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You must catch your breath before falling asleep.

Melissa's pretty head hung down between her slim shoulders and her small hands relaxed against the plaster as the Greek finally released her superb breasts and ran his hands down over her curvy hips, stilling them. It's for the best, she insisted.

Kouzaris slithered wetly from Melissa's oily vulva, the condom sagging with the weight of his semen. Melissa dropped her slim hands from the wall where they had been supporting her upper body during their sex act, and - feeling hollow and empty now that his huge penis was out of her - she allowed his hands to steer her hips around towards him, turning her so that she faced him. Kouzaris ogled Melissa's beautiful face for a few seconds before smiling.

"Wonderful, my little sexpot," he purred. "Now, there is one more thing I want you to do."

Oh God, thought Melissa nervously. Charles will be wondering where she was. She couldn't stay much longer, she simply couldn't. But then, she sighed, she knew she really had no choice.

"What would you like?" Melissa whispered, apprehension in her voice. Please, something quick.

Kouzaris was carefully unrolling the condom from his huge penis, the sheath finally slithering away from his purple glans as he pinched the end of the thin nylon closed. He lifted the sperm-filled condom up in front of Melissa's pretty eyes, and she allowed herself to marvel out how much semen he had produced inside her. It looked like a small water balloon.

Kouzaris held Melissa's beautiful, green eyes with his gaze.

"I want you to put this in your mouth," he murmured. "And when it comes out... I want it to be completely empty."

Melissa's eyes widened in surprise as she stared up at him, her sensuous lips parting. "I...I..." I don't really like the taste of sperm, was what she wanted to say - but really, would it make any difference?

Kouzaris slid his free arm around Melissa's hourglass waist and gathered her slim, decorative body tight against his immense bulk. He was still almost twelve inches taller than her, even though she was wearing her tall, pointed stillettoes, and Melissa, unable to tear her eyes away from his intent gaze, found herself tilting her pretty head right back to stay focussed on her huge captor.

"Open your mouth, Melissa," Kouzaris commanded softly.

Silently she parted her full, waxed lips further and, staying her revulsion, allowed her long, lithe tongue to slide out of her mouth like a tray.

"Good girl," purred Kouzaris, and popped the condom into Melissa's sensuous mouth.

As she felt the sheath relax onto the surface of her tongue, a sudden thick ooze of salty slime flooding into her mouth made Melissa's stomach lurch dangerously. She controlled herself with an effort, her slim, flawlessly manicured fingers fluttering against the Greek's immense chest.

"Now, Melissa," purred Kouzaris softly, "I want you to put your tongue into the condom, so that you are wearing it there."

Melissa blinked nervously as she used her tongue to manoeuvre the sperm-heavy condom into position, finally lining it up against the back of her teeth. Trying to ignore the protests from her stomach, Melissa slowly slid the tip of her tongue deep into the slime-filled teat of the condom. God, this is vile, she thought.

The gorgeous blonde opened her mouth for him and, holding the base of the sheath with her even, white teeth, she allowed her condom-sheathed tongue to slide from between her sensuous, painted lips for Kouzaris to see. The act caused the condom to slither further onto her until the rubber ring at its base was snugged firmly against the root of Melissa's long tongue.

"Excellent!" Kouzaris beamed, both his meaty arms cinched tight around Melissa now, pinning her against him. "Now, move your tongue around inside it."

The huge Greek's eyes fixed on Melissa's sensuous mouth as she worked the tip of her tongue right into the depths of the spermy condom, the semen leaking out onto

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