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Drake caned before an audience - submission confirmed.

"Not right now, I'm er...looking for someone."

She made to leave but was gripped by her elbow.

Rather than make another scene she paused in mid stride.

"Listen slave! I am a Senator of the Eastern Empire and I demand fellatio!"

The aroused Senator presented his erection to the Doctor who had no choice but to suck on it with feigned joy.

She slipped onto her knees and held his five inch cock up to her lips and gave it a tentative kiss.

Using both hands she pumped his shaft until he was as stiff as he could be and took him into her mouth.

He tasted strong but bearable as he began to move her head up and down.

Her left hand held him in place as she sucked on him faster.

Impressed by her oral prowess the man began to drive his hard cock in with a crude thrusting of his hips.

As he increased his jerking the Doctor's juicy lips took him over the edge and he ejaculated over her face, spraying her mouth and chin with his semen.

"Oh my!" She yelped at the sudden vulgarity.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her waist and turned to see a middle aged man also on all fours right behind her.

Before she could protest the man shoved his prick inside her oiled pussy and pulled her back by the waist.


It was a tight fit but he slid all the way in and after a few measured strokes began to pound the shit out of the bewildered time traveller, pulling and pushing her well oiled body.

A hand pressed into her back which made her upper body dip and her ass rise up.

The Roman leaned over her back and moulded his frame to her backside and his boner plunged inside deeply.

"So deep inside me, goodness."

The Time Lord involuntarily arched her back as she was fucked hard, making her shake under his relentless thrusting.

Then he yelled and he spurted his seed into her clenching cunt.

He withdrew and gave her a resounding smack on the butt and mingled with the others.

As the Doctor stood her pussy dribbled semen in a trickle down her left thigh.

"Yuck!" She said as she fingered the sticky goo with her fingers.

She found a finger bowl on one of the tables and rinsed herself with water.

As more couples paired off Marcus entered with a man and woman beside him.

"Be standing for the Empress Aelia Eudoxia and Praetorian Prefect Rufinus."

As the three guests of honour stood in the middle of the chamber they all stripped off and wallowed in the admiration of the sweating mass of naked bodies.

"Watch that man, he is a sadistic bastard to be sure."

A nude woman with flowers in her hair nudged the Doctor and pointed at the big nosed Prefect who sneered at everybody with an air of arrogance.

"You there, Madam Doctor."

Marcus crooked a finger and beckoned the slim blonde to approach him.

"This is the new girl I mentioned Milady."

The wife of the Emperor looked intently at the Doctor whose bosom heaved from the exertion of intercourse and the heated atmosphere.

The woman had a hefty pair of tits which hung heavily over her ribs, and her Mons pubis was thick and dark between slightly thin thighs.

Gold bangles were on each wrist and one ornament snaked up her right arm from elbow to armpit.

Around her head was a golden tiara which kept her raven hair away from her painted face. It rather looked like she had dyed it recently.

"So you are a Briton, are you not?"

"In a sense, Milady." In a roundabout way, per Gallifrey.

"You have a nice body. I wish to see you taken by the African. It would be a rare treat for the eyes."

A sense of foreboding gripped the Doctor as she was steered by her elbows by Marcus to a special corner of the room.

An African man was tied to a round bed in an X fashion and the Doctor gasped at the incredible physique of the disgraced slave.

All his muscles were bunched as he struggled on the large bed, his wrists and ankles secured by cord.

His ebony chest was smooth and broad, his legs muscular and his stomach was taut.

The female Time Lord could not deny the quiver that ran down her spine as she looked into his dark b

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