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A newly divorced woman starts her life anew.

Is this what you normally wear?"

"Actually no, during the week I wear work clothes and after work I normally put on my nightgown and watch TV. On the weekends I wear shorts and a T-shirt. This top is much more revealing than what I normally wear."

"I like it a lot. I'm glad you decided to wear it today. It really put me in a much different mood than I've been in for a long time." Kevin replied.

"To tell you the truth, ever since you called the other day I have been reliving that video chat call we had and how it made me feel. I got more and more turned on thinking about it. I even thought about meeting you at the door completely naked." Jennie said blushing.

"Have you ever done that before?" Kevin asked.

"No, have you?"

"Yes," was now the right time to tell her the difference between nudism and exhibitionism, Kevin asked himself. She had indicated that she did get aroused thinking about being seen, that is a first step. Kevin thought he had better hold off in admitting his fetish until he knew how far this could go with Jennie in control. "It was shocking, but highly arousing."

"I'm so glad you decided to wear that top for me today," Kevin said as he blatantly stared at her chest. "It looks as if you are enjoying wearing it as well," he said indicating her state of arousal.

Jennie felt the flush cover her face, "Are you ready to eat?" She asked turning to grab the sandwiches.

They ate and talked about her job, their relatives, his ideas to get back on his feet, and some of the cheap activities around town. Jennie was very aware that Kevin was looking at her chest often and wasn't even trying to hide that fact. She enjoyed the attention and made sure he had a good view. It was a bit too much to admit she was enjoying his attentions as much as he apparently was.

She often looked down to check out his budge and wondering if it would pop out of the small shorts he wore. She could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear as the outline of the head of his penis pressed against the nylon of his running shorts showing every ridge. It was close to the opening of his leg and she could swear it was still growing.

After lunch Jennie asked if Kevin needed a nap. He had been living on little more than adrenalin for a while. He thanked her and walked back up to the room she had allocated for him. He stripped and lay on the bed completely naked, but he did not close the door.

Jennie cleaned up the kitchen still feeling aroused and happy that her nephew was in her house. She had often fantasied about him after that one Skype call. She contemplated on how she could push this erotic game a bit further. She and Kevin had known each other their entire lives and had explored each other as children. They were adults now and the games could be a bit more mature. Maybe she could change into that sheer nightie she had for diner and TV tonight. Her nipples grew harder thinking about Kevin seeing her in that. There is a difference between fantasy and reality and what occupied her mind right now was fantasy. She needed to see how far Kevin wanted to go.

Several hours latter Kevin awoke and put on a pair of boxers instead of shorts and a clean T-shirt before heading downstairs. Jennie had indicated that she was open to a more casual dress and this was not too far, but it did push the comfort zone for many. He wasn't sure how Jennie would react.

"Hi Aunt Jennie. I guess I really needed that nap. I didn't realize how tired I was."

It's understandable after what you have been dealing with this past year. I'm surprised at how well you have been handling it all. I want you to just relax here and not worry about anything for at least a couple of weeks. It's nice to see you are at least dressing a bit more comfortable, but you know you don't need to wear anything on my account. I just want you to be comfortable and allow the stress to go away."

"Thanks Aunt Jennie.

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