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Lynda and Ian take a shower together.

Each time she did, I would let out an inadvertent little grunt. Pre-cum would shoot out and she would lick it off. She then went back to sucking me all the way in, back out, and back down. I could feel my balls tightening. She could feel my body tensing. She knew she was getting me close to cumming.

Meanwhile, she's letting her saliva flow freely.

"I can feel your spit running down my balls," I whispered to her. "It's such a turn-on."

She continued sucking me, down, up, down, up, while also stroking my shaft with her hand.

"Are you gonna cum in my mouth, baby?" she asked.

WHOA! That caught me off guard. Another spurt of pre-cum for her.

"What?" I asked, wanting to be sure I heard correctly.

"You gonna cum in my mouth, baby?" she asked again.

"You want me to cum in your mouth?" I asked.

"Mmm hum," she purred quietly. "Do you want to?"

Cumming in her mouth isn't anything new. She's done it before, a few times. She didn't ever like it much, let the cum pool in her mouth, then dripped it down my shaft and balls. But I had to ask her to do it and I knew she didn't really want to. To have her ask me was a MAJOR turn-on. And I knew she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

"I always want to cum in your mouth," I replied.

She started down and up again as I continued moaning and playing with her titties. She suddenly pulled up hard, made a "POP" sound as her lips cleared my head, and jumped up on her knees. My heart sank. I figured she was going to jump on and take her hot pussy for a spin on my hard cock.

She shifted positions a bit, bent back over, licked the pool of pre-com off the tip, then resumed licking down the underside again. YES! I was still throbbing.

She started sucking me down harder and faster, letting her saliva flow. I pulled and tugged at her nipples. As she was sucking, she started stroking me a bit harder.

"You want my cum in your mouth?" I asked, just for mood.

"Mmmmm. Mmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmm," was all she managed as her mouth was full.

"You want my cum?" I asked again.

"Mmmm Hmm," she cooed, still with her mouth full. She's so polite to not try to talk with her mouth full.

She began moving rapidly up and down my shaft with her mouth but now she starts making very sexy moaning sounds. I continued playing with her tits as I thrust my hips up to fuck her sweet mouth. She popped off a few times to catch her breath and then went right back down. I could feel my head hitting the back of her throat on each plunge.

On one down stroke, she stopped, held her position, then began taking me into her throat.

"HOLY FUCK!" I moaned.

When she came back up, she needed some air. She popped off and started swinging my cock back and forth.

"What?" she asked. "You like that?" Wow. What a grasp of the obvious.

"Yeah, baby! Stroke me while you suck me," I instructed.

She released her hand, raised it to her mouth, and wet it. Then her wet hand was back around my cock, followed by her mouth. OH, IT FELT SO AMAZING! I moaned loud and chuckled. I had told her many times that I loved her saliva all over me while she gives me head. I took the time to show my appreciation.

"See what your spit does for me?" I asked.

With her wet hand on my saliva covered cock, she began stroking me from base to head. Up and down, over and over. I was thrusting my hips to meet her movements. Between about every fourth or fifth stroke, she would follow her hand down with her mouth. After several of those, she lowered her head and began taking me in her mouth with each stroke.

"There you go," I said. "OH FUCK!" I panted.

I continued to play with her titties. She was alternating between taking me in her mouth on each stroke, and using her tongue on my head and around the tip.

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho," I gasped. I knew I was going to cum soon. I was ready.

She continued alternating her stokes and licks. I continued moaning.

"I think you're gonna make me cum," I announced. Now who's Captain Obvious?

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmm," she grunted with her mouth full of rock hard cock.

"You hear me? You'r

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