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When a Driver comes to pick up Sarah's car she cums as well.

"I'm glad you find me huggable," I hugged her back, and she leaned up and kissed me.

"And for the remainder of the day, you're my girlfriend." She smiled and kissed me again. I couldn't argue; she was so beautiful. Her green t-shirt was low cut and revealed full C-Cup breasts, and she had wonderful curves.

"I've no problem with that." I kissed her again, "Shall we get a drink?"

"Oh yes, I've got lots to tell you, and then maybe some shopping ." She smiled, "First time out?"

"Yeah, this is my first time out of the house since I got the panties."

"Met any guy's yet?"

"Just one, but it was a ride." I smiled. Just thinking of that night made my cock jump.

"The first one is always so exciting, but the later encounters are pure pleasure"

We sat down in the restaurant, and she started to tell me about the panties. As far as she could tell, they were either enchanted or contained hormones and drugs. She had been given her pair of panties, green with a white clover, four months ago, and by the end of the second week, she had felt all the affects of the garment and no longer desired to wear them. She started off as a short male, 5'4'' with red hair and a pretty manly build, but as the panties took over, his shoulders and hips shifted inside. She warned me that in a day or two this would happen and I wouldn't be able to move. Her chest budded after the second day and reached their current size a week later. Her hair grew out fast, but has stalled to normal speeds. "It's a rapid change, but by the end of it, you feel so much sexier."

I looked at her, "Does my cock go away?"

"Nope, I still have mine, it's suffered no affects from all this."

I felt relieved by this. Despite all the new sexy fem attributes, I still wanted to keep my penis.

"What do your panties look like?"

I smiled, "Black with a pink heart."

"And is your pubic hair growing in the shape of a heart."

I looked back at her, "Yeah it is."

"You're now forever trapped by the panties. I heard a story of a guy who got away from it before the pubic hair grew in. He still doesn't grow body hair, and has a little bit of a chest, and still has urges to please cock, but he doesn't wear the panties or got any more of the symptoms."

"How many of us are out there?"

"I don't know. You're only the fourth person I know who was giving a pair."

"I don't even know who gave me mine."

"That's also very common, could be someone who you cut off in traffic, a woman you stood up on a date, or just an exgirlfriend still hurt from your antics."

"I don't even think anyone even remembers me. I don't talk to people much, I don't take risks when driving, and I've never stood anyone up."

She just shrugged and grabbed my hand. "Well, who cares, you're a sexy woman, and we're going shopping!" She pulled me into the mall, and we started to walk around picking out new clothes.

"I bet you went all the generic routes with school girl outfits and such?"

"I did at first, but I've been buying more normal things now."

She smiled, "That's good, you got to have the normal and the exciting for all the right occasions."

We walked around stores and picked out tops and pants. I got skin tight jeans, tights, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, revealing lingerie, panties with cute sayings, button down shirts, sexy dresses, cute shoes. Most of everything I got was black, dark purple, pink, or some mix of the three. What could I say? I was a goth chick at heart. I always admired their style and now I got to live it.

We got to the lingerie and underwear store and Michelle stopped me.

"We're not getting a bra, because you're breasts will probably fill out over the course of the week. Then you can go out and get some."

I just nodded, but I still picked out a few corsets and sexy panties.

Near the end of the mall shopping trip, Michelle pulled me into a changing room with her.

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