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Willing sex slave is passed from a couple to a lesbian.

God! help me. I was breaking my head over it, when she called again and this time from the bathroom. I went in. She was wearing the same saree but now, she tied the bottom part like a dhoti and so the saree revealed a little of her thighs and knees. Then without saying a word, she lifted the tshirt over my head. Then she put her thumbs inside the elastic of my bermudas and pulled them down. I was naked but for my underwear. She put her thumbs inside my underwear when I stopped her. She smiled and said, "Come on Hari, I have seen you naked so many times." I said, "but sister that was when I was a kid. Now I have grown up." She said, "I know that. You have longer legs now. longer hands now. so, i do know that you have a longer penis." By the time I recovered from what she said, she pulled down my underwear.

My prick stood up instantly. She laughed and said, "Hari, don't be embarrased. Its normal." Saying this, she started to pour water over me. She moved her hands all over me and started applying the soap. She asked me turn around and she put soap all over my back and legs. Then she came to my ass. She put soap there too and to my utter disbelief, parted my asscheeks and put a hand inside to apply the soap. My penis was then throabing searching for a hole in the vicinity. I held it with my hand to control it so that she wouldn't notice the movements. Then she asked me to turn around. Then she applied soap allover me until she came to my genitals. She asked me to take my hand off my penis. I refused. She asked sternly and I did so. She then took the penis in her hand and started stroking it on the pretext that she was applying the soap. I concentrated hard to control myself. With the other hand she started 'applying soap' to my balls. She was massaging them nicely. She was squatting to do this. I tried really hard but I eventually lost control and shot my wad allover her face. She said, "Idiot! dont you have any control?" Then she looked at herself in the mirror and started laughing again, "Look what you have done to my dress?" The cum on her face had dripped onto her saree and blouse. "Now, I too will have to take bath." She then poured water over me and cleaned me completely, gave me a towel and asked me to go out. I said, "Sister, you have seen me naked and even touched me allover. I am going to see you take bath." She then realized that I have really 'grown' up. She said, "Ok, but don't touch me." Saying this, she took off her saree. Then she took off her blouse. Her breasts was amazing. I felt like pouncing on them. My mouth started watering. I said, "Sister, your breasts are lovely. Wish I am your baby." She blushed and said, "Now, you stop commenting. Or else you go out." Then she removed her petticoat. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. I stood open mouthed and she blushed again. i said, "Sister, if you'll allow me can i say something?" she agreed. "Sister, your buttocks are so beautiful. Feel like sleeping on them. And your pussy hair looks so soft and smooth." She said, "Now you get lost" and pushed me out and bolted the door. I was disappointed but then realized that I am the reason myself for her pushing me out.

But I was determined to prolong that.

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