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Sonya looked up at him through heavily lidded eyes and slowly slid her legs from his straining body.

"Well my pet," she whispered, "it looks like you enjoyed my little show."

Agent X gave a wordless groan in response.

Sonya leaned forward and began to gently roll his churning balls between her long delicate fingers. The precum was rolling down his shaft in a constant stream. Sonya wrapped one hand around the head of his cock and slowly, gently stroked down its turgid length. As her hand made its way back up his length, she stopped just short of the head and with her hand still wrapped around his cock, extended her index finger. As Agent X watched with rapt attention, she leaned forward and swirled her moist pink tongue around her finger several times, leaving her long sexy finger glistening with her warm saliva. She then curled her finger down and while still massaging his full, heavy ballsack with one hand, her fingers wrapped loosely around his shaft, twirled just the tip of her moistened index finger across the weeping slit of his trembling cock. Agent X groaned again as an orgasm seemed to hang just out of reach.

Sensations like he'd never felt before shot through his body, his muscles taut and quivering, as spasm wracked his body. A continuous incoherent wail came from his tortured throat. Sonya relentlessly teased his ever tightening balls and throbbing over sensitized head. She leered at her helpless captive as she drove him further and further into stimulation overload. Agent X began grunting, his chest heaving as his body sought its long denied release. As it seemed that his mind could no longer take this unrelenting sensuous torture, Sonya eased her tickling and stroked his cock with long firm strokes. His shaft had turned an angry red hue, the veins bulging from within as they filled to overflowing. The head swollen and purple, his cock aching from the exquisite teasing that his captor was subjecting him to.

As Sonya stroked once more faster and firmer than before, he could feel his balls quivering with the beginnings of a mind-blowing orgasm. He let out a long low wail, as his body tensed. Sonya quickly grasped the head of his cock between her fingers while simultaneously choking the base in a vise like grip, strangling his pending release deep within his balls. Agent X's wails turned to sob's, as his mind could no longer comprehend what was happening to him. Sonya's skillful manipulations of his body and his senses had overwhelmed him to the point were he was nothing more than a sensual instrument to be played at her will and she was clearly a virtuoso.

As Sonya eased her grip on his tortured penis, Agent X looked deep into her large brown eyes and softly gasped, "please."

Sonya paused in her ministrations, looking up at her plaything. She knew then that she had broken him completely. Her head cocked to one side, her eyebrow raised quizzically, "what," she asked.

"Please," Agent X whispered a little more firmly, knowing that he had lost this fight. "Please make me cum, I'll do anything, tell you anything you want to know."

Sonya stroked him slowly as she waited. Giving just enough sensation to remind him of what exquisite torturous thrills she could give if she chose. After a moment of silence from her captive, she stroked him a little more firmly and asked, "well?"

That was all it took and information began to poor out of Agent X. Everything he could think of, names, dates, passwords, bank accounts. Anything he could tell this petite brown haired vixen to please her. He was completely broken to her will and would betray every confidence for her pleasure. Sonya continued to toy with her pet as he talked, not really paying attention to his words as the video cameras and tape recorders would capture everything. She did, however pay attention to his tone and breathing, pacing her stimulation accordingly. Alternating between slow loose strokes as he rambled on and firm long strokes as his breathing slowed and his body relaxed.

Alternately, she would lean c

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