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A friend's daughter turns out to be an anal freak.

It had never crossed my mind that my own daughter would ever desire me in this way. How could I turn her down? "This is what you want?" I asked her, feeling suddenly a little shy around my own daughter! I tensed up some from the anticipation of her answer.

"Yes, Daddy..." she said as I set the paper on the corner of the bed to my right. She kept brushing at her hair nervously. "I actually wanted this before I ever found those papers."

I could feel my shoulders tense up as I felt a surge of desire for my own daughter. Was this really about to happen? If this is what my little girl wants, this is what she is going to get. Evana told me she was too nervous to act, so I reached up and pulled her to me. The moment my hands touched her I felt the urges slam into me and all of my pent up sexual energy became directed at my daughter. As I pulled her close I felt her ass in a way I had never felt it before. I felt her skin in a way I had never felt it before. She brushed her fingertips over my shoulder, touched my face nervously...I could tell she was as aroused as I was.

As we touched upon each other, she said, "Daddy, I don't want this to be a one time thing, if it is, then do not tease me so."

"Evana, if we do this, you can have your Daddy anytime you want."

"I am serious, Daddy...this excites me too much."

I undid her skirt and slid it off of her, running my hands over her sweet young butt and thighs. I kissed on her stomach as my hands roamed her succulent young body. Soon, I was kissing the underside of those firm young breasts of hers. My heart was beating wildly. She started to become a little more aggressive herself and sat on my lap. She pulled my mouth to hers to kiss me and at first it seemed awkward...I had never kissed my little Evana like she wanted me to. I felt a short pang of guilt, of wrong doing, but it quickly passed as I opened to her desire. I knew that touching and kissing her would never again be what it had been. Her inexperienced kissing and aggression was very arousing. She pressed me onto my back, but fumbled some, knowing what she wanted, but unsure how to go about getting it. We sat up, I removed my clothes and she her dress, but she was sweet enough to leave those red panties of hers for me to remove. I happily slid them off her, my eyes soaking in her young pussy as if I had never seen a pussy in my life!

I didn't want to rush this too aggressively, but it was hard to restrain. I just wanted to be in my little Evana so badly. Wanted to feel her dripping pussy on my cock. I lay against her and kissed her, tasting and savoring her young body. Evana whispered, "Kiss me, Daddy." so I leaned over her and she embraced me as we kissed while I caressed her dripping wet pussy. I had never felt such heat in a pussy before. At first, my cock was up and down...the excitement of the situation would arouse me, but then the guilt and shame of what I was doing to my little Evana would hit me, too and I would go soft. Evana noticed this and lay me on my back, saying, "I have wanted you in my mouth a long time, Daddy."

I tensed some, but lay back to let her do as she desired. I didn't want to deny her anything she desired. Sliding down my body, she took my semi hard cock into her hot mouth. I knew right away she had no experience in sucking cock, but I had a feeling she would be getting better by practicing on me. I lay there stroking her hair as she hungrily sucked on Daddy's cock. Her anxiousness to have me hard was a huge turn on. Even when I became erect, she kept sucking hungrily as she rubbed on my chest with one hand and cupped my balls with her other. It was intense feeling such desire from her. I let her just keep sucking Daddy's cock as much as she wanted, knowing it was just a matter of time before her pussy craved it so much she couldn't help herself.

It was me that broke, though.

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