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When he visits his Mistress it turns out to be a special day.

The sensation caused her mouth to water in anticipation as she moved her hand up and down the incredible length and width of Hakim's slack-covered cock.

Erin moaned as Hakim licked her neck and toyed with her breasts. It had been a long time since she had been with a man who excited her this much! She realized that unlike her previous partners, she wasn't going to control the proceedings. This man's need was too strong for her to think that she was going to parcel her body out to him in minute parts. No, she realized as Hakim began to unbutton her top and move it off of her shoulders, she would not deny him...or herself, tonight! Erin reached behind her and unhooked her bra and laid back on a pillow as Hakim crawled from beside her and got on his knees before her. Erin laid back and prepared to get royally fucked for the first time in years! She wanted it as bad as he wanted to give it to her!!

Hakim could not believe the sight in front of his eyes. Erin's breasts were the most beautiful set he had ever seen! Her 37C's were full and soft yet firm to the touch. Billowy. Her nipples and aureole were a light brown color. Her nipples could best be described as medium length yet very hard and pointy. He could tell Erin was highly excited because her nipples were rock hard and goosebumps were on the skin surrounding her nipples. Hakim bent to lick and suck on Erin's nipple.

"Shhh...Mmmm....Mmmm.....," Erin moaned as Hakim took her nipple into his mouth and rolled his tongue slowly back and forth across it. When he began to suck and lick her nipple area, Erin felt a pulse throughout her pussy that usually hailed the onset of an orgasm. "Fuck, this man has got me hot!" Erin said to herself as her pussy pulsed strongly to signal the inevitable occurrence of her orgasm. Hakim began quickly licking and nibbling on her nipples.

"Oooohhh...damn baby......mmmm.....yessss......oh..OH...OH...Mmmm.......Aaaahhh...AHHHHH....AAA AHHHHHH....," Erin screamed as her orgasm raced from the very depths of her pussy, up her stomach, and directly into the nipple that Hakim was slobbering over! She had never experienced an orgasm from someone just licking and sucking on her nipples! "I knew this man was something special. Damn, he can work some titties!" Erin thought to herself as she came down from her lightening quick orgasm and enjoyed the sensation of his fingers softly rubbing her belly.

Hakim was impressed! He had a hot one on his hands. He hoped he wouldn't bust a nutt too soon, tonight. But, he rationalized, if he did bust his nutt early, he had four years of back-up nutt to finish the job. He could smell the aroma of excited pussy. It was a smell he had missed dearly while locked up. Just the thought that he was going to be getting his dick slick with her juices in a little while caused his dick to jerk in anticipation!

Erin gazed down at Hakim as his tongue continued to trace a soft, lazy trail around her nipple. She moaned as he began kissing his way down her quaking stomach. His tongue dipped into her navel and circled stiff and wetly inside the hole.

"Mmmm.....ahhhh.......shhhhhh......ummmm...," Erin moaned as Hakim continued to lick around the waistband of her pants while he untied the drawstring of her pants and began to pull them off of her hips.

Hakim watched as Erin seductively lifted her hips off of the floor and then straightened her legs so that he could continue pulling her pants down and off of her thick yet supple thighs. They looked sooo fucking soft! He eyed the rather large wet spot on her panties as she brought her legs back down. Erin spread her thighs as Hakim descended on her genital region.

" smell so fucking good, Erin...Mmmmm...did I tell you that I love to lick pussy?" Hakim asked as he stared directly into Erin's eyes.


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