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Small argument leads to sex with elderly neighbour.

I stopped her by walking up and kissing her on the forehead.

"Hey there sexy, got time to say bye to your hubby?"

"Sure if you promise to show me a good time tonight."

"You know I'll love that sweetheart."

"Goodie!" She gave me a sexy look and a little wink before we hugged and kissed and said our goodbyes for the day. As I blew her a kiss from the doorway her hand had rediscovered her clit and she was clearly enjoying herself. I left for work and things seemed to be going great so far for the day until I was about half way to work and I realized I had forgotten some important files that I had been proofreading last night at home. I called the office with my cell and told them I'd be a little late as I made an illegal U and headed back home.

When I got home and came into the apartment it was no real surprise to hear my lovely wife's moans coming from the bedroom, I figured since I had already told the guys at work that I would be late I would be able to go in and give my wife a bit of a hand. I found the files and placed my car keys right on top of them to be absolutely sure that I wouldn't forget them again. Then I made my way to the bedroom. I wasn't trying to be particularly sneaky or anything, but I guess she was already occupied because my wife clearly hadn't noticed I had come home and she also didn't notice when I poked my head around the door frame of our bedroom. I on the other hand was unable to not notice something wrong, very quickly.

There, on the bed where I had left her, was my wife. She was on all fours again with a sheen of sex sweat glistening all over her lovely pale body, with her red hair flowing beautifully back and forth as she was getting pounded from behind by a large black man. The shock of the scene caused me to immediately freeze. I wanted to do so many things, I wanted to run and vomit, I wanted to run in there and bash their heads in, I wanted to get my cock out and join in, I wanted to slit my wrists and die a slow and painful death, most of all I wanted to be able to do something, anything aside from standing there watching. But standing there watching was the only thing I was able to do as it seemed my entire body had decided to save me from doing anything I might regret later by not allowing me to do anything at all.

As I watched in disbelief they continued fucking at what I would call a medium pace, after a bit the black man talked.

"So bitch, how bout letting me fuck your pussy today, what do you say?" This confused me, if he wasn't fucking her, what was he doing, then it hit me...

"Shut the fuck up, you knows you'll never get in my pussy, and neither will you." As she finished she sort of nodded her head toward the other corner of the room, I looked over there and saw another black man sitting in a chair, seemingly recovering from his own turn. With his face turned more in my direction I was able to recognize him, which most likely let me know who the other man was as well.

They are our neighbors from upstairs, a set of brothers who do some sort of menial labor as work. Their goal in life seems to be getting as much pussy as they can. I couldn't remember the last entire week that went by without some strange girl making her way upstairs and then shortly after screaming her head off as she got pounded by hard black cocks. I'd lost count of how many times my wife and I had fucked to the sounds coming from the brother's apartment. We both enjoyed the thrill of it, but I'd never guessed that she might like it so much because it brought her memories of her own turn with those same black cocks. Normally I would say that we aren't close with the brothers, we are cordial and polite to each other, but certainly we're not friends, they always seemed to be in a different, less mature group than what my wife and I enjoyed.

"Damn it slut, damn near every day you call us to come over and fuck you.

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