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The couples continue exploring each other.

The male was much younger, no more than thirty years old, a hulk physique, attired in jeans and a black muscle shirt, standing at least three inches taller than the female. Upon entering the room he immedidately donned a ski mask, and Ed got only a brief look at his face. Neither said a word and at Laura's command, all three stood facing the camera, awaiting orders.

"Cuff the asshole", commanded Laura, and the dominatrix promptly produced a set of steel handcuffs, which were used to secure his wrists behind him. "What the fuck is that for", demanded Ed. "It is to prevent you from doing anything foolish", the dominatrix sarcastically replied.

Laura then issued her next command. Ed would perform oral sex upon the male, if he resisted a metal device would be inserted into his mouth and he would be involuntarily mouth fucked. Any resistance would result in Susan being painfully tortured on camera. The dominatrix held up the device, commonly known as a Whitehead gag, opining that it would be best to use the gag initially, as it would protect against accidental biting down. "Besides it is much more sexy", she quipped.

Ed was resigned to his fate and did not resist as the dominatrix inserted the device into his mouth, ratcheting it as tightly as possible. He was then ordered to kneel next to a chair, while the hulk removed his pants and positioned himself comfortably on the chair.

Laura was well aware her husband was a homophobe, and it was for that reason that forced gay sex, rather than some other form of humiliation, would be inflicted. The male, who would be referred to only as " Z", instructed Ed that unless his technique was satisfactory, he would be ass fucked. He was to use his mouth, and not teeth, until permitted to stop. Z would decide whether or not Ed would be forced to swallow, or permitted to expel the ejaculate.

The dominatrix assisted in forcing Ed to make his mouth accessible to Z's cock, she then stepped back and used a camcorder to record the scene, as part of the agreement the tape would eventually be provided to Laura for blackmail purposes.

As Laura watched with perverse delight, she prided herself on the logistics of the operation. It cost three thousand dollars, payable in cash. Using a local dominatrix as an intermediary, she had paid fifteen hundred in advance, and would pay the balance by the end of the day. Laura had obtained a cash loan from her elderly mother, without Ed's knowledge.

While Laura reveled in delight, Susan watched in horror. Her immediate concern was for Ed, she found it despicable that he subjected to forced gay sex. It seemed like the sadism of this woman knew no limits, and Susan even feared that she and Ed might be targeted for murder. Ed was helpless in the hands of two violent thugs in a hotel room somewhere, while Susan was helplessly restrained in the living room of a psychopathic woman, with no one aware of her whereabouts. Suddenly the prospect of Mexican slavery seemed like the lesser of two evils.

Fortunately that was not to be the case. After nearly ten minutes of being forced to suck cock, the intruder shot his load, and Ed was ordered to swallow the ejaculate. The dominatrix then took over and attached a silicon cock cage to Ed as he sat, handcuffed on the chair, then locking it in place.

Laura took command, decreeing that Ed would wear the device until he arrived home. She possessed the key and after Ed showed adequate remorse it would be removed. "You could go to a locksmith but I don't expect you will, I can assure that you won't be able to remove it by yourself", adding gleefully " then again I might make you wear it for a few days".

At this point the dominatrix removed Ed's handcuffs and gag. Without saying a word she and her companion left the room, never to be seen again. Laura continued with her on camera dictates. Ed was never to speak to Susan again, and if he did the tape of his hotel room submission would be available on the Internet.

For the first time he learned that Susan was a SSI c

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