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Betzaida does unto him as he did to her.

I went to the room, turned the light on and gave him a brief wave. While there I adjusted the lamp, placing it very close to the window, and trying to get sufficient glare onto the window so that Joan would have great difficulty seeing anything outside - I have learnt a few tricks like these to help minimise the risks of Joan finding out what's going on. I then got some of our toys ready: the dildo, the blindfold and the handcuffs.

When Joan came downstairs she swaggered into the room, pouting and posing like she was feeling very fuckable. I was sitting on the couch about five feet from the window wanking as Joan moved towards me squeezing her breasts and licking her fingers. The couch was at right angles to the window so Alan was now getting a profile view of Joan as she bent down and sucked my cock. As she continued sucking I took a quick glance at the window and saw Alan smiling with great delight at the sight. He looked at me and I winked at him. He had no idea what I was going to surprise him with next! Joan and I were now kissing and touching each other passionately. After a few minutes I stood up, took my trousers off and told Joan to suck my big cock. I was now facing the window and Joan had to her back to it. I also got her to suck me while standing up i.e. she had to bend over and down to get to my cock. This left her in the most exposed position, which I exploited fully. As she was licking and kissing my cock and really enjoying herself I reached over her back and lifted her short skirt revealing her crotches tights to Alan, whom I saw paused in suspended disbelief. While he stared I gradually moved Joan and I closer to the window. When we were about a foot away I began pulling Joan's arse cheeks apart and exposing her hairy cunt and arsehole to this complete stranger. I inserted my finger into her anus and began playing with her cunt lips, all the time looking at Alan as he began to play with his own cock far more strenuously. We did this for about ten minutes and then Joan asked to me to give her oral.

As I wanted more cocksucking I asked her to lie on the couch (facing the window) and I got on top which meant her view of the window was again blocked. As Joan continued blowing me nice and slow I was spreading her legs wide and giving Alan another perspective on my wife's glorious hairy holes. I tried to let him see me licking my wife's cunt but the angle was difficult from his position outside. Nevertheless, every time I came up for air I spread her dark lips and tickled her clit which she enjoyed enormously.

Next, I suggested to Joan that I would like to see her playing with her dildo while I went outside. She was so sexed at this stage that she agreed readily. Again, she was facing the window but because she had her sunglasses on, and with the glare of the lamp, I was confident that if she saw anybody it would only be me. When I got outside I found that Joan had stripped naked and was resting on the couch oiling her 'much larger than my cock' dildo. It is a most remarkable experience watching your wife stuff her cunt with a massive dildo and writhing in pleasure, while standing beside a complete stranger who is wanking furiously at the sight. Joan knows from previous sessions that that I like watching her when she has her back turned to the window and while in a kneeling position works the dildo as far as she can up her cunt. Whether it was the night that was in it or something else, she managed to squeeze about 10 inches of her toy into her vagina. And then she began pumping it in a way I haven't seen before. Poor Alan was nearly having a heart attack to judge by the action he was giving his own cock. I whispered to him to take it easy saying that there was a lot more to come! It was then that I saw his cock and I was seriously impressed. It was massive. I commented to him that he was very big and he joked saying it wasn't always an advantage having a monster cock.

I asked him if there was anything in particular he would like to see and he requested that I fuck Joan from behind.

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