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Kalina receives punishment for disobedience.

Too late, she tried to pull away, to delay his ejaculation until she had time to reach her clitoris and join him. With a grunt that turned into a mighty roar, he rammed his cock up her one last time and held it in, tight, while his body went rigid, then began to shake uncontrollably as he spurted copiously inside her.

Storm tried to resist the feeling of frustration at missing her own orgasm as she felt his detumescing penis slither out of her and he slowly moved away from behind her. Straightening up, she turned and let out a small scream as she met two more pairs of eyes.

The shop owner had gone, but the two boys framed in the door were younger replicas - one around twenty-one, tall and powerful; the other obviously younger, small and slight

"Oh, no," protested Storm, her hands moving to cover her naked body, but she was already too late. The older boy grabbed her wrists and held them apart as his confident eyes slid over her breasts and belly, down to the neatly trimmed pubic bush and shapely thighs. Storm was powerless as he gently pushed her back against the wall, then closed in on her and placed his full-lipped mouth on hers.

Helplessly, she felt herself responding to his kiss, her mouth opening to admit his probing tongue, her arms stretching up to tangle her fingers in the dark curls at the back of his neck. She felt his hand creep up and caress her breast and she moaned as her nipple reacted, once again, to manual stimulation.

His other hand was busy at the front of his jeans and Storm hoped his cock was as big as his father's. She had abandoned reason - she wanted this boy's cock to fill the gap his father had left. Her thighs were already spreading, in anticipation, her vaginal channel soaking. A series of low moans sounded deep in her throat.

The boy thrust his narrow hips back as he manoeuvred his long, hard penis out of the front of his tattered jeans, then Storm felt his strong hands grip the backs of her taut thighs as he lifted her, bodily, off the ground.

Realising what was happening, Storm wound her arms round his neck, burying her face in the hollow of his neck, the wall supporting her back. At the same time, she raised her feet and, with an effort, linked them together behind the boy's buttocks, to assist him.

He grunted in satisfaction, then gently lowered Storm, inch by inch, until she felt, with a gasping shudder, the head of his throbbing cock between the slippery lips of her gaping channel. She closed her eyes and held her breath as it slid, agonisingly slowly, inwards and upwards.

It seemed to go on for ever until, at last, she felt the pressure of his pubic bone against her protruding, quivering clitoris. It was then that she started to feel the slow build-up of the volcanic orgasm inside her.

The boy's cock was not as thick as his father's, but it was at least as long, and, as far as Storm was concerned, much more skilfully deployed. He began to ride her with long slow strokes, his mouth teasing her heaving breasts as she writhed in his arms, her climax becoming ever more imminent.

Storm could hear her moans becoming ever louder, turning into screams of pleasure, as the internal pressure built up and up inside her. It was like being propelled inexorably up a hill and she rose like a bird to the summit. For a second, as she breasted the top, the world stopped, then a strangled yell escaped her, stars and firecrackers burst in her head, and her body was raging on fire.

Writhing wildly, she climaxed again and again in his strong arms, sweat pouring down both their entwined bodies, until, after what seemed like an age, Storm's vision slowly cleared, her heart rate slowed down and a huge contentment and lassitude overtook her as she slumped over her lover's broad young shoulders.

Dimly, she realised that, somewhere along

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