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Passionate sex, showing no mercy.

She closed her mouth and you could see her swallow, and then opened it again to show it had all gone down her throat.

"Did you like that? How that guy blew his load all over her face? Did you like how she swallowed it?" Tyson asked.

"No. It was disgusting. It's degrading." She said, but deep down she knew she liked it.

The scene on the screen changed and a petite blonde girl in a robe came on. Two men came into the room and some silly dialogue ensued, resulting in the girl stripping her robe off.

Tyson moved and his cock pressed into Kaylee's ass a little more.

"What do you think about her, does she have a nice body?" Tyson was so quiet Kaylee could barely hear him.

"No. She's hideous." Kaylee lied.

"Well then I guess you'll have to enjoy this hideous girl getting fucked." Tyson laughed.

By now the girl was on her knees between the two men, alternately sucking on both their cocks, occasionally taking both of them in her mouth.

They moved to a couch, the girl spread her legs and one of the men moved between them. He brought his face to her pussy and started lapping at it like a dog while the other got onto the couch and brought his cock to her mouth.

Kaylee's pussy had soaked her panties. She wanted to cum, but she couldn't, not here with Tyson holding her. She was determined not to give him satisfaction.

The man who was eating the blonde out got up and trade places with the other one. The guy who moved between her legs rubbed his cock up and down her pussy, then slid in and started fucking her.

"Have you ever done that Kaylee? Sucked a cock while being fucked?" Kaylee didn't respond, she never had done it, but at that moment it looked like it would be good.

The man pulled out of her and she got down on all fours on the floor. A man went to each end of her, sucking a cock while the other fucked her from behind. After a while they stopped. One of the guys got onto the couch and the girl climbed on top of him. The other guy moved up behind her, he brought his cock to her asshole and slid it in. He slowly started going in and out of her ass and steadily built up speed.

"Oh... double penetration. Would you like that Kaylee? To have a man fuck you in the ass while another fucks your pussy?" As he said that Tyson pressed his cock into her ass for emphasis.

Kaylee didn't hear Tyson; her mind was too busy thinking about her pussy. It was on fire, she was aching to just slide her hand down the front of her jeans. She resisted though, she didn't want to give in to Tyson.

The guy in the blondes' ass pulled out while the other guy pushed her off him. "Get on your knees" one of them said and she obeyed. Both men moved next to her, jerking their cocks next to her face.

The girl started to beg for them to cum in her mouth. One of the guys grabbed her by the hair and moved her mouth next to his cock and she opened wide to receive his load.

The girl looked into the camera with her mouth open, swirling her tongue around to show off the cum.

"Get ready you slut." The man who was still jerking off said. She turned her to him with her mouth wide. He came, overflowing her mouth with the second load of cum. It dribbled down her chin. She tilted her head back and brought her hand up to her face to push the cum back into her mouth. She opened wide for the camera, and then her mouth closed. When she opened it again all the cum was gone.

"Goddamn, that was quite the fuck scene wasn't it? Hell, makes me wish I could jerk off."

"Why don't you, you sick bastard."

"If I jerked off I couldn't hold you very well, wouldn't want you to leave before the fun is over."

Kaylee bit her lip. She wasn't able to tell what scared her and what was turning her on anymore. She was so confused. She wanted to get away, but part of her wanted to give in. That part was slowly growing and that scared her.

An Asian girl came on the screen dressed in a schoolgirl outfit; she teased the camera for a while.

"Do you like Asian girls?"

A man came on screen and started to fondle the girl's breasts thro

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