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If he was lucky, he would find a rabbit in some of the traps he had carefully set up. If not, Olav would get by on some home-grown roots and carrots. He had always refused to register and to render himself available for Sperm donation and other medical experiments.

One of his neighbors had volunteered and was extremely keen to undertake a new life of obedience, security as a numbered wild one. A few months later, he showed up a broken man. He was skinny, toothless and he had been beaten and kept in a cage like an animal. When he was let out, it was to clean the grand Mansion of his Mistress - a Citizen with a herd of dozen slaves, all with specific purposes. He had been chosen to donate some blood, some sperm and his lefty kidney and he had managed to escape one day and return to the river.

The wild ones, as we were now referred to, belonged to nobody, most of the time because those ex-citizens were cantankerous, stubborn, old or sick and/or yearned for a sense of freedom that could no longer be had in the light of September 11th . Those people were completely ignored and they existed in complete isolation from any hint of modern society, human rights or medical care.

Governments had long ago withdrawn from providing such services anyways. Rampant corruption had enriched a few but it had destroyed the state. The Corporations that had survived extended such care to their Employees and their veneer of morality and respectability usually would move them to organize Food Baskets for or some Year-end Dinners for the disabled, the fallen, the poor , the unlike them.

There was a true fascination for them by some Elite designers who considered them as wild animals belonging to a Nature left behind, and they were the source of great Inspiration. Artists would love to photograph and venerate them, like they would with the Wild Horses of Sable Island. True freedom had been lost for most people. Some ersatz-type of Freedom and Nature was therefore required. Compassion no longer existed but it was considered fashionable to say you were. One or two days in the year, the announcers of Radio-Cadenas would make a charity drive to maintain the illusion that all was well.

The governments would publish figures showing virtually no unemployment and increases in life expectancy . However figures were only catalogued for the Citizens, who usually either had cushy jobs, or belonged to some powerful union or worked for a Corporation with a monopoly product or service. In 2011, there were 6 engineering firms that got 90% of the government contracts. In 2016, only one had survived. It was estimated that Citizens represented about 30% of the population.

Access to nature was now difficult unless you were poor. Then you would live and piss under a tree. Citizens therefore consumed and fantasized about wild expeditions, great vistas of the Grand Canyon but most people in Cities were now getting by with a 13 x 13 foot room in a skyscraper equipped and heated by very rudimentary technologies.

The workplace was now a new world. Differences between working women and men had been annihilated as it was too costly and ineffective to manage all this. Most workers were belted and sex was now a luxury reserved for the Powerful, the Rich, and the Chosen. It had become fashionable for elites to become Transgender and to emit ambiguous messages about their true sexual desires or wants.

In 2013, a male Russian cosmonaut had raped a Canadian female astronaut in the space Station and this had also be the turning point for establishing a New World Order. In this new Order , you either had a name or a n umber. It was that simple. All who had names were considered Citizens and could work, have medical care, be looked after in some type of way. Many Citizens though had lost their Names and become Numbers when the bank foreclosed on a loan or their homes.

The Names had to stay productive to keep their Status and also respect the Code, like a Religion.

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