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I thought that she could have offered coffee, if she really wanted to change the subject; wine might loosen our tongues even more, but it was only just past seven-thirty, and Sandy nodded. Vivienne said that she had gotten it for the evening, anyway, so I agreed.
Sandy and I sat on the Sofa with our wine glasses and Vivienne on the upholstered armchair. After we had drunk, Sandy asked about Vivienne's flying schedule. With a brief smile of understanding, she told us that her next trip was overseas, starting Saturday and returning Wednesday morning. Sandy glanced over at me with a wink that wasn't overseen by Vivienne, who went on to explain that it could always happen that she was called to substitute for someone on another flight, especially when she had been home a couple of days, adding with another smile that she sure hoped it didn't happen this time.

"Someone you know?" I asked.

"Um-hmm," she agreed, and her nipples showed again.

"Well, we hope not, too," Sandy added, and we all drank to that.

Vivienne explained a bit how her schedule generally worked out and promised to keep Sandy informed:

"so you two can plan, ... but not any better than I can, I'm afraid," she added with disappointed expression.

After some more talk, we decided to watch the eight o'clock new. Vivienne turned on the TV and then started to turn her chair to face it. Putting my arm around Sandy, I held up my other one with my glass and offered:

"Here, you can join us," leaving my arm on the back of the sofa. She glanced at Sandy, who nodded in agreement, and Vivienne took her glass and sat down next to me. We watched the news, the girls sipping at their wine.

When the report turned to Vietnam, and a scene startled them, I automatically held Sandy a little closer and let my other arm slip down to reassure Vivienne. When the scene ended, and Vivienne gave no indication that I should move my arm, I left my forearm resting on her shoulder, suddenly recalling being in the same position at the start of the evening with Pam and Sukie. The girls had another sip of wine as the news turned to something less interesting. I let my hand dangle down over Sandy's shoulder. After a few moments, she reached up and put her hand on mine, and then with a silent snort held it against her breast, hiding my fingers as they came up under it, gently moving on it and moving it slightly, making Sandy snort slightly again before she took another sip of wine.

I don't know if she expected or intended that Vivienne would notice or react, but she did, emptying her glass and then suggesting:

"Maybe I should go back and finish cleaning up."

"Hm-umm, just give us some more wine," Sandy responded, adding:

"This is nice, ... and you know we're not going to do anything."

"I bet," Vivienne agreed with a snort of her own, but she did lean forward and get the wine bottle. I took a good drink from my glass to catch up with the girls, and she refilled our glasses, waiting for us all to have another drink, and also for me to replace my arm before she sat back under it again, maybe slightly closer than before as my forearm rested on her shoulder again. Sandy squeezed my hand slightly, and my fingers slid up into the curve under her breast, raising it slightly, and she pressed my palm against it in appreciation.

After a moment, she repeated:

"This is nice, ... isn't it Viv? ... Thank you again for the dinner," and took another sip of her wine. I nudged Vivienne with my arm, and she smiled slightly and agreed:

"Um-hmm, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I sure did," I rejoined: "... and this, too," and held Sandy's breast more firmly and gave Vivienne another little nudge to indicate what I meant. Sandy took another sip of wine and then snickered softly and asked:

"Have you done this before, ... holding two girls?"

Vivienne snickered and volunteered:

"I haven't, .

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