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One woman's quest to change her life.

Come on Dad, I saw your shove your dick in your pants."

She reached over me slowly, her white tank top revealing nearly all the top of her cleavage as she picked up the photos. She held the first one over her chest, standing a foot or less away from me, giving me a full view of her nude on her side.

"I didn't really like how this one came out. I mean... it's okay. You can see my left nipple, so that's kind of a tease, and it doesn't show my face, so I don't mind spreading it around, but it's just not my best angle."

"I think... you look good..." I stammered.

"Aww thanks, Daddy. You look good too! It's why this is so easy to share."

She winked at me.

"Now this one's a lot better. I always liked the spread view, where you can see both holes. Not a lot of attention gets paid to the butthole, but I think for girls it's really almost better than a pussy. I had to take it like a dozen or so times, lining up the phone just right, but it was worth it, don't'cha think?"

I nodded.

"Take it out, Daddy... come on..."

I couldn't bring myself to do it. So Kaylee surprised me by bending down on her knees, setting the pictures at her feet, and working slowly at unbuckling my belt.

"It's not like I haven't seen it. It's not like you weren't stroking yourself looking at me naked. Go ahead... it's your Christmas gift. What's that they say, it's only cum once a year?"

She worked at my belt slowly before unbuckling it. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them until they parted enough for the head of my cock to poke through. I am circumcised, a little over seven inches, and wide enough to be noticed. But as hard as I was, at this angle it didn't look like anything too special.

Still she cooed.

"It's so big."


"I can tell... let me see more."

I worked out the rest of it as she bent down, again almost flashing her tits in that tight fitting tank top. I moved the skin up and down my shaft, faster and faster, stroking myself inches away from my daughter as she leaned over and picked up the last picture.

It was then I realized in a moment of clarity that I wasn't even looking at the pictures really, just my daughter. And even as she showed me the photo with her playing with that pink vibrator in her pussy, her breasts on full display, I could only think about the girl in front of me, watching as her father jerked himself off in front of her, acting as if nothing unusual was happening.

"I couldn't quite decide on a pose here. I hope pouty wasn't too much. But then again, you aren't really looking at this for my face," She purred.

She was right. I wasn't even looking at the photo against her chest. I was looking straight into my daughter's eyes, lost in lust. Imagining taking my only daughter and shoving my cock into each of the holes she'd shown me.

"I'm going to suck your cock, Daddy."

God it felt good.

"And Daddy.... You can cum wherever you like."

Jesus Christ... my baby girl....

"I'll swallow every drop if you like. Or you can cum on my face. I'll let you fuck my tits if you want."

She got down on her knees and started to jiggle her tits, the tank top not really holding them in. Kaylee reached up near the straps and slid the white fabric down, showing me her nipples as she pulled part of her breasts out for a split second.

"Is that what you like, Daddy? You like that I have these big tits now don't you? Because I'm still Daddy's girl."

Oh God... I was close.

Then she pushed my hand away and grabbed my dick, which seemed to dwarf her hand.

"I'm only going to suck your cock tonight, Daddy. But I want you to know that I'm good at it. I've been practicing for you, Daddy."
She beamed as she took the head of my cock into her mouth, never breaking eye contact, as if looking to me for some hint of resistance.

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