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Nineteen-year-old seduces older guy.

As I started to slide in next to him he asked if I would mind setting across from him so he could admire how sexy I looked in my new dress. I agreed and sat down. We ordered a bottle of wine and began talking. The waitress brought our wine and said she would be back in a few minutes there was a problem in the kitchen. We had already had a couple glasses each and starting to feel relaxed before she came to take our order.

After his third glass of wine, James excused himself to go to the men's room. He had walked about half way across the room when Ami lifted the tablecloth and smiled at me. I was definitely shocked at seeing her especially under the table. I asked what she was doing under the table and how she new they would be there. She explained how she had told James about her aunt's place and suggested he bring me out that night because of some special they had on Saturday nights. She had made the arrangements for him since it was her family. I was not sure what to think of the situation but before anything else could be said I saw James coming out of the men's room. I put the tablecloth back down but not before I had been told to be quiet or everyone would know what I was about to encounter.

I regained my composure as James sat down. I smiled at him hoping he couldn't see the frantic look in my eyes. The waitress had brought another bottle of wine with her apologizes for the wait on our food and explained it was on the house. She poured us both a glass before leaving again.

As conversation began, I felt a hand sliding up the inside of my thighs gently spreading my legs for better access. I could feel the excitement and fear in my stomach as a hand started massaging my pussy thru my lace panties. I was trying to pay attention to the story I was hearing but all concentration had gone to the activity down below as I started feeling the moisture between my legs. I felt my panties being pulled aside and a couple fingers rubbing my bare lips. As my lips were parted by expert fingers, all fear left and horniness had taken over. A finger slid down to my opening and entered my very hot and wet pussy. The feeling was better than usual as her tongue began licking my clit. I was so turned on knowing someone was eating me out while my husband sat across from me not having a clue, or so I thought.

The tension in my pussy was mounting as pure nasty thoughts ran through my mind. I wanted to push the table aside and spread my legs wide while watching my fuck the beautiful face under the table in front of my spouse. I was so hot, wet, and excited it didn't take long to reach my peak.

My climax hit hard and a shiver ran thru my body. James noticed and asked if I was alright. I smiled and said I needed to be excused this time. My juices were trickling down my thighs as I made a quick escape to the restroom. I went to the first stall available and sat down. I was out of breath and still in orgasm bliss as I locked the stall door. I couldn't believe what had just happened in public and the thoughts that had gone thru my mind. I had never had thoughts like that before. This made the ache for pleasure come back fast.

While I decided to try to regain my composure and rejoin my husband, Ami had noticed the bulge in James' pants from watching me cum.

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