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A high-flying, glorious group encounter.

"Really full. Like Suzy felt."

Suzy was a girl we knew who'd done it. Suzy had done everything. Some people laughed at this. We knew better. We were envious.

"OK," I said. "Who?"


Turns out, she already had someone. She was practical that way. He was someone I half knew and didn't dislike--the perfect degree of acquaintance for this sort of thing.

We met in a hotel, because hotels, as everyone knows, are meant for this sort of thing. Spend more than six days in a hotel, and you'll fuck someone there, it's as inevitable as clean sheets and the bar of soap that arrives to replace yesterday's.

We had drinks in the hotel bar, laughed a little, stared a lot, and went upstairs still sucking bits of lime out of our teeth.

The bed was enormous. It looked insurmountable.

But she was on it in no time. She was small, and the bed made her look smaller. She knew this. Her skirt flipped up as she swiveled around, and it quickly became clear that she'd elected not to wear panties.

Under her skirt, her hand disappeared, worked some digital legerdemain we could only see on her face. "Oh," she said, closing her eyes, "I'm so small, so small, I don't know how you'll both ever fit, oh, how will you both ever, ever fit inside me..."

It wasn't a question.

His hand was near his zipper. I realized mine was too.

She looked at me. "Can I suck him?" I nodded. "Will you suck me?" I nodded again.

And so.

He removed his pants, shirt, and socks (not one for undressing protocol, this man), and produced a cock of good size and proportion, and her mouth opened slightly, a gesture of appreciation. He was on his knees on the bed, cock in hand, moving to her mouth. I dropped to my knees at the edge of the bed, hands on her knees, parting thighs, kissing higher, testing, teasing, finding her favorite places again, as if it were the first time, because, in a strange way, it was. Her moans different this time, stifled against a mouthful of his cock.

And he watched me eat her, watched her swallow him, and I could tell he was already having trouble holding back. And I knew from her rhythms, she was closing in as well, coming to that place where the swift penetration thrilled her most.

"How do you want it?"



She gasped, barely intelligible. "Front and back."

I looked at him. Even at near orgasm, he understood.

Just in case, I tested her, plunged my tongue deep inside her, felt her contract around me as I went in, and then, a little more gently, tentatively, I moved the hand cupping her ass lower, slid a finger between her cheeks, down, let the tip come to rest on the hard ring of her asshole. She opened immediately, took me in, her wetness soaking me. Yes, I thought, she's ready.

I raised myself up, lost my pants and shirt in what seemed like a single fluid motion. She stopped sucking him, sat up herself, and took me by the shoulders.

"I want you in my ass. Do you understand why?"

"Yes," I said. "I do."

She looked ay him. "Lie down," she commanded. "I'm going to fuck you now."

Like any sane man, he obeyed.

She climbed onto him, reached behind her to lift his cock into position, rubbed the head against her lips (he was glistening, stamenlike, with precum), and, a little abruptly, took him inside.

"Oh God," he gasped, and I knew why--her cunt was as tighter than a fist around any reasonably hard cock. She gasped too, and then bent over, bit his neck. Her asshole glistened just above the point of penetration, where the base of his shaft was visible held tight in her glistening folds. Somehow, to me, his balls looked positively anguished with expectation. I knew I had to move.

I climbed on top of them, on her back, using arms and knees at turns to keep my whole weight off them. Wet with precum, I slid my cock down the furrow of her ass until I felt her sweet, strong little ring against the head. Already, she was arching her back, and with the weight of my own body and the sweet, ineluctable ease of her natural lubrication, maneuvering me inside.

And with not even a push from me, the head of my cock slipp

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