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A mutual romance.

She grinned and dragged her hard nipples down his body as she made her way to his underwear. Now kneeling on the floor she pulled the black cotton down, over his cock, which sprang upwards once freed.

"What did you say that girl was called?" Rachel asked, her head to one side, contemplating his erection.

"This morning you mean? Kat."

"Silly girl." Rachel smiled sweetly at Ed then slapped his cock hard.

"Ow, fuck," he shouted, alarmed.

"Sorry," Rachel said softly, and kissed Ed's cock tenderly. "Is that better?" she asked.

"Yes," Ed laughed, then yelped again as Rachel bit the tip. "Fuck, stop it!" he shouted again, wriggling away from her.

"Sorry, Ed," she giggled. "I'll behave." She kissed his cock again, watching him flinch involuntarily.

Rachel stood up and Ed took the opportunity to kick away the restraining clothes and pull off his socks. He eyed Rachel nervously as she admired herself in the mirror and her reflection pouted at him before she bent, much as she had done at the freezer, and slipped down her skin-tight shorts. She had nothing on underneath them and Ed was treated to a delicious sight as her pale, round bum was revealed and, poking out from between her upper thighs, the pink lips of her pussy. He couldn't be sure but Ed thought he'd also seen the glint of another piercing there too. He guessed he'd find out soon enough. As Rachel stood in front of the mirror Ed could see both her front and back. She had a light tan, accentuated by her bikini marks, not the pale skin he'd somehow associate with those who favoured tattoos. Her pussy was trimmed to a narrow line of dark hair and was adorned by yet another tattoo, this one a small black panther on the left of her groin, its tail curling away where it metamorphosed into the rose that wound its way up her body.

As Rachel stood before the mirror she oozed sexuality. Her curves swooped, the sunlight from the window shining on her inked form, casting erotic shadows on the far wall, the light bouncing off her highlighted hair, turning the blonde to streaks of shimmering gold. Ed shuffled his way up the bed and waited for her to join him. She turned and, holding his gaze, crawled with feline grace towards him, her round bum shifting this way and that in the mirror.

Rachel's tits brushed Ed's legs as she made her way up his body. His cock was bobbing gently with his heartbeat, the tip glistening already in the sunlight. She paused, her mouth hovering over it, a mischievous look in her eye. Ed braced himself for another nibble or worse but she simply breathed on the tip, her open mouth all around him, so close but not touching him. Even her breath made him tingle and when her full lips finally closed around him and her studded tongue slipped its way upwards, Ed groaned with pleasure as his cock throbbed within the confines of her hot, wet mouth. Rachel sucked him for a few moments, her head bobbing up and down, the ball of the tongue stud pressing firmly against his glans, making him gasp, then popped his cock from her mouth and resumed her ascent of his body. She kissed her way up his stomach, her cleavage brushing exquisitely over his cock, tickling him almost unbearably, until she reached his nipples. She ran her fingernails over them, pinching - to Ed's great relief - gently, then sucked and nibbled each in turn. She lowered herself slightly so her tits brushed his cock once more and Ed had to concentrate hard on not getting carried away. Behind her, in the mirror, her sumptuous arse and now glistening pussy gave him an added visual delight

"You like that, don't you?" Her eyes danced excitedly as the soft flesh of her breasts stroked him. Ed swallowed and nodded. Tilly might have known some tricks but a skinny teenager was no match for a sex kitten like Rachel. Ed just hoped she'd go easy on him. "I think I could make you come just like this, couldn't I?" she teased, gently rocking to and fro, tickling his now electrified cock.

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