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A few surprises.

This was followed by her tight deep blue trousers, which were covered suddenly at the height of her shin by her tall black heeled boots.

She was young, about 24 years old, I guessed - I didn't know it because she had never told us and I had never asked. She was still inexperienced as a teacher, for sure, but I'd let my whole academic life on her hands without any doubt. She was one of the kindest people I had ever known.

She caught me staring at her. When I noticed, she winked at me and smiled from ear to ear, showing her white teeth shining under the bright red layer of her lips.

The bell rang.

"Okay people, you have 60 minutes from now to answer the questions. Any exam delivered after that time will not be accepted... You can begin," said Wellington.

He was our History teacher, and one of the worst teachers I've ever known. He just read whatever the book said and pretended us to be creative in class when he didn't do any efforts to make it entertained. As always, in a couple of minutes I would deliver the exam just with my name and a couple of sentences, so as not to get a zero mark. I started reading.

___"What was the Enlightenment's legacy for modernity?". I skipped that and started reading the next one. "To what extent did the French revolution reflect the values of the Enlightenment?". I sighed, although I didn't know why if I expected this. I started to read the third question.

At this point, my head began to hurt and my hands to sweat and shiver. It felt like a thousand needles piercing my skin and my muscles, and all of a sudden I started sweating more and more, and being hot... so hot.

"Professor... I... I think that..." I tried to say.

"What's this time, Chris? What is the new excuse that has come to your mi... Chris...? Chris...?"

And everything became black.


My body felt so hot, and I felt wet under my belly. I opened my eyes, and found myself in a white room, full of light, laying on a bed, covered by pure white blankets with a moving bulge at the height of my belly. I grabbed the blankets and pushed them aside.

Patricia looked at me with my dick in her mouth. She winked at me and smiled, and tucked her loosen hair behind her ear. Oh, God... she was even prettier with her hair like this... I'd swear the whole light of the room came from her.

Her reddish lips grabbed my shaft and I could see the shadow of my tip forming a bulge on her cheek, as she moved her head and licked my member, without looking anywhere else but directly to my eyes. Those green deep circles were making me go numb.

Her face seemed so calmed and peaceful as she continued working on my shaft, and then I saw her close her eyes and pause the movement, as her breath started to increase its rhythm and her face had a pleasure expression. Then, she let out a deep breath and relaxed again with a little moan.

She continued sucking and leaving my cock all wet with every move, with a smile still drawn on her face. She stoped and let out my dick, while stroking it with her hand which covered almost my whole penis. It felt soft as it was all wet and her hand could go up and down without problems.

Someone knocked at the door. I looked around me. Which door? Everything started to fade to black as Patricia walked away from me, leaving my cock hard, being caressed by the air of nowhere...


"... arted all of a sudden. His friends didn't... wrong with... they started the exam," I heard a voice saying. "Professor Wellington called us as soon as he could. Maybe it would be a good idea to..."

"Oh, my god, Chris! You're awake! Are you ok?" asked my mom, running to me and hugging me.

"What... happened?" I asked, confused. Didn't know how did I get there, neither.

"Well, it seems you have fainted in class, Chris," said the nurse. "When you arrived here you were so hot we had to give you a bath of ice..." She finished that sentence with a strange smile. "The doctor came right after, and in his opinion you should get home and rest a few days."

"A bath of... ice?"

I loo

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