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She's hot for her friend's dad.

"I thought we could use a little privacy for this one, wouldn't want all your customers knowing what a cock slut you are? Would we?" Eric said playfully as he turned and walked back into the office.

I followed obediently, not needing to be told where to go. I stepped into the office and noticed that there wasn't much by way of furniture. A nice office chair and sturdy desk stood facing the doorway, the rest of the furniture had been removed.

"We should hurry" Eric said with a grin, unbuckling his belt but this time not dropping his pants. "The construction crews only get an hour for lunch, and you've already wasted twenty minutes of it."

I gulped, not thinking about any potential company and turned to close the door. I was stopped by his voice. "Leave it open." He said calmly. "Think of it as incentive to get the job done."

I nodded and walked over to Eric. I went to drop to my knees but his hand on my chin stopped me. "I want to try something different first." He said with a grin and gestured towards the desk. "Get naked for me boy."

I nervously undid my blazer, taking my place as this older man's boy. The transformation from professional adult to willing slut was instantaneous. I didn't question it, just dropped the blazer and began unbuttoning my shirt. I slid my slacks down, left only in the boxer briefs. I moved to take off the last bit of clothing and Eric stopped me.

"Close enough," he said closing the gap between us. This impressive male specimen stood inches from me, towering 6 inches above me. He reached out and swept one hand behind my back, the other pushing my towards the desk so I fell backwards onto it.

I'm not sure what came over me but I leaned my neck up to kiss him but Eric stopped me with a look. "That's earned boy, not given." he said with a smirk and pushed me back onto the desk. My head draped over the far edge as he stepped between my legs. I heard a zip and pants falling but couldn't look up. Eric's hand was pressed firmly into my chest keeping me from sitting forward and watching what was happening.

All of a sudden I felt pressure as Eric stepped forward and pushed his manhood against the thin fabric of my boxer briefs. As the cloth strained I felt him prodding my virgin hole with his hard cock. "Fuuuuck" is all I could moan as I both feared and craved the intrusion.

Eric pressed himself against me, rocking his cock forward and backwards slightly, stretching the entrance and causing me to writhe around excitedly. "Please Daddy!" I begged as he teased my hole. But I wasn't going to get my wish today. Eric playfully laughed and said "you'll get it, but not today!" and backed away from my ass.

I watched Eric's muscular legs and tight ass as he walked around the desk and his cock came into plain view. I began to salivate at the size of it again, pictures and memories not doing it justice. Eric stood above me, my head hanging off the desk and his back to the picture glass window as his cock hung inches from my chin.

"Take it all boy." He said as I hungrily reached up and began stroking and licking him. I didn't need to be told twice, I had craved this cock ever since the first time I touched it. I pictured riding the dildo I had purchased, wishing it was the real deal. Stretching myself just in case what Eric had said was true and I'd finally get the fucking I craved.

I reached up and held Eric's impressive sack with one hand, the other hand reaching behind and grabbing his ass, pulling him into my mouth. I stretched my lips to wrap around his girth and relaxed my throat, taking at least five and a half inches into my mouth at once. Eric growled ferociously. "You've been practicing boy." he said roughly.

I blushed thinking of taking the massive dildo down my throat, trying to punish my gag reflex into extinction to better please him.

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