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Hank corners Faith at his party.

His head was stuck into the toilet. He used to be a general before he was foolish enough to face Inga. Helga finished and got dress in her uniform.

Inga wore boots and gloves. She wore nothing else. They walked down the hall way. The saw one of her guard beating up the Bronze Tiger. He was a hero who had skin of steal. They were no match for her guard. The guards that was beating him name was Lisa. She was a perky blond girl with pig tail and 18 years old. She stood 5.6 and looked like a school girl. She was called the snake tamer because she could handle gigantic cocks with ease. She had Bronze Tiger broken. She was naked and drench head to toe with cum. Bronze Tiger laid their bruised and beaten. His face was very bruised.

"Please no more. No more." He begged.

"Having Vun" Inga asked.

"Yes Mistress. I love these Americans. They are so easy to break." Lisa said in squeaky voice.

"Make Sure the Slave veen up his mess." Helga laughed.

They walked on passed interrogation rooms. Men and women were screaming. Inga walked into the room with Captain America. He stood their completely naked. His muscles were flexed and his arms and legs stretched and tied. His cock was erect from the sight of the women. He hated himself for that. His body was still bruised from his battle with Inga.

"Vook at me" She said.

He looked. Inga snapped her finger. Helga grabbed him by the hair and lifted his head up.

"Do vas she tells you pig." Helga said.

Captain America gasp as she saw her. He was staring at a goddess. She smelt of sex. The pussy smell was heavy let intoxicating. He could smell her from a miles away. Girl juice covered her breast and made it glisten. They were huge and looked even bigger under the flicker light. Her body glisten enough where it seem like a glow.

"You vike mine body little America...vue want to touch it." She said.

She squeeze her big nipples and started to slowly sucked them with her juicy red lips. Her nipples were erect at least 3 inches. They were huge. She sucked them dripping salvia down it. Her body moved and bounce like the greatest dancer ever. She was so deprave Captain America thought but he never saw anything so sexy. She put her finger deep in her cunt. Her pussy juices were dripping down with big gobs of cum. She sucked her finger clean taking globs of cum. Helga looked in pride. She flex her biceps moving them up and down.

"Voo you want me," She said

He said nothing.

She walked up to him so her breast was in his face. This time she spoke slowly.

"Do you vant me" She said again


She whispered in his ear

"Do vue want me vittle man."

"Yes...yes I do." He cried

"Vell me everything...vue vill be my dog." She said

"Never" He said.

He muster what was left of his courage

The two women laughed.

"Vee vor hoping you say vat."

She took his cock in her hands. She stroked it up and down. Her hands were turning his cock into butter. Her rubbed the cock head knowing ever pressure point. Captain America gritted his teeth. He tried not to give this nazi bitch the satisfaction of making him cum. She started him in the eye. He wanted to wipe that smug smile off her face.

"Vook isn't that cute..American trying to hold it." Inga laughed

"Pathetic." Helga laughed,

"With vine hand I can crush steal vittle be surprise what a body vart vill doe if you add strength to certain Area of zee body," She said,

She was playing his cock like a flute. She was hitting the right spot. She put her fist around his erect cock and squeeze. His screamed with an intense multiple orgasm.

"This is Called zee SQUEEZING SPONGE...look at vor nasty cum. Tears running down Vor little flace like a deflowerd girl,"

He can't stop cumming and cumming. Inga knew she could make a man cum forever. To her a cock was like a heart. It can shoot truckloads of cum if it pumped right. He begged her to stop losing all control. Orgasims hit every part of his body.

"Look he crying Inga..vike zittle girl. Nick Furty voot up a better fight then him," Helga laughed.

"Vook how easy you are to break.

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