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Ordinary walk turns into an adventure.

I've always been pretty happy having an average sized cock. It's got a bit of a curve to it, but it's thick and always rock hard.

I watched as she lowered her front half a bit so I'd see her big ass stick up in the air. My wife knows what I like. She bent my cock backwards to her waiting mouth and I couldn't help but moan a bit as she sucked on my rock hard cock head. My cock being a bit shorter then Steve's let her take it further into her throat and bob up and down on it faster then she had sucked him off. I looked at the top globes of her soft ass as she sucked me off. Steve just sat there like a dildo and watched. After a little bit she sat up and gave us both an evil smile that usually meant she wanted to be eaten out. She confirmed it when she laid down on her back and spread he legs and asked Steve if he'd eat her pussy. I've always enjoyed going down on a woman, but I've never really gotten off on watching it so I leaned forward (leaving my dick down towards Steve's side if he wanted to suck it) and started sucking my wife's nice thick pink nipples. I listened to her moan as I took one in my mouth and sucked in gently. It puckered in my mouth and I pulled off of it to blow on it softly.

I heard a deep sigh from her which meant Steve had started to lick her pussy and I look down to see just his eyebrows on up, the rest of him hidden behind the her mound which was topped with light brownish red hair. I alternated lightly rubbing and pinching her nipples with my fingers and sucking and licking them with my tongue while Steve started to hit the right spots down there. I watched her clench and moan, then give little starts almost involuntary. I kissed my wife deeply and fully and since Steve had unfortunately decided to leave my cock alone I got up and squatted on my wife's flushed face. I lowered my balls towards her mouth and gasped sharply as she softly put them into her wide hot mouth. I felt her hands go up to my thighs and pull me down a little further so she could greedily suck more of them. I turned back to look towards Steve who was busy working his long tongue up and down on her tiny clit. I was hoping he'd see my ass as a bit of an invitation, but he just kept stupidly slurping away at her crotch.

Eventually Jennifer had had enough and told Steve to fuck her. She rolled over to her side and he got on his knees behind her. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for those two to get sorted out so I could see where I was going to fit. Once she helped him find his way into her wet and ready pussy, he pushed his thick long cock into her and she inhaled sharply and murmured something about it being what she wanted. I watched him pump his hips into her, making her big ass jiggle as she lay on her side. He fucked her slowly and steadily, her breasts bouncing in time. I leaned forwards a little on the bed to see his cock slide in and out of her. God I loved watching her get fucked. Soon, I found my hands rubbing over her wide hip and pulling her ass slightly apart as he fucked her. Her asshole was a beautiful thing. Light brown and ringed, not all squeezed shut and tense like those anorexic girls. It was hot and slightly moist from Steve's earlier pussy eating, I could feel it's heat on my fingers as I rubbed her exposed butt cheek. I slowly slipped my pointer finger along her asshole and felt it slightly tense at my touch. I rubbed it in a circular motion and watched how close Steve's pistoning cock was to my finger. I checked to see if he was looking but he had his eyes shut and that stupid look on his face, when I decided to slide my finger under his cock and along the outside of my wife's pussy. He didn't even notice as his cock slide back and forth over my finger and his heavy balls slapping lightly into the back of my hand. I moved my hand after a few thrusts and laid down behind her ass, still holding her ass cheek apart I stared at his cock as it slide into her pink pussy and her asshole laid there invitingly.


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