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Daddy gets a special Xmas present from his daughter.

That smirk on his face - he knew she was losing control.

With horror, she realised that her hips were actually moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

Biting her lower lips she fought to regain control. With a good deal of determination she succeeded. But the next instant she was taken over the hill. Laboured breathing, eyes shut and face contorted in orgasm.

"Ahhhhh!" She moaned loudly.

Still there was no sign of him relenting.

She looked up at him. Now she knew why he had been so confident right from the beginning.

"Enjoy it Shereen. Don't resist. Have you ever felt like this with your husband?"

"I can't take it any longer." She pleaded.

"That's what you think. Just relax and enjoy it."

She never knew that a man could hold back that long. But her rapist was doing just that without any sign of orgasm.

Suddenly she realised that her hands had been released - she was free.

She was no longer a rape victim but a willing prisoner to carnal pursuits. Her hands moved to his buttocks, drawing him to her.

She shrieked as her second climax hit her. It was as if her body had a mind of its own. There was no way she could control the shudders.

Again she looked up at the Leader. He was frantically thrusting into her. Then with a loud gasp he came.

He rolled over and lay beside her on the mattress.

She ran her hands through her hair and closing her eyes lay inert on the mattress trying to catch her breath. She was still in the bliss of their just concluded copulation when she felt her thighs being pulled apart again. This time it was Bhola.

"Not now, please." She pleaded trying to push him off. She had been violated once...the myth had been broken...she was no longer unattainable. She knew the rest of the gang would soon queue up for their share of the fun. But this was too soon. She needed some rest before she could be taken again.

But Bhola kept on insisting. He was in no mood to budge. She turned to the Leader hoping that he would see reason.

"I don't blame Bhola." He caught hold of her hand. Even before she could react Hiru caught her other hand and again she was pinned down to the mattress. With a swift lunge Bhola entered her.

All his sleepless nights have at last been rewarded.

"I have waited for this moment so long." He sighed as he drove again and again all the way to her cervix.

No sooner Bhola was through she found herself in Hiru's arms. She was too tired to resist. And when the last one came to her she lay on the mattress like a ragged doll moving only to the extent his movements forced her to.

The cool breeze of the ceiling fan was a welcome relief helping her to dose off. When she awoke she had lost track of time. She found herself alone in the room. She was fatigued, the throbbing sensation in her vagina yet to subside. Till the end she had never thought she could copulate with four men without losing her senses. They had, at least, done her one good turn - not resorting to unprotected sex. With great effort she stood up and tottered towards the door in the high-heeled slippers they had left for her. She yanked open the door. The Leader, Bhola and Hiru were playing cards.

"I need to go to the bathroom." She called out to them. The Leader got up asking the other two to continue with the game.

She clung to him for support as he led her to the bathroom. Even inside the bathroom privacy was denied to her.

"For God's sake, please leave me alone now." She was on the verge of tears.

"Cut that out." He warned. "You know it's useless."

As she sat on the toilet relieving herself she could hear him chuckle.

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