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Milla and Corrine need Jimmy's help.

I pushed it. A few moments passed, we looked at each other in the dim pink florescent light emitted right above us. The fems had big smiles, with known expectations beyond that door. Alex and I had cautious grins with positive intent. The door opened, casually, what appeared next through the doorway was a leopard skin couch; the walls were lined with candles burning dimly. We entered the room nonchalantly, not sure what or where we were going. The door shuts behind us with a quick whisper of a snap.

A voice says take a seat. The only seat was the couch. We sat. The view directly in front of us was a massive Picture window. We sat viewing what appeared to be a huge cave illuminated with fire. The candles on the walls went out all at once. We were in the dark. Slight movement could be felt, as the whole room seemed to be lowering. As we descended at a crawling pace, the room in which we were gradually became alive. There were faces in the walls that expressed many different emotions. On the wall to our left a scene was of the 14th century knights in a joust. This seemed very peculiar to Alex and me.

Well our attention was taken by surprise. A loud blast came as the door opened. Flames were blazing down the corridor. Shadows were bouncing off the walls at an intense pace. We were compelled to head out the door. We entered the hallway ablaze by torches... It led us into an abyss like chamber. The walls were carved, marble. Entire street scenes from the 1600's Europe were depicted in 3-D. They glowed, which brought it all to life. The ambiance of the chamber seemed surreal.

Music was being played in the center of this massive chamber. People are mingling, many people, almost in a trance like state. No sudden movements were seen. We strode in sync with everyone else. The band stopped and a voice came upon us. The words were majestic in meaning of magic. As he spoke the walls opened in several places all around the room. We watched in wonder to his instructions. The voice spoke of each passage of fantasy.

The first passage to the erotic world began like this:

The depths of fizz's thighs were very delectable. I ran my tongue along her ankle to her knee underside. Sucking and licking with much care. I caressed her calves and feet with loving care. My mouth sucked and nibbled along her skin so smoothly. She moaned and groan and said dej suck good.. I worked my way to her inner thigh. Along the way to her honey. Kissing and nibbling along the way. As I approached her love spot. I breathed hot moist myst unto her nest of love. I smelt her hot moist pussy musk and went crazy with desire. My nose dove into the depths of her love to smother me with her sent. The taste of her sweet skin is adrenaline through my veins.

I finally taste the sweet cream oozzing out of her Perfect pussy. Ultimate, satisfaction.

Her ankles and wrists are restrained. At each corner of the bed. My intense licking Fizz's clitty is driving her mad. She is screaming and panting wildly. At last she lets out a scream that rang my ears and a gush of hot wet pussy juice squirted into my waiting mouth. I was in heaven. Fizz went limp with exhaustion. I moved slowly upon her. Kissing her mouth with passion belonging only to the gods. My cock, rock hard slowly enters her tight wet pussy.

We move together. Our rhythm is in perfect sync.

As we move Fizz comes back from ecstasy. We start to grind. My cock is deep inside her and our pelvises are mashing together. Her little clitty is being crushed in such pleasure I feel juice oozing out covering my cock with the glistening wet pussy juice. I pull out quickly and dive face first into her hot wet crotch. Licking like my life depended on it. Her ass is bouncing up and down and wiggling all round as I grab both buttocks with my hands to hold her still. Fizz is screaming to stop. PLEASE!! I just continue to driver her into another ecstatic climax. Her moans are soothing now and her body goes limp. I can see the red marks on her wrists

where she tried to get to my head and pull

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