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Turn of events in Switzerland.


"Too bad. Well, come on, then," he said with a nod of his head, "the game's about to start."

In the living room, Ben handed me a drink. I took a seat on the couch as he switched on the game. When he sat down next to me, he positioned himself close enough so that our arms and legs were touching. The contact sent a bolt of electricity through my body that settled in my already hard dick.

"The Broncos are mine, buddy," he said as he raised his glass.

"And I'm with my Packers." We sipped our drinks. "So, what wagers do we have for the big event?"

"I dunno," Ben replied. He turned to me and paused, looking me in the eye as if to uncover some clue as to what I would be up for. "We'll think of something, I hope."

The game started and we continued to sip our drinks without saying a word. After a few minutes, we fell into commenting on the plays and cheering the scores as we had done during the previous games.

During the commercial break between the first and second quarters, Ben pulled off his shirt. "Just getting more comfortable," he smiled.

"I'll join you," I said and peeled off my shirt. Ben's gaze roved quickly across my chest and down my stomach. He reached for his drink, took a sip, then set it back down on the coffee table before leaning back and resting his arm on the back of the couch behind me. His armpit and thumb were now lightly touching my shoulders and felt warm. The heat from our bodies seemed to have risen a few more degrees suddenly.

The second quarter kicked off and during the various events, Ben would clap me on the back or I would slap his thigh, we would 'high-five' or thump each other on the chest. It was as if we couldn't help but be in some form of physical contact with one another at all times.

At halftime, Ben muted the game, saying he wasn't interested in the show. "You want another drink?"

"Sure," I said, handing him my glass. "It's a shame your Broncos aren't doing better," I called out to him from the couch. "I think the Packers may be getting bored."

"Don't be so smug," Ben called back. "Comments like that might get you into trouble." He returned with the drinks. We took a swig and set our glasses down.

I turned to the TV momentarily and watched the marching band and baton twirlers dance around in silence. I picked up my drink again and turned back to Ben. "Hey, why don't you put on the DVD again?" I suggested. "That's some funny shit." Ben suppressed a smile. He scrambled for the remote and flipped on the player. A couple of seconds later, another set of muscular guys started going at each other onscreen.

Our hands eventually found their way to each other's tents. We massaged each other for a while watching the action, our pre-cum leaking out and forming wet spots on the front of our pants.

My attention was drawn away from the screen when I felt that Ben was watching me. I turned to him and our eyes locked, betraying a mutual desire. Ben reached into my pants and wrapped his fingers around my cock.

I inhaled deeply, set my drink aside, then, with both hands, quickly undid his shorts. Ben released his hold on my dick and raised his hips, pulling his shorts down and letting them drop to the floor. I unzipped mine and shucked them as well. Our hands went again immediately to each other's bodies, exploring our naked flesh and freely roaming across our chests, arms, stomachs and cocks.

Ben glanced down at my erection and, as if mesmerized, leaned over and took me into his mouth.

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