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The perfect dirty little sissy girl...that would be me.

Running with a hard-on was not something I wanted to do. "Jon Cameron in 1403. Technology consultant."

Kristi said, "I write and do a little modeling."

"You are very attractive, but I guess you already know that. Excuse me for stating the obvious. I do that a lot."

She laughed and I think some angels sang. "Oh, a woman never gets tired of compliments. Thank you." She sounded so genuine and friendly.

We plodded along after that with little conversation. Actually, pretty women kind of scare me. Even thought I'm highly attracted to them, I never know what to say. I get all tongue-tied. In the case of that morning, I wasn't only tongue-tied, I was gasping for air given the pace we were going.

I glanced over several times at Kristi. She also seemed to be gulping air at a rapid rate. I looked at my watch and noted that we were running right at an eight-minute a mile pace. I'd never run at that pace before. I hoped I could keep this up until we got home and I died happy; however, if I slowed and Kristi left me, I'd get to look at her sweet ass leaving me in the dust.

We did keep together, finishing just over five miles in forty-three minutes - my best time for that distance and the best pace I'd had since I'd started. I mentioned that to Kristi as we came to a stop.

She gasped, "I'm so glad I went with you. I've never run that fast. You pulled me along. Thank you."

I told her, "I'm thinking of doing six miles tomorrow, if you want to come along. I may not go as fast. I need to do weights and other exercises afterwards."

"Oh, yes. Same time. Eight a.m.?"

"That works for me," I smiled. "I'll meet you right here. I'll wait so if you plan not to go, buzz my unit and tell me." All residents had each other's phone numbers.

I watched Kristi walk back into the building, developing a hard-on at the indecent thoughts I was having, particularly watching the way her tight little exercise pants hugged her cute butt.

Amber noticed the bulge in my pants as soon as I walked in the door. "Hey, doofus, who got you all excited?"

I chuckled as I stood there, "Hot babe in 801 named Kristi. She looks like Kate Upton, and she also ran like the wind. I'm exhausted keeping up with her, although she claimed she was keeping up with me."

Amber nodded, "Yeah, when you run with someone else, you usually pickup your pace. Well, invite this woman to the Broadhurst Swingers and then you can realize the fantasies you obviously had about her." She laughed and walked off.

The next morning, Kristi was right on time. We started out after agreeing on our route. She asked, "You married?"

"Very. Great. Wife. Amber. Fourteen. Years. One. Kid. Penny. Love. Of. My. Life. How. About. You?" My conversation skills were seriously curtailed by my lack of oxygenated blood to the speech center in my brain. I could only get one or two words out at a time.

Kristi was a little bit smoother. "Yes, I've been married five years to my hubby Marshall. He's a senior pilot with Trans-Pac Airlines. He's on his way to Sydney right now." I marveled about how she could run and talk in complete sentences without taking a breath. It must be a woman thing.

I had visions of a handsome Chuck Yeager kind of individual at the controls of a huge airliner with hundreds of people depending on him to get them through. He would be a hero with every flight. I figured Kristi had a case of hero worship that I couldn't begin to compete with.

She opined, "I get so lonely when he's away. Sometimes it's for weeks at a time, then he's home for a few days and off he goes again."

I resisted the immediate urge to try to be her best buddy. I did kind of invite her, "Well, we have a group that loves to party every couple of weeks. If you interested you can join us. This Saturday's get-together will be at our condo." In doing that, I had a mental lapse, and then realized that I'd have to explain about the Swingers to her in some way before Saturday if she wanted to attend.

"Oh, I'd love to, otherwise I'll just sit a

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