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A sister's dream cum true.

d wanted her!

But then I saw my dad's feet as they shimmered in those silky socks; I bet the aroma was brilliant! I wanted my face physically rubbed against them and then my clit! His feet in those manly socks were really all I could see of him from my limited keyhole view. My fingers worked my clit and I watched his sexy socked toes wiggle. I knew someday my dad would toe-fuck my pussy...he had to!

Back to dad's own memories as he recorded them for me after I requested his side of the sex role-play exam experience:

"When he finally pulled the damn needle out, I recall a bit of blood was on it. He said it was normal, it burned in my slit, fucking burned! It felt better in than out once he'd done it. I stayed hard, very hard and kept juicing up and oozing. He liked that!

I was ready to cum. Several times I asked her (the nurse) in a little voice if she wanted to suck me. The doctor kept saying not now; in the next appointment we'd do more. But I kept looking up at his wife and almost pleading with her for some oral. It drove her nuts because she wanted to just take my cock and use her big mouth on it. I knew it. She grinned like a jack-o-lantern.

I would have fucked her there and then. I was so horny and so ready to shoot. I would have fucked him, too. I was ready for release of any kind. I was in their hands and they knew it!

The doctor kept saying not yet, you can't cum yet. I just lay there sweating and thrumming. My cock was feeling like an explosion was due any second. My dick pulsed with life.

I asked the doctor to use those thick fingers in my ass. I knew those meaty digits of his would make me cum. He giggled and smiled as if to tease me. It made me feel so horny. He was in charge, so close to making me cum. I found that the best part.

He rummaged on the nearby tray and waved around a vibrator toy; some cheap plastic type you could get back then from mail order catalogues. He lubricated the tip of this eight inch plastic wonder and smiled again.

He gently, unlike my Miriam who was far from gentle with my ass, put his finger in my open cavity. I mean my ass was right there in front of his face the way I was propped up. So he pushed it in; she (the nurse) made sounds of approval in my ear as if she were doing it herself. His meaty finger went in, in some more and then moved back and forth until he found my waiting prostate. He smiled and said I was in good shape inside. I must say it did feel nice having his warm, chubby finger in me. Like a little cock. My own manhood bounced around like I was being shocked with electric volts. I really thought I would cum. I really did!

He rolled that finger around like a pro and I am sure he'd done this to many of his playmates over the years. I think my feet must have been toes up to the sky at that stage. It did feel really good. Really good! The way his finger rubbed my anal cavity walls and then did little circles all around my prostate surface. Amazing sensations!

I felt my cock shudder and thrum and I was one step from a big shot. He ceased movement and she (the nurse) kept saying, "Tony. Hold it!"

I held on bravely. He slid out the finger, and pushed in the plastic toy. It was bigger in width than a finger and I had done many anal things in my life to that date and I knew the ropes. I breathed in and it went in, all the way. He then fiddled with the battery motor switch and it buzzed on my prostate area and it was almost too much. I begged for sweet release, they loved me begging. I begged and pleaded.

"I am on the edge!" I kept saying over and over again.

The nurse grabbed a glass dish like a lab uses and held it near my tummy middle. The doctor said, "Tony, make it go in the dish. Hit the target!"

We all laughed and he pushed the vibrator in and out madly without much hand to cock work at all.

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