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A girl's plan to test a cheater backfires.

"Ladies, He has just said yes and kissed my hand and in my opinion, that's my date sorted for tonight, now were going to commercials early so I can seal the deal with some heavy petting, stay tuned to KTXM Radio, in my book this cities number one station." Rachael finished off.

No sooner had the commercials started had Brian lifted Rachael off the chair and held her close, finally getting to kiss the girl of his dreams. It was the noise of clapping that made them break there kiss, when they both looked there were people in the producers booth and along the windows of the corridor, all clapping and wolf whistling loudly. They both looked at each other and smiled. Rachael winked at him. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and returned to his booth. That show made the papers the next morning, and had Alex fending off half the reporters in the city wanting to know if it was a publicity stunt and the other half for interviews with Rachael.

It was claimed that on the back of what Rachael had done on-air, thousands of women asked men out that day. KTXM Radio was indeed breaking ground. According to the same newspapers, who had done a poll. KTXM also became the second biggest radio station in the city. Rachael and Brian were blissfully unaware of any of this. Once the show was over no one had seen them; Rachael pulled him aside and whispered in Brian's ear that he was getting one choice on this date, dinner or her. They had barely managed to check into the hotel across the road from the station and into their room, to the sound of ripping each other clothes off on the way to the bed.

All Brian could think about while Rachael slept in his arms was their night together, when she had given him that choice; there simply was no choice. Devouring every inch of her body with his eyes, his lips and tongue. Brian didn't have sex with Rachael; he had made love to her. To him she was truly a remarkable woman and he wanted to make love to her again and again. Her skin was amazing. She seemed to change into different tones of chocolate brown as he journeyed around her body. As he sucked her thick hard nipples, gently kissed the underside of her breasts. Pushing her from one mild orgasm to another. Her breasts just held his attention for so long, Rachael had to slap him

"You better head south buster, this bed is rapidly starting to feel like a water bed and if were caught, you're footing the bill for it, because there's a hole down there needs plugging." Rachael complained.

Yes it was an interesting night indeed. It was then he felt Rachael stir, and his mind stopped reminiscing about last night. She groaned as her eyes opened. "You've got to be kidding; does that thing ever go down? My Daddy warned me about men like you." Rolling over to face him.

They both laughed, and then Rachael moved onto Brian's body, gently lowering herself onto his solid manhood, she sighed, "I'm starting to think I had better marry you to take this off the market."
Clamping her vaginal muscles firmly around his penis. She slowly lifted herself. Then ever so gently, lowered herself onto him again. Brian watched as her eyes burned with pure lust now. He desperately fought the urge to take one of her thick dark nipples in his mouth and suck it, he knew he couldn't, he had tormented and molested her breasts and nipples so much last night that it would be more pain than pleasure for her now. The color of her skin, now hiding the true extent of the bruises and bites he had placed on them and the moans of pleasure from her, as he did so. He rolled them both over Rachael locking her legs around his waist as she lay on her back.

"I need it as hard as you can. So slam it into me 'city boy'." Rachael said.

"I always thought us men were supposed to talk dirty to you." Said a grinning Brian.

Rachael just giggled and said, "Lover, you just saying thank you afterwards is dirty enough to make me wet for the rest of the day."

Brian started slow and watched as she pouted her lips, and then he smiled and slowly

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