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A bitter rivalry gives way to deep submission.

So its just you and me.

Vince pulls me into the pool and pulls me to him. His arms wrap around me as he pulls my body close to his, he leans in and starts to kiss me gently then more firmer, parting my lips with his tongue as his tongues slides into my mouth. His tongue explores my mouth as his hand is moving down my back towards my ass. His strong hand is rubbing my ass and squeezing as he holds me tight to him. I try to push away at first, but he is so strong and he just holds me tighter. Vince is taller then me and has a very well built body from working out and not to mention he is sexy as hell too.

Every girl in school drools over Vince as he walks down the halls. I could not believe that I am standing here in Vince's arms and trying to get away. His tongue is so strong in my mouth, circling my own tongue. I hear myself start to moan to Vince's touches. His strong fingers kneading my ass, spreading my ass checks apart as he runs his fingers up my ass crack.

Vince walks me over to the steps of the pool and then picks me up in his strong arms and carries me over to the towel that's laying down on the ground. He lays me down on my back, pushing my hair aside as he gives me another kiss. Sliding his right hand down my body towards my breast, he takes my right nipple between his finger and thumb and pinches it as he rolls it between his fingers. I feel my nipples getting harder to his touches. He slides his hand over to my left nipple and does the same thing, rolling the nipple making it hard between his fingers.

For such a big guy Vince is very gentle. I feel Vince's tongue tracing circles from my chin going down my body towards my hard nipples. I am moaning and whispering to him oh yess that feels so good. His mouth finds my hard nipple, he draws my nipple into his mouth and he begins to suck on it, oh my it feels so good having my nipple in his mouth, I feel my body reacting to his touches. I rub my fingers through his hair and feeling my legs spread apart as his hand is exploring my inner thigh. I moan as I feel his fingers touch my lips of my pussy, slowly parting the lips to reach my wetness. I hear Vince whisper you are very wet as his fingers slide up and down my slit. I let out a scream of pleasure as I feel his finger flick across my clit. Vince grins as he feels my clit jump to his touch.

Vince slides down my body, as he spreads my legs wider I felt his tongue dancing on my clit. Oh my I scream out that feels so damn good. He looks at me and smiles big and whisper and a shaved little pussy too -- that I like very much. Vince buries his face in my soaked pussy. His tongue exploring every inch of my pussy, not missing a single beat as he slides his experienced tongue up and down my slit, taking my clit into his mouth sucking and nibbling on it. In no time he has me screaming out as I cover his face with my first climax of the night. Vince eagerly licks it all up as he continues to devour my pussy with his tongue. When I heard that Vince was very good at oral, I never did imagine such a thing, He knew how to use his tongue on my pussy and how to bring me to a climax after climax. After what must have been my fourth climax, Vince got up on his knees and took his very hard 7 inch cock into his hand and parted my pussy lips with it and rub it up and down my slit, rubbing my juices on his cock just before entering me.

Vince took his time sliding his cock into my wet pussy. He said he wanted to make the pleasure last for awhile. I screamed out I want you to fuck me and fuck me now. Vince was in control and he knew that, he would slide the tip of his cock in and then take it out, he was driving me crazy, I would push my hips forward to get more of him, but he would pull out. Vince wanted me to beg for his cock. I'm sure the neighbors could have heard me that night, the way I was begging for Vince's cock and for him to fuck me.

The more I beg the excited he got.

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