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They'd brought the carved "research" chest from Kidlat's place to Cocoy's apartment and, while the roan Tikbalang was off meeting his father, Cocoy and Jinx went back to their reading and research as the afternoon wore on, looking for anything that would help them convince Sinukuan to listen to what they needed to say.

Cocoy had donned his favorite navy blue and white batik board shorts with a loose gray t-shirt that was so soft from being washed so often that it hid none of his magnificent abdominals as he slouched on the couch. Jinx was in a brief (very, very brief, as in ass-basing brief) pair of button-fly white denim cutoffs and a baby pink crewneck t-shirt that clung to her breasts and waist quite fetchingly. Kidlat had to tear himself away from both his lovers after unlocking the chest with an incantation, muttering that they'd better be ready for more strenuous activity when he got back.

It was between dry translations of Fray Domenico Juan's ledgers and maddeningly incomplete snippets of lore about Tikbalang taming, Diwata transitions and Bayot rituals that Jinx found herself sitting cross-legged on the hardwood planks of the floor of Cocoy's apartment, leaning back against his white canvas sofa between his legs.

She set her temple against Cocoy's right knee, his right hand ruffling her hair as she closed her eyes for a short spell, tired from all the reading and from her mind racing mile-a-minute from one revelation to another.

Cocoy was silently cursing his luck, or lack of it, as he could not find anything remotely resembling a way out of cross-dressing, or anything to help them create guidelines for the relationship he, Kidlat and Jinx were forming with all the inexorability of tectonic plates scraping against one another. Hell, he couldn't even find a reliable text for how long they had to find Sinukuan before Jinx (and Mt. Pinatubo and, possibly, Mt. Arayat) went nova.

Then he felt the heat under his right palm, which was pressed against Jinx's nape. Great. I love this woman's body and I love fucking it, but this demand created by her change? It's not the best of reasons to be doing this. I want to make love with her because I can't help myself, not because the situation and preventing an apocalypse do.

Cocoy stoppered the part of his brain that wanted to pick at the thought of "making love" and its implications as he slid his hand down to wrap sensuously around Jinx's neck and angle her head up as he bent forward to kiss her softly, persuasively.

"You're getting hot again, Diwata mine," Cocoy forced lightness into his voice, hoping it disguised the uncertainty he felt about handling a changeling on his own, without a Tikbalang in the room to back him up. "You need more, ahem, containment. Just enough to hold you until Kidlat gets here. So you don't set anything on fire but us."

He teased her with naughty eyes as he pulled away from her mouth and ran his thumb across her swollen lower lip before tracing a path down her chin and neck, down to the erect nipple poking through the fabric of her thin lace brassiere and baby-pink crewneck t-shirt.

Cocoy nudged Jinx forward before sitting behind her on the floor. He traced Jinx's belly under the hem of her shirt before grasping the cotton tee and pulling it up off her and divested her of the lacy blue froth of her bra before cupping her hot breasts in his tanned hands and pinching both nipples simultaneously between his knuckles.

Jinx groaned as Cocoy's mouth sucked a trail of wet, open kisses and licks over the flesh of her earlobe, the side of her neck, her shoulders. Her hands went up to his head, fingers spearing though Cocoy's soft, wavy hair and gripping tight as he bit down on that tender spot between neck and shoulder as he rolled and pulled at both of her hard nipples with rough fingers. She'd lost all capacity for words as her eyes slid closed in pleasure.

"I love this puki

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