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His wife lets him in on a secret.

Your tongue twists with mine enticingly as you pull away and remind me we have a Ferry reservation that is NOT to be missed.

I pack us in, and we hie our way to join the line of vehicles assembling prior to embarking. I walk to get a newspaper and return to find your thighs once again shown to me as you protect your skirt from the fruit you are preparing for us. I dive into the slices of banana, pear, apple and Kiwi. You join me and then curse as a run of peach juice drops onto your thigh. Your hands full, you shift your bottom to keep it from flowing down into your crotch. I assist, daming the flow with my finger, then lowering my lips to suck the juice up before it's escape. Your hips squirm reflexively. Your smile is framing a moaned "Thank you Baby!" Suddenly, the line begins to move and we finish our fruit with a muffin from the Motel.

We snug our car in with the nest of vehicles headed for Victoria! Everyone is scurrying to get up to the Galley and get a good seat at the bar! As I open the door to our rented Durango, you reach over, and grabbing my wrist, stop me. I give you the "WHAAAA?" look and you just smile!


"THAT" smile!

You pull me toward you, the door closing with me. Bringing my hand to your breast, the light goes off and we are in semi, but VERY romantic, darkness. You kiss me deeply breathlessly adding, "Baby, lets make love! Please, make me yours!"

Your kiss is maddening, demanding, EVER so enticing!

You look at me, then to the back seat. Wordlessly, we clamour back into the rear! The slit in your wrap around dress showing an alluring peek! I am hard in an instant! You slide onto my lap, your arms encircling my neck. Your kisses so deep, so wet, so hot!

Your tongue searches for mine, and I arise to your challenge. You grind onto my lap, demanding that I meet your ardore! Your mouth never leaves mine as you fumble with the buttons to my shorts! Your nipples showing as your blouse hangs open. They are stiff, wanton, desirable beyond words! You push my shorts down, and for the first time, I become aware that you are pantyless! My cock comes up, and immediately, I sense dampness!

You are AGAIN on my lap! Smothering my mouth with yours. My hands fall toward your nipples, twisting them lightly, and I hear you gasp as my cockhead comes into contact with your slit! You kiss me the kiss of the ages! Grinding your crotch to mine. We kiss as Great Lovers do! Mindless of ANYTHING around us. Not caring about ANYTHING but satisfying one another. You reach behind you, and lifting up a bit, work my cockhead back and forth inside your slit, wetting it!!

You couldn't do ANYTHING sexier! I watch the look on your face as you ease it into you. Watch as the sexiest moan I have ever heard escapes your lips. The air escapes your lungs as smoothly as YOUR cock enters you. I say "YOURS", because for right now, for this moment, it belongs to you, and ONLY you! Your head hangs and I swear I perceive you having a mini-orgasm.

Suddenly, someone is opening the car next to us. They do not see us, and you begin to move your lips up the side of my neck. Your mouth wide, your lips and teeth dragging across my skin. I watch as they rummage around and feel your pussy muscles clench and quiver as your mouth completely covers my ear.

You breath, suck, SIGH into it all at once. Your pussy clutching at me!

Maddening! Delightfull!


I watch as our neighbor searches for something. The feel as your legs scissor forward and back is almost too much! I hear you whisper in my ear, "DADDY, FUCK ME!".

I am willing this ASSHOLE away with ALL my being, your lips sucking on my neck. Your arms so tight around me. I flex the head of my cock, making it "bob" inside you. And you GROAN, stopping for a second. I feel your wetness give way, flooding my balls! Your pussy spasms uncontrollably. You exhale a moan, NO! More a GROAN! You go limp in my arms, rubbing my neck, you whisper, "CUM in me Daddy, cum WITH me NOW!".

As quick as he appeared, he is gone.

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