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Woman pays for mistake with her body.


"Yes...sir...I love it." I stammer, breathing deeply. I do love it. I am unbelievably aroused being used so selfishly...being the tool which allows you this depraved pleasure. You shouldn't treat a woman like this...and I fucking love it. I crave to be your little fuck toy. I want more. I reach up and place my hands on your abdomen, look up at you and beg, "Please...fuck me. Fuck my cunt. It's so wet for you. Have I been a good girl? How can I please you? Use me. I want to feel your cock in me."

"You're wet for me, slut?"


"Yes, what, slut?"

"Yes, sir. I'm wet for you. Please fuck me. Please. I want you to slam your hard cock...deep...into my hot, wet pussy."

"Did I say I give a fuck what you want?" You grab my wrists firmly and pull me up to my feet. "Bend over the arm of the couch. Now." you demand. I quickly move to the side of the couch and bend over, placing my tight round ass in-front of your stiff cock, giving you full access to whatever you desire, "Lets see how wet you are for me." You rip my panties off of me, and I gasp at the rush of cool air. I've been dripping wet since I arrived, and it's amazing to finally be stripped and spread for you. "Oh yeah, you're fucking soaked you filthy slut." You shove two fingers inside me.

"Oh, thank you, sir." It feels amazing to finally be filled, I moan and begin to rock my hips, the arm of the couch stimulating my throbbing clit.

"Fucking whore. You like fucking my fingers? You need to fuck something don't you."

"Yes, sir. I am such a whore. I need to fuck." You pull your fingers out, and I gasp in frustration.

"Such a fucking slut." You run the head of your cock along my glistening pussy slit, "You come over here dressed in nothing put panties, dance for a complete stranger and get your fucking cunt all sopping wet. Look at you, bent over, begging to be fucked, you look like a fucking whore."

Your cock parts my pussy lips over and over; I'm aching to be filled, to be fucked hard. "Yes...please...fuck me." I whine. Nothing else seems to matter to me now. You begin to trace your head up from my pussy slit to my asshole, covering it with my juices, "Oh, fuck. Please. I need it. I need to feel your cock in me." I plead. I inch back toward you.

"I don't give a shit about what you need. You're just here because you're wet and apparently ever so willing, whore. And my cock needs to fuck." You grab my hair again and slam your cock deep inside my cunt in one thrust. I cry out. God, you're fucking huge, and so, so hard. You fuck me forcefully in solid thrusts. I grip the couch as you pull my hair back so firmly it forces my back to arch. Every thrust you make into my tight, hot pussy makes me scream. Your cock fills me fully. The pleasure of being fucked is immediate and incredible...almost surreal. I drink in the feeling of your beautiful cock ravaging me, your delicious grasp on my hair. I think about how my body must look, my arched back pushing my ass towards you and my tits, cupped in pink lace, pushed out, the look of absolute ecstasy on my face as you use me.

You abruptly stop thrusting and push your hips forward hard, letting go of my hair and pulling my hips back onto your cock. I gasp, never thinking a cock could be so deep inside of me, my mouth hangs open relishing the force. Leaving one hand firm on my hip as you pulse into my depths, you reach around and slide your hand into my bra, roughly fondling my breast and pinching my nipple. My pussy automatically tightens around you, and I immediately feel my orgasm skyrocket to a dangerously close level. You watch me convulse, trying pace myself. You smirk, digging in even deeper and lean forward to growl in my ear, "You're making an awful lot of noise, bitch. Shut the fuck up. And don't you dare cum until I say you can."

"Yes...sssir." I manage. You feel so good it's beyond belief. Before I register your actions, you force me fully down over the couch, my head forced into the cushion, my ass high and conveniently ever so open to you. "Fuck!" I cry out.

"Don't you fuckin

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