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Things heat up between Max and Jenna.

.." She stopped not sure how to put what she meant in words.

"Don't worry about me, I'm along for the ride." Stefan said taking her hand in his. At his touch Denise whole body hummed with something akin to excitement. She knocked on the door and a short dreaded white guy with large ear gauges opened the door.

"Chad!" Denise greeted. The guy smiled and embraced Denise.

"It's been awhile, kid, Did you fall off the face of the earth?"

"Chad this is my date, Stefan. He's one of the good ones so don't give him no shit." She said taking Stefan's hand again.

"The good ones?" Chad said eyeing him. Stefan instantly didn't like him. "He looks like bacon to me."

Denise rolled her eyes, "He's not a cop, just let us in."

After Chad let them in, they walked down the corridor. Well out of ear shot, Stefan asked, "Does he have something to be paranoid over?"

Denise gave him a smirk, "A lot of things."

As they approached the door at the end of the corridor, passing by half-drunk lovers and people on phones, the music became louder. When they entered, the deep bass of dub-step music surrounded them. The place was a veritable haven for alternative culture. In the middle of the warehouse was a DJ on a make shift riser. Surrounding him on both sides were hordes of dancers moving like a sinuous wave. Around the perimeter were little areas where things were bought and sold, from drinks to jewelry. They had side shows here and there with contortionists and illusionists and "specialty bars" like the tattoo bar, the piercing bar, and the henna bar. Lastly, scattered here and there were little lounge areas with worn chairs and re purposed coffee tables. Stefan, feeling a little overwhelmed, looked to Denise who looked delighted, like a kid at a carnival.

Denise suggested they do a round to see everything. They stopped to watch the twists, shimmy and turns of the contortionists, and watch a little of the illusionists show. All the while, Stefan kept a grip on Denise's hand. He noted that, while Denise didn't know everyone there, she did know most of the people running the shows, bars, and shops. She gladly introduced him as her date and all the reactions ranged from wariness to delight to subtle hostility. The hostile ones all thought that he was another guy trying to get in her pants.

They stopped by a particularly hostile guy to buy drinks.

"Hey Shawn! Gimme two Dem Pink Shits," Denise said as they walked up to a guy with a DIY bar set on a fold-able table.

He was about Denise's height so Stefan had about four or five inches on him. Shawn was the only other black person there, besides Nise. He had light brown skin and a head of short curls. Stefan didn't like how he looked at Denise or how long he held her when she hugged him. Stefan, so put off by this guy, he almost missed Denise talking to him.

"Stefan, you gotta try this drink, Shawn made it up maybe a couple months ago and asked me to name it. Mind you, I was so drunk at the time." She laughed, oblivious to the way the two guys eyed each other.

Shawn didn't like the look of Stefan either, "Go easy on it, man" he said, "This shit will have you on the ground."

Stefan couldn't help but think, he'd been drinking since before Shawn was even thought about, nothing he had would put him out. Denise reached into her bra to pull out a few crumpled dollars. Stefan hated how Shawn looked at her a little too closely. He pulled out his own wallet.

"I got this, Nise" Stefan said using the nickname everyone called her, "Yo, how much I owe you?"

"It's twenty." He said eyeing Stefan.

Denise rolled her eyes, Shawn had always had a thing for her but he was not Denise's type. She wasn't attracted to him in the least. She liked strong and silent not artsy and arrogant.

"Stefan, don't listen to him, its only ten."

"No, I got it." He pulled out a crisp twenty handing it over, "Keep the change."

"He cant," Denise said making her way behind the bar to begin making the drinks.

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