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Aida's fate is sealed.

Seth leaned down and kissed her on the side of her neck. Marti leaned her head to the side to let him have better access.

"God, that feels good..."

Seth slid his hands under her shirt and onto her stomach. Marti put her hands on the sides of his thighs and squeezed gently. Seth looked down her body, down the abundant swell of her breasts to her ever so slight pooch. Both of them stayed just like that for what seemed like forever, swaying together. Suddenly Marti turned around and kissed Seth passionately. Her little tongue darted into his mouth and found his. Marti then broke the kiss and took Seth's hand and walked him into the room and to the bedroom.

"Make love to me Seth," she whispered up to him.

Marti sat down on the bed and grabbed the front of Seth's pants to pull him down with her. Seth let her pull him down on top of her. She then found his mouth again and kissed him deeply, running her fingers through his hair. Seth slid his hand under her shirt again and lightly rubbed her stomach. Marti shivered at his touch and moaned slightly. She then slid one hand under the back of Seth's shirt and massaged the muscles in his back. Seth then broke the kiss and brushed his lips against her ear and down the line her jaw, drawing another moan from her. Seth slid down her body and pushed her shirt up, he then kissed her stomach and watched the goose bumps run up her skin. Marti reached down and pulled Seth's shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor. Seth in turn pushed Marti's shirt up and helped her out of it. Her lacy white bra contrasted against her golden skin and her large full breasts made Seth sigh a bit. He looked up into her eyes and smiled.

"You are so gorgeous Marti."

"The look in your eyes makes me feel like a goddess."

Seth felt a slight blush and kissed her deeply and with unrestrained passion. He slid his hand up her stomach and gently caressed her soft full breast. Seth immediately felt her nipple harden under his touch. A moan escaped from Marti. She then raised herself slightly so he could have access to the clasp on her bra. Seth unfastened her bra and slowly slid her bra away. Her nipples were a fairly big and brown. Seth then leaned down and took one into his mouth gently sucking and rolling his tongue around it drawing louder moans of pleasure from Marti. He then shifted his attention to the other nipple sucking and nibbling gently. Marti ran her fingers through his hair while he teased her nipples. Seth then unfastened Marti's tight jeans and broke his hold on her nipple so he could pull the jeans off. He found that Marti wasn't wearing anything underneath, she was also clean-shaven. Seth noticed she had a fairly large tattoo of a dragon on her hip; he traced it with his finger.

"I got that for my 18th birthday," Marti told him breathlessly.

"I've always thought that woman with tattoos were very sexy."

Seth leaned back down and kissed her bare mound, causing Marti to arch her back. He gently nudged her flawless legs apart and kissed her already wet lips. Marti moaned very loudly. Seth then teasingly took the tip of his tongue and slipped it just barely between those soaked lips. She trembled at this contact and grabbed a hold of the sheets on the bed. All of a sudden Seth took her now hard clit into his mouth and sucked, causing her to grab hold of his hair and pull him tight against her pussy. Seth then gently pushed one finger into her very tight, very wet crevice. Marti ground against him and wrapped her legs around his head. Seth pulled his finger out of her and began to lap at the ample amount of honey seeping out of that tight, bare slit. He moved his attention back up to her clitty and began the assault again. Seth felt her legs start to tense and her back begin to arch, he sucked harder and then slid a finger into her incredible ass causing her to come hard and scream. He kept sucking until after a minute or so she relaxed her body and panted.


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