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Writer and his agent come together.

With the third swipe, I pressed my finger up against her already dripping pussy and the purring gave way to a single gasp.

I buried my finger deep and Juliet's legs gave out as she fell forward onto the pillow.

"See why I asked you to put a pillow under you?" Slap! Slap! "And why I spent so much time cleaning you down there?"

Juliet purred some more as I lowered my head once again. She wiggled a lot too, but this time I think it was mostly involuntary. She seemed pretty far gone as I tickled her ass with my tongue and her magic bundle of nerves with my finger.

"Ohh -- Mmm -- Gahh," was all she uttered.

I straightened up and gave her two more good slaps on the ass. Besides the pink, there was a little glistening line where my finger had painted her cheeks with her own juices. I smiled as I looked upon my artwork and then lowered my head once again.

"Ohh -- Mmm -- Fuh -- Cuh -- Ming." Juliet was trying to tell me something. I figured that it had something to do with her coming soon, by the way she was shaking and kicking her feet on the mattress, but I wasn't about to let on that I knew what she meant.

I lifted my head for just a moment. "What's that dear sister?" I resumed the attack with gusto, massaging her insides with my finger while forcing her backdoor open with my tongue.

"Fuck!" she shouted into the bed sheets. "Fuck, that feels good."

I raised my head one more time, not to speak -- Juliet was too far gone to comprehend anything I had to say anyway -- but I did want to freshen up the pink that was beginning to fade from her backside. Slap! Slap! Much better. I lowered my head again.

"Oh fuck, Charlotte. I'm -- I'm -- Oh my god. -- Yes! Oh god, yes! Oh, Charlotte. Fuuuck meee." Juliet collapsed into a heap and I fell on top of her, brushing her hair aside and kissing the back of her neck as she lay panting.

"I should really take you over my knee for swearing, Juliet." It was Mistress, the stealth ninja, peering around the doorway, hair in a ponytail and face shiny with sweat. "But I see Charlotte's done a pretty good job already."

I grinned sheepishly. "Yes, Mistress."

She winked at me. "Anyway, I think I need a shower slave after my workout. Come on Juliet."

"Yes, My Queen."

I watched as Mistress tugged Juliet by the nipple all the way to the bathroom. I don't think either one of them stopped giggling the whole way. I flopped onto the bed and began enjoying Juliet's girl-juice as I licked it off my finger. Oh, I've missed her.


Making Plans


"You girls want to go to the zoo today?" I asked as the waiter scurried off after setting our breakfast plates in front of us. "We should try to do something other than staying in the room and humping like bunnies. We've got to leave the hotel sometime, and there's lots to do out there."

I lifted my arm and made a sweeping gesture to illustrate my point. The girls looked conflicted. I think they had actually planned to hump like bunnies all day.

"Come on girls. It's the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The whole day is my treat. T-shirts, souvenirs, lunch, dinner -- you name it." I could see them starting to come around.

"Miss Natasha, I can't let you do that," Juliet said. "I can pay my own way."

"So can Charlotte. She's got a job. But I like to spoil her, and I'd like to spoil you too. You might as well get used to it if you're going to come home with us."

Charlotte looked at Juliet and then back at me. Her eyes had gone wide. "Juliet's coming home with us, Mistress?"

Juliet looked at me with a not so subtle death glare before turning her gaze back to Charlotte. "I haven't decided yet, Charlotte. I told her I'd think about it."

"Think about what, dear sister?" asked the doe-eyed Charlotte, her lips still slightly parted even after the last word had left her mouth.

I smiled. Charlotte was laying the charm on her, and thick. I knew Juliet would have a hard time saying no to Charlotte. She stood about as much chance as I did in that regard.

"Baby, I asked Juliet

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