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Continuing Natalie's story.

Her ass released his finger, and he could see her pushing out thick creamy white cum, dripping slowly like white molasses down to her ass crack over her asshole. The camera captured his tongue cleaning it from her ass crack, and asshole, and sucking it out from her pussy hole. He licked around the edges, and stuck his tongue in for more. She pushed out more.

He gave her entire pussy a tongue bath from her asshole to her clit. He sucked on her pussy lips. He licked up all the pussy cum he could get.

While she was still in ecstasy he stood up, and plunged his cock into her still wet pussy. He fucked and twisted his dick around in her until he felt her pussy juices dripping on his balls. Just before he was ready to cum, he climbed over the top of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked her own juices of his cock until he came in her mouth. She played with the cum for a few minutes, painting it on the head of his cock with her tongue, and swirling it all through her mouth until finally swallowing it. She looked up at him with a smile in her eyes. She cleaned his cock off sucking every last strand of sex juice, and when he brought his balls to her mouth, she sucked them clean and dry also. She would dream of this sex session for years to come.

It had been glamorous sex of the kind she never had with Allan her husband. It was the first time a tongue had actually licked her G-spot, and the first time anyone had ever fingered her asshole.

Keeping his cock in her mouth momentarily, Fred turned around.

Penny enjoyed the view of his ass and reached up to feel it. She could see his asshole and his balls up close. She always wanted a close up view of a man's crotch and ass cheeks joining the top of the legs.

Fred leaned over her and started licking her clit. He wanted to get his cock hard again.

Penny was enjoying the cock in her mouth and wanted to keep it there. Soon her pleasure started to get him hard again.

Fred got off the office desk, and had Penny change positions to laying on her stomach over the desk top. He reached in a drawer and took out some muscle relaxer anal lube. He coated his finger and started working the lube into her asshole. He worked slowly like caressing and massaging her asshole. "Relax," he said. He slid his finger all the way in and worked it around. He watched as he manipulated her asshole to move around. He spiraled his finger in and out, added more lube, and added another finger.

Penny realized he had paused but now felt a knob at her butthole.

Fred lubed his cock, held her asshole open pushing her cheeks apart on both sides until he could actually pour the lube into her anal opening.

He pushed his cockhead onto her asshole. "It is just the head. Let's see if it fits. Don't worry it is just the head."

Penny felt the push, and a little widening. She thought he just kept it there because it wouldn't go in. She felt proud it was so tight. Except for the fingering, her asshole was a virgin.

She didn't realize the head had already slipped in, but very slowly. Soon she began to feel full back there.

Fred kept pushing slowly, massaging her ass crack thoroughly as he did this. He loved the feel of her butt cheeks, and perfect tight asshole.

His second orgasm would come more slowly so he took his time moving his cock in all the way giving plenty of time for her asshole to adapt. Soon he started to pull it out, but making very small pumping motions to let the lube work in and her asshole to adjust.

Penny was having a revelation that she had swallowed cum for the first time loving it, but now had a cock in her ass. She could feel his pubic hair come against her ass and crotch. His balls were smacking her pussy. His stomach was starting to slap her ass, and soon sounded like a spanking.

Soon Fred was pumping in and out with rhythm.

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