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n, what is it?"

"It's him." Jennifer said in a small voice.

Monica was next to them now having seen the sudden stop that Jennifer had made. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know, Jen, talk to me, what is wrong." Bill said in a compassionate voice.

"It's Jeremy. He's here." Jennifer said staring at Jeremy as he approached. Now only five feet away and coming to a stop.

"Well if it isn't slut Jen, how are you slave?" Jeremy asked in a voice that dripped with derision.

Bill glanced at him for only a moment, then without any warning drew back his arm and threw a hard right fist into Jeremy's face connecting with Jeremy's nose and lips.

Jeremy was knocked backwards, collapsing to the floor. Jeremy held his hand to his face, his eyes watering badly. Blood ran between his fingers as he held up his left arm to protect himself. Gasps of surprise and shouts of outrage filled the room as people realized what was going on.

Monica's eyes almost bugged out of her head and she was torn between what to watch, Bill's never before seen rage, or Jennifer's abject terror.

Bill was reaching for Jeremy then, rage rippling off him in waves strong enough to be felt, or seen. Timothy, a fellow Dom from the Circle B, and two others grabbed Bill as he moved forward. Grasping his arms Timothy shouted "Bill. God damn it Bill, settle down."

Bill wasn't going to be appeased so easily. He wrenched his right arm free of the man holding it and lunged for Jeremy again. Jeremy scrambled backwards to get away. Timothy shifted his grip and wrapped his arm around Bill's neck.

"Bill if you don't stop I'll have to knock you out. Damn it Bill. Stop now." Timothy commanded.

Monica made her decision, she had to stop Bill first, then get him and Jennifer and get out of here. She looked to Jen, praying that she would understand Monica's intentions. Monica turned and ran in front of Bill and put both her hands on his chest. "Bill, you can't do this. You must stop now. Jennifer needs us."

Bill focused on her, and as he heard her words, he turned his head toward Jennifer who still stared at Jeremy.

Bill quit struggling with one more long hate filled glare at Jeremy before he turned to Jennifer. The men holding him relaxed their holds, and shifted position to place themselves between Bill and Jeremy.

"Jen, it's OK, you're safe now. No one is going to hurt you." Bill said while he gently placed on hand on her shoulder. Monica came to her other side and wrapped her arm around Jennifer.

Jennifer turned her eyes at Bill, and nodded. "Can we leave?"

"Yes, come on, let's go." Bill said just as gently.

James and Mark arrived running into the ballroom then. Mark spoke first. "What the hell is going on?"

Timothy started to tell the story, and then stopped. Turning to James instead he said, "Bill hit one of the Dom's from Bar D."

"What?" James asked obviously shocked. "Bill? What happened?"

"James, not now. At the RV, if ever." Bill said tightly.

Two of the three people present who knew the story walked out of the ballroom, and down the corridor. James and Mark tried to piece together what happened. Monica went with her friend, and her Dom.

As Mark and James questioned him, Jeremy's version made it sound as if Bill was some sort of jealous lover.

Bill had Jennifer on the couch at the Winnebago when there was a knock at the door. Bill rose to answer the door and stepped outside with James and Mark.

"I'm sorry for the scene, but not for the act of punching that prick." Bill said hotly.

"OK, we have his side of the story, and he wants a council of members to strip you of all rights and privileges tomorrow." Mark said.

"What? Is he out of his mind? I'm not a member of this club." Bill said confused.

"Bill, it's his right. Apparently he's been doing his homework, he found that you had sex with Monica when she was wearing the blue collar, which almost but not quite prohibits such activity." James said. "He's using that to claim that you're a out of control Dom."

"Who told him that James?" Bill demanded.

"Bill, since Jeremy is a member in good sta

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