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Things continue to heat up as they enjoy a cold desert.

Thank you.


Vickie felt herself become flush with the request and hers eyes went to the windows. The sun was bright and it streamed through the windows. A few of the shades were down so as to keep the sunlight from washing out the student's computer screens but she knew that if she walked by the windows then some students will be able to see her breast through her blouse. Well, Vickie thought, they would really only see the outline of bra encased breast and she knew that she would comply with the request.

The attention the students gave her during the lesson was amazing. Not a single student took their eyes off her as she taught. All eyes stayed glued to her as she walked away from the overhead projector and towards the windows. She walked slowly down the last aisle and knew the sun was penetrating her blouse. She was even bold enough to raise the few drawn shades and let in more sun. Vickie stayed a long time in the sun and noted a few of the boys just stared with their mouths open. Vickie felt great and she was having fun. She paced up and down that sun bleached aisle as she taught and she knew that her students, at lest the males, were hoping to get a glimpse of her silhouetted breasts. Vickie never felt this way before and wondered what a picture she would be if she wore some sort of sun dress. A dress that would be near invisible with the harsh light behind her, but Vickie knew that the season did not call for such a dress. Maybe in the spring time, she thought, maybe in the spring.

The school days slid by and there wasn't a single day that Vickie did not receive an e-mail. Her secret messenger built her confidence with flattery and subtle requests. On one cloudy day an e-mail told her that if she stood at a certain spot between the powerful light cast by her overhead projector and the board, it would have the same effect as the sun. Vickie promptly stood at that spot.

Dave made sure that he went slowly with his teacher. He marveled at her steady progress from a shy, insecure teacher into a beautiful, sexy woman who oozed confidence. He urged her to walk among the students. To bend over an observe their work on the screens, knowing that the student who was being helped got to look down her blouse and the students on the other side got rewarded with her shapely butt or when she wore one of her skirts from her ever expanding wardrobe, they glimpsed her butt and the back of her gorgeous thighs.

One evening, a Thursday, Vickie got an e-mail at home from her student. She quickly opened it.

Dear Vickie,

You make me so proud. I don't know if you realize the changes that have occurred in class over the last few months. I mean changes in your students. The change in you has been dramatic and wonderful. Today, in class, Maryellen did not wear a bra and did not draw the boys' attention away from you. Veronica's short skirt was bunched around her waist as she sat in the back of the room. She sat there all during class with her legs apart, showing her pretty panties. She did get a few stares that is until you went towards the windows. Joann played with her nipples the whole period. There's a whole lot of sexual energy in the room, your room, Vickie and all because of you. Joey Peoples never looked up Veronica's skirt but her did "accidentally" drop his pencil and tried to peek up your skirt as you walked down the aisle.

At lunch, I overheard a few of the boys planning what they were going to do in your class. A few admitted to asking for your help, just so that had an opportunity to peek down your blouse.

Does that bother you, Vickie? Does it make you angry?


Vickie read the message and replied immediately.


First of all I need to call you something. I mean, you're the one who deserves credit for my changes, You're the one who has made my live so exciting, lately, what do I call you?


His response,


Call me SIX, you know, from sixth period trig.


Dear SIX,

You sound a littl

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