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Story continues - passive cuckold husband.

Aggie was transfixed, the only part of her body that was moving was her tongue licking her lips imagining that she was licking up the flow of cream oozing from Christina.

"Time," was called followed by several boo's mostly, but not entirely male.

Christina lay there trying to recover from her near orgasm, while Vee pulled her card. "Ohh, I get to spank somebody now. I just need the die to find out who."

Aggie was still engrossed in Christina's body when to her shock she heard Hannah call, "6"

"WAIT! WHAT? I get spanked again? Fuck." Aggie got in the familiar position and waited for Vee to start. Vee put n hand on Aggie's ass, and then licked her other palm and smacked the petite girl with all her might. The force of the blow knocked Aggie to the floor. "OWWWWW FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK," Aggie bellowed.

Hannah quickly stepped between the two girls, "Light spanking," she reminded Vee.

"Sorry Aggie, I got carried away. I usually spank my playthings hard," before anyone could respond Vee delivered the last two spanks firmly but not hard, but since Aggie was already sore each swat was worse than the first.

Vee returned to her seat and Aggie was helped up by Christina and Hannah. Before she sat down, Christina hugged her new friend and the whispered for a few seconds.

Aggie smiled at Christina and sat down, and Christina returned to her seat. May drew her card, and looked at Erin, "Well now Erin, looks like we both have just one thing left, and she pulled her bra over her head, letting her breasts free. Cries of "Arigato" and "Konichiwa" came from several of the males watching the game.

Aggie drew her card, and thanked her lucky stars she wasn't getting spanked. She thought about making Erin suffer, but decided to get Vee back for the spanking. "I get to ice down someone," she told the players. "I think I'll ice down Vee."

Hannah walked over and Aggie whispered in her ear and Hannah smiled and nodded. "Vee lay down on the floor please." I don't want to squat, my ass is still sore."

Vee hesitated for a moment and Hannah signaled her to lay down. Vee shrugged and lay on the floor her head toward the audience. Aggie took the bucket of ice from Hannah and walked over to Vee, "This is for that spanking you gave me earlier," and up ended the bucket onto Vee's chest.

"OHHH FUCK ME THAT"S COLD," Vee yelled. Everyone laughed and Aggie got down on her knees and picked up the ice that was on the floor, and began putting it back onto Vee's body. Vee's whole torso was covered in ice and se was laying there shivering, while Aggie kept picking up the ice that fell off her and putting it back on her.

Time was called and Vee jumped up. Aggie looked at her and offered her a hug, "No hard feelings?"

Vee Looked at her angrily for a second then smiled and accepted the hug and said, "No hard feelings, but I will get you back." The spectators cheered and the sportsman ship of the two players.

Erin, still sulking watched them, and snatched a card from the tureen. "Roll the die and give that player a sexy lap dance for 30 seconds." Erin rolled saw it came up 5 and she went to May sat on her leg and rubbed her pussy up and down the leg. There was nothing sexy at all, no jiggling, no shaking nothing at all to turn anyone on. Erin went back to her seat as soon as time was called. At this point, the crowd, by silent mutual agreement, had decided to ignore Erin and her bad attitude.

Shay took her card read it looked at Christina, "Hey sexy chica. you and I get to make out."

Christina made a come here gesture and Shay walked over and climbed into Christina's bean bag chair and they began to kiss and feel each others breasts. Compared to some of the earlier make out sessions, this was pretty tame. When Time was called, Christina pulled her card as Shay returned to her seat.

I get to give a lap dance to player and she tossed the die.

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