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Man enjoys his ex-wife.

Once there, they kissed again and slowly undressed one another. Jamie looked at his sexy lady's beautiful body. Nicole was every bit the Ebony Goddess. Tall, sexy and dark brown. A luscious beauty who turned heads everywhere she went. Yeah, she was all that and she was his. There was nothing that they wouldn't be able to accomplish together.

Nicole Evans looked at Jamie King, the handsome and talented black man who stole her heart. He was so beautiful. Every bit the Ebony God. And he was hers. Now and forever. She kissed him and pulled his masculine, fine and naked body down onto her bed. Slowly, they began to caress and explore one another's body. It was very tender yet urgent, an answer to a need from deep inside of them both. He wanted her just as badly as she wanted him. They had waited so long for this. Now, at last, the magic of Jamie King and Nicole Evans was about to happen.

Jamie licked every inch of Nicole's sexy body, and she moaned in pleasure as he explored her flesh. Nicole felt Jamie's hands and lips exploring her body. She looked at him, and begged him to take her. Never one to keep his lady waiting, Jamie gently spread her legs, and gave her pussy a good licking and probing. His agile tongue and nimble fingers worked her clitoris, and explored her inner flesh. Nicole soon shouted in pleasure thanks to Jamie's expert lovemaking.

Jamie looked at Nicole as she cried out in orgasmic bliss. Yeah, the lovely black girl was simply beautiful. He smiled. Nicole grinned at the man who had brought her to Nirvana. If only she could repay him...a wicked grin came into her came. She kissed Jamie, and licked a path down from his lips to his neck and chest, before heading straight for his groin. She breathed in the masculine and powerful scent of his manliness. His cock was hard, and quite long and thick. Taking it into her hand, she began to slowly work it with her mouth.

Jamie closed his eyes as Nicole began sucking him. Oh, he had done this before but never quite like this. Nicole was something else. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. He shouted in pleasure as he came, moments later. Nicole surprised him by drinking his seed. He sighed in pleasure. Nicole smiled at him and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Yeah, there was nothing this sexy lady wouldn't do for her man.

When Jamie pulled her into his arms, she smiled and placed her hands on his shoulders. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his member. Jamie thrust his cock into her wet snatch, and took her. Nicole gasped as Jamie entered her. Her man was definitely well-endowed. And he knew how to work it! He took her just the way she liked it, hard and fast at first, then slowly and passionately. She rode him for all she was worth, and they went up the hill of ecstasy many times. Hours later, they fell asleep in each others arms.

This was the start of some very interesting times for Jamie King and Nicole Evans. They were the perfect couple. Working on their music and taking the entertainment world by storm, creating record after record. They were the King and Queen of Soul Music, and the Dynamic Duo of the Rhythm and Blues. Yes, they were good-looking, young, and successful. The world was theirs. They only needed the determination to take it, at no matter the cost to those who stood in their way.

The passion that Nicole Evans and Jamie King shared seemed to know no limits. In and out of the bedroom, they were smoldering and passionate. Once, Nicole took Jamie to forbidden territory. It was a Saturday night, after their first major concert in Paris, France. Nicole was in the shower, and Jamie was watching television, tired after tonight's performance. Nicole called Jamie, asking him to bring her a towel. As he entered the bathroom, she pulled him into the shower with her, clothes and all.

What followed was a particularly passionate session of lovemaking.

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