and reached out a hand that trailed from her belly down the front of her panties. My hand lingered down there and I gave her another kiss. As I let my hand run further down and trailed a finger against her slit I could feel her lips stiffen and she broke the kiss.

"What?" I said, with my hand still held against her panties.

"Nothing." She said after awhile, and gave me an indifferent look.

"Well then," I said, "can you loose the jacket." Without a word Eva dropped her grip on the skirt and I took away my hand. She undid a button and then took off her dress jacket, folded it, and carefully placed it on the desk.

"And a few buttons there.

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