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Weekend in paradise has its ups and downs.

I could feel her reading my thoughts. For once they were pure and sincere. Satisfied, she sat back down and pulled my arm over her shoulder once more.

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting nice after seeing your deepest desires."

I kissed her again.

"It must be you, bringing out the nice in me. Let's just watch the sun going down for now." We sat for ages, watching nature's paint box covering its majestic canvas. Finally Sara spoke again, after the sun had finally dipped below the horizon.

"Well, I have one last suggestion." Sara said rather shyly. "You said you wanted to write some sort of fantasy story."


"How about..?" She looked away.


"Howaboutastoryaboutmeetingyourmuseandfallinginlove?" The words came out in a rush, as if she was embarrassed to say them. I sat still, stunned. I turned the new idea over in my head and decided it would work.

"Brilliant Sarakuk! Just brilliant. It could work so well, as long as I can think of an ending. Thank you so much." I leant forward and kissed her. She just sat and beamed at me, slightly perplexed.

And then Sara and the cliffs faded away and I was sat before my computer screen once again. I began to type quickly, before I lost the gist of the thing. I could edit things in later as they came to me.

Sara's idea worked our really well, providing me with an excellent story. The tiff with her sister soon passed as well. Sara visited me on several occasions, helping me out every time. I had given her permission to access my computer, to look at all I had written so she could help me more. Well, not quite everything I had written. Because I valued her innocence I forbade her to look at what I called 'The Dark Files'. She accepted that for now, happy to help me with whatever ideas or advice she could.

Some weeks later I was stuck on a different kind of story.

"Stuck again?" Sara appeared behind me. I jumped, having been concentrating on the screen. "Sorry, forgot the ZING!" She said, leaning on my shoulder and looking at what I'd been attempting to write. "This is different."

"Sara, I don't think you should be reading at this. This is my dark side let loose. You can't help me with this."

"Why not? I'm your personal muse aren't I? And I've already seen your so-called dark side."

"No you haven't. You barely touched the surface of how low I will go in these stories." I took her hand off my shoulder. "You are too nice to let read this stuff."

"That's sweet of you. But to be honest, I get bored with the goody-goody stuff. Please let me read it." She batted her eyes at me. I sighed.

"If you really want to, look in the file called 'The Dark Files', the one I told you never to look for ideas in, and then see if you still want to help. I'll be gone about two hours." I got up and left her scanning through the file, hoping that I wouldn't lose her.

When I got back she was gone. 'Blown it.' I thought. ZING! There she was again.

"I got bored with waiting, so I went to find Anerbert. I needed some advice."

"About the stories?" I asked.

"They made me feel... different."

"What sort of 'different'?"

"Sort of tingly, that's why I had to see Annie, but she couldn't help. So we went to find Sallijey."


"She's one of the older muses. The muse of erotic thoughts."

"I don't think I've seen her."

"She doesn't appear as such. You know those late night or early morning thoughts?" I nodded slowly. "Well, that's her." Sara sat on my lap. "She told us all about carnal thoughts." I looked at her in surprise. "C'mon, let's visit some of your desires."

"Are you sure Sara?"

"Yes. Something simple to start with."

"The Loan Arranger then." ZING!

We didn't appear as such in the office, but we watched as the story unfolded. I was a little uncomfortable about having someone watch me and a girl I only met once having imaginary sex, even if one of them was me. I was also still unsure whether Sara should be watching at all. We watched until their lust was slaked and the scene ended, dissolving into a white page. Sara spoke first.

"So, that was a fuck was it? An

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