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Paul and Beatrice are in pursuit of the Anomaly.

"Two things about that. First, a vast majority of people don't put their shoes at the end like that, they'll put them mid-way up the chair on the open side because that's where they sit up at. Second, see how they're arranged?"

The shoes were arranged as an "L" with the toe of one shoe pointing towards the guy.

Rick smiled, "Pretty obvious once you know what you're looking for."


"In the code, almost everything has a meaning. If the toe of the shoe points towards the person, it means their room is good, away, not their room."

"Not their room?"

"The person could be married and the spouse doesn't know. Or maybe their traveling with friends, or...oh, wait, I think he's got a bite..."

Rick had noticed a female in her forties walk by the guy and look. The watched her walk away.

"Which one?"

"Older lady, just walked past him. In the two-piece, blue suit."

Jim saw her as she stopped several chairs away from the guy they were talking about. She seemed to be doing something on her phone. Jim guessed she was at least mid-forties, but had a nice body for her age. Her breasts were large and a slightly wide bottom, but still draws looks from guys both younger and older.

"So, the actual hooking up part is a small process. She looks like she's using her phone, but really, she's checking him out. He's also checking her out. If he's interested, he'll fold down part of his towel to indicate to her. Truth is, she may not be checking him out, but if she is..."

Jim slowly worked his drink as he watched the scene unfold. When the lady walked by, the guy slowly turned his head to follow her, but with his sunglasses on, you couldn't tell if he was sleeping or not. After what seemed forever to Jim, the guy took the top third of the towel and folded it down.

Rick smiled, "Ha! Here we go. Just like in the 20s, a lot of this is to make it look like anything but what's actually happening. This code allows you to talk to each other so when you do meet, you can make it look like you've known each other for years. This isn't about bragging about your conquests like a dumb high school jock."

The lady slowly walked back and sat down on the lounge chair next to the guy, she leaned over they kissed each other on each cheek.

"Final approval for each other." Rick was narrating the hookup. "They'll probably do some small talk and get the cabin where to meet."

"You still do this stuff?" Jim asked casually without looking over at Rick.

"Oh yeah."

"Wife know?" Jim asked before realizing what he asked and quickly adding, "If you don't mind me asking."

"Yeah, she knows. There's codes for group play and all of that."

Jim looked over at him.

Rick laughed, "There's codes for almost anything you want to do these days."

By the time Jim looked back, the lady was walking away and he could see a smile on her face as she played with her phone. The guy on the lounge was folding up his towel and putting on his shoes.

"Lucky bastard," Rick snorted. "She looks like a hot little fuck and even before we leave port. Do you know the number one selling item in the stores are?"




"No, I just made that up." He nudged Jim with his elbow, laughing.

A moment passed before Jim asked, "So how do you find out about this code?"

"Like anything else, on the internet."

"There's a website about it?"

"Yeah, but only so much to maintain the latest version of the file that lays out the code."

"Wow. I'd never have even thought of that."

"Tell you what, as a thanks for the drink you got me, I've got a copy of it in my luggage. I don't really need it, but I'll let you have it." Rick got up as if to go.

"No, that's okay, I don't want to bother."

"Not a bother at all, let me go get it and I'll be back in 15."

Before Jim could object, he was gone.

While he was waiting, Jim finished off his drink and promptly got a third.

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