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She likes having him watch her.

The jeans pocket also closed with a zip which she used to secure the shorts inside. She then fetched Kate's metal cash box and squeezed her rolled up jeans inside, having to kneel on the lid to get it to close. She locked the cash box and then placed it inside her safe.

Brad was now inside Emma's panties, inside her shorts, inside her jeans, locked inside Kate's cash box and locked inside Emma's safe. His silk prison was crushing him from all directions and he spent the first few minutes just trying to lift his hand from his side up to his face. He then fought to bend his legs. It was pitch dark and silent and Emma's scent pervaded everything. Escape was obviously impossible.

What made it even worse was that it would be so easy for Emma to just leave him there forever. The magic woman had said that he didn't need to eat or drink while shrunk down. Emma could leave the safe locked for a week, for a year, for ten years and there was nothing he could do about it. She was almost thirty now and could easily leave him locked up inside the safe until she was 35 or 40 and he wouldn't die.

What would that be like? She'd be a beautiful, worldly thirty something. She'd have travelled, played, explored and lived life. He would have spent most of his adult life held prisoner in some woman's safe.

Outside, Emma sat on top of the safe and looked down at the steel beneath her. She had been getting increasingly aroused as she'd increased his confinement and now with no-one to watch, she finished the job.


By the time Emma returned to the flat, Kate was already home from work and desperate to see her boyfriend.

"I wanted to keep him warm," Emma explained as she unlocked her safe and unwrapped Brad from the many layers of her clothing.

"But why is he sewed up inside your panties, Em?"

"He tried to run away from me today, I thought that was the kindest way to keep him in one place."

"What?" Kate scolded as she held up her flatmate's underwear between her fingertips, "You'd better not try anything like that with me!"

Brad couldn't believe it. He'd tried to escape because Emma was a sadistic bitch with a penchant for crushing him. Now it looked as though he was to blame.

"I told him that running off would be really dangerous," Emma continued.

"Mmm, I need a way to keep hold of him until midnight..."

"You could do what I almost did today," Emma smiled sweetly, "glue him to something. I was thinking of my leg," and with that she pointed to her inner thigh and gave Kate a mischievous smile and wink.

Kate winked back, "Could be sexy... nice and high up and out of sight."

"I have some glue that should just about hold him in place," Emma replied.

Kate removed her charcoal suit skirt and sat on the edge of the bed wearing her white work blouse and black underwear. Emma was sitting next to her with a tube of glue in her hand.

"What is that stuff?" Kate asked.

"The labels come off, but it's just art glue, I think."

Emma unpicked some of her earlier stitching and poured Brad out through the resulting hole and into Kate's waiting hand. Kate gripped him harder than usual as Emma smeared glue all over his back and legs.

"Now where to put you," Kate purred, "Mmm... inner thigh, nice and high up."

Kate pushed him against her leg so that his head was almost touching her panty line and held him firmly in place while the glue dried. Emma's sadistic side enjoyed the rush knowing that Kate and Brad were already past the point of no return.

"How long does it take to dry?" Kate asked innocently.

"Maybe five minute," Emma lied.

Kate waited another minute and then tested the bond between them.

"Wow that seems very solid, I can't move him at all."

"How does it feel to have your man permanently between your legs?" Emma asked jealously.

Kate walked around her room with her legs deliberately close together so that her thighs brushed together, catching Brad in between. "Mmm, I like it," the brunette replied.

Kate showered with Brad still stuck to her thigh and was pleased to see that the water hadn't dissolve the glu

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