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A married couple find romance separately at an arts dinner.

She was an unsettling mix of complete gorgeousness and alien weirdness. Benchley wasn't sure he wanted to come into contact with her gelid body. He imagined her touch as icy cold and unpleasantly slimy. He panicked as she approached and began to flail out blindly with his limbs. He swore he'd hit her as she rose up beside him, but his foot only connected with a spray of insubstantial water.

He tried to get to his feet only to slip over again as the slick floor undulated beneath him. Unable to stand up, Benchley continued to thrash blindly around him, not wanting the girl to come anywhere near his naked form.

Beneath him the surface of the pool swayed and rocked with his violent motions. Benchley flailed for a while longer until he realised the mermaid, water girl, whatever she was, was nowhere near him.

She was a little way from him. Her body was both half out of the pool and leaning on its surface. Benchley couldn't understand how the water could be both liquid and solid to her at the same time. She was in the water, but her breasts were also lying on top of it. They jiggled as the tremors from Benchley's thrashing ran across the surface.

"You'd enjoy this a lot more if you'd let me touch you," the water girl scolded, her dainty face bossy girl cross.

"Uh," Benchley said. The only thing that made sense to him was that he'd tripped up and banged his head while running around in the dark outside and was dreaming the whole thing.

What the fook, it wasn't as if he was going anywhere anyway. He couldn't even stand up. He stopped thrashing and felt the motions of the jellified pool subside.

"What do you want?" he asked.

The girl smiled and licked her lips with a slender little tongue. Benchley couldn't be totally sure, but he thought she might have glanced at his exposed cock.

"Relax," she purred. "Let me pleasure you."

She descended down into the water until only her deep blue eyes were above the surface. They stared intently into his eyes as she moved through the water towards him. She slid between his legs and glided towards his crotch.

A graceful tail rose out of the water beside Benchley and fell across his chest and arms. The touch of it against his naked flesh was a surprise. It was pleasantly cool and slid smoothly across his skin. It was translucent enough for him to just be able to make out his chest hairs beneath it. It was also far stronger than its delicate appearance implied. Benchley felt panic surge as he realised he was pinned.

"Relax," the girl soothed.

Benchley gasped and let his head fall back as he felt the delicate tip of her tongue dart against the underside of his scrotal sac. The sensation was maddeningly arousing. He bucked and thrashed in pleasure, but her tail held him down as the waterbed the pool had become gently undulated beneath him. Flicking and tickling the tongue ran down his perineum, playfully flickered around the rim of his asshole before finally returning to toy with his balls.

Soft hands placed themselves against his inner thighs and gently pushed his legs apart. She was going to rise up between his legs and Benchley lifted his head up, not wanting to miss the sight.

Her face appeared first, soft lips pursing to gently kiss the tip of his penis. She rose higher. Full, naked breasts came into view, dangling so tantalising close to his cock. Droplets of water ran down her elegant neck and out across the swell of a breast.

Freaky, but fooking gorgeous, Benchley thought.

His cock still seemed undecided though, as it lay across his thigh in only a partially tumescent state.

Fooking lager, Benchley thought, always a bastard for wrecking performance.

The water girl just smiled and gently picked up his cock. She pursed her lips together and sucked his entire length into her mouth like it was a piece of spaghetti.

Two shocks hit Benchley simultaneously. Her mouth was cool enough for him to notice, but not so cold it was uncomfortable. The second was a sudden urge to piss.

Fooking lager, Benchley thought.

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