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On a weekend couples trip, we all get a big surprise.

As his eyes drank her in, his grip tightened on his cock. God! It felt like it was made of steel. He couldn't remember the last time he was this hard.

Stepping closer to the bed, he licked his suddenly dry lips as he saw that his youngest daughter had obviously come straight back to her room after watching him masturbate to find her own release. Her eyes were closed, hiding their brilliant blue, and her soft, cupids-bow lips were slightly parted, her breathing slow and steady. One hand cupped a pert breast, the areola still pebbled around the erect nipple, while the other lay trapped between her pale, slender legs.

Like a man caught in a dream, John reached out to the unattended breast slowly, his fingertips barely brushing against the hard tip. He bit his lip to keep from moaning when he saw the bud harden even more in response to his touch. Carefully, he sat down on the edge of the bed, ready to bolt if Karen should wake, but there was no movement from his sleeping daughter. Unable to resist, he leaned over slowly and gently kissed the tip of her nipple, flicking his tongue over it lightly, feeling his balls tighten at the sweet, forbidden taste, hand slowly stroking the length of his hard cock.

Suddenly, he froze as Karen shifted slightly in her sleep, his mind immediately trying to fabricate a valid reason he was there, naked, with the biggest hard-on of his life, in her room. Her hand slid from her breast to fall to her side and her legs parted slightly to release the other hand, that one coming up to rest on her smooth, flat belly, her breathing still slow, her eyes still closed.

John looked down the length of his daughter's sweet, young body to where her legs had parted. A shiver coursed through him at the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy, the fine blonde hairs barely covering the pink lips still puffy and swollen from her earlier attentions to them. He could swear he could even see a slight sheen on the young folds, left over from her own orgasm. His heart pounding in an intoxicating mix of fear and arousal, he gently placed a finger across the swollen folds of his daughter's young cunt. He had been right, they were still wet -- extremely wet. Bringing the moistened digit to his face, he inhaled the musky scent deeply, then closed his eyes and parted his lips, sucking hungrily on the finger. His throbbing cock danced at the taste of her, and he could feel pre-cum seeping steadily from the tip.

Moving carefully, his body quivering with the power of his excitement, he turned and kneeled on the bed, his cock bobbing just millimeters from a hard nipple. Grasping it once more, he rubbed the dripping tip against a nipple, watching the silvery thread of seminal fluid connect his aching cock to his daughter's breast. Unable to stop it, a soft moan escaped his lips as he became bolder, rubbing the tip of his meat all over her breast, stroking the pulsing shaft. Cupping the soft breast with his free hand, John rubbed the length of his cock across the satiny flesh, his knees almost buckling as he felt the hard nub of her nipple sliding along the sensitive underside of his shaft.

He wished he could straddle her and slide his cock between her firm young breasts. His hips rocking slowly back and forth, he watched as his hard member caressed his daughter's breast, the sensitive tip of his cock bumping her nipple with each forward thrust, leaving it coated with his pre-cum.

John lost himself in his fantasy, imagining Karen awake and willing, her hands cupping her own breasts as he fucked the soft flesh with his cock. He closed his eyes, picturing his baby daughter watching her daddy's cock sliding between her young tits, lifting her head forward to lick the tip each time he thrust forward, begging her father to cum on her face and tits.

Positioning the slit of his cock against her sweet, pink nipple, John gripped the shaft and started stroking harder, his mind playing the image of him shooting a hot stream of cum over his daughter's face, watching her pink tongue flick out, lapping

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