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Trial by Coitus with Belinda The Black.

I throw my head back with my eyes closed and you hear me groan as I begin to roll my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I begin to flick my thumbnail over my nipple at the same speed I rub my clitoris when I masturbate and feel the sensations ripple through my cunt and tugging at me deep inside.

I lie down next to you still wearing a short back skirt and tights. You turn towards me and attempt to run your hands up the back of my legs and under my skirt. I stop you when you reach the curve of my buttocks. I tell you how much my nipples are aching for you to suck them. You put your mouth on that spot on my neck that drives me wild and suck it gently before biting a path towards my nipples which are darker and more erect now. "Yes," I tell you "that is so good."...You feel one of my hands trailing down between us and wrapping around your aching hand begins to move up and down twisting slightly each time. My insides quiver anticipating how you are going to feel inside me while you suck harder on my nipples and hear my breath moving faster as I let out a deep throaty sigh. Your hands are cupping my breasts while you rub my nipples and flick them with your tongue. I place one of my hands over one of yours and guide it to my knee and you feel the smooth silkiness of my tights. I guide your hand from my knee in slow circles up my inner thigh and you feel the heat increasing between my legs.

Just as you are beginning to groan at the thought of rubbing your hand over the tights covering the entrance to my body and feeling how damp they are I pull your hand away and push you onto your back. With a wicked smile on my face I straddle you and slide my skirt up to my waist. I lower my body down and you feel the unexpected shock of my smooth hot, wet skin meet the length of your penis that is so hard it is straining against your stomach. You realize that the crotch of my tights is missing and I am not wearing anything underneath. Slowly I rub my body up and down then faster enjoying the pressure against my clitoris.... Finally when you think you can't stand it anymore I lift my hips and grasp your penis in my hand and gently rub the opening of my body over the tip of your penis. I slide the tip in an inch or so and move my body in a circular motion then I slide it out and begin to rub myself with your penis back forth over the length of my vagina.

You are silent but in your head you are battling with yourself not to grab my hips force me on my back and drive as deeply as you can into my body. You do place your hands firmly on my hips and look at me as I meet your eyes then say in a husky voice "No more" I inhale deeply and as your hear me exhale I slowly lower my body onto yours taking the entire length of your erection inside. I begin too rock slowly and then with every plunge I increase the rhythm till our bodies are pounding together and I am crying out in pain and pleasure every time our bodies meet. You raise your hands and work my nipples like before twisting and pulling, squeezing and flicking your thumbnail over them like you witnessed me do earlier.

When you look down you see my hand outlined against the tights I am wearing and my finger rubbing my clitoris.

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