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Rubies are Red. Part 48.

Tiffany had taken him easily and was working the length well. He tangled his hands in her hair and pulled out the bands that held the pig tails. When he was able to grasp her fully, he began to increase the speed so that he was fucking her face. She kept the pace and increased the suction slightly so that her mouth felt as tight as a pussy. Her hands grabbed his balls and massaged him, causing him to go over the edge. He let out a loud groan as he shot his load down her throat. He wanted to prolong it, but he couldn't. She was too damn skilled. She pulled his cock from her mouth and aimed it at her tits. He shot the rest of his load there. When he was finished, he watched as she spread his cream across her tits.

It was almost enough to get him hard again, but she stood up, pulled his pants back up and fastened them again. She retied and her shirt and was headed out the door as another professor, Professor Stone, was walking in the door. She looked back at Jared and slowly licked each of her fingers, then walked out the door.

The two men watched that sweet ass walk down the hall. Professor Stone was the first to speak. "Jared, you know you can't have sex with one of your students. " Jared tried to explain what happened but he was cut off. "I won't tell anyone what happened if you let me watch if there is a next time. I have wondered what she is like, and if the smile on your face is any indication, she's damn good."

A few days went by and Jared had not seen or heard from Tiffany, but the scene in his office replayed in his mind many times. Every night he stroked himself as he thought of her body and the sight and feel of her mouth on his cock. One day he passed her in the hall and she slowed down, licked her lips slowly, and kept walking. He was instantly hard at the sight of her mouth. He thought she was just going to continue to tease him, but things changed at the end of the week. When they were alone in the hall, she walked up to him and grabbed him. "I have been wet all week wanting to be with you again. When can I cum again?" He told her to meet him in his office Friday afternoon. Most of the people were gone from the department by then so he thought they would be less likely to get caught.

Then he remembered Professor Stone and what they had discussed. Did he dare take a chance of getting caught again? How could he not when a woman as hot as Tiffany wanted him? Professor Stone wasn't that much older than him, but he was well respected in the department. He could destroy Jared's career.

Jared went to Professor Stone's office and confessed that he had set up another meeting with Tiffany, but was having second thoughts. Professor Stone reminded him that he would not say a word as long as he got to watch. He suggested that Jared set up a web cam on his computer and activate it when Tiffany came into his office. Jared was hesitant, but when he thought of Tiffany's mouth again, he agreed.

Friday afternoon came and Jared was anxious. He had his door closed in case Tiffany changed her mind. There was a knock on the door and Jared remembered to activate his web cam. Tiffany came in dressed in that same sexy outfit. He wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there.

He led her over to the desk again and had her sit on it as she had before. This time he took control and quickly removed her shirt. He stared at her tits. Alternating from side to side, he sucked one nipple, then the other, sometimes lightly taking a nipple between his teeth. This brought a sharp intake of breath from her and she begged him to keep going. She screamed as she came the first time. He hoped the building was empty.

Professor Stone stood in a room down the hall with his eyes glued to the screen. His pants were at his ankles so he could stroke his cock as he watched his colleague devour those perky tits.

Jared laid her down and removed her skirt.

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