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Our first meeting goes places we didn't expect.

No sex because I wasn't looking and he had fianc__e. She knew about me and was okay with us as long as I respected their relationship. Everything was great... but then tragedy struck."

At the window, I turn to look at Jonah

"We were fine until then. His fianc__e had died in a car accident. When she died he drew away from me. He wouldn't do our sessions anymore and I could slowly feel myself slipping. So I went to him. I bought him a place close to me. We got there and we could feel the tension between us. I didn't know if this was a good idea but I needed him back...

Holding his gaze, I know it's time. It's time to stop hiding behind whatever walls I have and give myself wholeheartedly to Jonah.

"So we went up to this apartment and it began. I let him treat me as if I was his prisoner and for a long time I was. He beat me until he drew blood from me and that still wasn't enough for either of us. I let him use and abuse me. But when the whole thing with my family went down, I would have called max in an instant but now I have someone here who wants to be with me, just..."

Jonah gets up from the couch and comes to stand in front of me. His hand caressing my face, bringing me comfort. I lean into his hand

"Me, when he called the other day, he broke it off with me. He told me that he wanted to hurt me worse than ever but he realized he needed help and wants to find his happiness. Max is officially in the past."

Jonah embraces me into his arms and relief rushes through me. Beth gets up from her seat and goes to her desk

"I think we have made a break through here guys. I want two more sessions with you guys and you can rid of me forever."

Moving from Jonah I go to her and hug her, she hugs me back with strength in her arms that we all need in this life. I whisper a thank you in her ear and move to leave.

Jonah holds my hand as we exit the building. The wind picking up to signal that fall was coming. I felt a little lighter after talking about all of the things in my past. Even though my eyes were a little red from crying I know I had the biggest smile.

Jonah's POV:

Ryan had opened up to me. He finally let me in on his hurt. The feeling of honor courses through me. Holding his hand as we walk to our favorite coffee shop makes me feel like a new man. The session solidified for me that I want to spend forever with him.

Standing in line waiting to be served, our fingers intertwined, fingers drawing lazy circles on each other's hands, this day is just getting better with each passing minute. Getting to the front I was gonna order for us both when Ryan all of sudden drops my hand and rushes from the shop. He embraces a girl who looks just like him but with honey kissed skin and hair black as night.

He pulls back from her and I can see the look of disbelief on his face. It's like he can't wrap his head around the fact that she's there. He takes ahold of her hand and brings her inside. He guides her to our table with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

He sits next to me with her across from us. She takes his coffee and drinks from it as if it's the most natural thing in the world. I look to my boyfriend for some inclination as to wo she is.

"Ruth, this is my boyfriend Jonah, Jonah this is my sister Roo."

A beat pass before her bright almond colored eyes grow big, pointing her finger at me

"Wait the Jonah, the one who so gracelessly left you when needed it most."

Ryan takes hold of my hand, trying to soothe the blow to my heart. I was wrong in leaving Jonah but I was young and hurt. There aren't enough words or actions to really explain how regretful I am of that decision. I give him a small smile so he knows that I'm okay. Looking into her eyes I know she's only saying that just to see my reaction about it.

"Yea, I'm that Jonah, I don't forgive myself for ever leaving him but I will give the rest of my life to prove to him that I will never leave again. Also its really great to finally meet the most important in my boyfriend's life."


Ryan quirks and eyebrow at

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