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Husband gets some but loses own wife in the process.

They went into a shopping mall and into a small shop full of strange plastic objects and strange dark gothic clothing. He said some small teasing insult, which she responded to over sharply. He feigned hurt and she pulled him close. He was a very physical person in all of his dealings. He liked to hug people and to touch. This hug was subtly different to the rest. It just felt right. He slowly kissed up her neck and found her lips. Their touch sparked desire in his body and possibility in his mind. They kissed for only a second and remembering where they were, they walked along innocently for a short while but as they were crossing down an almost deserted side road. He pulled her to him and pressed her again the wall in one fluid motion. His mouth found hers and they kissed passionately, their lips joining and parting only to join again a few seconds later. After what seemed like second but was really minutes they parted. They both walked down the road with smiles on their faces. Five minutes later they came to a park that he had forgotten existed.

It was winter and there was frost on the ground and few trees had leaves. They strolled around. The light began to dim in the late afternoon. He constantly pulled her close and kissed her. He could not resist. She sat down on a tree and he pressed himself against her and kissed her. "You know the way you don't like people touching your feet, why is that?"

"They are really sensitive." She responded puzzled by the inquiry. He slid his hand down her leg and took her foot in his hand. He slowly slipped off her shoe and her sock and started massaging it as softly as he could.

"I'm trying to hard not to kick you right now," she said, "Its really hard because that's my first reaction to anyone touching my foot."

He massaged it for a time until she was comfortable with him doing it, all the while talking. "You know I was reading a book, it said that if you massaged certain areas of the foot it relaxes different parts of the body," then with a smile, "mind if I experiment on you?" She just smiled at him. He put her sock back on and leaned in to kiss her again.

Then he saw the light shining on the spire of the nearby church. He thought it looked so stunning that he jumped up and pulled her along with him to find a good vantage point. He found it on a bend in the path.

There was a light fog rising from the grass, almost hiding it. Only the spire was visible the rest hidden behind a line of trees. In the small dip between the place where he stood and the line of trees marking the end of the park. There was a solitary tree which as if by some miracle still had leaves on it. They were a shade of crimson mixed with brown. It stood directly lined with the spire. The spire itself was stunning in the light. The golden shine of the late afternoon sun shined entirely on one side of it. The sight was breathtaking. He pulled her close from behind. They shared the sight together and grasped its beauty as well as only people who are there can.

As the light dimmed further they ran to try and find some vantage point to watch the sunset. They found it atop a small grassy knoll where a rise slightly off the path provided a view over the high wall that circled the park.

The sun set in a spectacular way behind a hill heralding the perfect end to the perfect day.

The day was not quite over even though the sun had set.

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