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Michelle stood up and raised her arms above her head. Beck stood in front of her and raised her t-shirt over her head. Michelle stood there briefly in her light blue, 34B bra before sitting down.

Beck matched the tiles for Jessie's shorts on his next turn. Jessie stood up and Beck stood in front of her. He undid the button and unzipped her shorts. Slipping his hands inde the back of her shorts, he began to slide then down over her ass and hips. Jessie closed her eyes and shifted her hips from side to side to assist him. Beck's fingers lightly brushed Jessie's hips and thighs as he moved her shorts down her legs, revealing her pink lace panties. The lace was a large weave and her ass and dark bush were clearly visible to all.

Based upon my earlier match of Jessie's panties, I next moved into position by kneeling in front of her. I grabbed the top of her panties at her hips and pealed them down over her hips and butt. Jessie opened her thighs ever so slightly so that I could slide her panties down her legs. Naked from the waist down, Jessie stepped out of her panties and sat down on the floor again.

Next Tim matched the tiles for my t-shirt. I stood up and raised my arms so that he could lift it off of me. Tim stepped behind me and raised my shirt up over my head exposing my hairy chest for the room.

Soon Jenni matched the tiles for Gary's pants. As Gary stood up, Jenni moved in behind him. She reached around his waist to unbutton and unzip his pants. She slid the zipper down slowly, her fingertips tracing the front of Gary's pants. When she reached the bottom, she started to slide his jeans down his legs, revealing his blue and red plaid boxers. His semi-erect cock pressed against the front of his shorts as he stepped out of his pants.

I next matched two "wild cards" which entitled me to a butt rub by the player of my choice. I chose Jenni who straddled my back as she sat facing my feet. Jenni kneaded my buttocks and stroked from the tops of my thighs to my low back.. A few times, she dipped he hand down between my legs to give my balls a quick feel. Obviously I had made a wise choice.

Beck then matched Andrea's panties. She stood up and he moved in close behind her. Beck reached around her and traced the top of her panties with his fingertips starting from the front to the tops of her hips. He then began to roll her black see-throughs down her legs, exposing her short trimmed dark bush for the rest of us. He continued skimming them down her legs until his hands reached her ankles and she could step out of them.

Michelle next matched the tiles for Tim's undershorts. Based on the rule we made up earlier, Michelle got a rain check until Tim's shorts were removed.

Next, Andrea matched the tiles for my shorts. She knelt in front of me and looked up at me as she undid the button and zipper of my khaki shorts. She opened my shorts and slid them down my legs all the while looking me in the eye. Her constant gaze made an impression and began to stiffen my cock. It began to press against the front of my boxers as I returned to my seat.

Tim then matched the tiles for Michelle's bra. He stood behind her and undid the hook, then slid the straps off her shoulders. Tim then slid his fingers under the cups of her bra and caressed her breasts and nipples. After a few seconds, Michelle finished shrugging out of her bra and returned to her spot on the floor. Her pink nipples stood out, firm from the attention Tim had given them.

Beck matched the tiles for Jessie's bra, but Jessie told us that her bra would not come off with her shirt on. Beck had to wait a bit for his payoff.

After a few more wrong guesses, Tim matched up the tiles for Michelle's panties. She stood up and Tim began to pull down her cotton panties. Michelle seemed to be turned on by the game, and the prospect of being totally nude in a full room. Her panties showed a slight damp spot. Michelle's labia had spread a bit and her pink pussy lips were beginning to show through her light brown pubic hair.

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