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Alicia Sacramone deals with her grief.

Then gestured to his friend with both hands, index fingers up, then quickly pointed with the same finger skyward with one hand and then to his friend and then back to Amanda, saying in American Sign Language, "Did you understand her?".

The young man, with no hair on his head but with tiger stripes tattooed across his arm and chest, replied with his right hand in a gesture using his two fingers and his thumb that looked like a duckbill open and then quickly closing, signed, "No."

Cobra squatted down to Amanda's level and pointed at his ear and shrugged his shoulders while shaking his head negatively, indicating that they were both deaf.

Amanda sat up in a kneeling position and faced Cobra. After thinking for a moment, her high school sign language was real rusty, and haltingly, she signed back to him, "Did you see what I was doing?"

Tiger had apparently kneeled behind her and saw what she signed and ran his hand under her butt cheeks and across her barely there bikini bottoms.

The moment of touch made her gasp with the unexpected contact and she slightly raised her ass to it. She quickly looked around the area that they were in and discovered they were the only ones visible to her. The sun was beginning to set, so it would be dark shortly anyway. But she didn't wait for Cobra to say or do anything, she launched her hand to the outside of his shorts, grabbed his cock, and placed the other hand on his thigh. She kissed him and thrust her tongue, wrestling with his, inside his silent mouth.

Tiger had pulled her bikini bottoms down and was rubbing what seemed to be his semi-erect cock up and down between her pussy and ass holes. It grew more solid each time it passed one and then the other. After teasing both of her holes, she felt him slide his narrow, but very long and curved hard-on into her lubricated pussy.

"Oh God!" she said as Tiger penetrated her. She had needed this after her day today.

Cobra was surprised by her sudden movement towards him and he didn't miss a beat. He moved closer to the mysterious girl and let her reach inside of his shorts and remove his already hardening cock. She stroked it slightly before moving it closer to her cherry red lips.

Amanda licked around the head of Cobra's wide cock. The touch of her moistened lips and the feel of her warm tongue and mouth made his cock swell to its maximum size of seven inches long, but was easily eight inches around! She wasn't sure if she could take the whole thing in her mouth because of his girth, but was pleasantly surprised when she sucked the whole thing down her throat! "Damn!" she thought, "his cock is fuckin' hot!"

Meanwhile behind her, Tiger grabbed a hold of her ass tighter, spanking it with one hand, and withdrew his cock from her pussy, and shoved his rock hard cock into her ass, gently but firmly. He then pulled it from her ass, spanking her one time again, and penetrated her pussy again. He went back and forth between her two holes before, spanking her just prior to each time her ass was chosen, and finally he decided he liked the way her nice tight ass felt wrapped around his engorged cock and shoved it back into her ass and pounded it in and out again with long fast strokes. Each slap her ass cheeks received from Tiger, stung, but with it brought on a level of naughtiness and a heightened sense of exhilaration!

Tiger's grunts were telling Amanda he was completely enraptured with her ass.

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