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Hetero guy's homophobia leads him on a journey.

Sometimes her face was pressed down against her arms and sometimes she tossed it back, rolling it around on her shoulders when she particularly liked the way the older man fucked her.

The man's face had an expression of dominance and ecstasy. He gripped the girl around the waist, his fingers nearly reaching all the way around her. As he fucked into her with all his strength, he also pulled her toward him, making sure she got all the cock there was to be had. Occasionally, he held her ass pressed against the base of his cock and rolled his hips from side to side, wiggling his cock around in the depths of the girl's pussy.

"Incredible," Trudy sighed, her fingers automatically running up and down the length of her brother's cock.

Tommy gave another dirty laugh and then jabbed his sister's cunt with two fingers. Her pussy gripped his fingers very tightly. When he pulled them out, they were slick with her juices, and he smeared those juices across the exposed point of her swollen clit.

Trudy gasped and gave his prick a squeeze of appreciation. She was still very turned on by watching other people fucking, but as she got more used to the idea, found it easier to do two things at once, namely watching them and jerking her brother off.

She rubbed the drop of pre-cum that she knew without even looking was at the tip of his cock around his straining tip of his cock and listened with satisfaction as he sighed in pleasure. Then she gripped his cock tightly, worked the loose outer skin back, and up over the solid inner core, feeling her crouching brother wriggling with mounting passion.

"That feels great," he panted. "Do you like what I'm doing to your pussy?"

"Yes," Trudy sighed, thrusting her pelvis out and opening her cunt up. "Fuck me!"

Trudy spoke through gritted teeth, and Tommy did as she asked. He pushed his fingers deep inside of her and then opened them up like a pair of scissors, forcing them against the walls of her pussy.

"Ooh," she gasped, feeling as if he was stretching the shape of her pussy.

In response she took her hand away from his cock long enough to coat it with her saliva. Then, her eyes still on the fucking couple, she smeared the tip of his prick with her wetness and proceeded to smooth the lubricant down the sides of his prick.

"Ah," Tommy moaned, "yeah."

Trudy's hand moved faster and smoother than ever now with the layer of saliva between it and the loose skin of Tommy's erection. She relaxed her wrist and beat his meat just as he had taught her during their few but furious days of fucking.

As she massaged his cock, she made sure that her fingertips stayed against the sensitive vein that ran the length of his shaft. Trudy didn't understand why but her brother was extra sensitive on that spot and so she massaged it, wanting to please him as much as possible.

Above her own breathing, she could hear her brother's. They were turning each other on with their hands and fingers, making each other hum with arousal. Trudy had never dreamed that anything could feel so good as fingering her brother while he fingered her as they both spied on another couple fucking did.

Inside the house, the young girl was now making push-up motions with her arms. Sometimes her upper body was flat against the rumpled bed, her small tits squished beneath her. Other times she held herself up, her back straight, her tits pointing downward like two pink cones of flesh. But whatever she did seemed to excite the man more, and he fucked her with quicker strokes than ever, jarring her with his pounding cock.

Trudy found herself moving with the same rhythm as the girl who was getting fucked. As the girl took the man's cock, Trudy rocked forward and back, helping her brother fuck her with his pointed fingers. The night air was cool against the soft skin of Trudy's bare legs, but up toward her crotch she was as hot as a furnace.

With one hand tight around her brother's prick and the other bracing her up against the trashcan, Trudy could move only a little.

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