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The girls reveal their intentions; Rachel has her way.

I'm not going to tell you which one just yet, I like you not knowing, and wondering who had fun with your girlfriend with his extremely well-hung cock. But your boss, well, he's a piece of work, and I think we need to put him into a more...appropriate mind-set as it pertains to your situation here at work."

She unclipped the key from her necklace. "Go take off the cage. I think you have a right to participate fully in the education of your boss!"

I never moved as quickly in my life. In the bathroom stall it was actually hard to get the cage off as my cock was engorged and the ring around my balls was very tight, and so taking it off hurt. But once it was off I felt such a feeling of massive relief...and full erection.

When I returned to Evita she placed the cage back into her purse. Then she said: "Normally I wouldn't have freed you, but you have a role to play in helping put your boss into the right frame of mind. I'm not saying it won't be uncomfortable or awkward for you, and I expect you to do exactly as I ask-or else-but at least you will have some fun yourself. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Great. We have an appointment in the Santa Fe conference room...please lead the way. When we go into the room I want you to stay silent and wait for instructions."

As we entered the dark conference room, I could see my boss seated in a chair, with an expectant smirk on his face. When he saw me he was clearly surprised. "Why is he here?"

Evita locked the door, and then spoke: "He is here because I told him to be here."

"Why would you want to let him see you get fucked by a better man?"

"If there were a better man in the room, perhaps, but that is not exactly what's going to happen here."

Richard was clearly confused. Evita pulled her iPhone out of her purse, and held it up: "Listen and learn."

Richard's voice came out of the speaker quite clearly.

"...I have the power to give Tom better clients, and make more money. I also have the power to limit his earnings so that he won't be able to support you in the style that clearly you deserve. Perhaps you might consider whether you doing me a favor could help his career prospects?"

"A favor? Like what?"

"Well, as an example, if you were to meet me in the Santa Fe conference room in a little while and let me have a ride on that killer body, that would be a pretty nice favor."

" 'A ride on that killer body?' Does that line work?"

"You would be surprised!"

"So, you want to fuck your colleague's girlfriend? Do you think I'm a slut?"

"Not sure if you are a slut or not, but if you want to support your boyfriend and your lifestyle it might make sense to consider my offer."

"What about your wife?"

"She knows better than to challenge me...she's too addicted to money and power and we have a pre-nup." The underlying condescension was evident in his tone.

"Wow...so YOU are the slut here, huh? Are you well hung?"

"Come find out later."

"I don't fuck on spec."

There was a gasp. Apparently Evita had reached out and squeezed Richard's groin. She spoke again.

"Hmmm. Feels adequate. 15 minutes."

Evita clicked off the phone. Richard's face was near panic as he rose. "Give me that!"

"Really? Please, don't be simple. You're supposed to be some kind of smart attorney? That recording is up in the cloud already. You are well and truly fucked. And I mean that in both literal and physical terms. Sit your ass down!"

He did.

"Now, as I recall, we had a bit of a discussion about sluts, right? In your view, should sluts give great, sloppy blowjobs and swallow all the cum?"

"What?" Richard was clearly off-balance once again at the mention of sex.

"Not a complicated question...what do you think?"

"Uh, sure. Definitely."

"And how about ass-fucking. Should sluts offer up their ass as part of demonstrating their sluttiness?" Evita arched her back and slapped her amazing ass to illustrate the point.



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