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A son finds his mother is being dominated by her sister...

"I couldn't put it down. I had read it completely by the next morning, and I immediately began to reread it," she said. "I continued to read it time and again for the remainder of my eighteenth year. The first thing I discovered was it did contain the secrets of a Red Priestess so I am unable to tell you what lies within its pages, but there are two things about it I can tell you."

"The first is only a real redheaded girl of Irish decent in her eighteenth year can even see the writing printed on it. Red Priestess refers to hair color. Anyone else looking at the book would find only blank pages within its covers, and since turning eighteen, that is all I have seen as well."

Then sensing what he was thinking, she projected, "I too have wondered why Rose would buy a book that to her appeared to have no writing in it. With no plausible answer, I have chalked it up to her eccentricity.

"The second thing I can tell you is this. It gave very detailed instructions to a very elaborate ritual, a ritual that took over thirty days to complete once started. Again, I can not divulge the ritual itself; I can only say that with its completion, I was granted shall we say unique powers over people's minds as well as other unnamed abilities for a very particular purpose. I believe that should answer your first question of how I can control you."

It is just over a two-hour flight from Denver to Chicago, and, looking at his watch, he could see that they had been in the air for only 20 minutes. Why did it seem as if time was passing so slowly since she had taken over his mind? He felt as if hours should have elapsed, but in reality, it had been less than an hour since he had struggled with his email.

His next question also popped into his mind automatically as had the first one, and no sooner had the thought "Why me?" formed, she answered.

"As I told you in the email I sent you that you tried so hard to delete that the writhing mass spoke your name. When that happens, you become mine.

"Are you still doubting that it's life changing?" she asked as sarcastically as he had been when he first read it in her e-mail.

"So that means you're Mystic?" he thought.

"Yes, that is the name you will know me as. I have a name given to me by my parents but you have no need to know it."

"I don't understand the message you sent. it's too cryptic," Phil told her.

"It would be much easier just to show you than to try to explain it," and with that images began appearing in his mind, and he was transported to what appeared to be a large cave. At first, his view came from the ceiling of the cave, and all he could make out was movement below; but soon it was as if a camera was zooming in, and he could see what was happening.

The cave was flooded with the light of dozens of torches, and in the center of the cave sat a throne upon a large circular pedestal twenty feet in diameter and elevated four feet above the floor of the cave. On the throne sat a woman with blazing red hair that he immediately recognized as Mystic. She was clothed only in blood red robes that hung the length of her body, but protruding from beneath the robes was the nude lower half of a woman who was kneeling between Mystics legs and was performing oral sex on her.

As shocked as Phil was when he realized what the woman was doing to Mystic, what was happening on the floor of the cave was twice as shocking. A circle that ultimately encompassed the twenty-foot pedestal that the throne sat on was a mass of at least one hundred naked bodies, men and women both, all participating in an orgy of sexual debauchery. He could see men with the ladies, women with other women, men with two women, and he could even see three women together.

It was truly the most shocking thing he had ever witnessed.

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