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A straight cop has a moment with a closeted gay officer.

"Anyway, the short and long of it was, I had her lay back, relax, and told her I would do it for her. Which I did. It became almost a daily ritual for us. And it went a long way in helping mom emotionally, as well as for me. Though also in the beginning, usually after getting her off, I'd leave and head upstairs to my room where I'd then furiously finger myself off. I think mom was well aware of what I was doing after I had pleasured her, as one day I had...like always, excused myself to head upstairs. But this time, she stopped me. I remember her patting the bed as she scooted over, telling me to lie down next to her, which I did. I thought at first she just needed a bit of extra cuddling or something, until she actually reached down, and began unzipping the shorts I had on. I knew then what she was about to do, and obviously, I let her. It had been something I had been dreaming and thinking about for years. After that, things just seemed to escalate between us. Soon we were going down on one another on a daily basis, amongst other things. And maybe that would have been ok, if it hadn't have been for dad. I actually did feel a little guilty about what we were doing, and so did mom. And that's when she told me, she had already decided to tell him about us. Sure...I was scared to death, afraid of what he might do or say once he knew. But that's when mom confessed to me another little secret she'd been holding onto. As you're probably well aware by now, they're quite active, and quite open sexually. Always have been. She told me how very often their 'pillow-talk' could get pretty nasty, pretty kinky at times. A no-holds bared kind of thing that they had both agreed to early on. They could say anything, express anything without fear of repercussions in having done so. Mom had even broken the taboo barrier herself in the beginning, mentioning to dad how well I'd developed, and then confessing to him that even she'd been fantasizing about playing with my boobs and so on. And so it began. In time, they'd very often imagine me being with them, which mom said had led to some of the best sex they'd ever had together. Now mind you, dad had never once approached me about anything, or made any attempt to spy on peek on me. Not once. So knowing that he actually did have these thoughts about me, sent a torrent of these secret thrilling shivers up and down my spine. Like I said, I'd been harboring my own forbidden thoughts for years! So that's when mom came up with the plan that would change my life. Change all our lives, forever!"

I wasn't sure I was going to last much longer myself here. Story or no story. Even having to tell Cathy to slow things down a bit. It seemed like the more excited she became listening to Christine's tale, the faster her hand went up and down on me...which wasn't helping me out a whole hell of a lot. Roger on the other hand seemed to be pacing it just perfectly, though so was Christine by my measure.

"I love hearing this part," he briefly interrupted. "Never fails to arouse me." Which at the moment, was an understatement.

"What happened then?" Cathy asked, though thankfully she had slowed in stroking my cock.

"Dad was going to be home for an entire week. A rarity back then. Obviously, whenever he was home for any length of time, he and mom went at it almost night and day, or so it seemed anyway. So what she did, was come up with a plan that she felt would be the best way to inform him about what we'd been doing all along, and do so in such a way, that he'd be a bit more receptive to it, when hearing it. Or so we both hoped. She had made sure dad was damn good and horny, really getting into one of their taboo pillow-talk games. I stood out in the hallway, having cracked open the door, waiting for my cue. They were already at the point where mom was teasing him with images of me, demanding in a sense that he tell her what he wanted more than anything at that very moment.

"Come on Jack, tell me.

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